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  • bhatshabnum 1w

    Untreatable pain

    Souncha tha ak tum agr hasil hoo tov sb hai mry pss,
    Mgr phr pata chala ki sb hasil hai ak tum hii nhi hoo mry pss.....


  • leapborn 5w

    The person who denies to notice oneself, one's own truth, far away to listen one's own voice, thoughts is quite unfit for oneself...

    They just wander themselves in an enclosed space ...

    Clogged up with one's own insecurities...


  • __adiroy__ 7w

    She pulled out all stops for building a strong connection with you while you were too busy in getting your work done.

  • yasirahmad_ 10w

    A roadside Can

    Ordeals of a Roadside Can:-

    Life is very harsh, and nauseous now
    I'm being flung on the road
    Where I pass my days in suffering
    And pain, they show their football skills
    And let go of their anger on my innocent
    Colourful tin body, with their new
    And ragged shoes, I manage to look
    Into their eyes with no fear at all
    With their kicking, bashing and smashing
    I have started to develop small
    Holes now, actually I was the one
    Who was always ready to satisfy
    Their thirst in the harsh summer,
    I was holding right next to their lips
    And they couldn't afford to drop
    I and I was being carried into
    Their pockets, bags, in their
    Expensive cars, deep freezers
    And without my presence
    Their every party was incomplete,
    But as they say, life is harsh
    And luck can Turn around
    For good and for bad anytime
    As it had turned for me,
    When I was full and quenching
    Their thirst, there was respect
    But now when I am empty,
    I only get kicks on the roads, gardens, Playgrounds from all kinds of people
    Be it children, teenage boys
    Adults, and even the old people
    Don't spare me, I'm lying in
    A pool of blood, with cuts and
    Scars on my body which was once
    Painted and Designed in a very
    Beautiful way, but alas!
    I'm being pounded, kicked, and crushed.
    This is fate and I was born for this!

  • johnettan 12w

    മതം തീർത്ത മനുഷ്യനു
    മദം പൂണ്ടു വിരണ്ടിടാൻ
    മറയ്ക്കുന്നു മനുഷ്യത്വം
    മറക്കുന്നു മനുഷ്യനെ

  • rashmi010 14w

    Don't hope on me

    मेरी उममीदो को तोड़ कर मुझसे उम्मीद मत करो की मै तुम्हारी उम्मीद रखूंगी ।

  • om_nik 15w

    #hindiwriting #thinking #people #speak #talk #marvel #starlord #pain #failures #own #selfishness #perspective #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #guardiansofthegalaxy #avengers

    लोग क्या कहेंगे, इंस्टा पर कितने अमीर लोग है,
    लोग कितने बेकार है, हम कितने डिप्रेस्ड है
    वगैरा वगैरा सोचने में, दुनिया को अपने एक ही बक्से में बंद
    नजरिए से देखने में हम इतने मसरूफ हो चुके है,
    कि हम अपनी बातों पर और हम क्या सोचते है उसपर गौर करना भूल चुके है ।
    हालातों में हल्का सा बदलाव हमारी बातों को
    या सोच को कितना बदल देता है, ये बात हम समझना भी नही चाहते ।
    हम सोचते है की हम सौ चीजें करे और फिर एक गलती करे तो दुनिया बुरा बना देती है हमें ।
    लेकिन हम कहा कुछ अलग करते है ?
    कभी न कभी, कही न कही
    हम भी वही बोलते है या करते है ।
    बस बाकियोंका हमें पता चल जाता है लेकिन खुद का नही ।

    और इसी बात का एग्जांपल है
    Guardians of the galaxy का लीडर
    Peter Quill aka Starlord
    उसकी एक गलती के लिए सबने उसे नफरत करना शुरू कर दिया ।
    बिना उसके अतीत,अकेलेपन, मजाक के पीछे छुपे दर्द के बारे सोचे और समझे बगैर ।

    माना वो कैरेक्टर मूवीज में का है,
    लेकिन सच ये भी है कि मूवीज और फैंटसीज reality से ही बनती है और उनका असर reality में हमेशा दिखता रहता है ।

    इसलिए पहले खुद में झांकना जरूरी है ।
    जरूरी है हम क्या सोचते, बोलते और समझते है ।
    और उस सोच और जुबान पर कितने टिके रहते हैं।

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    दुनिया की बातों और
    सोच को लेकर
    एक बक्से में बंद सी
    अपनी खुद की सोच
    बनाने से पहले ये जरूरी है
    कि हम अपनी खुद की बातों
    और सोच की राह ,
    और स्टेबिलिटी पर
    ज्यादा ध्यान दे ।


  • star_angel 16w

    Life agenda

    You must give something before you get something.Just remember it..!!

  • dark_sunshine_01 17w

    I am right..... Right?

    They call you beautiful
    "you're blessed with this gift"
    All they see is this
    When they don't know
    The price I pay

    I break hearts.....
    I hurt people.....
    I choke their feelings
    And emotions to death
    I feel responsible
    For somebody else's deeds

    I burn out of guilt
    And I want this to end
    Only if I could quit
    Being the way I am

    I don't sleep at nights
    I keep apologizing everyone
    To them for loving me
    I am not what you think of me

    My eyes don't turn suddenly blue
    My hair doesn't fly in the wind
    Don't keep these memories stuck as glue
    M not that of a beauty
    which you discover in me

    Them who felt for me were good people
    There were men and women
    They faced something they never deserved
    And They suffered bcz of me

    I know it CANNOT be helped
    No matter how much I try
    I feel sorry for them and
    I never feel tear-dry

    a blessing they call it
    I call it a curse
    When I've intentionally killed souls
    To keep safe mine

  • the_way_i 18w

    longingene nelele.

  • wakeupwise 19w

    End Suffering

    We wish to run away from, escape from Suffering.

    We have accepted that Suffering or Pain is natural and will return again...

    Why don't you ask - Why do humans Suffer ? How to end Suffering ?

    Is there a way to end, reduce the effect of Suffering other than - Sex, Drugs, Alcohol etc ?

    Know that whenever and each time you think about - I, Me, Myself - my life, my happiness, my freedom, my family, my love, my emotions, my feelings, my hurt, my career, my existence , my respect- The Me, Myself - The 'I'. - Suffering begins.

    So be self centered but be 'Honest' about it. Know about it, accept it, become still and remain in the time when such thoughts arise and tell yourself - I am being selfish and so is the other person... You are human and so is everyone.

    Your Suffering will turn into Wisdom and gradually into Selfless Love for all the living.

  • swadha17 20w

    With the ink of white
    I wrote the history of my tears
    Amidst this chaos
    With the ink of blue
    I wrote the happiness
    Of broken but beautiful
    With the ink of red
    I tried to give hope
    To myself
    And all above
    With the ink of mixed colours
    I wrote about each ups and down

  • shubhshivaya 22w


    Ye matlab ki duniya hain...!
    .... Nahi samjhe??
    Acha matlab MATLABI nahi ho tum.

  • wind_in_the_hairs 27w

    In this so called practical world, have genuine human emotions just died, or did we never have them in the first place, and choose to bring them up as and when the situation demands, a manipulative pretense?

    Each one of us is guilty of this, me included.

    I'm just trying to comprehend what lead to this?
    Coz even dogs cry when a person dies, and we have somehow managed to steel ourselves so much that not as much as a tear rolls down our cheeks, leave alone feeling remotely remorseful.
    And at the same time, we find ways to make use of such occasions in all the ways possible, be it arranging family get-togethers, getting emotional support from them and what not.

    Why can't we be there for each other at good times as well as bad, equally? Why does someone have to die for you to be compassionate and loving to someone?
    For the same reason then, we try to make the best use of such unfortunate events, while that is the most uncompassionate thing to do towards the mortal soul.
    What it needs is our respect, while what we are respecting at that inappropriate hour, is our need for connection.

    Doesn't make sense, afterall! Maybe we've become just too detached in an attempt to protect ourselves from our severe emotions. Maybe it's a survival strategy. Maybe we're just another animal species on this planet, just more sly and selfish than the rest, perhaps!

    #compassionislost #selfishness

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    In a world where birthday parties end up becoming networking parties,

    And deaths in the family become a reason for pity-parties..

    I don't know where we are headed to, really..


  • ammy21 29w


    Na jaane kyu log
    Behtar ki talaash me
    Behtreen kho dete hai

  • ammy21 29w


    Rishte ankurit hote hai prem se
    Jinda rhte hai sanwaad se
    Mehsoos hote hai sanvednao se
    Jiye jaate hai dil se
    Murjha jaate hai galatfehmiyon se
    Aur bikhar jaate hai ahankaar se

  • wind_in_the_hairs 29w

    They put them in water in hopes of keeping them 'fresh'.

    Well, you shouldn't have plucked them in the first place!

    I can't even call it some kind of redemption. It's plain stupidity and selfishness. They want the best of all worlds.

    Don't pluck something you can't keep alive. Just simply don't! Simple as that.

    #humans #love #relationships #stupidity #selfishness
    #humannature #hypocrisy #harshtruth

    I cried a tear as I wrote that. Did you too?
    Please repost if you resonate.

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    Humans are weird.

    They first pluck the flowers,
    And then go put them in water.


  • justaju 30w

    Invalidation masked with "maturity" is still invalidation!

  • suby_thanaloram 31w


    It is selfishness to want only the will of one's
    own mind to be carried out. Leading to the break down of family relationships.


  • peachywriter 33w

    #dangerousthoughts #slampoem #me #person #love #selfishness
    thoughts of a human being is forced to be normalized, find someone. Get out there and seek help and learn to recreate that one heartbroken side of you, it will take time but you will be happy.

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    I thought of suicide last night
    I was just tired of everything.
    I took a walk and met a random stranger
    We sat down for hours
    He told me his history
    Told me of times when family and friends broke his trust
    A time when he served in the service
    That he held those dangerous thoughts
    Deep down I knew
    Depressed as I was, he was too
    Yes I thought of suicide
    The thought of dying
    Perhaps taking a blade to my wrist
    A cliche story is all what it seems
    So laid back
    So out there
    I looked to him and found something new
    He left me wondering
    What could be the future
    If they knew these thoughts of mine
    Fear of being locked up
    Stuffed with pills and watched over
    All of this fear holding up
    Fearing to seek help as I know it
    In that summer
    A part of me died
    No way of getting it back
    Except to regrow myself
    To be a better person
    To recreate my life
    It's no fun and games
    Not when family and friends
    Are the ones who would be affected
    A few words in
    I know I am broken
    Not a part of me knows the truth
    And that the truth is, the internal struggle is slowly fading
    Cause that part of me that lives and breathes
    Knows I am beautiful, smart and able to do outstanding things
    Like a internal war of mind
    Yes I am broken
    But I can be repaired
    Rebuilt to be a better self
    It was all my doing
    I made myself a better person
    No one else
    Seeking help isn't bad
    Even if it's a stranger
    They held love and care for me
    Not evening knowing me
    No I'm not cured
    That wont be for awhile
    I just know, I am happy