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  • preacher666 3w


    How they call my name

    Begging me to return,

    Preferring the sting over a burn

    This is my fate afterall, 

    what a shame

    No widow as there's no wife,

    What makes me deserving of life?

    Pleading for the reason 

    For I cannot find it myself.

    Only finding value when i help, 

    Then hating thyself 

    For the smallest act of treason.

    It can be a misunderstanding

    Or something not landing,

    Condemning to be perfect

    For I am undeserving;


    Only one way for this curse to end,

    Im sorry my friends.

    I do not mean to be this way

    Or cause harm in what I say


    This is what is on my mind,

    Each and every day.

    Every line is a wish for it to stop.


  • moody_scribbler 7w

    It's hard to see how Schizophrenia patients do suffer. Just tried to imagine how it might feel.
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    My therapist says I'm suffering from Schizophrenia.
    But no, I'm not.
    They are really watching me.
    They took away everyone I loved.
    & Now it's me.
    Maybe my therapist is involved too.
    So is my cat.
    I need a safe place.
    Yeah , to Lily.
    She's the brightest star up there.
    ( My favourite doll.)
    " Off the balcony"
    She instructs.
    I'm on the railing.
    "Jump, now. I'll catch you"
    She says.
    Lily loves me. So do I.
    Through the air I swim. I'm about to touch ground.
    I hit.
    Lily betrayed too.
    So did my eyes.
    It's dark. I see nothing.
    It's hard to breathe.
    Maybe it's the medicines.
    I'm about to sleep.
    I dose off.
    ( For the last time. )


  • roseberryy 9w

    The day you left
    Raindrops fell from the sky
    Raindrops fell from my eyes
    As memories flash back,
    like lightening

    -Later that day-
    Red raindrops fell from my arms
    into the water
    staining the white porcelain sink

    of drink
    to help me forget
    rained down into my mouth

    My heart wept with raindrops of sadness
    My soul broke and pieces fell like drops of rain
    My sanity dripping away
    From every inch of my body,
    raindrops fell

    #raindrops #heartbroken #selfharm
    @mirakeeworld @mr__mystery @readwriteunite

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  • taytay_nicole424 14w


    Drowning in vodka bubbles
    Incased in the dark crevices of my mind
    Forever chained
    To these merciless demons of mine

    Why is it so hard for people to comprehend
    That these slashed crimson lines upon my skin
    Are the only thing strong enough
    To keep these frigid guitar strings in my body from snapping away

    Judging me with knives and sneers
    "Attention whore" "freak" they all roar
    It's easier to critique when you aren't the one on the other end of this silent war
    When you aren't the one on the other side of this dark door

    Don't pretend to care
    There's no need to worry
    It's just a little cut
    No harm done

  • african_nate 17w

    "You are the first one" she told me as she slid up the hand sleeves of her sweater to show me her masterpieces. She was an artist of impeccable talent using her wrists as her canvas paper,the razor blade hidden in the little drawer of her dressing mirror was her highly valued pen and the thick dark red blood slowly oozing from the wrist acting as the perfect priceless ink. Some of the razor slash marks were fading out revealing years of practice and dedication.The fresh cuts on her left wrists were evident even in the dim lighting of her crib,a concrete evidence of a recent moment of inspiration.She enjoyed the tingle of pain as the razor cut through her skin and enjoyed the lustful temptation of cutting deeper the next time she did it.And for a moment there I envied her,if only I had the courage I would slash out my wrists and let them hurt till I go numb.But my fear was, "what will happen once the pain is no longer enough?"Guess then we would just call it a day...so she said

  • the_silent_shewolf 18w


    Choking on that razor blade,
    Let's add some salt...
    Swallow that blood,
    I'll paint it in red and silver.
    "I've never done it before I wanna know how it feels"
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    "I did it to feel what you feel"
    I fight this urge every day.
    You don't understand that struggle.
    NOT a single day goes by,
    I don't think about it..

  • wolfbrown 18w


    It feels like im trapped in a  preternatural
    Even my deafening and desperate screams are inaudible
    I keep banging on this door still unable to attract a single soul's attention
    Any effort is futile and escape is palpably impossible
    Slowly all feelings are fading away even grief and helplessness
    Slowly i will feel nothing and become a part of nothingness
    I will be free from this cursed life of agony despair and stress
    This is only fair and a fitting end for a fuck up like me
    Searching for why and my last memory suddenly strikes me
    I remember a trickle of blood slowly coming out of my veins
    I remember the anguish the melancholy that lead me to a blade
    I've lost all my preposterous worries I'm finally not afraid
    I can hear the dripping of water maybe outside it rains
    Im filled with euphoria finally I've tasted freedom
    Some simply won't care but one will convict me of treason
    I wish i could apologise to you my bloodbrother
    I've broken the oath
    But now im finally free of all burdens
    I've become a ghost

  • wordswithroses 18w


    You are my self harming behavior.


  • samielove 22w

    The Demons Point Of View

    I’m here and I’m there.
    I’m everywhere.

    Don’t be frightened
    I’m here to enlighten

    Let me tell you about a thing called fear.
    It’s an overwhelming sensation, don’t worry my dear.

    It will make you stop, send shivers down your spine, and then you’ll be mine.

    I crave for that look in your eyes,
    Make sure you say your goodbyes.

    Once I take hold,
    who knows what will be told.

    Another suicide?
    Perhaps something more to make you terrified.

    Shush my dear, no need to fright.
    I wouldn't turn on the light.

    For it will be your sanity.
    I know you long to be free.

    I’m not through with you yet my love.
    You know, I’m not from above.

    Oh how I love to see you quiver,
    I’ll make sure I deliver.

    Your tears make me smile.
    Look I made you so fragile.

    It’s just you and I for eternity.
    If I must say so, our destiny.

    Don’t cover your ears darling.
    Then you won’t be self harming.

    Scream all you that you want to.
    Soon your lips will be blue.

    I’m glad my whispers are taking affect.
    You know how much I love to infect.

    You can’t fight me forever.
    It will be easier if you surrender.

    Goodbye for now.
    Sleep tight, don’t let the demons fright.

  • ylviia 36w

    This is a message to all the people
    Who are scared to seek help
    And rather suffer alone on their own
    I know it sounds superficial but you can do it
    You are strong enough
    You are worth it to recover
    You deserve to fight for your happiness
    Because there won't be a moment where it will find its way to you
    For us people struggling
    Happiness is hard to maintain
    We have to chase it, we have to fight for it
    But today, I actually gathered the strength
    To make the first step towards recovery
    Towards a better journey,
    Towards a better and happier life in the future
    And I want to tell you
    That it's never to late to reach out
    It sounds so simple but I know
    That it's hard as hell
    Opening up, Trusting someone,
    Being vulnerable
    It is so f*cking scary, it makes you feel
    But you won't regret it, I know I won't
    And trust me, for this battle
    You need someone to watch your back
    This battle sadly can't be conquered on its own, at least I couldn't
    And I fought
    I fought for three fucking years
    And the lies I have been feeding up myself with, the things I have told myself
    You can't face a battle against yourself
    Such a battle has no victory
    But you can reach for the better life
    You can walk away from the battle,
    You only got to make the first step
    So promise me you will tell someone today
    Reach out for help, fight for your happiness
    It's your life after all
    And promise me you won't listen to the lies you tell yourself
    Do not listen to a single word they say
    "You are fine now, you see?"
    Hell no I ain't and we both know it
    "You can do it on your own, you are in control"
    If I were in control, I would have taken action long time ago"
    Talk back, gather your last strength and reach out
    Because you deserve it
    Because you're worth it


  • lanmakes 37w

    Instagram: @LanMakes

    Trigger warning: self harm, suicidal, mental illness

    Before fourteen
    I remember
    I used to look in the mirror and wonder
    Why is that person such an ugly girl

    I remember
    I used to be in my classes and
    Wondering how my life would end

    I remember
    How worthless I felt breathing
    And how hard it was to keep living

    Life was a warzone and I was surviving
    I am a survivor because I tried my best trying
    Trying, to live and I kept fighting
    Fighting against my own mind
    Had these marks
    that can be considered as battlescars
    Or tiger stripes from the dark

    They were definitely marks
    I drew on my wrist with a pencil
    In the shape of a triangle
    But then it revealed red ink

    I now think,
    I am not a piece of paper to draw on
    I am a piece of artwork
    Who belongs in the gallery
    For being such a beautiful girl

    No one deserves to go through the same pain
    Self love is a journey and I’m still on my way
    I’m brighter than any star in the sky or any flame
    I’m now falling in love with myself every single day

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    I'm a Survivor


  • frog 37w

    self harm

    I want to cut
    long and deep
    just to watch
    the blood seep
    through my shirt
    down my wrist
    leave me in eternal bliss
    feel the burn
    feel the pain
    so much i forgot my name
    im not okay
    and neither are you
    so why won't you just say
    you love me too

  • nerezza 38w


    I realised existed closer than it seemed
    For the people around
    Empathised with those issues
    Which were taboo in their own spaces
    Which were brushed off as
    “It was past”
    “It has to be long buried off”
    “You had to move on”
    Sorry to disappoint
    But that’s not how it works.
    How can you make someone act like it never happened?
    How can you ask them to rise when they were not given a chance to mourn the fall?
    Instead of a proper healing of a wound
    It was hushed off affair of veiling
    Of making yet another treasure out of it
    Of putting it in the collection of dark secrets
    A perfect recipe to threaten a human existence
    Into becoming a grave of memories,
    A burning pyre
    Which would be lit until one of it fades
    Either the person or the memories
    Till then life would be a battle field
    With scars, cuts, bloods, sleepless nights as cherished rewards of long drawn out war
    With complementaries of—
    “You won it”
    “We are proud of you”
    “You did it”
    Which are yet another of those illusive threads of hope
    To which you hang onto
    Thinking that pain has ceased finally.
    But let me tell you, it never does.
    Not will it ever.
    Though anger, sadness, all are gone
    Sharing the same fate as their initial source,
    That is being long lost
    But the journey and the pain
    From one morning to another
    From one night of struggles to another of breakdown
    From one morning of suffocation to a night of liberation
    And an aftermath of exhaustion remains
    The tiredness of continuing
    Despite wanting to give up remains
    And yet I know it’s not right to give up
    But it’s also not right to hide
    To conceal those struggles
    To never get a chance to heal
    To just survive
    Maybe it’s important to finally let it all out
    To breathe
    Not just mechanically inhale and exhale
    Cause your struggles, your emotions, your happiness matters.
    It all matters.


  • weirdogirl 42w

    Razor Blades

    On the day that I left, I gave my arm a present.

    It was the kind of present a bully gives to their victim.

    The kind of present given by a 14 year old druggie parent.


    It’s screaming in your brain and leaving nothing but pain.

    The blood runs down my arms while the word ugly carved in blood helps me tame.

    I look in the mirror and see the swirls on my arms revealing that I’m nothing but a crushed up candy cane.

  • vasqora 42w

    Life's a CuNT

    aye lately, i finna be feeling like im clearly, over with my life i strive to sincerely try and make things work but life smirks laughs off the efforts i put in, negates my interest in livin negates my thoughts my dreams my wishes. hell all i know is my body is now covered in stitches. leeches sucking the soul out of my like the dementors of the past. my thoughts are dark like there's a negro up my arse. i wake up eat, shit and sleep, this cycle plays on repeat and i weep. i mourn the loss of my will to live, ive honed my skills time to take the leap!!

  • thisoneiscozy 42w

    the stars are my only friends

    scream, child
    fill the silence with your anguish
    when nobody else will listen
    when they all see you body-first
    when you don't know how to form the words anymore
    let it pour from your mouth
    bottom in your stomach
    a waterfall of grief echoing through the darkness
    better to tear up your throat than to
    tear up your wrists
    scream, child
    scream until the demons can't use your voice to speak anymore
    scream until all that's left is silence

  • afrataskeen_23 42w

    Sonnet of my life
    Ode to lover, Part - 2

    It goes in silver and comes out red
    It's been a long time since I've last bled
    First comes relief then comes regret
    The process just repeats I wish I could forget

    Bad days, Long sleeves, Sleeping pills, Bad dreams
    Skipping meals, mom says I'm weaker than I've ever been
    I see darkness through my eyelids
    I'm drifting further away from where life is

    I was getting better, I was becoming in control
    But I find myself spiralling, back down the deep, dark hole
    Detest, I hate what's locked inside my chest
    Dissect, watching the crimson flow like I'm obsessed

    I wanted to tell you, how with myself I am at war
    But it's so hard to explain, so I make these scars

  • afrataskeen_23 42w

    An ode to my lover

    Hold my hands and feel me tremble to the bone
    Where do I do it ? The crimson flood can't be shown
    In the silence of the night, I become your humble slave
    Your silvery shine will take me to my grave
    Day in and out, you look at me wildly
    How do I resist you ? When you treat me so kindly

    Drip drop, you taunt me as I taint you red
    Drip drop, the crimson brings me back to life
    Tick tock, suddenly my body melts in the comforts of my bed
    Tick tock, back to reality, I throw away the knife

    Hold my hands and feel me tremble to the bone
    How do I hide it ? One, two, three four
    Tears rolling down my cheeks and I need some more
    The opened cracks let the demons out for sometime
    I'm able to breathe a little better through the crimson lines
    I bleed blue in these pages to stop the red, to stop my blade

  • thisoneiscozy 45w

    the death of an artist

    if my fingernails could channel the anguish in my soul
    they would carve ribbons from my wrists
    and i would sit there on a pedestal
    a masterpiece woven from the remains of my sanity
    both a warning of the perils of burning too hot for too long
    and a testament to how to self-destruct so beautifully
    the world preserves your final cry as art

  • jodi_writes 46w


    It's taunting me. It knows me well. I pretend as if I'm immune to it. But my soul owns no fraud. It's my monster. My demon. My friend. My redeemer. It uses what's in my view to push me towards it. It laughs at my temptation. It has no mercy. It's full of danger. Full of wrath. Full of hatred. Poisonous. Vengeful. A murderer of strength.

    Yet, it knows me. It comforts me. It's my soft feathery pillow. It's my blanket of peace. It takes it away. It gives me love. It gives me rest.

    Shamefully, the face I see is torn and broken.

    Lovingly.... It sees beauty.