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  • anuradhasharma 7w

    कुसूर किसका , गुनहगार कौन ?
    हम कौन , हमारी हस्ती कौन ?
    खौफ़ किसका , रहने दीजिए न !
    ये कौन , क्यूं , कैसे में काफ़ी बरबाद हैं ।


  • virta_wagde 59w

    Be new but be you! Finding yourself back is the best kind of happy feeling. #selfFirst

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    I am happy!

    Unknowingly my heart has started to sing the old songs that I stopped listening to..

    Now, I would lie down on the floor and watch the ceiling not falling on me..

    Randomly, I just take walk with myself and smile at the flowers I see in midst...

    It doesn't hurt anymore, and feels like the grief has left the building..

    And I feel new, yet just like old me, I am happy again!

  • metime_thoughts 88w

    Whenever you feel low, less worth or low self esteem, have an affair!


    An affair with urself.
    To rediscover ur self.
    To renew ur worth.
    To reinvestigate what went wrong
    and what you really want!!

    What matters in life is just one thing
    "what makes you happy".
    Nothing else matter!!never!!ever!!

  • hennymushy 115w

    More to life

    Life's lesson- a heartbreak
    Thankful we encounter them, yet hard to stomach when things go south

    Having such a strong emotional attachment to a relationship and an individual, cementing trust, secrets and intimacy for years
    And in a course of months, having all of that taken away from you.
    Someone whom you've been speaking to every single day turned stranger after a day
    The heart is a strong muscle indeed...
    What, how and who defines what is the appropriate step, appropriate behavior to "move on"?
    Who determines the end? The limit where both stops fighting to speak to each other
    The will to give up and let it all go

    Looking back at the past years, it's well to say Ive learnt so much from life
    People come and go.
    You become so reliant to them that you've never thought you'd be able to survive when they leave.
    When they do, everything feels bleak
    You feel weak and sick but reality is, you're strong and you will pull through

    Having faith as small as a mustard seed can be tough, this trust of knowing that you're taken care of should be unwavered.
    But truth is, is it really that simple?
    These few days have taught me, that each individual you meet has something special that speaks meaning to your life:
    Be it over their perspective of life, lessons they take with them or just a reminder to walk back on the path of righteousness to God
    Stories that involve a drastic impact over someone else's life that led them to be as resilient as they are
    Losing a loved one, being brought up by a single parent, having the weight of the world all on you...

    Truth be told, I'm thankful for where I am right now
    Meeting new people and hearing fresh perspectives have shown me there's so much more to life.
    It's time to pursue what I want and put myself first.


  • _sneha 124w

    Dont let anyone to ruin your life
    Happiness is you always!!✨

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    Don't gain others attention until you give attention to yourself


  • dhara2511 136w

    Right are the ones you choose. So you don't have to worry about being wrong. Later, even if you feel so, stand by your own self. Cause, mistakes, my friend, we all make.

    Well, that doesn't mean you were wrong in the first place. Be true to yourself, without options. Rest everything comes with right and wrong.

    Follow your heart. Intuitions. Make choices wisely. They may make you believe that yiu're wrong. Remember- you aren't.

    Be unapologetic. Cause,

    Tearing a paper gives you two, while tearing the heart leaves you with none.

    #selffirst #selfworth #selflove

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    Be so unapologetic about your choices that you don't have to care about them being right or wrong.


  • _mayawrites 138w

    I choose

    I choose my sleep over the late night texts
    I choose my happiness over the passive yes
    I choose my dreams over what the society thinks is right for me
    I choose to live over surviving
    I choose to be there for myself over being there for everyone else
    I choose to love myself over loving anyone else
    I choose ME

  • kya_pandeyji 151w


    If you ever loose intrest in me, please respect me enough to tell me
    don't keep me in your life to gain confidence and energy from my affection, loyalty and genuine kindness
    let me go so i can pour my time patience and energy into someone who'll value and respect me


  • noorani 154w

    Truth is behind the scenes. Watch carefully.
    #beyou #trust #selffirst #loveyourself#broken #God #prayer

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    Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls ♥️
    The walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of churches

  • noorani 155w


    People who play roles will eventually forget their lines.
    Pay attention.

  • noorani 155w


    Goddess. Model of strength and power.
    You praise her. Adore her.
    But, I'm a girl with dark complexion.
    Will you still adore me like her?

  • noorani 155w


    "What did your first heartbreak teach you?"

    " A dude can cry,
    get on his knees,
    swear on his life,
    have a mental breakdown
    in front of you and
    still be fucking lying."


  • noorani 155w

    A tragic story of my follower. A fairytale turned into a nightmare.
    #beyou #trust #selffirst #loveyourself #broken #breakups #lifegoes #believe #faith #dream #decide #achieve #trust

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    A fairytale nightmare

    Hi. I am P******a Shrivastav. I am at managers post in a corporate company. I want to share one of my experiences with you.
    So when I was a teenager I was in a rural language medium school till my 10th. Then I joined a convent college for my further studies. It was my dream to study in convent school or college. It was tough to find a friend in there because everyone else was from Covent schools or top schools of our town and I was from a public school. Although I was a little nervous about how I would be able to understand or to adopt that environment, I got my best friends there in first week of our college. Everything was going great. Everyone from that class had become my friend. I started learning new things with them. My studies were going well. I started to learn how to talk in English. And that was a dream for me. My college life was full of surprises. And i was blessed by everything around me.
    So coming to the point, there was a guy who was my first sight love. Let's call him "Mr. Unknown". So this Mr. Unknown was a very rich, handsome, strong, brave and easy going guy. When I first entered the corridor of our college I saw him coming outside of the class and that moment was fully bollywood type. When I saw him for the first time he was talking on his cell. I think he had not even seen me that time. Ughhh! I was in love. After then even we were in the same class we never talked. I asked my best friend about him and he pissed off. He warned me not to fall in love with that guy. And then I started to focus on my studies. Skipping all drama between....so yea slowly we became friends. Ohh wait, best friends!! And surely he was having a girlfriend. But god is great!!! His girlfriend broked up with him. And I was so happy. But I never shared my feelings with him. And after that we had our first kiss on our first date. I came home and I was shivering. The thoughts that now he will leave me and what shall I do now. But he stayed. Soon we got in a relationship. We were all college's favorite couple. That #goals, perfect couple which everyone dreamed of. My first valentine was all I had wished for. That class romance, staring, cute letters, jealousy, roses, gifts, dates on beaches and every every everything. We were blessed.
    It was going great until our 8th month of relationship. One day I got a text from a girl. She was saying that she too was Mr. Unknown's girlfriend. I was in shock and in lot of pain. I was not able to understand what was going on. I called him and told what happened. He just said to trust him and that he loves me, not anyone else. And that's where I made my mistake. I was in love with him so I believed. From that time I was blocking every single girl or person who was telling me that he was cheating on me. I was just blindly trusting him and loving him. Soon this became worse. I found out his pictures with other girls. I was shattered. Completely broken. I was not even able to talk about this to anyone. My friends were not with me because I chose him over them . Still I didn't said anything to him.
    Soon he started to put restrictions on me. He tried to change me. So he did! He was having my all passwords. He has deleted all the numbers of my friends from my cell. He was putting watch on me. Wherever I go he has to there. He was beating me up. He was accusing me for little things. He was controlling me. I was a puppet on his string. My fairytale was turned in my worst nightmare. But I was still in love with him. His smile was my drug but he was just cheating on me. I was just a puppet.
    And one day I saw him with a girl. When I was not able to handle all of this I broked up with him. I gathered all my strength and I just got there, removed the promise ring he had given me and i threw it on him. I still remember I was walking on the road and I called my best friend. I was crying. I was shattered. I was shivering. I stopped crying remembering that it was not my fault in this. I was loving him but he was cheating. I was giving him full world but he was drawing boundaries to my world. It was not my loss, it was his loss. It took time to get up from this,but here I am. I'm really happy that it ended. Now I am free to fly. I'm able to be myself. Now I don't have to take anyone's permission for doing something. I am me.
    So, i want to say that don't ever give a cheater second chance. Because even after a snake shades it's skin, it will be a snake always. I was grateful that I have friends who have been with me in my recovering journey. And I'm thankful for the god who made me strong enough to handle all breakdowns. My fairytale nightmare has ended. I don't want anyone like Mr. Unknown now. I want someone who'll understand who I am and what I need. Now I am happy in my life. I am independent. I am being me. Thank you for your time and to read my experience. Love you. God bless.


  • noorani 155w


    Never trust anyone else other than you
    You're all what you need to believe in ❤️


  • justnadia08 187w


    You are the only one that matters in the grand scheme of things. Only you can be the force behind the punch. The light in the dark. The rock that creates ripples. Because at the end of the day when you look in that mirror who looks back at you needs to reflect who you are and what you stand for. No one else can do that for you