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    The most important places to keep clean and tidy are my mind and heart. If I allow thoughts to flourish that I wouldn’t want to see the light of day, I can never have any real self-respect.

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    Im seeing myself
    in a way that no one can destroy.

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    Having knowledge is far better than having luxurious products ..:)


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    #100 posts in 3 days... #self-challenge completed... ❤️Let my writing increase day by day #touchwood������
    Wrote everything within 64 hours ...❤️Hope it's my personal record❤️ feeling blessed ���� If anyone beats it, let me know... Tag me...

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    Completed 100 posts in 64 hours challenge

    Don't waste your tears
    Coz it is not your weakness


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    Today I am going to share with you the complete story of Mama Shakuni.

    This interesting story begins with Gandhari's father Maharaj Subala. He was the king of Gandhara kingdom. It is a matter of those days when Gandhari was just a princess and she was not married, then some astrologers advised Maharaj Subala that there was a fault in the fate of Princess Gandhari.
    The drawback was that her husband was bound to die sometime after her marriage. Therefore, to remove this defect, Gandhari's first marriage has to be done with a person who does not have the grief of dying. For this reason, Gandhari got married with a goat and after marriage the goat was sacrificed.
    Maharaj Subala kept this thing a secret. Although all this happened because of her fault but Gandhari had become a widow in the social view.
    After some time Ganga's son Bhishma Pitamah proposed his son Dhritarashtra in front of Maharaj Subala. Maharaj Subala accepted the marriage of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Both were married with pomp.
    Then no one knew the secret of Gandhari's first marriage. Then one day Bhishma Pitamah came to know from somewhere that Gandhari was a widow before marrying Dhritarashtra and how her first husband died is also a mystery.
    When Bhishma Pitamah discussed this with Maharaj Subala, Maharaj Subala told him the whole incident. Knowing this, Bhishma Pitamah got very angry but he did not express his anger. He did not break the relationship with Maharaj Subala but increased it further.
    Bhishma Pitamah called Maharaj Subala and his entire family to himself. Pitamah decided to gradually kill Subala's entire family in return for this deception.
    Maharaj Subala had about a hundred sons. Grandfather gave the whole family a large room where food was sent daily for them. Gradually the amount of food reduced. Earlier food used to come for all the people, now it used to come only for some people. After a few days it started decreasing even more.
    In this way only one person's food was sent. Only a little rice was sent to that person's food. Maharaj Subala understood that this was a ploy to kill them, so he fed that food to his youngest son so that he could take revenge by staying alive.

    Maharaja Subala's younger son was very intelligent. His name was Shakuni. Maharaj Subala did not give food to any of his sons, due to which gradually all the sons died.

    Maharaj Subala became very ill and was on the verge of dying. Then he called his son Shakuni. When Shakuni went to him, he took out a stick from under his bed and hit Shakuni hard on one leg. Shakuni was surprised and asked, "Dad, why did you break my leg?"
    Maharaj Subala said, “Sakuni son, this leg will remind you what the aim of your life is.”
    Shakuni asked, "What is the goal father?"
    Maharaj Subala said, “Son, till today we have kept you alive by feeding you. All your brothers died because of hunger. You have to pay them all. Bhishma Pitamah destroyed our entire family, you have to take revenge for that. He is very much in love with his son Dhritarashtra. You have to destroy all the Kauravas of Dhritarashtra. After my death you will have to meet Maharaj Dhritarashtra and apologize and say that forgive my father for whatever he did and then living with him will destroy his family. I will give you a solution for this task. After I die, make two pieces of my bones and use them for gambling. I will always be with you as that person. Whenever you want the number, the same number will come out. From today the end of Kauravas will be the goal of your life. Saying this, Maharaj Subala gave up his life.

    Shakuni made two pashes from his bones as per his father's order. Bhishma saw that all his sons had died along with Maharaj Subala and saw that only Shakuni was left alive. He asked Shakuni whether he wanted to go back to his kingdom of Gandhara or stay in Hastinapur.

    Shakuni apologized to Pitamah at that time and decided to stay in Hastinapur. So the grandfather made him the king of Gandhara and then kept him with his Kauravas. Shakuni's maternal uncle met the Kauravas and started filtering in everyone's eyes. First of all, he snatched the throne of Hastinapur from the grandfather and gave it to Maharaja Dhritarashtra, due to which Dhritarashtra's eldest son could become great himself in the eyes of Duryodhana.

    Duryodhana formed a deep relationship with his Shakuni maternal uncle. Shakuni had completely controlled his nephew, so much so that Duryodhana used to follow his every move by asking his maternal uncle. And like all the times, Mama Shakuni used to give him such intimate thoughts that would make Duryodhana happy and with that trick he started fulfilling his every wish.

    Similarly, Shakuni Mama made his nephew his pawn and made him stand in front of the Pandavas. He had made a way to reach his goal with the help of Duryodhana. All the time he is just looking for the opportunity. One such occasion had come when the Kauravas and the Pandavas were in their vale stage, they were taking education in the ashrams of Guru Dronacharya and Guru Kripacharya.

    Every day there were small and big fights between Kauravas and Pandavas. Queen Kunti and Queen Gandhari would explain to them that it is not good to quarrel with each other like this. The root cause in these quarrels was the hatred of the Pandavas in the heart of Kauravas.

    to be continued...


    So basically this is the story of Mama Shakuni from ancient text on MAHABHARATA written by me.
    This is only the first verse of the story.
    As l like mythology so much.
    Took help from Google baba.
    Hope you like it Guys.
    Do read this carefully and enjoy this.
    A little interesting and exciting story from my side.

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    #story #mythology #self #happy #mahabharat #author #writer

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    DEAR "ME"

    Nowadays you seems to be stucked in a place where Insecurities are ruling you.
    This is the age where everytime you will have essence of not being enough.
    You will feel everyone around you is better than "YOU".
    Do Iam damaging my self esteem?
    Do Iam letting down my worth?
    There are hundreds of questions like this which have preoccupied my brain.

    I owe myself the biggest apology for thinking someone is better than me,
    For always thinking iam somehow less than others.

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    Self-respect naam ki cheez b hoti hai
    Hum itnay sastay nahi ki tumharay liyai hum aapni respect gava lay
    Bohat mehnat lagi hai izzat bananay mai
    Kisi k liyai hum aapni izzat nahi gava saktay...

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    Free Your Mind Sometimes it feels better...

    Yr Nxt Step Aftr a Mistk Matters More Than That One You Made Earlier.....!!!

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    Dear blanket,

    You covered up for me; hence I uncovered all my faces. You know all my night mares and cherishing dreams. You know my tears and blushing. You are the only one who's aware of my night call log and my deleted texts.You almost know everything about me, my shitty thoughts, my unfair imaginations, cool love and you always maintained it as a secret. Thank you. This is making our bond tighter. Good night friend

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    words and thoughts
    tumble on to the paper
    to be seen in a fleeting moment
    by that which I have called god
    that i may see too
    that which I have named


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    Vibing alone is a whole different vibe.✨


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    Nothing happens in one night, Everything takes time.❤️


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    Dear me and every soul

    Yes sometimes we do disesteem ourself We don't know what are we, what are we adequate of. But aftersome time we by ourself come to know our capabiltites, faintness, potential. Don't leave but fight what hurts you most. No matter others have given up on you but the most imortant is you don't give up on yourself. Work on your weak points make them your fortitude. Make yourself hard strong n stable. Never forget you are the best and you are going to  give your best. Learn from your mistakes. After facing the worst situations its you yes you have to decide wether you have to move on a progressive forward -looking positive way which after some time will make you improved person or you want to move on the path where you attribute yourself cry stuck by there whole time. Give time to yourself think you know better whats right and wrong for you. You have to decide and take a move no one is going to make it for you. Get out from your comfort zone change your mindset but in a positive way.


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    There are many untold stories from Mahabharata that you may or may not know.
    So, Do you know who was Barbarik?

    Barbarik was a great warrior of Mahabharata . He was the son of Ghatotkacha and Ahilavati (nagkanya mata) . Barbarik was taught by his mother that always fight on the side of the loser.
    According to some stories, Barbarika was a Yaksha , who was reborn as a human. Barbarik was the grandson of the mace bearer Bhimsen and the son of Ghatotkacha.


    He was a very brave and great warrior since childhood. He learned the art of warfare from his mother. He pleased Mother Adishakti by doing severe penance and got three impenetrable arrows and got the famous name of 'three arrows'. Ishapurtika Valmiki pleased and gave him a bow, which was able to make him victorious in all the three worlds.


    It is about the time when the war of Mahabharata was about to start. Lord Krishna was with the Pandavas in the battle, which made it seem certain that the Kaurava army might be more powerful but the victory would be of the Pandavas.

    At such a time, Bhima's grandson and Ghatotkacha's son, Barbarik, promised his mother that the side which would be weak in the war would fight on their behalf. When Lord Krishna came to know about the plan of Barbarik, then he came in the way of Barbarik by disguising himself as a Brahmin.

    Shri Krishna made fun of Barbarik that what war would he fight with three arrows. Hearing Krishna's words, Barbarik said that he has an invincible arrow. He can destroy the entire enemy army with a single arrow. After finishing the army, his arrow will return to its place.

    On this, Shri Krishna said that if we are standing under the Peepal tree, pierce all its leaves with your arrow, then I will agree that you can change the outcome of the war with one arrow. Barbareek accepted the challenge, remembered the Lord and fired an arrow. Apart from the leaves on the tree, the fallen leaves also got holes.

    After this the arrow started moving around the feet of Lord Krishna as a leaf was kept by the Lord under his feet. Lord Shri Krishna knew that the victory in the battle would be of the Pandavas and as per the promise given to the mother, Barbareek would fight on the side of the Kauravas, which would lead to the victory of unrighteousness.

    Therefore, Shri Krishna, dressed as a Brahmin, expressed his desire to donate to Barbarik. When Barbarik promised to donate, Shri Krishna asked for his head from Barbarik. Barbarik understood that the person asking for such a donation could not be a Brahmin. Barbarik asked the Brahmin to give your real introduction. On this Shri Krishna told him that he is Krishna.

    Even after knowing the truth, Barbarik agreed to give his head but, put a condition that, he wants to see his vast form and wishes to see the Mahabharata war from beginning to end. The Lord fulfilled Barbarika's wish, beheading Barbarika with the Sudarshan Chakra, sprinkled nectar on his head and placed it on a high mound of a hill. From here the head of Barbarik saw the whole battle.

    After the end of the war, when there was a dispute among the Pandavas about whose contribution is more, then Shri Krishna said that it will be decided by Barbarik who has seen the entire war. Barbarik said that Shri Krishna has the biggest role in this war. I saw the Sudarshan Chakra moving across the battlefield. Shri Krishna was fighting and Shri Krishna was destroying the army.


    So basically this a story from ancient text on MAHABHARATA written by me. As l like mythology so much.
    Took help from Google baba.
    Hope you like it Guys.
    Do read this carefully and enjoy this.
    A little interesting and exciting story from my side.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #story #mythology #self #happy #mahabharat #Barbarik

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    Don't hide your reality to impress others.


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    S E L F

    Do you think if you kill yourself and die all problems will go away?
    No, the problem is getting bigger
    And more and more restless
    Even the burdens and problems of people also increase

    If you kill yourself, have you ever thought people would get into trouble too?
    Lifting your corpse, cleaning your corpse
    Making people scared in that place
    Otherwise the place will be more spooky

    Or don't think about them
    Have you ever thought if you ended your life someone would be sad without you knowing it?
    Your family or your friends who you think they don't care about you
    It will be sad to lose you

    Even if no one cares about you, you can't kill yourself
    Love yourself, prove you have a future
    Don't think your life is the most ruined
    There are still many whose lives are more ruined but still try to live it

    If you don't love yourself
    How can people appreciate you
    You care about yourself it's not selfish
    But something must be done

    Try it yourself
    Try to accept yourself as you are
    Try to forgive yourself for everything
    Try to do positive things that you enjoy

    Don't demand yourself, to be recognized by the world
    Don't change yourself just for their will
    Don't do everything by force
    Be who you are without harming others

    Listen to my advice
    You will be rewarded when you find the right person
    So on the way to finding the right one, Let's improve ourselves even better
    And let's give ourselves a round of applause


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    I don't wanna be a Phoenix bird,
    I just wanna stand on my own.

    I don't wanna be a warrior,
    I just wanna be the Queen of my own.

    I don't wanna be a lad in my rebirth,
    I just wanna rely on my own.

    I don't wanna wait for the shadow,
    I just wanna lay in the sunshine of my own.


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    self-care is important and the best gift that you can give to yourself to take time to think what's better for yourself❤️and start working on that ❤️ Being emotional is okay !but being ediotically emotional fool is absolutely not okay!
    So,just get up and start picking yourself from where you had fallen.Just do for yourself ��Just start taking care of yourself ��
    #self care is selfless����

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    The clock tick - tick is same the way it was ,
    But the difference is that
    now I use each minute of my life
    to make myself more stronger,
    More creative,
    More humble, and
    More focused

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    Whether it is a boy and a girl, never bow down to him. Never spoil your self-respect in front of him.

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    Self Love .
    Self Care .
    Self Peace is
    so important .