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    " Secrets are nothing but the stories of our inner selves....which you can't disclose to anyone."

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    One couldn't get Disabled unless they get Disabled by their Own Minds.
    If they get disabled by their Minds, then their rest of life would be in Disability.


  • _fallen_angel_ 5d

    The attic be an abandoned place.
    A corner that quite scared me
    Spiders and cobwebs, in my face.
    A creepy place is what i thought it to be.

    Lazy summer noon,
    I still remember the day.
    "The decorations for the party at June's,
    are up in the attic, please do get them out today."

    Moms plea, i couldn't turn down,
    so i cautiously walked the attic way.
    a dreaded walk, foreheaded frown
    gathering my courage, "Damn, Should i pray?"

    The space was eerily quiet,
    but work had to be done.
    So i shunned my crazy thoughts
    and put my actions on the run.

    Crates, pans, forgotten shoes and files
    Heaped by the dozen, in places
    some haphazardly piled.
    Lets start by unpacking this pretty interesting looking case!!"

    Plethora of memories, jumped out of the box.
    my first poetry for mommy dearest
    god not my bluish yellow socks!!
    my worn out flute,one among the rarest.

    What are these files and pictures,
    Dear goodness me! Dad isnt really my big D.
    Why wasn't I told, were they afraid of strictures?
    Attic for years the secret keeper you be.

    Tears have now rendered my eyes blurry
    Attic you've come like the devil in diguise.
    You've made my heart so mournfully heavy
    I feel like my entire childhood has been compromised.

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    ATTIC agony


  • shubham_20 1w

    Sharm nahi aate tu teacher ke saat flirt karte ho

    Yeh flirt nahi hai bhai marks barane ke secrets hai

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    There is a corner
    The darkest corner
    To keep the darkest secrets

    A hidden box in this corner
    Darkest corner
    For the darkest secrets

     In my mind
    Hidden from all
    Never opened

    To hide what will break
    Shatter me

    The secrets
    To remain hidden
    To save me



  • berries_54 2w

    I know that there are some secrets that must be kept. Please, don't risk your life over a secret. Stay healthy

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    They eat away at your sanity
    Always looking over your shoulders
    Sweaty palms
    Jittery feet
    Brows furrowed deep

    It haunts you
    Even in your sleep
    "Do they know?"
    Becomes a constant internal struggle
    These questions
    You overthink and become enclosed

    All alone
    With no one to turn to
    Trust is no longer loosely given
    'We' exits your vocabulary

    All for these secrets you keep.
    Remember secrets kill

  • just_a_teen 2w

    Dear diary,

    Sitting near my window,
    Looking at hues of the sky
    Unsure of what future will serve me,
    Let me open my heart to you

    You will know all my desires, my goals,
    My virtues and my vices
    My every new year resolutions
    You will preserve every special flower every special chocolate wrapper

    I cannot tell you what lies ahead,
    But promise I'll come to you with a dead soul to see
    these blank pages filled with my ink
    the pages stained with my tears
    How I wished some nights to be longer
    How many times I went through the ending that failed to end me..

    One day open to someone-
    Who is interested to fix my broken pieces rather than just peeping through it
    Who wants to find every scar on my body and wants to know story behind it
    who wants to read every word I write
    Someone I have being praying for..

    Till then I'll create lovely messy memories..

  • devilfish 2w

    I Will Already Know Before It Happens

    The same snacking of the nightmare
    On it's same prey snapping bones
    From where?

    The question hangs silently swinging like a pendulum in the air

    I cannot tell where I have not been answer
    The defensive dancer

    This is how I act in the manner a Cancer
    The prancer never plants foot on a tightrope
    Of prayers prayers
    I make layers
    I make my own choices and I'm nothing
    Without the moon and ocean
    How their voices answer the question of my motion moving me further up the sustaining devotion
    now then and later

    I see through intentions like piercing arrow

    All I know is I feel violated
    I shake so uncomfortably
    I'm uncomfortably aware
    My rib cage flares like flames
    My name falls like ashes from the air
    From my body falling in the air
    I exhale
    I'm aware
    My third eye is not blinded by smug glares
    And sticking your nosup in the air
    As if you decided what was fair?
    Hate doesn't care
    You seen my pain
    You didn't care
    You hate me...there?
    The truth could be your angel
    But you took the thought and you played it
    To yourself in box
    I inhale
    I balance scales
    I can make change
    Make the copper penny a scapegoat
    When is drains away my drench
    "Why is the Make America Great Again"
    Printed on his dad's scope
    And his trenchcoat
    Hello here is the footprint
    The infants they cannot say the words to tell you that they need us
    We were them
    Don't just love them
    Learn them
    Teach all of your wisdom to them
    And demonstrate
    Illustrate gardens of passion
    And your mind
    How to purge it
    With patriotic resistance
    Melody kept a key for a gram of
    La flaquita
    La niña
    In the bathroom
    Crying in the mirror
    Why do pictures make her love forget her worth
    As if one girl was to feel inferior
    As if you could use a human being as a cathedral to purge your perverse sins
    Diamonds and Violence seated
    Their dressed fitted thin
    Just like their skin
    Their never going to win
    Why do you hate yourself
    "Please karma..."
    "Kill him"
    I can breathe still
    I can hear scream
    Heave wheeze and a shriek so shrill
    Blood curling that the leaves grew still
    She hates her skin she loathes her looks
    She'd kill to look anything like a bottle full of pills
    Blood spilled
    I guess 'The World Elite"
    Are okay when the sleep while we dry heaves
    Wheeze on the sidewalk where you left us on the street
    Feel them bleed
    They die by your dirty green monster teeth
    Greed because they believe that poverty
    Will not be the hand that took their mother
    And brother
    Just like you and me
    Friends of family
    I'm tired of the wire taps
    I rip shreds of wires
    I did the deathbeds of the evil that doesn't need to make flesh bleed to ensure their survival evolved if it's not vital
    Then go ahead and go with the denial
    These "X-files" of records compiled
    Is serious but I'm delirious
    I can feel the wind before it blows
    There it goes a current of a torrent of waves of the water
    I feel it
    I peel it
    Instill it
    Paint words on the canvas
    I will it to be this
    I put hurt
    Work until it hurts so hard because I try so hard
    It hurt when it doesn't work
    Should've listen
    But you didn't wanna listen
    Want to glisten tell the truth
    When it comes to love don't rush
    Hope can't be crushed if we use our legs
    As stilts or our threads into flowers that don't
    Let our properties that bloom
    Paint the room when we make it move
    Make your conviction shake the hate out of a room
    With your symphonic hydroponic gardens
    Of iridescent hues
    You got confused
    And let the wrong people through
    But that's nothing that a needle can stitch
    You're equally
    Your life is beats the same tune
    Do not let then snuff your voice box
    Consume your spot
    Just shed a light
    If it is not what you wouldn't want if you were a mother to a child
    You have to fight the aisle
    Where demons are working with quick hands
    If you must transform by the moonlight
    Then fight for your life with the mother's knife
    She emits life but defends it with all of the rage that could ignite it churns the knife
    Feral and wild
    Simmering like slithering thick smoke
    Daring the appearance of the next arrival
    So her rage can make her baby's torment
    Her moonbeams are mad with maternal wrath
    In urgent fervency she cut off the scalp with her nails coffin shaped with a lipstick that her nails match
    Bring selfishness back
    You don't have to stand in line
    Fearing people online

    Instead of an emotional insect

    Because society has created an unacceptable
    In every loving godly wisdom
    Show the light emitting from the innocent
    It will cover red footprints
    n the trenchcoat of the white
    What is weak will grow weaker
    Before you know it the grim reaper will nearer
    They have wings and rotted out interiors
    Their violence feels familiar
    The thought makes me feel inferior
    In the way there's no reason
    Void of all the thought
    I feel my absence rip the cost
    As it never happened without the cause
    As well as the effect
    Let me signal the applause
    The dramatic effect
    Let me creep into your thoughts
    Let me see that they collect
    I want hear you demonstrate
    Want you to detect siren's
    Where the thought crossed with the
    Red gate
    I've seen caught as they ensnared themselves

  • the_darmin 2w

    What lies beneath

    As I am high up in the trees
    You've got to reach quite a distance
    To reach my body
    And even higher
    To skim the edges of my soul

    As I am high up in the clouds
    You've got to raise your head a bit
    To see my beauty
    And even higher
    To appreciate my illumination

    As I smile with my face
    You've got to look deep
    To see my frown
    And even deeper
    To notice my real emotions

    For my darling
    What lies beneath
    Is far beyond your comfort zone
    What lies beneath
    Is only for the intuitive ones

    My comfort zone can't be easily reached
    Or aceessed
    You've got to look deeper
    And leave the shores of your own turf
    That's what makes me special
    And that's what makes our time together unforgettable

    For I on my feet
    Am bold brave and beautiful

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    Like the sun I burn bright ��
    #wishes #moonsandstars #secrets

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    *Just Yesterday*
    All were preparing to sleep in my house and i too was preparing in my bed which is near the tv.My parents sleep in a seperate room and my bed is in the main hall where there's tv.So when Everyone slept I tried to see whether The download on My Ps3 has completed or not .
    I was damn sure that i had changed the sound settings so that no one could listen a single sound.
    But it was all in my imagination ������(I'd forget to turn it off)
    Then the Ps3 start intro flashed with the loud sound,
    And i was smart enough to turn off the tv and get on my place with my accounts books with pen and a scale .
    As my sister came to have a look ,she didn't even noticed a single thing,
    Then i went to the room where my parents and my sister sleeps as i was being Manoj Bajpai(Great Actor) pretending that I'd heard the same sound .
    Par pata nahi karma ki kya kripa thi ki......
    The train whistled many times as my house is near the railway station .And then my sister and I said together that the strange sound was the train whistling. Pheww ������
    Then I studied accounts for an hour, Aur phir I turned of the tv for Some relaxation and i knew that i was taking risk (Risk hai Toh Ishq Hai ������),
    Then I switched bw Bond movie ,The Big Bang theory and finally I landed on wildlife channel that i find most fascinating,And then Something strange happen ...
    My sister was staring from the room and saw me watching tv������
    Then i thought she would tell on mom, But she just turned off the tv and took remotes with her,
    And andar se maa ki aawaz aayi ....
    "So jaa beta soja Subah phir uthta nahi hai "
    Aur tab maine bahut himmat ka kaam kiya-
    Jaakar so gaya
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    The hidden stash of dark chocolate,
    That is my biggest secret.
    It is my feel good treat,
    Especially after a long day.
    When preparing for an exam,
    Dark chocolate comes to save me.
    Thank you dark chocolate,
    You will always be my secret delight.

  • coruscate 3w

    The night is ours,
    Seems begotten the feeling far,
    The smiles are sealed in attic,
    Keeping it down waiting to see the magic,
    Our own dull feels,
    Can't stare, but moments are healed,
    You're waiting for the rise,
    Me here waiting to clear the laden cries,
    You're holding so on to know,
    Why am stuck, but our love is still to grow,
    Lips locked but hiding soul's scream,
    Imaging peace on other dream,
    My deep talks are rare,
    But every moment you pass me with glare,
    The burial of our bond then blown,
    Somehow the seeds of secrets are deeply sown.

  • saif5alam 3w

    When the nights get too long, and it's dark, darker than the darkest nights, do we still search for someone else to light up the candle or we go ourselves and brighten up the place. We cannot always wait for someone else to come and change our lives.

    You are feeling betrayed because you gave all of yourself. You kept yourself asleep on the nights when all you needed was a sound sleep because they were upset and you wanted to heal them somehow. There were days when you kept waiting for just one text from them while they were partying with their friends. There were days when you left everything just to meet them. And you never complained. You were in love, and you were happy to make them smile.

    Everything has ended now. All the years of promises have ended up for nothing. They were with you when it was winter and they needed the warmth of your love. It's spring now and they are gone to pick other flowers that they find beautiful. Now, they want to see the sunrise with someone else while you are here watching the sunsets alone.

    I understand that you are finding it hard to digest everything. It is too much for you. I understand that all you can think these days are the promises that you two made while talking on the nights that used to appear beautiful then. I understand that you are feeling used.

    I am not asking you to forgive them. Don't forget anything. But what you are doing is wrong. You are allowing them to control your life even after they are long gone. You are still wasting your time on someone who doesn't care. I want you to know that you are whole. You do not need someone to feel better. Don't allow this night to get darker, stand up and burn a candle or anything. Make a castle and brighten up your place. You are important.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #secrets #wod #pod #memories #ak_sonnets
    (I posted and deleted this yesterday night )

    All written rights reserved
    31 May 2021 10.30 am


    Sour Secret ~

    A sour secret was sealed in a sweven
    What that vision unveiled was mystery
    Yet when the mist of dread cleared, a burthen
    Was lifted of her shoulder, blistery

    Her scars one-by-one began to make sense
    Silhouette coiled with darkness retreated
    Taking away with it fog of doubt dense
    Chaos prevailed, silence permeated

    What ensued was a dance of memories
    Which then revealed to her the truth untold
    Frozen moments had heart of miseries
    Catharsis purged her, the story retold

    Unbearable pain in life is rebirth
    It exceeds than birth, death and giving birth


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    ������ ���������������� ���� ��������


    She, the venomously alluring soul,
    From the boundless edges of this world,
    Stopped by to explore the lands of ours.

    A familiar resident she is, a stranger to her,
    Countless letters of love she wrote,
    Yet detested to write one for me.

    Cautious hours of the people elapsed,
    Men and women, a few in the scenes of climax,
    And a few ignorant of their roles.

    The day has come, a "yes" from her for my love.
    Tastebuds forgot their purpose,
    Nearest and dearest of her knocked down my immunity.

    When things around you don't go the way you wish,
    The oblivious mind of mine asks one thing,
    "She accepted my love, but at what cost?"

    Covid - 19 love


    G Rahul


    "She broke up with me in a few days"


    "Tested positive a few days back and now all fine"

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #secrets #covid #wod


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @clichepenname @revathychandrasekhar @uikeysuman @the_muted_voice @standbyme @shrutitripathi @aphroditenow @saloni_04

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    #secrets #wod

    He thought she was stuck-up warmth drenching in cold loneliness.
    Being swallowed by the blurred fumes of setting benchmarks.
    He thought right.
    But he was a fool to believe she was capable of love. Because she loved him too immensely that she knew the sunlight after the storm wouldn't be worth it.
    For he'll have to squint his eyes even to look at her, his heart having been squeezed over and over. She couldn't do that to him.
    So she made a show of cold fogginess around him and a secret of her love for him.


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    He thought she was stuck-up
    warmth drenching in cold loneliness.
    Being swallowed by the blurred
    fumes of setting benchmarks.

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    House of Lies.

    I built a house for you,
    With doors and windows of lies,
    Walls so high and floors for you to lie,
    To save you from the judging eyes.
    I've been living in here with all these lies,
    seems like my life is built on them,
    Along with the repents and silent cries.
    It's either I lie to you, or lie about you.
    'cause there are things I wish no one ever knew.