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  • battleofminds 15w

    Complaining about life doesn't solve anything.
    Magic happens only when you start appreciating your life❤️☀️

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    Complaining about life
    doesn't solve anything.
    Magic happens only when
    you start appreciating your life.

  • lollipop71 16w

    The Secret

    She has a secret that she tries to be discreet about.
    She's been told she is not to let it out, or there will
    Be big trouble and consequences that will be a
    Surprise to many once they find out.
    See the secret that she keeps others will be
    shocked at what it is......... family will disown her.
    The secret that she keeps.

  • dark_sunshine_01 16w

    I made a mistake
    I shared my secret
    I thought they could carry it
    But got crushed under it, instead.

  • _veruthe_ 18w

    I had the habit of patting my face dry
    On the corner of my father's dothi
    Every morning as soon as I wash my face
    He was ready to give me the corner-end
    Of his dothi. It was there since my childhood.
    I couldn't trace back to find the day it formed.
    I remember those days my mother would laugh
    And say, that my spouse would confuse it to be some tradition of the family..
    Or a practice to be followed
    And would come to follow the same..
    It was there before memories..
    But came to halt abruptly..
    I don't remember when!
    I don't remember why!
    But it ended!!
    We are not doing it anymore I know!
    A week ago when I found some old photographs of my childhood days
    In a small pocket album in a box
    I've found on the attic..
    I looked back on those days..
    Reminiscing for so long
    That I could see even these
    Not-photographed memories..

  • manisha_rameshbabu 18w


    It was a bright summer morning
    Though the weather was calm and pleasant
    My mind wasn't
    I had the urge to visit my attic

    It has always been my happy place
    Silent, cosy and warm
    My choice of isolation

    In the attic
    Aside those deserted furnitures
    Lie my secret box

    As I unlock that poor soul
    It squeaks in joy
    And discloses my treasure

    A diary, handwritten letters, greeting cards
    Embroidery and a bucket list
    It reminds me of my childhood

    It was my happy box
    It reminds me how happy I was
    For even the tiniest things

    It is now my regret box
    It hurts thinking how my life has changed now And makes me wish to return back to those ages

    If that box makes me happy
    Why does it lay in the attic
    And not close to me

    If that box hurts me
    I have always wondered
    Why do I treasure it still

    I neither want it around me
    Nor have the heart to discard it

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    1st EC��

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    If that box makes me happy
    Why does it lay in the attic
    And not close to me

    If that box hurts me
    I have always wondered
    Why do I treasure it still

    I neither want it around me
    Nor have the heart to discard it


  • k__s__s 19w

    Nature's Alarm

    During dawn,
    the birds feel the footsteps of the Sun,
    who's tiptoeing with His eyes closed,
    and sing out this secret to wake up the world


  • secrets_teller 19w

    Most of the beautiful smiles hide a painful secret.

  • devilfish 19w

    I Will Already Know Before It Happens

    The same snacking of the nightmare
    On it's same prey snapping bones
    From where?

    The question hangs silently swinging like a pendulum in the air

    I cannot tell where I have not been answer
    The defensive dancer

    This is how I act in the manner a Cancer
    The prancer never plants foot on a tightrope
    Of prayers prayers
    I make layers
    I make my own choices and I'm nothing
    Without the moon and ocean
    How their voices answer the question of my motion moving me further up the sustaining devotion
    now then and later

    I see through intentions like piercing arrow

    All I know is I feel violated
    I shake so uncomfortably
    I'm uncomfortably aware
    My rib cage flares like flames
    My name falls like ashes from the air
    From my body falling in the air
    I exhale
    I'm aware
    My third eye is not blinded by smug glares
    And sticking your nosup in the air
    As if you decided what was fair?
    Hate doesn't care
    You seen my pain
    You didn't care
    You hate me...there?
    The truth could be your angel
    But you took the thought and you played it
    To yourself in box
    I inhale
    I balance scales
    I can make change
    Make the copper penny a scapegoat
    When is drains away my drench
    "Why is the Make America Great Again"
    Printed on his dad's scope
    And his trenchcoat
    Hello here is the footprint
    The infants they cannot say the words to tell you that they need us
    We were them
    Don't just love them
    Learn them
    Teach all of your wisdom to them
    And demonstrate
    Illustrate gardens of passion
    And your mind
    How to purge it
    With patriotic resistance
    Melody kept a key for a gram of
    La flaquita
    La niña
    In the bathroom
    Crying in the mirror
    Why do pictures make her love forget her worth
    As if one girl was to feel inferior
    As if you could use a human being as a cathedral to purge your perverse sins
    Diamonds and Violence seated
    Their dressed fitted thin
    Just like their skin
    Their never going to win
    Why do you hate yourself
    "Please karma..."
    "Kill him"
    I can breathe still
    I can hear scream
    Heave wheeze and a shriek so shrill
    Blood curling that the leaves grew still
    She hates her skin she loathes her looks
    She'd kill to look anything like a bottle full of pills
    Blood spilled
    I guess 'The World Elite"
    Are okay when the sleep while we dry heaves
    Wheeze on the sidewalk where you left us on the street
    Feel them bleed
    They die by your dirty green monster teeth
    Greed because they believe that poverty
    Will not be the hand that took their mother
    And brother
    Just like you and me
    Friends of family
    I'm tired of the wire taps
    I rip shreds of wires
    I did the deathbeds of the evil that doesn't need to make flesh bleed to ensure their survival evolved if it's not vital
    Then go ahead and go with the denial
    These "X-files" of records compiled
    Is serious but I'm delirious
    I can feel the wind before it blows
    There it goes a current of a torrent of waves of the water
    I feel it
    I peel it
    Instill it
    Paint words on the canvas
    I will it to be this
    I put hurt
    Work until it hurts so hard because I try so hard
    It hurt when it doesn't work
    Should've listen
    But you didn't wanna listen
    Want to glisten tell the truth
    When it comes to love don't rush
    Hope can't be crushed if we use our legs
    As stilts or our threads into flowers that don't
    Let our properties that bloom
    Paint the room when we make it move
    Make your conviction shake the hate out of a room
    With your symphonic hydroponic gardens
    Of iridescent hues
    You got confused
    And let the wrong people through
    But that's nothing that a needle can stitch
    You're equally
    Your life is beats the same tune
    Do not let then snuff your voice box
    Consume your spot
    Just shed a light
    If it is not what you wouldn't want if you were a mother to a child
    You have to fight the aisle
    Where demons are working with quick hands
    If you must transform by the moonlight
    Then fight for your life with the mother's knife
    She emits life but defends it with all of the rage that could ignite it churns the knife
    Feral and wild
    Simmering like slithering thick smoke
    Daring the appearance of the next arrival
    So her rage can make her baby's torment
    Her moonbeams are mad with maternal wrath
    In urgent fervency she cut off the scalp with her nails coffin shaped with a lipstick that her nails match
    Bring selfishness back
    You don't have to stand in line
    Fearing people online

    Instead of an emotional insect

    Because society has created an unacceptable
    In every loving godly wisdom
    Show the light emitting from the innocent
    It will cover red footprints
    n the trenchcoat of the white
    What is weak will grow weaker
    Before you know it the grim reaper will nearer
    They have wings and rotted out interiors
    Their violence feels familiar
    The thought makes me feel inferior
    In the way there's no reason
    Void of all the thought
    I feel my absence rip the cost
    As it never happened without the cause
    As well as the effect
    Let me signal the applause
    The dramatic effect
    Let me creep into your thoughts
    Let me see that they collect
    I want hear you demonstrate
    Want you to detect siren's
    Where the thought crossed with the
    Red gate
    I've seen caught as they ensnared themselves

  • writers_ink_ 20w

    His secrets were mine once
    My problems were his once
    His sadness was mine once
    Everything I had was his once
    Everything I did was for him once
    Everything ended with once

  • akshay_vasu 20w

    He fell to his knees on that barren ground, staring at the sky. And the sky opened up for him by raining. With that rain, every drop of his tear was washed down, filling the cracks beneath. Nobody got to see his pain and agony. And yet again, he remained a mystery that was never solved.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • aaneesink 20w

    Let the secret to be a secret
    Or, else it gives rise to a silent
    Thunder betwixt your heart and mind
    Entangled around own assumptions
    Abstruse enough to discern the reason
    Commencing from a tiny nucleolus
    To an unfathomable strangulated mesh
    Safely incorporated to the hippocampus...
    Introspective mind petrified deep inside
    Albeit benign in start,tend to be malignant
    What if?
    What if, you reveal those embodied
    secrets which remain subtle for ages?
    Authenticity disguised under sophistication
    What the world needs the most to sustain
    Worn the mask of dissembled pretensions
    camouflaging the inner veritable person
    What if?
    What if you divulge that concealed
    clandestine which remain unheard?
    Whether the World going to accept it
    as it is
    or, you remain vulnerable forever?

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    What if, you divulge the concealed
    clandestine which remain unheard?
    Whether the World gonna accept it
    as it is
    Or, you remain vulnerable forever?

  • nishrar 20w

    My secret world......

    Mirakee ❤️


  • anthonyhanible 20w

    Secret Service

    My love comes with some service
    Some Secret Service
    The Secret
    Only your heart will understand

  • zoker1991 20w

    In this
    And every other night
    Im holding to it
    Very tight

    Admit it to myself
    Only God knows it
    Contemplate on it
    For a moment

    Appear strong by hiding it
    Be really strong by admiting it

    My fears is what im talking about
    Denying will not help
    Will cause burnout

    Enough is to admit to self
    Good is to
    If u got a true friend
    Speak it to God
    It sure will help
    Put the power of youre secret
    To an end

  • smile_its_sunnah 20w

    Her pain was like a growing unknown tumour, causing her to suffer without any reason. Her silence and printed facade conceived the truth within her soul as she perceived to be the ideal picture of happiness. She smiled to the world, but cried to the skies of secrets. It's wasn't naivety, instead it was her saviour from the world of judgemental imbeciles.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    Pic credited to its rightful owner

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    Sometimes smiling
    signifies sadness
    spreading within
    a suffering soul.

  • _astitva_ 20w

    In the sombre nights of solitude, His shrivelled soul still envisages for the lillacs of love to blossom.


  • ashamurali 20w


    In the past one week, a reputed school is in the news for the wrong reasons. A teacher has misbehaved with students for the last several years but only now it has come to light thanks to the efforts of the alumni of the school who have given voice to the young hapless children who are still suffering at his hands.

    Abusers identify those kids who may be too timid to protest or succumb to their threats. In this way the abuse gets hidden and is never showcased and all efforts are taken to brush it under the carpet.

    Abuse by a person whom the child looks up to, scars the child for life and they become either aggressive or go into a shell in their adult life.

    Mirakee word of the day: secret. I shudder to think how many students have kept the secret and now finally have found courage to talk about it.

    Suitable checks and precautions for prevention of such crimes, stringent actions against the wrong doers and maximum awareness are possibly the best ways to handle abuse of children by some teachers.

    Let's make life safe for the next generation.

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    Buried Secrets

    As a teacher, he had a lot of clout,
    Ethics and morals, he dared to flout
    The child, timid and unable to shout,
    Her plight, who will help her to sort out?

    She saw him with fear in her eyes
    Whom will she go for advice?
    Will they think it is all bundle of lies?
    Will the secret be buried in her as cold ice?

    She was terrified and speechless,
    She felt weak and powerless,
    Oh! She was in deep distress,
    To whom will she complain and express?

    Abuse of any possible kind,
    Scars the tender young mind,
    The world prefers to be blind,
    It is victims who are often maligned.

    Like sweet angels from above,
    Her seniors gave her support and love ,
    The issue got all media attention,
    He is now finally in detention.

    She has thus become a protogonist,
    Of kids, abused by people they trust,
    Hopefully no child ever falls prey to lust,
    And schools remain institutions august.


  • _ansree_ 20w

    कान्हा जी भी ये नज़ारा देख हैरान थे,
    सब नम आँखों से मुस्कुरा रहे थे!

  • she_wrote 20w

    I didn't love thee but be assured, I told none.
    I kept wearing the mask of your warmth in the pickling heat of July.
    Summer days languid and traumatic to my senses are well hidden under the garb of honour.
    "Believe me love, no one can spot the lie."

    Give me an opportunity, a fair chance to show my utmost devotion,
    Remember the night when the flower moon illuminated with its might and you had your gaze fixed at the sky.

    I had smiled at you and the abhorring moon.
    Had to fix my deed by fixing my gaze on the passing time on my old Chinese watch, gifted by your well wisher.

    Did you see how quiet and fine had I covered my secret? Our secret?

    I look at calender and it makes me truly smile,
    The days will passing,
    The age will passing,
    Soon the youth will pass,
    I am elated to declare, "You and your filthy thoughts also won't last."

    But by then, I want you to believe,
    My rage will be well hidden, it won't seep
    Afterall you see all this time,
    I didn't love thee yet told none.
    . #secret #wod #writersnetwork #poem #poetry #memory #pod @writersnetwork

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    I didn't love thee but be assured I told none.
    Kanchan Balodi

  • j_g_surin 20w


    Ture behaviour is always
    hidden behind us,
    It always represent in absent of others in secret,
    Which identifies real personality.