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  • mariateresa 6w

    Hopeful mornings yielding priceless possibilities for change, growth and rebirth. God bless second chances. Here's to a clean slate and another fresh start.

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    Morning reprise

    As the early morning Sun begins to rise
    Gently I glide towards a stirring of soulful vibes
    Ready to take my stance again
    Here to fully embrace stability for healing to mend
    Wounds from the past resolved by love's soothing balm
    Listening to words of forgiveness, allowing rougher seas to calm
    Facing what I once felt was too scary
    Voices within their shadows dashed no longer primary
    This morning reminds me of all that I'm capable of
    Sun's rays create a deepening warm glow from inside
    The best of me has yet to arrive


  • mellialadum 20w


    I know you are a great judge of character or atleast you believe you are; So when you meet people, you can immediately tell,what kind of person they are;or worse of they have demonstrated already what you thought they were.
    You might be right,you might be really right.
    Or you can equally be wrong and be really wrong.
    But there are a million and one things that could have happened on the day you met them.
    I might be wrong too!
    But all I'm trying to say here is,'can you look again'?
    Can you be willing to give them a second look without any form of previous bias.
    Look again,like it's the first time you're meeting them .
    This Second look could surprise you.
    Try and look again.

  • tonie222 21w


    Press my heart

    Ready for redemption

    I want peace

    Never strife

    Conflict or Hatred

    Give me a reason

    Just this once

    An I'll never doubt again

    I want to know is it possible

    For people to receive and be given a second chance towards Redemption.

  • _flamesonshirtcuff_ 25w

    Cold Fire

    I held on to that smell, you know
    A fluid purple aroma
    No distance could quell, oh you know
    Not even your Queenly drama

    Oh Darling you meant the world to me
    You were the one I did believe in
    Never knew that I was dreamin'

    But do you know?
    I love you more
    Do you know?
    I need you more

    Every passing day...

    No one in this world can take you away from me
    All the bruises I gave to your mind make me sorry
    This winter cold can never be as chilly
    As those nights when I couldn't feel me

    Oh your heart makes me cry
    I promise,
    I did not wanna lie
    And I hope you don't mind
    I ain't takin' your side
    And I hope you feel a'right
    I was just not in right mind

    I wanted to fall off the edge
    Swept of this earth like a feather bed
    I wanted to drive to the moon
    And come back no soon

    I wanted to do all that with you
    Now I am so lost without you

    Can you please come back?
    Give me a second chance
    I promise,
    I'll have your back
    Oh I am in such a trance


  • mariateresa 29w

    Second chances, God's grace....allowing it to grow from a space of pure love. What will be will be. Open mindedness and open hearted.

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    Waves of uncertainty

    Waves crash upon the shore to the beat of my heart
    Thoughts scatter and drift away as I ponder the opportunity for our love affair to restart
    Is our love strong enough to carry us through
    Remaining fluid as water allowing what will be to leave a clue
    Answers unknown, detachiment from the outcome
    Turning my face to the Sun as it cleanses mind, body and spirit, experiencing a complete overhaul
    Taking the hands of trust and faith as I feel hope swell in my heart
    Purity of love shall lead us together creating a bond that can't be torn apart
    Our soul's connection is the sacred contract and creed
    Universe supplies Divine destiny, powerful indeed
    Believing in whatever is meant to be, will be
    Understanding what I feel in my soul has finally been freed

  • rachelezell27 34w


    I feel so trapped.
    I feel so confined.
    I wish I could begin again,
    go back and hit rewind.

    If I could just do that,
    then everything would be fine.
    I'd know what not to do.
    My life would be sublime.

    Rewind and change no flaws,
    but this time let me see mine.
    I wouldn't waste a single moment,
    there would be no free time.

    I would scrub and polish my life,
    buff it to a deep shine.
    I wouldn't lose control again.
    I'd keep it on a straight line.

    I'd be ambitious and work hard.
    I'd be generous and I'd be kind,
    if I could have the chance,
    to go back and hit rewind.

    ~ Rachel G Ezell

  • raj_4_lyf 36w

    Not everyone gets a second chance.
    Make the most of the one you have.


  • sakshidubey 41w

    Falling in love again

    Love is all that your soul needs to bloom and rise from the ashes like a Phoenix
    When the heart leaps for someone it is the fear that gives fuel to your emotions to dwell on hope that you still have a chance and there might be little space for someone you never had thought of as you shut the doors on yourself when there was a rocky patch of broken heart and bewildered feelings.
    Love has the annoying tendency to fill up the voids with someone you never knew would be the reason for your actions and emotional flux as if you are a lost sheep from the flock in woods
    Beguiled by the sudden impulse actions for stranger to your taste is what it is like to be fall in love once again all out of the blue like a moth ready to burn by the flames insane.

  • _infinity_writer_ 53w

    Second chances

    How do they look exactly the same...?

    Her hands were soñ and small. Just like she used to have when  she was young, He thought, holding her fingers. They were sitting on the patio steps playing with  chalk. She was making silly drawings and blabbering in her own language. He was clueless about what she was saying, nonetheless it was music to his ears.

    He had held her when she was first born. At that moment, now her grandfather thought about holding her mom in his arms. He could tell the difference. His granddaughter is way more beautiful than her mom.

    He remembers. He thought he could never hold his daughter in his arms again when she got married. He could never feed her; never teach her; never play with her again. He thought his chance was over. It feels like I’ve got a second chance, he smiled down at his granddaughter.

    “Dadadada....”    she poked him and showed him her scribbles. It was art to his eyes. “What is it? What did you draw for this old man?” he asked. “B” she giggled. He laughed at the toddler who forgets ‘A’ and jumps ‘B’ always. “ It looks good. Now write AAAAAA” he dragged. “BBBBBB” she dragged and scribbled again. He chuckled at her antics and looked up...

    Thank you for a second chance...


  • inemrubie 73w

    Some friends do not happen twice in a lifetime.

    Some friendships are actually worth the fight.
    You could have messed up but do not lay back and then regret, "what if?"
    Don't burn bridges you came over, yet.
    Some times, there are no second chances.


  • romen81 75w

    “…things get broken, and sometimes they get repaired, and in most cases, you realize that no matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.”

    — Hanya Yanagihara

  • autumn_touched 80w

    The phrase of love changes after every second chances.


  • ricky_chrispal 80w

    If the person again come to your life than two things can happen either knowing your value or making you again downwards

  • alonewithmythoughts 90w

    Fall Twice
    Get Lost
    Give In
    Stay Still
    Let It Take You

  • wendyrose 100w


    Even after you left, I stayed.
    You just walked away, but I stayed.

  • graceonajourney 102w

    Intuitive Empath Practioner

    Have you ever took the time to reflect on the different chapters in your life, patterns, void, traumas, toxic relationships, and or addictions?
    Spiritual Enlightment offers a new beginning.
    I offer talk sessions sharing wisdom thru benevolent angelic messaging, education, experience

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  • regina_noir 106w

    The Last Day...?

    The last day need not
    always be the last,
    it can always be the
    first day for a
    new start.

  • hephzilolami 113w

    Loving again

    She entangled herself from the lazy hold of her lover, barely holding her tears at bay.

    Dashing for the door with hair matted over her head, she bolted out into the dark, now gloomy night...

    "Daisy! Baby, I'm sorry...did I hurt you?" His voice drained in with the whispers of the windy night as she ran farther from him, towards the shore.

    The unanswered questions lingered at the tip of her lips as her body quivered with the coolness of the breeze caressing her skin.

    "Why?" She questioned and looked up. "Why did I feel?" She tasted salt on her lips. "It wasn't supposed to affect me."

    She wasn't supposed to feel, he wasn't supposed to make tender love to her, he wasn't supposed to be this considerate of her feelings and her desires.

    Her ex hadn't considered this, his pleasure was only what had mattered to him. He hadn't made love to her.

    But the man she left in that room had pleasured her. He made her know her worth. And it scared her. Because this only meant one thing...

    It was time to love again


  • dr_rubycon 116w

    Our fears can play tricks on us, making us afraid to change course, afraid to move on.

    But usually, hidden behind our fears are our strengths, our second chances waiting to be seized.
    Second chances at life, at glory, at family, at love.
    And these opportunities don't come around everyday.
    So when they do, we have to be brave to take a chance and grab them while we can.

    Can you dig it?