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  • graceup 2w


    Unto us time are given

    To live and to be loved

    To govern and to be ruled

    Each time come with it's season

    Plenty time will be over

    Scare time will come and be over

    The different between how we look

    during this season depends on

    Our savings and investment.


  • claralynne 2w

    Awed by Autumn

    Sweet September Dusks...
    Trees show how to let go soon.
    The end bares beauty.

  • anuradhasharma 2w

    सोने कहां दे रही , इस मौसम की रात हमें ।
    कभी बारिश , तो कभी बिजली की गर्जन ।
    कभी सर्द , फ़िर कभी कुहासे वाली शाम ।


  • pallavi4 3w


    Far beyond what the eye can see
    Near the dense fog covered horizon
    Are mountains clad with thickets of trees
    And cold that seeps into bones like poison

    Bald eagles glide regally in the grey skies
    Their sharp claws even in the weak sun glisten
    I watch it slowly and gradually rise
    To the mockingbird I peer and listen

    Outside the snow has drenched the countryside
    Readied it like a picture ready to be framed
    The warmth from the fireplace inside
    Leaves ideas and suspicions maimed

    By the fireplace I sit all alone and weary
    While the raven taps lightly at the door
    The day is icy, long drawn and dreary
    Till the cold stiffens the heart some more

    Frozen roses and their unyielding manner
    Nerves rigid and punishingly stringent steel
    In the eye of the snowstorm lies the manor
    Even in the arduous chill it has a strange appeal


    4th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Snow in London” by Ruby and B

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  • enike_ 5w


    it spills
    The wind refills
    I hear trees
    One two threes

  • kabadi 5w

    A Lonely Evening

    An evening sunset,
    The lone moon and star,
    Bathing in the Sea of clouds,

    Drowning in darkness,
    The moon is brighter,
    -the Sun

    Blissfully, the wind,
    Whistling by the pine trees,
    Swaying grass,
    _a peaceful evening.


  • jazbat 5w

    मेरी शाम

    वो जो तुम ले गए थे ना !
    मेरी शाम, उस बार
    जब तय था मिलना और
    ढेर सारी बातें करना
    और ये भी कि
    मुलाक़ातों के सिलसिले
    बनाए जाएँगे
    माना था कि अब हम
    दूर नही रह पाएँगे !
    उस शाम जब मैंने पहली बार
    गजरा पहना था
    और अपने तन को
    सुरमई रंग की साड़ी में
    लपेटा था
    तुम्हारी दी वो चूड़ियाँ
    मैंने हाथों में सरका ली थीं
    जिनकी आवाज़ तुम कहते थे
    कि तुम्हें कहीं जाने ना देगी !
    वो पेड़ अमलतास का था
    जिसके नीचे फूलों का
    बिछौना बिछा था
    वहाँ ढेर सारा प्यार मैंने
    बिखराया था
    और उस शाम को डूबते सूरज
    की ऊनींदी रोशनी से सजाया था !
    पर तुम नही आए, तुमने संदेशा
    भी नही भिजवाया
    ये तो बताओ की मैं समेट लूँ
    अब सब कुछ …
    या तुम मेरी शाम लेकर
    बस अब आने ही वाले हो l

    Ranjana B.

  • fizahfiz_ 6w

    The thing about life,
    It comes as a surprise,
    None is in control of what to come,
    As we are all passengers in a train of thoughts.
    Wondering and thinking,
    And trying to picture,
    What the next chapter entails.

    Life is a school,
    An institution of learning,
    With no teacher or lecturer,
    And everyone is a student.
    It's where you learn to rise when you fall,
    And try again when you fail.

    This is where the struggles we face,
    Makes us stronger everyday,
    And the choices we make,
    Open doors to places we didn't know.
    We learn to adapt and grow,
    As new pages unfold,
    Of stories untold.

    You may say it's a journey,
    An endless cycle of adventure.
    A dive deep in the ocean,
    Or snowboarding down the everest.
    A hike in the amazon,
    Or a ride at the sahara.

    It's a harmonious melody,
    A radiant rhythm of hearts' rhapsody.
    That blossoms externally.
    It's a feeling of sunshine in the rains,
    That penetrates earths' deepest veins
    And warms the coldest of plains.

    It is life,
    And the more you live it,
    The more beautiful it becomes.


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    It is Life

  • lalitha_l2 6w

    Yeah, I'm a season of different essence!!
    Where the smiles of innocence,
    Of many mother sons,
    Touches the souls of rain drops.
    Where the names of fames,
    Written on the winter fogs,
    On well known window glasses.
    Where the blossom of leaves,
    Having the growth of many hopes,
    With a desire to survive the lives.
    Where the rays of sun shine,
    Fills the lights of delights,
    With the glows of many wishes.
    Where the lessons of tired persons,
    Calm down with the shades of mine,
    Showing the phases of life,
    With the character and nature of mine.

  • polemicverses 6w


    As the cold seeps through my soul
    And freezes all my dreams,
    And frosty pointed needled ice
    Covers my feeble screams.

    Touch me with your dainty hands
    And thaw me piece by piece,
    Show me that there is still warmth
    Beneath life's vagaries.

    Put your mellow sunshine on me
    So that my frigid heart may melt,
    And warm and vibrant feelings flood me
    With blossoms I have never felt.

    Take my hand ,Oh gentle Spring!
    And pull me away from this frozen center,
    'Cause no longer can I be so cold
    No longer do I want to be Winter.

  • pallavi4 6w


    I was born on a hot and humid day
    While the sun was busy blistering the earth
    Thunderous clouds suddenly darkened in the sky
    I was grateful for my timely birth

    The sky started weeping
    Out of happiness, joy and in celebration
    Happily I poured to quench the thirst
    Of the parched lands without any inhibitions

    With my advent new blades appeared
    The mangoes became particularly sweet
    The birds chirped while drinking from puddles
    People sighed deeply out of relief

    Children celebrated my onset by playing
    In my light drizzling afternoon showers
    The trees were happy and turned a vivid green
    Such was the persuasiveness of my inherent powers

    Origami paper boats sailed in my snaking rivulets
    And overjoyed frogs jumped and croaked all the time
    My nimbus clouds covered the sun’s face
    That dutifully gave me space to shine

    Off and on for ninety days
    I wavered from a drizzle to thunderstorms
    Sometimes as hail, sometimes as deluge
    I varied and took several new forms

    While the skies bled and creatures found sustenance
    Rainbows delighted all around me
    I knew my time was close to being done
    For I slowly became sparse and patchy

    Gradually I gave way to Autumn
    Who rid my beloved trees of their leaves
    From the lushness that they had found with me
    Fall managed to bring them to their knees

    I faded away into the harvest season
    Holding back tears of grief and pain
    Who would have thought folk would be happy
    To be rid of the continuous rain ?

    Back I would be with a vengeance, I vowed
    To show them my real worth next year
    And with that my life came a full circle
    Making real all my suppressed fears


    13th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, Picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • prose_nexus 6w

    Be it a blessing or cry for help:
    I'm not quite sure how to introduce myself, but you might know me from Time's (not the New York Times) magazine as the 'Most economically important' season. I don't mean to brag but I'm as profitable as I am deadly, very feisty.

    So where do I begin in all of this? I could start from my very first call to action, about 4.5billion years ago, 10 million years after earth was supposedly formed. I made earth to considered 'geologically alive.'

    I could start that way-back but I would be pointless as it would be very hard to catch up without forgetting myself. So I'll start from my monthly visits per annum: I've gone around the globe, especially stayed in countries with warmer temperatures that allows the air to hold me up better.

    I've visited places such as; India, from July to November; Nigeria, from June to the last week's of September; South and South-east China, from May up until September; and other places that I can't really remember.

    Unlike what you see in movies, I don't typically come out when something tragic happens like fires or funerals. There's absolutely no avenue for my comings, since it's only climatic.

    I will say this though,
    I may be the tears of the angels looking down on the sufferings of man.
    I may be the late father's wish to tell his child that he is filled with pride.
    And I may just be what overshadows the good times.
    All these, I do not know. I'm still discovering myself in entirety.

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    #pod #wod #season

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  • lonesome_artist 6w

    Helen is a very beautiful young woman. He helped his mother Demetria take care of the plants in the ground. Sometimes the mother and daughter pick flowers that are still wet with dew at dawn. Sometimes Helen danced with her fellow girls in the middle of the field. The mother and daughter have a happy life.
    At those times Mono was sad. He is alone in his underground kingdom. He wanted to have a queen. He has gifted many virgins with precious and beautiful jewels, but none of them have been persuaded to live in his kingdom.
    One day Mono went to the surface of the earth. He was riding in his golden chariot pulled by immortal horses. The horses are running fast. Helen and her friends happened to be in the field then. Mono saw him.
    "She is the one I will make queen of my kingdom," the king whispered.
    Mono ran his horses and kidnapped the girl who was picking flowers. Helen asked for help. He called his father Aaron but he did not hear him.
    No one heard her cry except a magical goddess named Cleo. Yet Helen also cried out. The rumor of his cry was spread by the wind in the hills and forests until Demetria heard it in the distance
    Demitrea quickly returned to Sicily. He first went to their home to see Helen. The girl was not there. Demitria searched. He searched for the missing child for nine days. He carried two torches that lit up all the corners of the earth, but he could not find the girl. Due to the magnitude of his grief he did not taste any food or drink.
    Heron came to him on the tenth day. He was told he had heard Helen's cries but he did not see who had abducted her.
    Demitria could not attend to her work on earth. The plants died and the people went hungry. As the days go by they get even hungrier. They approached Demitria and asked her to let the plants grow on the ground.
    Demitria's heart became hard with grief. He told the people that as long as he did not see his son he could not attend to his earthly affairs.
    He searched and searched. When he was in despair he approached Aaron. He asked the god of gods to bring Helen back to him.
    “If he is returned to me there will again be a bountiful harvest in the land,” Demitria told Aaron.
    Aaron felt sorry for him. He promised to bring Helen back to him if the girl did not eat anything while she was in Mono's kingdom.
    Demitria was delighted. He went underground. He finds Helen at Mono's palace. The mother and daughter hugged. The girl really wanted to see the surface of the earth shining with the sun.
    But he ate six pomegranate seeds that day. Because of his food, Mono was entitled to stay with Helen for six months, and with Demitria for the remaining six months of each year.
    If Helen was with her mother it was spring and summer on earth. If he was in the kingdom of Mono it would be autumn and winter on earth.

    #autobiography #wod #season #writersnetwork #miraquill @Miraquill @writersnetwork #summer #spring #autumn #winter

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    Why There Is Spring and Autumn


  • reflections__ 6w

    #season #autobiography
    (Just in case) -
    Fire, she - autumn
    Water, he - monsoon

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    a relationship
    like fire and water
    opposites and yet alike.
    the same supremacy
    binds them
    to the elemental tag.

    he was the counterpart
    on the calmer side
    and she was aflame
    in aspects of life and love.
    he swooned over seeds
    embracing tiny grains underground
    while she awaited an eventide
    when life would be worn of hanging
    upside down from clay twigs.

    they'd meet in october
    a featureless September bridging
    the gap between
    a happening and an end.
    they're change makers,
    fighting for peace in a chaotic farm
    they rebel against chills and sweat
    hiding behind tales
    of an overflowing tub seated
    on crater studded tiles
    of a burning room.

    on the last day
    of a September
    she holds his hand
    and pulls him inside
    they now embrace their identities
    like two tiny sea creatures at land,
    trying to alter
    a predestined roleplay.

    the sun rises on October,
    she takes the name of monsoon
    he carries a tag of autumn
    fire and water found a way anew,
    they merged and emerged
    two new destinies
    two new seasons
    ever so much in love
    yet always apart.


  • his_aesthetic_ink 6w

    People are seasonal
    than season itself.


  • _harmony_in_the_dark 6w


    I would be lying if I said I miss you.
    Why did I say it then, you ask?
    Well, because I didn't have a word for what I feel.
    I don't miss you.
    You happen to slip in the spaces between my breaths,
    I absentmindedly open your picture
    And stare at it like wanting something that I cannot afford.
    There is a void everywhere in my body
    Where you have kissed me and touched me.
    It refuses to be filled.
    I cannot look at you directly now
    Because what if my eyes told you that I want you now.
    In between coffee breaks
    In the morning and
    Before I go to sleep and
    When I wake up in the middle of the night.
    I want to look at you and be able to touch you.
    I don't miss you at all
    I crave for you.
    I want you to fill these voids and make me yours.

  • xanonymouzx 6w

    True Purpose

    Most would say I'm as cold as ice.
    Forever freezing your skin.
    A never ending cycle of pure numbness.
    I do not inted to cause illness.
    Nor bring death to wildlife.

    One would say I bring the joy in everyone.
    An event that gathers people together.
    Lifting the spirits in your bodies, until it's higher than the clouds.
    That I'm your joy.

  • poetryverse 6w


    I didn’t wanted this time to end. Nature was by my side. I was happy. It felt like a freedom. Every where I go I could see different colors, full of life.. green, yellow, blue, white, black, red… so on. Eyes felts good. Heart was singing the song of joy. I couldn’t have felt any better. I wished this time to be here forever.

    It started to pour the heavenly tears as I might say all of sudden, it was back in June/July. I remember I was admiring the rose in the garden. There was a big lightning.. then there was thunderstorm out of nowhere. I could feel my heart beating so loud. I was really frightened. Then it started… The rain. The spring blanket that I was covered with was all gone with time. Still there was little hope of colors cause some portion of rain was naturing too.

    Then all the leaves where falling turning yellow. It was not that pleasant or romantic as shown in some movies. It was heartbreaking to watch all trees turning dead and lifeless. All that was seen was the empty branches with no hope of rejoicing any time soon.

    And one day white snow started to fall from the sky.. covering all those beautiful colors that I enjoyed. Everywhere I go, everything I see.. all were white felt so colorless, so sad. They say snow is romantic but I didn’t felt that… it was rather freezing cold till inner core of soul. You didn’t want to go outside or enjoy instead wanted to be in warmth of your bed.

    Wished every day - One day things will definitely change for good. Its all part of life so don’t loose hope. Just enjoy the moment and just go with it.


  • sreeramvan 6w

    Four of us,
    A family,
    Of different views,
    Such a hot head,
    She provides a warmth,
    A growth for us..
    She keeps us in check,
    Cools down summer,
    The fall of leaves,
    Rains that follows,
    Beautiful days..
    The opposite of summer,
    Colder than most,
    She may look harsh,
    But she isn't,
    She gives coziness,
    Beautiful snow,
    Reasons to be playful,
    To celebrate..
    A new day,
    A new start,
    She marks the beginning of everything,
    She brings in fresh look..
    A family we are,
    Each important in our own way,
    Without the other,
    We are incomplete,
    We make life

  • y_fatima 6w

    Love through the seasons

    When I breath in the dry air of harmattan
    I think about you
    You know, there are some things we do during harmattan that can only be done in harmattan
    So, tell me,
    Why won't nostalgia set in
    When the cold breeze carries the echoes of your voice from years back to me
    When no matter how dry the air is, it still wafts your scents to my nostrils
    The chilly mornings I get under my comforter
    Oh, it feels like you wrapped your arms round me to warm me up.
    By afternoon, the sun is hot and all I can feel is your breath against my neck,
    Hot but passionate.
    And when night falls,
    All I can think of is a bed time story
    Stories of battles,
    Physically fought and emotionally conquered
    The dry night breeze serving as our only witness
    As I breathe you in and fall asleep with your scents lingering on in my dreams..
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #miraquill #love #season

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    Love through the seasons I