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    They searched the scriptures daily
    To find a way to sin
    Lacking understanding
    They justified themselves within
    Turning each page they read
    On how to drink and lust
    “Wine for the stomach!”
    And “Gods mercy is for us!”
    He looked down and stated sadly
    “They no longer even fear”
    God slowly turned His head
    As His eyes shed some tears

    They searched the scriptures daily
    To validate their cause
    As they cussed and gossiped harshly
    They didn’t give a pause
    Women of God are dressing sexy
    Men of God just want the dough
    Saints now love the world
    Unchurched youth? Nowhere to go!
    The remnant that is gathering
    No longer do they toil
    The lukewarm keeps on going
    They now are out of oil

    Search the scriptures daily
    Search hard, for the path is narrow
    God is looking down upon us
    And His eye is on the sparrow!


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    Geeta Gyan ☀️

    क्रोधाद्भवति संमोह: संमोहात्स्मृतिविभ्रम:।
    स्मृतिभ्रंशाद्बुद्धिनाशो बुद्धिनाशात्प्रणश्यति॥
    (द्वितीय अध्याय, श्लोक 63)

    इस श्लोक का अर्थ है: क्रोध से मनुष्य की मति मारी जाती है यानी मूढ़ हो जाती है जिससे स्मृति भ्रमित हो जाती है। स्मृति-भ्रम हो जाने से मनुष्य की बुद्धि नष्ट हो जाती है और बुद्धि का नाश हो जाने पर मनुष्य खुद अपना ही का नाश कर बैठता है।

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    Z S X J Y esus once said ✨ ️

    This cool and lighty guy was visitor on earth ✨ Matthew 6:34 is “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  Yeah !! Oh My gosh Thats so true ✨ Live Day by Day and drink your coffee or wine with peace

    TEIJO JUSSILA 888 @yechnomusic

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    Living With Faithless People Last Chapter

    Please check out chapter 1 if you have not read it.

    I was angry when I left her room. I am doing really good in this season for not cursing or hollering at my mother, because I used to do it a lot before this pandemic. That was the time when I was not always at home. I am learning how to keep the peace by just walking away. I feel like my mother does not have any faith in what God wants us to do during this season. That is to not live in fear. They are opening up places slowly now. My church is planning on getting back into the building either sometime this month or the 1st Sunday of next month. My pastor will let the congregation know because they are doing things slowly. We would still have to practice social distancing when we get back into the church building. We still have to wear our mask as well. I am in a church of 12 members. My church is not like most churches that have thousands of members. I am in a small church.
    I had conversed with my evangelist from my church that day on the phone after leaving my mother's room. I told her how faithless my mother is. 
     "I know your mother is a faithless person, I know, and I feel like it is time for your daughter to spend some time with her dad because it has been a long while. When I was talking to your mother last week, I could hear the devil working all through her spirit, your mother is really fearful and is overly concerned, and Ciara, the news is talking about another wave of another virus, it is sad to say, but it may come, but you are right for telling your mother that we can not live our lives in fear, and I am so proud of you for not shouting at your mother. We all have to prepare for this second storm that's coming. I know you and Bernie both live with your parents, but what if your parents were not around? If your mother died, would you be able to take care of everything yourself? Would you be able to live in that big house y'all got by yourself? What if your daughter was not around? Would you believe that you can do it all by yourself? And what if your boyfriend wasn't around either? Could you be able to live by yourself or would you live with someone else?" She asked.
     "Awe man, I never thought of that before, that is a lot to think about, I believe I can do it with the grace of God, but that's going to be challenging for us to live alone, " I said.
    "That is why I am going to bless you all young adults this week on the phone, I was going to keep it a secret until Saturday, but since you were talking about you are frustrated with your mother,  I am going to give you guys a challenge that is due in three weeks. I want to have you all to get a  "RED" envelope. If you want, Ciara, because I know you like art. You can get a white envelope and paint it red, or you can decorate it. however, you want it. All the information you will collect from this challenge you will place in that "RED" envelope. Put this folder in a safe place. In case of an emergency to make sure your parent knows where it is. How to begin your challenge is that I want you to be very calm and clear with your mother.  We want you to know how to live if anything was to happen to your mother. Talk to your mother and ask her how does she runs her household? How much is her rent/mortgage, gas bill, light bill, etc. And how does she pay? Example: Online? Mail? Or Walk-in what establishment? Find out if your mother has life insurance, a will, or a directive. Ask her does she want to be cremated or not? Is she a donor? There are some things we may not know about our parents, we think we do, but we really don't. That is why I am giving you and the other young adults these questions to sit down and ask your guy's parents these questions? There will be a special guest on the line that will provide you all information on how to function by living alone," She informed.
     When she gave me that information, that was a great blessing from the lord. I thank God for my church. I am still praying that my mother will seek God's word and become faithful to the Lord like I am. I am an adult, and at the end of the day I will still do whatever I want to do. But I use wisdom in my doings. I go to God first, with all my problems. Then, I can do what ever I want to do by God's will, not the devils will. No one can not change my faith of believing in the Lord. No one can not tell me to stop praying. I am going to do what ever I want to do in the sight of the lord because "The Lord has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love; and a sound of mind." 2 Timothy 1:7.
    This pandemic is going to soon pass and we shall not see it again.

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    Living In A House With Faithless People

       Ever since this pandemic started, my mother has been on me ever since. Informing me to not take my daughter outside. In the beginning of this pandemic, for a while I did not let my daughter go anywhere. I felt like it has been a while since she has not spent any time with her father. My boyfriend and I live in separate houses. He lives with his mother and I live with my mother until we find a place of our own. Finding our own place is going to take us some time because I am not ready to move out yet, and he is not ready to move out as well. 
    Recently, my daughter's father wants to spend more time with her. I have kept praying about that situation. He informed me that he will keep her twice a month, but my mother says otherwise.
     "Stop letting that baby go over there, this ain't the time for her to be letting her spend nights over there because if something happens to that baby, you going to feel real crazy, " my mother said.
     "But you can't live in fear, " I said.
      "Naw you can't, but we still go fear, that's life, a lot of folks is scared of this virus," she said.
    "That's why I pray every day so I won't be afraid, I… getting interrupted.
    "Yeah you can pray, but things still happens, when I be out sometimes, be seeing people without they mask, something is going to happen to those that is not wearing their masks" she said.
     "Yeah that's true, we still have to wear our masks when we go out, that's mandatory now. I things still happens, but you just gotta keep praying and trust God. When this pandemic first started, I was really scared. I didn't know anything about no coronavirus until my professor told the class on a day that this might be our last day there at the school, and I was like why? I was asking him questions about where we were going to go when we get hungry, or how  was I gonna to get pampers for kiki, I was scared. But when my church decided to be on the conference lines on the phone every week, and encouraging people to do not live in fear and stay prayerful and be in the word every day, that took away my fear, " I said. 
      "Yeah but I wouldn't be letting that baby go anywhere though, " she said firmly changing the conversation.
    "But that's me and Bernie's baby, not yours, and we grown," I said.
     "I just pray that it won't come, " I said.
    When my mother saidd that, I felt like shouting at her saying, "BITCH, YOU GOTTA BELIEVE IN GOD, LISTEN, TO WHAT IM SAYING, WE GROWN, AND YOU CAN'T TELL US THE FUCK WHAT TO DO."
    God knows I felt like saying those words to my mother, but I did not. I learned in church that we can not have the last words with our parents, even if we are adults. You can be 30 or 50 years old, and your parents can still boss you around. It does not matter if you live with your parents or not. They can still try to tell you what to do even when you have your own place, and you always keep in touch with your parents on the phone or through snap chat. Our parents will still see us as their baby. I am 25, and my mother still sees me as her little girl. Even when she says  she does not see me that way, she still does. You can be way older than 25, and your parents will still see you as their baby boy or their baby girl. That is in a parent's nature to see us as their child. I do not know how I would react when I see my 1-year-old daughter grow up. I pray that I would not be overprotective as some parents are with their kids. We have to let our children explore the world on their own. That is the only way we will teach them how to become responsible adults. As I was conversing back and forth with my mother. I informed her saying, 
    "Me and uncle Michael are in two different religions. We serve two different Gods. He's a Jehovah witness, and I'm a Christian, so he would think differently. I don't believe in what Jehovah's Witnesses teach. I don't believe in all these different gods, I only believe in one God only, the man upstairs.
        "Yeah that's true, I agree with you on that, but it's not the time to be letting her spend nights over at his house, people still dying, you want yo baby to die?" she asked, still changing the conversation.
     "No, I don't, " I said.
      "Okay then. I will be scared to go out," she said.  
      "If you have a problem with this situation, you can talk to Bernie about it because Kiki is his child too, " I said leaving her room.

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    Living In A House With Faithless People

    Living in a house with faithless is really ruff. Please check out my next post.


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    Magical Love

    There is a beautiful gift that can give you a lift,
    It is an almighty blessing above that is a great uplift,
    It can bring you comfort and happiness better than your lover can give,
    It's the most beautiful MAGICAL LOVE!

    It is like the moon at night, it can keep your hope shining bright,
    Like the morning sun, It will warm your hearts better than your grandmother can when she tells you it will be alright,
    It is a gift that you can share everyday more than your poems that you know it's right, 
    When you give, it comes right back to you like karma in the daylight!

    When love makes the way, 
    There is great happiness in the day, that makes all your troubles fade away,
    Love is delicate and sweet, like the sweet woman in the ocean bay,
    Through love you find out there is an answer within every prayer everyday.

    There is something magical in it, that will never depart from you like a friend,
    If you just believe in this magical way, then all of your dreams will finally come true when it sends,

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    भरत का त्याग

    जब एक प्रिय पुत्र को, अपनी माँ ने ही छल दिया,
    एक वचन से ही श्रीराम का राज्याभिषेक टल गया|

    पुत्र प्रेम में विवश कैकई ने, मन में ऐसा ठान लिया,
    राम रहे चौदह वर्ष वन में, वर एक ऐसा माँग लिया|

    ज्ञात हुआ जब भरत को तो, वैर माँ से कर लिया,
    रो-रोकर आँसू ग्लानि के,सब सागरों को भर दिया|

    वो लौटे जब ननिहाल से,विश्राम ना एक पल किए,
    श्रीराम को वापस लाने को,भरत नँगे पाँव चल दिए|

    प्रयास अथक किये भरत ने, भाई को मनाने को,
    पर अग्रज श्रीराम भी, अड़ गए वचन निभाने को|

    आखिर थक हार कर,भरत ने यह प्रण कर लिया,
    बनूँगा ना मैं अयोध्यापति, मन में यह धर लिया|

    बोले भरत श्रीराम से,"पाप मैं यह कर सकता नहीं,
    भेज वन में स्वामी को, सेवक नृप बन सकता नहीं|"

    धर शीश खड़ाऊँ राम की, व्याकुल भरत चल दिए,
    प्रेम और बलिदान के तब,सारे उदाहरण बदल दिए|

    राज तजा,पत्नी तजी, और तज दिए सुख-धाम,
    अधीर भरत श्रीराम की, राह तकते आठों याम|

    जब तक अवध ना लौटे राम,भरत भी वन में रहे,
    बन संन्यासी श्रीराम सम, वो कष्ट सब सहते रहे|

    लक्ष्मण गए थे राम सँग,पर त्याग भरत ने भी किया,
    राम-भरत के प्रेम ने,एक अप्रतिम इतिहास रच दिया|

    भरत के इस बलिदान का, ना जग में कोई सानी है,
    रामायण कोई कल्पना नहीं,एक कालजयी कहानी हैं|


  • saffronboy_jeevan 79w

    'कर्ण की गाथा'

    एक माँ के पुत्रत्याग की, एक क्षुद्र के कल्याण की,
    निशब्द होकर सुनो तुम, गाथा यह कर्ण महान की |

    कुँती ने वरदान था पाया,सूर्य ने शोणित रँग दिखाया,
    इस धरा पर जब जन्मा कर्ण,कवच-कुँडल सँग लाया |

    भाग्य प्रपँचों का था शिकार,समस्त जग ने दिया दुत्कार, राजपुत्र होकर भी आजीवन, सहता रहा वो तिरस्कार |

    द्रोण ने उसे ना अपनाया, परशुराम से तब ज्ञान पाया,
    देख वीरता दुर्योधन ने, खोया हुआ सम्मान दिलाया |

    पाँडवों का वो ज्येष्ठ भ्राता, अँगराज कर्ण कहलाता,
    दानवीर की ऐसी उपमा, कोई न खाली दर से जाता |

    कुरुक्षेत्र के प्राँगण को भी, उसने शवों से भर दिया,
    एक बाण के वार से ही, सौ-सौ का वध कर दिया |

    उसके दिव्य बाणों के आगे,अर्जुन भी हो गया निस्तेज,
    अवाक् रह गए सुदर्शनधारी,मुख पर उसके सूर्य सा तेज|

    एक क्षण ऐसा भी आया,जब उसने वैष्णव अस्त्र चलाया,
    विवश होकर 'केशव' ने तब,स्वयं अर्जुन का ढाल बनाया |

    कर्ण-अर्जुन के द्वंद्व का जब, निकला ना कोई परिणाम,
    चाल चली एक 'लीलाधर' ने,माँग लिए कवच-कुँडल दान|

    जान कर भी लीला कृष्ण की,दे दिया उसने इच्छित दान,
    कौन भला उस जैसा दानी,जिसके याचक स्वयं भगवान|

    फिर भी इस सँग्राम में, कर्ण पड़ा अर्जुन पर भारी,
    पर दुर्भाग्यवश रथचक्र ही,बन गया उसकी लाचारी|

    बोले 'माधव' अर्जुन से कि,माना यह कृत्य धर्मसम्मत नहीं,
    पर जब तक धनुष है कर्ण के हाथ,उसका वध सँभव नहीं|

    फिर कृष्ण का सँकेत पाकर,अर्जुन ने शर-संधान किया,
    धर्मविरुद्ध एक निहत्थे पर, धर्म की खातिर वार किया |

    निज बलिदान देकर कर्ण ने, अर्जुन को गौरव दिलाया,
    पाँडव सदा पाँच ही रहेंगे, माँ को दिया वचन निभाया|

    जानता था मृत्यु निश्चित है,क्योंकि वह अधर्म के साथ था,
    पर मित्र सँग ना घात किया,जब तक धनुष उसके हाथ था|

    बोले 'केशव' उसे प्रणाम कर, हे राधेय, तुम महान हो,
    हर युग और दसों दिशाओं में, तेरा ही जयगान हो|


  • ciara1 83w

    Over Coming Our Fears

     "The Lord has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love; and a sound of mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

    Ever since this epidemic spread has occurred, this scripture has been in my prayers every day. What this scripture means to me is that we, as Christians should not walk in fear. We want to always ask God to deliver us from all of our fears. What God is saying to me about fear in this season, is that we can not let social distancing stop us from worshiping the Lord. Let us not stop praying and connecting with God. I am grateful for the conference call we join now weekly. That is keeping us connected with each other praising God. We are the church no matter where we are. Ever since this virus has happened, I have been taking God more seriously and praising him. 

    "And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you when I smite the land of Egypt." Exodus 12:13.

        What this scripture means to me is that let us not fear what is going on around us. We can still be saved and ask God for deliverance even when we not in the church building. In this season, I still fear sometimes that this plague will not be over. I have a lot of concerns about when this epidemic spread will end. Instead of me thinking about the present, I keep thinking about what is going to happen tomorrow or next week. Is this virus is going to end tomorrow or next week? That is what I have been thinking about these past weeks. I know this COVID-19 spread will pass, and we will not see this moment again. I faith in that.

    "And the Lord will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay them upon all them that hate thee." Deuteronomy 7:15

    What this scripture means to me in this season, is that during this epidemic virus. There have been a lot of people who have been contracted with the COVID-19 virus. Recently, my mother had been vomiting all night the other day. I had thought she was infected with the disease, but it was just food poisoning she had that irritated her stomach. I had got so worried at first that I thought she might get sick and die. I prayed that it did not happen, thank the Lord, that was not the case. I pray for those that have gotten infected with this disease. This viral spread is not a joke, and a lot of people are not taking this moment seriously. Hopefully, this spread will be a wake-up call for those that are not following God's rules of staying safe. I have faith that God will take away all the sickness in this season.


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    I will make you the everlasting pride and the joy of all generations. - Isa. 60:15

  • abhianand 110w

    While they are yet speaking I will hear. Isa. 65:24

  • abhianand 111w

    Do not be afraid; do not be terrified. For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. - Deut. 20:3,4

  • abhianand 111w

    You shall call, and the LORD will answer.
    Isa. 58:9

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    I want to talk about a sensitive subject that people don't talk about, do you know that PORNOGRAPHY and MASTERBATION are spirits? these two are spirits that cannot let you step into certain realm of glory, especially when there is a blessing approaching these spirits suspends it, if you are experiencing this please go for deliverance, do not be ashamed about it, that's why am sharing this today, these spirits are wicked, that's why they can hide in one's life for years becus people are ashamed to speak about it, know this truth today and set yourselves free from these wicked spirits, DELIVERANCE is what takes them away, so speak out and expose it, or they will stay in you forever as burden.

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    #Question #religion #scriptures
    #justarandomthought #confusion
    (Just a question in my mind) ��
    Give respect to every religion nd their perceptions

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    धर्म द्वेष

    दादी की 'गुटका रामायण'
    और अली चाचा की 'पाक क़ुरान,
    बाते एक ही लिए हुये हैं,

    फिर भी क्यों अक्सर 'लड़ 'जाती है?

    तब तो बस क़यामत समझो
    जब इन 'सगुणी' महालेखो
    के बीच उनकी ऩजर
    मेरी 'निर्गुणी', कबीर पोथी'
    पर पड जाती है!

  • ovidioperez 171w

    The Offer

    Everybody had a choice,
    But nobody had a plan,
    So man made up scriptures to offer us demands,
    Offered us riches,
    Offered us lands,
    Offered us immortality,
    And prosperity in high demands,
    And us being humans we fell for thier plans, Executions and genocide reigned threw out our lands sacrificed innocent by the masses, For cloth's and shiny pebbles,
    To flaunt for others,
    Offering gifts or bribes,
    To the most exquisite of brides,
    For all these scriptures we're one,
    But the people we're muddled and forgot about thier choice,
    Broke out the barriers and now the innocent had no voice,
    Now they want to extort us humans by offering us false truths in the scriptures from thier lands,
    But just remember everybody had a choice, But nobody had a plan..

  • mr_bhaalu 178w

    यह अपना बन्धु है और यह अपना बन्धु नहीं है, इस तरह की गणना छोटे चित्त वाले लोग करते हैं। उदार हृदय वाले लोगों की तो (सम्पूर्ण) धरती ही परिवार है।

    This person is my kin and that one is alien, such a thought occurs only to the narrow-minded people. To the broad-minded person the whole world is one family.

    #love #peace #world #family #sanatan #dharm #mahopanishad #upanishad #scriptures #hindu #no #boundaries #sanskrit #shloka #thoughts

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    अयं निजः परो वेति गणना लघुचेतसाम् ।उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ||

    Ayam nijaha paro veti ganana laghuchetasam
    udaaracharitanaam tu vasudaiva kutumbakam

  • yosusha 178w

    Sometimes you find yourself stuck into a very bad situation and all of your senses stop working, you even can't guess the way out of it. In such a situation only a Guru can tell you what to do and all you have to do is follow the instructions with all you heart.

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    "Pratyaksha-numana-agamah Pramanani"

    Knowledge gained with the help of five senses would make you happy, only if it's been used to go on a good path;
    And even your senses are not enough sometimes, to know what's happening and then you better guess the math.

    Also there are moments when neither your senses work nor you find yourself able to guess what to do;
    This is the time when you should look into the scriptures to handle the situation or you can go ask a Guru.

    Poetic Commentary On
    Prathama Adhyay, Samadhi
    Patanjali Yoga Sutra : 1.7

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    “You have your heads in your Bibles constantly because you think you’ll find eternal life there. But you miss the forest for the trees. These Scriptures are all about me ! And here I am, standing right before you, and you aren’t willing to receive from me the life you say you want. “I’m not interested in crowd approval. And do you know why? Because I know you and your crowds. I know that love, especially God’s love, is not on your working agenda. I came with the authority of my Father, and you either dismiss me or avoid me. If another came, acting self-important, you would welcome him with open arms. How do you expect to get anywhere with God when you spend all your time jockeying for position with each other, ranking your rivals and ignoring God? “But don’t think I’m going to accuse you before my Father. Moses, in whom you put so much stock, is your accuser. If you believed, really believed, what Moses said, you would believe me. He wrote of me. If you won’t take seriously what he wrote, how can I expect you to take seriously what I speak?”
    John 5:39‭-‬47 {MSG}