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  • _gypsy_writes 14h

    कुछ ख़्याल बस यूं ही आ जाते हैं,
    जब तस्सवुर में आप छा जाते हैं,
    गुलाब के बिना गुलाबी हो जाते हैं,
    ख़्वाब जब आपकी खुश्बू से महक जाते हैं।

  • _gypsy_writes 2w

    कैसे गुज़र रही है जिंदगी अब तुम्हारे बिन,
    ख्वाबों में कटी रातें, यादों में कटे दिन।

  • _gypsy_writes 2w


    She met the person, she thought she could spend her life with. It was a happy day. Finally there was someone, someone just for her. They had similar goals in life, lifestyle that was alike and they made each other happy. She thought this was enough to sustain the relationship only to find out that it was a relationship just for her. 

    He didn't feel it. He wasn't into the relationship. He liked her, no doubt. He liked her a lot. She made him laugh. They could discuss work and she was as passionate as him. He liked the friendship they had.

    When she found about this, it broke her heart. Not in the ways it had been before but in a different way. The castles she was building in her thoughts had lot of potential. She thought she could conquer the world with him.

    He knew she could conquer the world - with him, he never thought. His thoughts were very clear. His goals set, his days designed into a routine. He knew where he was going and he didn't feel like he needed anyone on the journey.

    But she was all about the journey. She would stop midway just to look at the sunrise from the valley. She would stop to photograph a pretty flower. All her best memories are journeys. Destination never mattered to her.

    They realised the differences but never the similarities that they had. She couldn't say much to him and he held back. 

    She realised she has had such encounters before too. Was it her or was it the universe? Was there a message in all of this? Was she hopeful for no reason? Or was her heart broken too soon? There were a lot of questions but no answers. 

    He didn't know all of this. Maybe because she never told him. Maybe because she didn't want to lose him. But would it really be a loss if one cannot share the reality with another? 

    But then she thought would she have anyone if she started telling the truth or would she always need to hide her true feelings? 

    She was an emotional, he was a practical. It was a different kind of encounter. She knew she wanted him in her life, he liked having her in his life. That was the only thing clear between the two.

  • the_scribbler_girl_ 2w

    நீ துள்ளி ☺️வரும் அழகை கண்டு உன்னை அள்ளி அணைக்க��
    நானும் சிறு பிள்ளை���� போலாகிறேன் அலையே�� கடலே ��
    உனக்கு தங்க ��தறியிலே நெய்த பட்டாடை ✨போல்
    அதிகாலையில் அனுதினமும் அழகூட்டும் கதிரவனே��
    இத்தனை அதிசயம் தந்தவன்
    அவனே ��இறைவனே ��
    உம் படைப்பால் நான் வியக்கின்றேனே �� இவையனைத்தும் தந்தமைக்காய் எப்போதும் உம்மை வணங்குகிறேனே ����‍♀️��
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  • _gypsy_writes 3w

    अब तुम नहीं तुम्हारा ख्याल ही सही,
    कुछ तो है मेरे पास तुम्हारा, जो सिर्फ़ मेरा है।

  • _gypsy_writes 4w

    कृष्ण ढूंढने चली मैं,
    कृष्ण मिले ना कहीं,
    ना मंदिर में, ना तस्वीरों में,
    कृष्ण दिखे ना कहीं,
    जो ढूंढा अंतर्मन,
    कृष्ण मिले वहीं,
    कड़ कड़ को टटोला जब,
    कृष्ण मिले हर कहीं।

  • _gypsy_writes 5w

    कोई तो घर होगा इस दिल का भी कहीं,
    सुकून जहां मिले, कोई तो रूह होगी।

  • wind_chime7 7w

    Sometimes pasts blurs the vision of your future prospectus.
    Let go your past n seek for a positive vision for life ��.
    #scribblings #poets #thoughts #vision #writersnetwork

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    When past leaves...
    past also leave some
    imprints of some unfinished stories,
    buried in a corner since long...
    waiting in a lane ...
    to be re-written,
    in the form of poetries...

  • _gypsy_writes 8w

    To the one who was

    The realisation sets in, that it was just a dream. You and I haven't spoken to each other for long now. Do you also sometimes dream of me? Does it seem happy in those dreams? Do you also want to be with me in those dreams but then reality strikes? I don't even know if I will ever get honest answers to these questions or if we will ever speak again. One thing that I do know is the love never goes away. It always stays, intact, the same way it was, always. If you ever need love come find it with me. And till then I will find it in me to love myself too, because I know you are never coming back to me, never again.

  • _gypsy_writes 8w

    To the one who was

    It's funny and ironic to think that when we were together, I would rarely dream about you. Years have passed since we broke up and now I often dream about you...good dreams, happy dreams. In my dreams we are together, sneaking from the world's eye and finding ways to be with each other. Honestly, these dreams seem so real, I want to stay in them. Because we are together and we are happy. Only thing that matters in my Dreamland is that we are together, and I can't deny the way it makes me feel. Content, happy, loved and all those other adjectives related to love. It feels complete and then, I wake up...

  • _gypsy_writes 11w

    दिलीप साहब

    अब और बढ़ गया रातों का उजाला,
    एक जमीं का सितारा आसमान में बस गया।

  • _gypsy_writes 12w


    सात आसमान से उतरी,
    वो नीली आसमानी परी,
    ढूंढती इस जहां में,
    अपना ठिकाना हर कहीं,
    वो मुस्कुराती, ना शर्माती,
    बस अपनी धुन में मस्त मगन,
    इस ज़मीन पे चाहे छूना वो गगन,
    उसकी चमक से चमकता हर कोना,
    हर कोई चाहे उसके जैसा होना,
    पर वो कहां समझती की वो है एक परी,
    खोल के पंख वो है उड़ सकती,
    और देख सकती जहां जो है छुपा,
    और कर सकती वो जो भी दिल चाहा,
    उसको है बताना वो है कितनी खास,
    वो मुस्कुराए तो बज उठे हर साज़।

  • _gypsy_writes 13w

    #scribblings @rachana_prabhat @rinybharadwaj @hindiwriters @miraquill

    कभी झरोखे से देखा है,
    छुप छुप के, चुपके से,
    कोई आता जाता,
    कोई छुपता छुपाता दिख जाता है,
    कुछ ऐसा सुना है झरोखे से,
    जो यूं ही कभी नहीं सुना,
    और कुछ नया सा,
    पता लग जाता है,
    नहीं देखा तो देखना ज़रूर,
    नज़रिया बदल सा जाता है..

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    कभी झरोखे से देखा है,
    छुप छुप के, चुपके से,
    कोई आता जाता,
    कोई छुपता छुपाता दिख जाता है,
    कुछ ऐसा सुना है झरोखे से,
    जो यूं ही कभी नहीं सुना,
    और कुछ नया सा,
    पता लग जाता है,
    नहीं देखा तो देखना ज़रूर,
    नज़रिया बदल सा जाता है..

  • my_little_musings 13w

    There is always
    someone like you;
    They are you!


  • _gypsy_writes 13w

    कभी लिखेंगे तुमको,
    कागज़ पे उतारेंगे,
    उंगलियों से तुम्हारी,
    कलम चलाएंगे,
    आंखों के इशारों को,
    लफ्ज़ में सवारेंगे,
    होंठों से निकले हर हर्फ को,
    स्याही में सजाएंगे,
    कानों में कही हर गुफ्तगू को,
    शायरी में पढ़ाएंगे,
    तुम्हारी अदा और अदायगी को,
    अपनी आवाज़ बनायेंगे,
    और जब मिलोगे हमसे,
    वो लम्हें फिर गुनगुनाएंगे,
    ऐसा तुम्हे एक कलमा बनायेंगे,
    तुम रोज़ ना मिलना हमसे,
    हम फिर भी दुआओं में तुमसे,
    मिल आयेंगे।

  • _gypsy_writes 14w

    Whenever I fall you pick me first,
    Whenever I am low you bring me hope,
    If I am sad, you bring me laughs,
    Fear comes for me, you block the door,
    Held me high, above all forever,
    Taught me strength, when all was lost,
    There's good in world, I learn from you,
    I deserve good, you taught me so,
    'Look in face of problems all brave, my child',
    You told me, when all I did was cry,
    'You can do anything you put your mind to',
    You believed in me when I didn't do,
    My father, my Papa, my role model you are,
    I wish I make you proud, but we never are far,
    I wish someday I love like you do,
    I wish someday I become a little part of you,
    I wish people see you in me,
    I wish, my Papa you always be happy.

  • _gypsy_writes 17w

    सुबह ढलती है, शाम ढलती है,
    रातें तमाम बेज़ार गुजरती हैं,
    दिल का हाल ना जान सका कोई,
    जिंदगी यूं ही गुमनाम गुजरती है।

  • wind_chime7 18w

    Some moments are worth remembering❤️��.

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    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #random #musings #scribblings #love #moments

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  • _gypsy_writes 18w

    What color is your sky,
    Is it the color of your eyes,
    Or of the tears that fall,
    Is it the dreams that you have,
    Or the twinkle when you smile,
    What color is your sky,
    When the night falls dark blue,
    Or is it the spread of morning hue,
    Is it the pain that you carry,
    Or the pride of your glory,
    What color is your sky,
    When sadness glooms,
    Does it turn grey,
    Or when the clouds appear,
    Is it the color of rain,
    What color you paint,
    Your sky in,
    When there's no way out,
    Or you want to sin,
    What color is your sky,
    In evenings all new,
    When you feel all your feels,
    And all you wish comes true,
    What color is your sky,
    You get to decide,
    As it's your own sky,
    Paint it in you, no more hide.

  • _gypsy_writes 18w

    तलाश क्या करें,
    कि कहां करें तलाश,
    अब पता ही नहीं की खोया क्या,
    अब पता ही नहीं की क्या पाया।