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    * 29.8.2021; 4.19 A.M

    #Schizophrenia #Seizure #Insane #Madness #Mania
    #Scissors #enemies #egomania #worsen #hatred

    SZR = SchiZophRenia, SeiZuRe
    & ScisZoRs (sound like this)

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    SZR ~

    I have...schi-zoph-renia;
    I had few sudden seizures.

    I am very insane; Madness; Mania.
    Once, I sliced my thumb with scissors.

    I do still have insomnia.
    It’s worse than seizures.

    If I have enemies; Their egomania...
    will worsen; Hatred cut like scissors.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 72w

    Untitle 69 ~

    We are strangers; Like apples and oranges.
    Can we be fellas? Each others umbrellas.
    Ink needed by a pen; Indeed, a good friend.

    Walls with cracked mirrors; Unfixed errors.
    Peoples play musical chairs; Pulling hairs.
    Don't us be like 2 scissors; That's curses!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

    * 2.9.2020; 8.48 P.M

    * A double 3 lines poem = 6 lines

    * An entry for yesterday's challenge by

    * Must use these 6 words:

    #Pen #Mirror #Oranges
    #Umbrella #Chair #Scissors


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    Untitle 69 ~

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  • hoorbanu98 72w

    #chair #pen
    #Orange #umbrella
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #hoorbanu98 #storyofaladybeauty #beautyofherhands
    A Lady beauty with her Art
    Never get bored in her life
    Because she is always
    Busy with her hands
    And a busy hands is like
    Busy life
    And a busy life is a Happy life

    I saw a lady
    Sitting on a chair with her pen,
    A pen plays a very important role in her life,
    As the pen was the Heart of her dream,
    Which helpd her to design a sample of designing clothes, who will be pointing down
    The heights and weights
    Of the special personalities
    Of her life, to stitch a beautiful dresses for them.

    A Lady Beauty is
    All time surrounded
    With scissors.
    Thinking about the patterns
    To stitch on clothes,,,,

    She knows well,
    How to turn a normal clothes,
    into the designed fasionable dress
    And brings up a beauty of the clothes,
    Into a beauty of personalities.

    Once she stitched me an Orange colored dress,
    By wearing it I was looking prettiest girl,
    By the way an Oragne dress
    Was my birthday dress,
    And my birthday comes in rainy season
    By chance I forgot to take an umbrella
    With me....
    And all I was wet with my an Orange coloured dress.,
    That Orange dress is a memory of my life.

    Whenever A Lady Beauty stitches Me
    A dress, I looked in the Mirror
    With faith on my self
    And confidence on my dressing style,

    A Lady Beauty,
    Comes under one of the important personalities
    Of my life,
    And A Lady Beauty is non other than
    My Big sister.....����❤����
    °°°°°She is an ideal personality with her attitude of Beauty°°°°°

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    《Beauty in Her hands.》

  • rajibalogupta 72w

    Writers are curious beings,
    they long for inspiration
    and when they are inspired enough
    they scurry around
    searching for tools
    to help them write with …

    On one occasion
    when I was firmly stuck
    in the writing doldrums,
    I was desperate for
    some amazing stimulation,
    some extraordinary motivation

    On an instinct my eyes
    scanned the room I was in
    and not surprisingly
    I found the everyday things
    all around me –
    mundane and uninspiring

    But then as if by some
    magical intervention
    a few of those things
    began to glow and shine
    in my mind’s eye …
    and then all of a sudden
    like a furious tsunami
    giant waves of inspiration
    crashed and heaved
    all over me

    The pen I was holding
    all aglow,
    told me to get busy
    and pen my thoughts
    The shiny mirror in the room
    engaged me in quiet reflection
    The scissors on the table
    all radiant and sharp
    told me to cut out and edit
    all the unnecessary words
    The oranges
    all glistening and brilliant
    told me never to worry
    for there’s always
    food for thought
    The gleaming chair too
    offered me sound advice –
    “Ideas come,” it said,
    “when one is sitting
    on the edge of one’s chair”
    The lustrous umbrella though
    had a different take,
    “Don’t use me,” it said
    when ideas finally rain

    Armed with such glowing advice
    I soon began to write
    and on I wrote without a stop
    for in the most ordinary of things
    I’d found inspiration galore


    © Rajib Alo Gupta | MQ 112 | 01-09-2020 | 18:00
    #pen #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #poetry #quote #ceesreposts #mirror #oranges #umbrella #chair #scissors #rajibalogupta

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    Inspiration -
    it doesn’t stem from the extraordinary
    it is born out of seeking the unusual in the ordinary

    (Main piece in caption)


  • re_ms36 72w

    Chaotic Fragments

    Broken was the Mirror into pieces
    Left was still the shine of the glass
    The sunlight opened up its glamour
    A single ray reflected a lot of chaos
    The rays multiplied its colours
    Formed an amalgam of rainbow
    Looked at my face into the fallen pieces
    Found myself in shattered segments too
    Enveloped the shadow with an Umbrella
    The Oranges peeled off on the table
    Looked aloof too under the harsh beams
    The wooden Chair dancing to and fro with me
    The paper cuddling my words altogether
    The Pen was pouring the nectar of ink
    The environment seemed tranquil again
    The swinging chair sung a serene lullaby
    The bright ambient light of the place;
    Disturbed the imagining aura of mind
    The paper was eventually filled with the mess
    To end up the chaos,the trembling fingers
    Fixed up into the circles of Scissor;
    Cut off the paper in little fragments.
    Into those pieces,i tried to peep a little,
    But alas! I could see nothing more than mere
    Shattered units devoid of Life as a whole.

  • sweaska 72w


    She was sitting on a CHAIR,
    With open hair,
    Holding an UMBRELLA,
    And writing her novella,
    Under the rain.

    Her PEN was noting,
    All the men in her life,
    Who were like MIRROR,
    To harm her severer,
    Leaving her tons of pain.

    Alas! She looked like an ORANGE peel,
    Floating away from her grunge feel.
    As she used the SCISSORS
    Not to cut the accusers,
    But her heart full of stain.


  • deeptikhanna 102w


    Scissors, is a teaser
    as it cuts my path
    without any reason.

    I stitch my life ,
    to update my attire ,
    But it comes and cut
    my soul , so that I cannot wear
    my entity as whole.

    The world is a swirl ,
    which gives me a twirl .
    I make an effort to stand ,
    but again it comes and
    runs down on my soul.
    Piercings my attire with
    unlimited thorns.

  • sometimestheworstme312 138w


    I held on to you,
    Like a child with a balloon.
    But i didnt realize,
    I had closed my eyes.
    And then you cut me off.

    "At least you didnt stab me."


  • nleroy8 145w


    I have been inflicted with injuries
    Out of my control, I'm conflicted.
    My mind is grinded so fine
    But it is not, you know.

    So the cuts that have left me alone
    That has left me on a fine line with
    Slits of scissors at my wits end
    Surrounded, by citrusy green limes that
    Stain and sting my fingers.
    They ripple, I'm squeezed, twisted
    My heart, should not walk on a cane.

    Being torn apart, time to start
    The healing process, but I'm a mess.
    How do you clean up something so let down?
    With clown makeup a permanent frown
    You can't makeup with life that seems to
    Be written with sharpie.

    I see, I look, left in a nook
    But I can't read or write books
    So, I scribble and ramble
    In my injuries that have left me
    In shambles.


  • nleroy8 146w

    If you want a peek, stop hiding under the bed and climb up all the stares you keep glancing monster.

    #menacing #horror #poem #newpoem #writersnetwork #teeth #scissors #love #monster #eyes #stare @writersnetwork

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    How you held me in these sheets
    When we meld your tongue licking my teeth
    So sweet tender your hand waving
    All around my body crashing my
    Emotions, if you want a peek stop
    Hiding under the bed and climb up all the
    Stares you keep glancing monster
    Don't become menacing.

    But the man did

    I am melting in your grasp
    Can't gasp, teeth cracked you weigh a ton
    Became a cavity your hand leaves bruises
    On my skin cutting me paper thin with scissors
    Wishing you were a pen instead, but you got in my
    Head to the very top and snapped my being then
    Started dancing with my motionless body boy
    You always were.


  • wannabecreative 156w

    I took the scissors of modernism
    And cut the orthodox racism

  • dark_imagination 158w

    I really liked this poem so i reposted woth my new username ❤
    #selfharm #cutting #suicide #suicidal #scissors #smile #thighs #sad

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    They'll check your wrists
    But not your thighs.
    They'll check your smile
    But not your eyes.
    They'll check your heart
    But not your head.
    They'll take your scissors
    But not your blades.
    They'll keep you close
    Until you fade.
    It's time to forget
    I was ever here

  • dylanjameshiggin 169w

    A quick shout out to all the barbershop queen's that keep us lads looking fresh, thank you.

    #barbershop #queens #scissors #mirrors #hair #book #look #locks #mops #read #like #follow #repost #dylanjameshiggin #pod #poetry #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Barbershop queen
    She's scissor snipping
    Listening to the scissor sisters
    Chopping off locks
    Neatening up mops
    Her experience can't be found in a book
    Mirrors reflect the awkward look.

  • shwetapadmadas 190w

    jagged edges

    sometimes relationships end
    and there's no clean way to do it
    even scissors leave jagged edges
    if the cuts are seen closely enough

    S. P. Das

  • mohitrudrasharma 208w

    #Sheldon cooper presents, #Rock, #paper, #scissors, #lizard, #Spock!

    #tbbt #the #big #bang #theory

    Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors. Sheldon: That's no reason to cry. One cries because one is sad.

    But for an unknown reason I replaced the words with the following and came up with this!

    Scissors: #politics
    Paper: #free #speech
    Rock : #issues
    Lizard: #social #media
    Spock: #people

    “Politics” cut “Free speech”
    “Free speech” covers “Issues”
    “Issues” crushes “Social Media”
    “Social Media” poisons “People”
    “People” smashes “politics”
    “Politics” decapitates “Social Media”
    “Social Media” Eats “Free Speech”
    “Free speech” Disproves “People”
    “People” vaporizes “Issues”
    And as it always have, “Issues” crushes “Politics”

    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @baanee @shantunu_78 @laughing_soul @uma_undefined @disha_ @bipul_143

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    “Politics” cut “Free speech”
    “Free speech” covers “Issues”
    “Issues” crushes “Social Media”
    “Social Media” poisons “People”
    “People” smashes “politics”
    “Politics” decapitates “Social Media”
    “Social Media” Eats “Free Speech”
    “Free speech” Disproves “People”
    “People” vaporizes “Issues”
    And as it always have, “Issues” crushes “Politics”


  • anushka_hemnani 242w


    Why do we need scissors when we have hands,
    why cut people when we can touch them.
    why cut people when we can tear them .