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    "God damn it, notify the council it didn't work..." said the disheartened fellow. It had been quite a couple of rough eons. Just decades after decades of experimentation and no point of return. Particularly nothing to show for the work or the effort. "How many chances do we have left? Questioned the curious one." You could see the face of worry spread across the room. "Not too many I fear." Silence and nothing more. Suddenly the lights came up, pitch white, tiny square room with all beings hurdled around one big table in the centre. It was the council, they had come to check up on the work of the beings. "What progress have we made so far? Any luck?" Said the spokesperson, with a lot of gravity in it's voice. "I am afraid we haven't reached a solution yet mighty one." said the trembling poor soul hoping to not face the same wrath as the last one who stood before in that very position. "Very well then, what number was this?" said the other. "C2019PAN?" whispered from the crowd. "And the outcome?". "Doomed to fail. It didn't work." The council walked towards the edge of the room, staring outside into the abyss of the hollow space. "We conquered it all you know, the planets, rotten them all, one by one we broke everything that life itself had created for us, into the blackhole and beyond yet we find ourselves here. On the singular survival point of it all. To think our ancestors survived through all of it, leading to this, just this." Everyone's fear grew, a handful beings left in the room, all of them at the mercy of the council. Between them stood the ashes of the past and the dread of the future. "Try with the asteroid a bit earlier this time, make sure that you put in the fifth pandemic a bit later. Maybe that will change the course of history." Those were the commands, soon they all rose and began to battle their stations. The only way to avoid the inevitable doom was the figure out a way to not end in this mess. "Onto a new beginning, hopefully a bittersweet one." cried the spokesperson as their vision wandered into the light. Once again, the room went dark and the tiny square glowed, at it's centre a big bang.


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    Vathi met Vaathi

    After 10 days, while we returning from our workplace he proposed to me. He did it pre-planned. We have an approved work schedule ready at the beginning of the month. So, he made a plan.

    That workplace was 25km away from Bangalore city. It was like a schedule and he knows that I like long drives. While we both were returning, he proposed on a flyover that runs for 15kms.

    He said, " Vathi, I'm not just proposing because your beautiful. I always want a partner like you. Who supports me in work. How handles me mentally as you do. Who understands me and my work-life balance. A person whom I can trust blindfolded. A person who is a friend of mine. I liked when you saved an abandoned girl baby, who was thrown into the dustbin.

    Will you share my family responsibilities also like work responsibility. I'm ready to share your responsibility.

    It's been six months that I realized I like you and want to marry you. But I was worried about the age gap of 10 years between us. I was worried about your education which is not yet completed.

    Vathi I want you to understand my feelings, emotions, and responsibilities. Vathi! I love you. Will you marry me? Will you be my inside-out beautiful wife?"

    I was silent and I did not speak to him for 1 week.

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