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  • _ame_30 10w

    Your faces,
    Lighting my day.
    Your talks,
    Making tears fade away.

    Making me cry,
    Out of laugh.
    Switching my,
    Serious mode off.

    My success and failure,
    You take part.
    Remaining true reflections
    Of my heart.

    Contributing in my
    Childhood goals.
    You are not friends,
    But fam souls.

    #friends #schooldays #chosenfamily
    Dedicate it to your fam souls❤

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    Crime partners❤


  • warriorofthenight 11w

    Background Music

    I was walking down the hallway
    Another mundane schoolday
    But there you came,
    My greatest restraint fell in vain
    I stared into your eyes, brown like the land
    I studied your hair and how my heart fit in your hand
    And though you never meant to ignore,
    An eavesdropped laugh meant I needed more
    Which is sad, in a way
    Because to you I was lost in the fray
    Yes, to you, I'm background music
    I gather my courage but at your face I lose it
    Background music, like a waterfall and clouds
    Background music, like a lecture or a crowd
    I've tried to get you to notice me,
    Backflips, solos, a shopping spree
    I've tried tripping in the lunch line
    Dipping in to your time
    Today I'm arriving late,
    Trying to rearrange fate.
    You'd make my day if you looked way,
    But I know I'm background music
    Though I'll do anything mortality permits
    To let you see the no one knows you but me.
    I know you drink coffee but prefer tea,
    I know you believe every door has a key,
    I know you believe in a soul that is free.
    My friends try to hinder my affection,
    They tell me if not naturally, there should be no connection
    They say if you don't notice me for me,
    You don't deserve the dream we could be.
    But I'll give you another chance to
    Say hi in the hallway
    Holler up my way
    Darling, let me fall into your arms and stay
    Like a queen that needs a view
    And a home that needs a you.
    I hear the background music,
    It flows to fill the silence
    Such a delicate glass of a balance
    But I feel myself fading into view
    Because yesterday I was paired with someone else but the one who sat down was you.
    You winked though I saw your nervous mind,
    And when you smiled my stars aligned.

  • miss_as 12w


    Today's rain remind me of that days
    When at exact school timing rain just stops
    When we decided not to go to school it just stops
    So we forcefully have to go to school
    Those days were literally precious


  • divshetty04 14w

    Address Of My Nursery School

    3. I have never known the address of...

    I have never known the address of
    My nursery school,
    But I remember with tiny bag
    & a water bottle, I used to go in the noon,
    Mother used to make me sit in the classroom
    Till I stopped crying, she never left,
    Then the teacher would make me smile
    & my mother would leave hiding from me,
    Quiet & shy, I used to sit at the corner
    Playing with puzzles & some toys,
    Learning new alphabets & numbers
    & poetry, I enjoyed,
    & when I grew I wondered
    How was I unaware of my school's address?
    That made me smile
    With so much of beautiful memories,
    After years I asked my mother
    Where is my school located?
    & after knowing the address
    I visited my nursery school today.

  • eclairer_thoughts 18w

    Those days
    I saw a photograph of US,
    I saw our open hearted laughter on our faces,
    I saw how we enjoyed the company of each other,
    I saw how innocently we loved each other.

    This memory lane of us never bring tears in my eyes,
    It always put a smile for a while,
    I miss those days,
    Our days, Our teenage days.

    Remember how going to restroom was three minutes walk but,
    Coming back to the class used to take half a period.
    Punishment were exciting,
    Because it was like teachers giving permission for roaming.
    Getting scolded alone was embarrassing,
    But if it's in group it was all grinning.
    Our childish fight, Our unlogical arguments.
    I miss those days, Our days, Our teenage days.

    Well "Growing up is a trap" was a cool line for us,
    But today standing in the process of Grown up doesn't feel good.
    Though I know we all are somewhat happy in our lives, but sometimes in the midst of nights, silence and life we all feel that trap.
    So yeah, I miss those days, Our days, Our teenage days.

    #friends #schooldays #collagedays #bookworms

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    Those Days

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  • beingarshiyan 22w

    The Wind, The Sunset and The Memories

    I sat on the beach,
    With water of the sea touching my feet.
    There are no cute girls,
    There are just winds, a sunset and a small family.

    The joy in the boy's eye,
    The man is probably in his 40s, had his hairs dye.
    I see, Boy asking for ice-cream and the women for a cup of chai.
    The family sits not so far from me,
    I don't know why but the family brings back the old memories.

    How mom used to wake me up for school, help me with my tie.
    How she asked me to hold Dad tight, so I don't slip from the bike.

    How I got the first bite from that Homemade Chocolate Cake,
    How Dad showed me around on his shoulders,
    Just for my happiness sake.

    It's strange that we come to know the importance of something when it is not with us,
    The realisation of the lost gift, feels like God punishing us.
    Putting a pressure on us, to remember what is truly important,
    Love, family and friends among us.

    Sir Irrfan said "In the end the whole life becomes an act of letting go."
    Whatever you reap is what you have sown.
    I guess that's what I need to do,
    Let go of the past so I can be ready for tomorrow.

    While I was deep thinking, I hear a familiar voice from behind me,
    My boy runs, coming towards me, crying "I am tired now. Can we go home? I am hungry."
    My girl lends out a hand to me.
    I turn around, take a deep breath, fill my eyes with the beauty,
    The wind, the sunset, the memories.
    I can feel it,
    Mom and Dad never left me.
    No matter wherever, they are,
    I am a part of them,
    And they both are with me.

  • keerthi_devadiga 23w

    I miss them

    I miss the naps on bench during leisure
    I miss the scoldings we used to get
    I miss the corridors we used to roam
    The night talks, silly fights, competitions, love and care

    I miss my friends and of course my teachers
    I miss each and every moment I would have spent
    I miss the hostel food however it maybe
    The house games, class discussion, assignments and projects

    I wish to go back there
    Where I found peace, happiness and spent the best days of my life
    But I'm not able to go
    I miss everything
    I miss my school very badly....

  • entitled_thoughts 24w

    School days

    The days of slate and chalk,
    Are not easy to erase,
    They hold memories,
    Of our childhood's phase

    These days are very special
    We can never forget,
    They're the best ones
    From every moment we've spent

    The days of heavy homework
    Were not easy to survive
    But those challenging environment
    Prepared us for a practical drive

    The days we thought as a curse,
    Now, seem as a blessing
    With all those marvalous times
    And the memories we've been collecting


  • nivyaangelin 24w

    #topic8 by @ibharath


    It ended randomly,
    when I woke up after a long sleep.
    I had no idea what's going on.
    I have got nothing to worry for it,
    nothing to think about that.
    Because everything about it was
    betrayal and disappointment.

    Maybe its that I had no friends,
    close ones gone for something
    that's really worse.
    Got some classmates,
    who could help in times.
    But I don't miss any of them.
    Means, I don't miss people.
    I miss the days;

    Fun I had in lunch seems no more,
    Praises I had for portraits seem gone,
    Teachers seem like old friends,
    School bus changed to something
    I couldn't use anymore.

    But I don't worry about these,
    I don't know why.
    There were somedays when
    I cried for friends, worried
    for farewells. But this..

    It's different. I don't know!

    I don't miss them, I miss the days.


    DATE: 8th June 2021
    TIME: 11:06 pm

    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #schooldays #friendship

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  • ronikagoswami 24w

    School Days

    Literally when I was a kid . I heard most of the people saying that school life is the best part of our life. It will never come back and always remember. At that time I didn't understand why they are so embracing school days those were not even good , we scolded by teacher if we forgot our homework or something important but today I am realizing how precious days those were . We used to eat , laugh and play together . We used to spent 6 hours together without our parents . I realized a special bond with teachers , we could tell them anything without any hesitation and they listened us with all ears . Now they not longer haunting me in my dreams , now they are like idiol for me . And school friends are like gem . I heard people saying that they are innocent and sweet always keep them . I feel blessed that my kindergarten friends are still my best friends . Today when my school life is ended , I badly missing those days which are best ones of everyone's life . School life is the first beautiful chapter of everyone's life , which we can never be forget . It will always be with us . ♥️

  • explore_yourself 29w

    The days when u had least problems....

  • m_o_m_i 29w


    Thank God was born in 2004,
    So that I got a lot of enjoyment in my life.
    DBHS, baghchung
    Class 9B...uff
    What a class it was..
    With all the rowdies in that section...
    Well no matter whoever does the mistake but Everytime the name of 9B always comes!
    Starting from a topper to a back bencher everyone just always try to find fun in every class,with every teacher...
    Won't forget that class in my entire life so as every student won't!!
    Those amusing and diverting science classes,
    0% learning,100%fun.
    Something was really different with that class..
    With magics every moment
    That will cherish forever.
    But too badly didn't got the same thing in class 10..
    Am sure if our school was open then
    we did had gone through same things
    And will be given the title of worst class of the school again!!

  • cafejournals 29w

    Elapsed another summer,
    Time to get back to school,
    Thrilled to reunite with the crew,
    Set to flutter the wings.

    Ready to set foot ,
    Into the home of knowledge,
    Persists as a free bird,
    Devoid of duties.

    It's a youthful life,
    That gifts an,
    Immortal and indestructible memories,
    With a variety of tastes.

    The days of wines and roses are passing,
    The journey of rhythm is rapid,
    Yet ,that bond,
    Unites the student and school ,
    Remains worthy and luminary.

    Autumn leaves are fallen,
    Ends the winter,
    With the showers of sunlight,
    Arrives the summer.

    Time to say good bye,
    Our teachers,
    The one who cherished our dreams,
    Our mates,
    The saviour of our rainy days,
    And our school life,
    Vacating school is like,
    Leaving a nest and soaring into the sky.

    Crazy naps with tough assignments,
    Tiny pencils with flat erasers,
    Empty glue with fat folders,
    Broken crayons with neat desk,
    Forever memories with a complete year.

    Those days will never come back,
    Left with unbreakable bond,
    That never fade away.

    Time to fly ,
    To spread the colours,
    Things may end,
    But memories lasts forever.
    With those flashes from the past,
    Let's fly for the dreams and,
    Left with the hope ,
    Of a Reunion in future.

    #mirakee #miraquill #writer #schooldays #memories #thefarewell #school @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • herteddy 30w

    Many of the children at home would certainly miss going to school. Unable to meet their friends, they can't spend their amazing time together. Many of us feel bad for them.
    COVID has completely altered how we live and we were exposed to many things we haven't seen before. The COVID-19 crisis is still under way and all of us believe this is going to be over soon.

    #rwu @writersnetwork @mirakee #students #schooldays

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    Holding phones or watching desktop on a rack
    No more books in the sack
    Please say Miss Teacher
    When our school days will be back?

    Rows and classrooms gone
    There's no bench I drew on
    I won't make that mistake again
    Just bring our school days back

    We won't shout, we won't scream
    We'll complete our homework daily
    We just wish everything to be fine again
    So we get our school days back


  • pandichitra_r 32w

    School days!!!

    A time when you didn't feel the weight of the world on your shoulder
    A time when your anamolies behaviour was considered to be okay
    A time when sharing apocryphal stories among the friends was extremely funny
    A time when ur success was only based on the red ink on a piece of paper...
    Wasn't a long time but then that's what we are longing to relive...
    Understanding those weren't the Arduous Journey....at all....?!

  • hota_sia 32w

    Lost in the sky

    Back to those lockdown days,
    We all remained tied up with studies,
    Whole year long were far away from buddies.
    We all were tied up inside our home.
    Online classes with teachers,exams with chrome.
    Overall we cheated everyone who trusted us a lot.
    And time did teach us and we were also caught.

    But did we not loose
    some of the best days with our mates?
    Chirping inside one room at high rates,
    Bursting hearts for the teacher's pets,
    Backbenchers,always ready to give their best,
    And yes!
    How can we forget those lovesick cats?

    Yes,we didn't enjoy much
    the last year of our school,
    Were forced to stay within the rule.
    Now that we're leaving we'll say
    We'll miss those days,
    We wish we remember after a gaze,
    We'll miss those teachers
    who were an important part of this phase.
    Can never forget those chirping birds,
    Will also remember those nerds,
    Drama queens were always in a herd,
    Bullies who were all absurd.

    Isn't the clock in a hustle?
    And I feel I am in a constant tussle.
    It shut down all my musings,
    "Those days"it needs now to shrink
    from my mind,from my soul.
    I have to be straight forward for my future,
    After all,this year has already got ruptured.
    I have to fly high,get lost in the sky.
    And see my strength,I still don't cry
    to say everyone among us,Bubyee...

  • mayank_dhangar 33w

    School life

    Ye school kitni ajeeb jgeh h yrr...
    Khaa sab rote hue aaye or rote hue hi jaa rhe h
    Lekin Apne sath dedh saari yaade lekr jaa rhe h

    Jab chote se kadmo ke sath aankho me dedh
    Saare aansu bharke,
    Ek nyi duniya me jaa rhe the hum.
    Papa ka hath chodkar khade hona sekh rhe the hum...

    Yaad hai wo pal kuch khatte , kuch meethe...
    Thode dino baad nyi cheezo pr itrana bhi aa gy
    Monitor banke haq jamate ,
    Naam ke aange star jrur lgate.
    Dosto ke nick name bnate ,
    Aksar unhi se hum unhe pukarte.
    Gate ke bhar hath daal kr bhel puri mangwate,
    Kbhi kbhi chupke chupke sirakne ki bhi thante.
    Samose ka fanda kbhi smjh n aata ,
    10rs ke 3 samose or ek toffee pkdata.
    Dost ke beth ne se phle chair kheecha krte the,
    Pta hone pr bhi n jane kyo Beth jaya krte the.
    Copy pr very good dekh kr fule nhi samate the .
    Dost ki jeb ko doraemon ki pocket smjhte the ,
    Kaash kuch mil jaay aaj ki jugad hum krte the .
    Class me paper plans ko fuk marke take off krate ,
    Land chahe jhaa bhi ho usse nhi ghabrate.
    School ki shetaniyo me hmesha awwal aate,
    Tbhi to teachers hmara sath nibhate.

    Pakde jaane pr sar jrur jhukta tha ,
    Lekin shetaniyo ka kaarwan yhi nhi thamta tha.
    Wo hmare play or dance ki daasta kya sunaye ,
    Wo to hamare dilo me hmesha yaad hi rhegi...

    Zamane se bekhabar hokar hmne zindgi ko jeeya ,
    Haste khelte rote gaate zindgi jeena seekh liya hmne .

    First bench or last bench ke beech me hi reh gye hum ,
    Ek hi jgeh do tarfa zindgi ko jee bethe hum.
    Khuskismat smjha khud ko ,
    Jab pta chla bachpan ka ehsaas school ne hi kraya .
    Kon -apna kon -praya situations ne sikha diya ,
    School ke aakhri din ne hum sbko mila diya .

    Soch kar hota hu thoda jazbaati jab aaj nhi to kal jab yaad sabhi ki ayegi
    Ek choti si muskrahat or aankho me nami si aa jayegi .

    Zindgi ko shuru kar sapno ki raah dhudne lge hum ,
    Dheere Dheere zindgi ke un khubsurat lamho ke jee chuke the hum....

    Ae mere school ek din ke liye hme zarur bulana
    Ek din ke liye hme apna or bnana....

  • luminosity_espied 36w

    Love doesn't drive you to make sacrifices,
    Love doesn't call for attention.
    Love won't ask you for justifications,
    Love won't weep for forgiveness.

    Love's a maze in the bigger maze of life.
    Love's a mystery within larger mysteries of humankind.
    It's a story that speaks to itself,
    No clangs of sorrow , no cries of help.

    It's a promise of tomorrow,
    It's an ode to life.
    It's the will to live
    It's the peace of demise.

  • pandichitra_r 36w


    Finding that the whole class is just exactly like you with eyes closed, ears dumbed yet acting like listening !! Every Tedious lectures...

  • jameelamk 38w

    വിദ്യ തേടി പറന്നു വന്ന നമ്മൾ
    കൊക്കുരുമ്മി ചിറക് ചേർത്തു നമ്മൾ
    കലപില കൂടി നാം പിന്നെ
    കുസൃതികൾ കാട്ടീ നാം
    അറിവ് നുകർന്നും
    കനവ് പകുത്തും

    വിദ്യ നേടി പറന്നകന്ന നമ്മൾ
    ചേക്കറി ചില്ല പലതിലായി പിന്നേ
    പൂത്തുലഞ്ഞും ഇതൾ കൊഴിഞ്ഞും
    കാലം നമ്മിൽ കോലം മാറ്റും
    ചായങ്ങൾ പൂശി
    നവ ഭാവങ്ങളേകി

    ഇന്നലെകൾ പിൻ വിളികൾ ആകവേ
    കൂടണഞ്ഞു കൂട്ടുകൂടാൻ വീണ്ടും

    തോഴർക്ക് നമ്മൾ
    താങ്ങായ് മാറേണം
    വിടരും നാളുകളിൽ നമ്മൾ

    വിദ്യാലയ ജീവിത ഓർമ്മ പുതുക്കാൻ
    സംഗമം വേണം വീണ്ടും
    കൂട്ടു കൂടണം

    നാമൊപ്പം നാമൊന്നായ് നിന്നീടണം
    നേട്ടങ്ങൾ സ്വായത്തമാക്കീടണം
    സ്നേഹത്തിൻ ലിപികളിൽ
    സതീർത്ഥ്യർ കുറിച്ചിട്ട
    സൗഹൃദ കവിതയായ് മാറീടണം

    വിദ്യ തേടി പറന്നു വന്ന നമ്മൾ
    കൊക്കുരുമ്മി ചിറക് ചേർത്തു നമ്മൾ
    കലപില കൂടി നാം പിന്നെ
    കുസൃതികൾ കാട്ടീ നാം
    അറിവ് നുകർന്നും
    കനവ് പകുത്തും ആഘോഷമാക്കി
    കലാലയം വർണ്ണാഭമാക്കി