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  • shreyacat 1w

    Desperate to be Myself Again

    I am afraid of all I am
    The person I've become
    Letting a single mistake worm into my life and become a nightmare
    It makes me gasp for air in the middle of the night
    Crying, panicking, clawing at my own flesh

    Have I become a monster?
    Or is this simply, as I desperately hope it is, still a mistake; and not my entire being?

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 1w

    The toy my father bought
    The toy was really sought
    He seemed so real and fresh
    All my sadness were thresh
    His dimpled cheeks were charming
    The power he wielded was alarming
    One night I dressed him in his pinks
    And went to my bed switching on the chinks
    "Hahahahahaha" my baby started laughing
    "Ahh my little boy" thought I as I was coughing
    "Papa please switch off his button" I said as I made my voice sound right
    "Which button? The battery died long back" echoed my father's voice from the room where there was no light

  • kritu_22 2w

    A random thought, not poetry. #justsaying #mindreader #mind #scary #you

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    You interpret nearly half my mind,

    and I think that much is scary enough.


  • deep13gk 2w

    Good afternoon everyone ❤️
    Hope you are all well
    And have a nice day

    Passing by an old house
    Near wild area
    Full off deadly silence
    Even in day it look
    Scary as hunted house
    Last night
    Walking outside
    Near that house
    I heard a sound
    Something falling
    Scared a little
    After gather some
    Courage i slowely
    Walk toward
    That abandoned House
    Cracking sound of
    Its wooden flor
    Making me more afraid
    I slowely open
    The door theirs
    No light the house
    Is full of darkness
    I feel someone
    At my back
    When i trun around
    Theirs no one
    I quickly get back
    To my house
    When i look
    Back while i m
    Going i saw
    Eyes full of blood
    Staring at me

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    Thank u @writersnerwork for ❤️

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    Passing by an old house
    Near wild area
    Full off deadly silence
    Even in day it look
    Scary as hunted house

  • sheikh_huzaifa 2w

    Khauf na yahan kisi ka
    Daar na yahan kisi ka
    Siwa yai aapnai Raab k
    Nokar nahi hai hum kisi k intezaar mai
    Bhool k b bhula na patay
    Dard saha yahan kafi hai
    Maamla ab kisi ka nahi hai
    Khud tak thay hum
    Khud tak hai hum
    Umeed mai na rahana yahan kisi ki
    Faraib k siwa kuch na milay ga yahan
    Nafrat, Donkhay, Jooth say bara huwa hai yahan
    Shareefu ki yahan izzat nahi hai
    Bai-wa-koof kehtay hai inhay
    Samajh dari say jo kaam liya tum nai
    Tumhari samajh dari ko bai-wa-koofi samjay gay
    Nafraat k lahu nai khanjar lagayai hai
    Nafraat mai dooba hai yai sara jahan
    Khauf na yahan kisi ka
    Daar na yahan kisi ka....

  • sheikh_huzaifa 3w

    Don't get tensed with your dreams!
    Sometimes, when it is bad or scary dream. Don't get afraid! Believe on Allah. All will be fine...
    Remember it, Allah is always with you!
    #dreams #scary #afraid #tensed #remember #Allah #with #you #always #live #love #laugh #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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    I got afraid of my dream!
    I woke up after that dream
    Mine heart is just beating after that dream
    Mine eyes got in shock after that dream
    I don't know what is going to happen!
    Now, I don't remember that dream
    But, the dream was so scary!

  • bellemoon99 3w

    #scary #haunted #pastelc @kosachaya @walker_rose @happythoughtsbytannya @gothic_butterfly

    Your pastel skirts and spiked boots walk among haunted memories. Do you feel lost in there ? Have you found your way within the crooked halls and twisted paths?

    Your bows were so pretty, too bad they got dirt on them. I always loved the way your dark brown eyes stood out against your pale skin...was it always so pale? The new blue on your lips compliments you...it truly does.

    I always wished to look like you do, but now I see your face on the mirror and I guess that's good enough too.

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    Pastel goth


  • bulderme 4w

    #scary #ghost #imagination #drawing #tools

    Her and Her Drawings

    She loves having friends;
    I believe a little too much.
    She has many imaginations;
    She puts them to use on paper.

    She always has a pencil around her;
    It draws very dark and thick.
    She prefers pricey pencils;
    Especially with good erasers.

    She puts her drawings on the fridge;
    She hates it when we take them down.
    Many people say she is "disturbing";
    I believe she just has a good imagination.

    She has one in particular;
    She calls him "Christopher";
    Christopher loves playtime.
    He hates being alone, she would say.

    She draws Christopher a lot;
    She even talks to him in person.
    Her and her wacky imaginations;
    She is very creative.

    She once told him to give her a cup.
    The cup in front of her slowly squeaked,
    Squeaked across the table.
    We have Christopher in our house.

    When he is alone,
    Christopher scratches up the walls;
    He even gives messages on the mirrors.
    He cries easily.

    It's all just my little girl's imagination.
    Just her and her drawings.


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    Her and Her Drawings

    My friend

  • bulderme 4w

    I thought of making something like this. I did this for a quick way to pass the time. #horror #love #scary #poem

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    My Love for You

    It might seem crazy, but I have a love for you.

    I love it when you giggle, it gives me a tingly feeling.

    I love it when you talk, your voice gives me life.

    I love it when you smell better when you're sleeping.

    I love it when you never notice me under your bed.

    I love it when you sing to yourself when you know my occurrence.

    I am sneaking, you can't escape from me. I already know where you're hiding.



  • bulderme 4w

    Dreams do come true. #scary #horror #terror

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    "Hush, She is Coming"

    I heard my name get called downstairs in the basement; it was probably my mom calling me for help. I get up after hours of programming and walk to the basement door. I open it, but out of my peripheral vision, I see my mom sitting on the sofa. The door swings open and out comes a distorted version of my mom. I freaked out and ran upstairs to my room. My mom followed behind me and locked the door. I started to panic almost as soon as I stepped foot in my room. "Hush, she is coming" my mom whispered. Three knocks rang through the door. "Knock, knock, it's time to play" the fraud said behind the door. My mom and I hid in the closet and she started calling the police. The fraud heard the dialing sound and got irked. It started to slam on the door at this point and my mom hid me behind the clothes.

    Silence rang through the room.

    The door opened slowly.

    We heard thumps behind our closet door.

    The closet door slowly opened and peeked in a face that resembled my mom. Its face was all messed up though. An arm swung in and took my real mom out. The fraudulent mother started to pound my real mom's face into the floor. Her face started looking like busted glass. It was a bloody mess and I cried in shock as the fraud looked around the room for me.

    "Alright then, let's play hide and seek" the fraud said. It left the room. I was scared by the sight of my dead mom on the floor. I grabbed the phone, but it was busted up. I tried to open the window, but it was locked from the outside. I sat in the room for minutes until the fraud re-entered the room. "Ok sweetie, I give up, come on out." The fraud called out.

    I didn't do anything. The fraud got impatient and started throwing furniture around. I scratched my hand on a loose nail and gasped. The fraud stoped in place like a paused video. It turned its head slowly towards my direction. It crawled to the closet and shifted clothes around. I busted out and stabbed the fraud with the loose nail. The fraud screeched a never heard before screech. I ran for my life.

    "Okay, if you want to play rough, let's play rough" the fraud giggled. The fraud shifted into this twisted creature that I couldn't describe. All I knew was that its eyes were out of its sockets. Its arms stretched trying to reach for me. I locked myself in the bathroom. The power went out and it was pitch black. All that was left was a burning candle.

    My doberman barked at the door; I couldn't leave it out there with that thing, so I let it in. The doberman sat at the end of the bathroom and started smiling. It then started laughing and then stretched its limbs to form the fraud once again.

    "Come here, we need to talk" the fraud yelled. I couldn't get the door to budge. The fraud approached me and picked me up by my neck. The window to the bathroom shot open and I was dragged out. I was dragged down the streets and into the woods. "Lovely night, isn't it?" The fraud asked and hung me up on a tree. Hooks were going through my arms and I couldn't move due to the sheering pain. All I could do was scream. "Let's see how the bears like you.." the fraud laughed. The fraud smiled to extreme measures, it stretched across its face. The fraud floated and flew into the woods. I couldn't see a thing and I heard howling. I can't do this anymore. I think I might as well die.

    I remained silent for the night. I heard laughs, maybe it all in my head?

    I suddenly woke up from my bed; I was sweating. It was all a dream. My mom walked in. "Good morning," she said "lovely day isn't it?". I started to have flashbacks on what happened in my dreams. Mom smiled, she smiled to extreme measures. Her smile stretched across her face.

    Fraudulent mother wants to play again.


  • bulderme 4w

    He Wears a Suit and Tie

    The man,
    He likes his suit and tie.
    He can't make it through the day,
    Without his suit and tie.
    People grow curious;
    He wears his suit and tie everywhere.
    We ask why, but he goes off topic.
    He gets mad when his suit is touched.
    He acts the same normally, no emotions;
    It bothers me.
    He killed a man once,
    The victim had a tie cut on his torso.
    The man was arrested,
    But still wore his suit and tie.
    Guards put him in a jump suit.
    He didn't like it at all.
    They're all dead now;
    He didn't accept his jump suit.
    He grows mad.
    He doesn't like to talk,
    He only listens for compliments.
    I'm scared;
    I called him an odd person.
    What if he grows mad?
    He might come for me.
    He arrives,
    In his suit and tie.

  • bulderme 4w

    'She' Wanders

    She wanders, I don't know where she goes, but she does this every night. I haven't encountered her yet, but I believe I will do so tonight.

    10:56 PM

    She seems to mumble something as I hide behind a corner, but I just can't seem to get what she is mumbling. Her neck is a little bent out of shape, I wonder if she has a mental illness, so I might have to ask. I'm a little nervous, I don't want to sound mean at all, but I have to do what it takes to get some information.

    11:04 PM

    "Excuse me, are you okay? You seem to be walking in circles." I ask her. Her breathing started to get heavy, I took a step back. She slumped as her back popped to each moment . Her head twisted to angles a normal human couldn't do. I knew she wasn't a person, I couldn't even call her a person.

    The 'creature' started to scream at this point; she was shaking violently as her limbs started to rip off. Blood was spraying everywhere at this point. The blood has a dark grayish color; I couldn't even call it blood.

    She twisted and started to run at me and-

    Silence. I was taken to the darkness. I.. I couldn't feel anymore. I think I see the light.

    There was never a light, darkness forever. Infinite, never going to end.

  • aniketangaria 4w

    Sometimes dream can lead you to the actual path of your life known as tomorrow

  • missmarigolds 5w

    she shrugged her shoulders
    the noise was near
    she couldn’t put her finger on
    what she would hear
    tapping.. tapping.. tapping..
    is all a wall could mutter
    a shadow outside the window
    and all she could do
    was sit back and stutter


  • udavee_dissanayake 5w


    Change is scary!
    Still that's the key grow in a way.


  • lollipop71 6w

    It's Scary

    My thoughts are not my
    Own, one of the voices is
    In control at the moment. This
    voice is very angry and wants me
    To punch something, or
    Throw something. The
    Anger is so strong it is
    The other voice is trying
    To chime in now, it is very
    Sad, and thinks about all
    The people that mistreated
    Her. That hurt her and she
    Wants to cry, but doesn't
    Want to cry. No one need
    See this. Pity is not welcome
    Here. Don't feel bad for me,
    for us, helps us.
    Confusion floods my mind
    And this is all while the
    Voices are still here.
    Oh, here comes my
    Friend, a little leprechaun
    That lives under my bed.

  • anuja_writes 6w

    I can't afford to fall in love...

    Not with you not with anyone...

    The idea of me giving you everything & then losing you & being empty for the rest of the life is SCARY.

    The idea of you waking up one day & saying 'that was not love, just adrenaline rush' & thinking to myself how everything was fake is SCARY.

    The idea of falling in love easily,making memories & all those laughter & then efforts to fall out of love with haunting memories is


  • anna_leigh 8w

    Irrational Fear

    The thunderous boom,
    the rattling windows,
    the vibrating ground.

    A terrifying flash,
    a horrendous sound.
    barking dogs,
    crying toddlers.

    lightning strikes,
    fire burns,
    unbearable fear,
    i shed a tear.

    against a sound.
    my enemy.

    my abuser,

    my fear.

  • pallavi4 9w


    I woke with a start one night
    And heard the clock in the clock tower chiming
    I realised I was covered in sweat
    In my ear there was a slight ringing

    In the darkness I couldn’t see a thing
    When I noticed a very faint light
    On squinting my eyes I saw
    A shadow of something strange standing by my side

    Too petrified to move or fully awaken
    I lay in my bed trying to wish it away
    I felt this unknown form kick the side of my bed
    For god’s benevolence I began to pray

    I’d read about demons in books in the past
    And knew immediately something was very wrong
    The minute I heard it’s breath near me
    I realised this thing wasn’t planning on moving on

    Not sure I was grateful for the faint light
    That let me see the demon near me
    In a fright I pulled the covers upto my neck
    Waiting and praying for it to leave me be

    It slowly moved around my bed
    Kicking the bottom of my bed regularly
    The jerks from the kicks made me squeal
    Although not a sound could be heard outwardly

    I heard it sniff something near my head
    It seemed to be pacified and then moved on
    And proceeded to walk down the stairs
    I could hear the footsteps till it was finally gone

    When the night became quiet again
    And I stopped being drenched in perspiration
    I noticed I’d wet my bed like a child
    So terror struck I’d been in this duration

    To this day I keep wondering why
    That demon chose to haunt me that night
    Why while it strayed, I couldn’t move a muscle ?
    Why I was completely frozen with fright ?

    They say that demons choose to dwell
    In the homes of the emotionally weak
    What does that then say about me
    That I’m a meek terrified freak ?

    On consulting with a shaman I found out I was being
    Haunted by something that was half lion, half bear
    I think I was in a way happy on getting to know that I
    Wasn’t seeing things that weren’t there

    I cleansed my room by spritzing holy water
    In the hopes of warding off the demon the next night
    I woke up again that night around three
    With him standing overhead in the faint light


    22nd of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • fire_within_you 7w


    Isn't it scary
    Knowing that
    Any time could be
    The last time
    You talk to someone...