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  • krutikamehta 6w

    Be kind

    Be there for someone when they need you
    You never know how much they've been crying
    Behind that smile..
    Or how far they've come
    For that last extra mile..

    Listen to their silences
    Hear their words, their tone
    For they have nothing else left to say
    Until you hear them long after they're gone..

    Watch their pauses, their texts, their 'hmms'
    For that might not always be their boredom talking
    But a cry for help, for once, just try thinking
    You might just be around a dead person walking..

    Tomorrow you may not have someone to come home to
    Or rant about your crappy day at work
    Maybe today if you brighten that someone's day a little,
    They won't have that self loathing darkness around them to lurk..

    Hold them close while you still can
    Make them feel like they are worth living for
    Kiss their forehead and hold their hand,
    Let the light in, hold open that door..

    Make time for those you love
    Don't wait for them to sob and come to terms with it
    Sometimes , if not always, hold them close
    Listen to what they want to say, that will be your bit..