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  • alltimefamished 1d

    Dogs are man's best friend

    It was pretty dark. The street lights were almost down, and the only light she had was her phone light.

    A guy walked to her. She was frightened but was holding the pepper spray for her safety.

    Even before she could react, the street dog barked loudly and gathered all the other dogs.

    He was surely a new person in the street.

  • marcelino 2w


    I stand before you O Lord
    Naked and frightened
    Sinful I am, I have become thin
    With no ounce of Grace within
    I have allowed myself to be sucked
    my spirit drained, and my mind stuck

    Now I have no place to go
    I'm homeless and I have no money for rent
    I can't rest, I have no one but you my parent
    My heart is locked, absent of hope
    But to you I come, you are the key, you are my home.

    Please loving Father, I beg of thee,
    Do not cast your anger on me, hear my plea.
    I am but a man.
    Flesh and blood, the world it can't withstand.
    Only you are my saving grace.
    For I have no breath left in this race.

    Help me O' Lord
    Have mercy on your son
    Heal me, treat my wounds
    Here I stand, naked and crude.
    Heaven I truly long for.
    Save me, so I can be home with you.

  • lunalight 10w

    W R I T T I N G ' S . . . .

    Never written a word for her
    Because I have saved those words
    Just to say it to her ......


  • moralight 15w

    My love story is entirely different from what you might expect. My love story started way before I was born. Now being born and experiencing this Love so great���� I'm overwhelmed.
    Learning every mystery, knowing to be wise, I've come to realise we all have the same love story only if you accept it to your life.
    So are you ready to?

    #lifeofachristian #lifeofateen #lifeofapoet #victory #light #saved

    So are you ready to?

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    My Forever Love

    Love at my hands, give me yours
    Love in my heart, let's get fond
    I'll smile in your hate, your hate words will come but won't penetrate
    I'll wake my soul to your love, on my knees I'll express my love for you. You might be lost in your mind, but I'd be the sweet music of God that brings you out of the depression
    Come with me to the hill,where the fine wine of blood was shed in our place.
    Judged not of our mistakes but Justified by His death; your First love my darling.
    He died and nature even rumbled with amazement of a love so strong.
    He fought for you and on third day; His victory, He rised!
    I speak of Him with the words of my mouth and my written pages, I speak of Him to you cause now I'm free from darkness; He saved me.
    Do you want to be saved too?

  • moralight 15w

    It is finished (2)

    I slowly gave in to dark silence until, He came. I couldn't just get it all together but someone saved me, in the midst of the storms; the dark storm. I let open my eyes, I couldn't struggle with the storm but I reached out, and I suddenly saw myself free, I'm home where I belong, someone took my place. He saved me and He said "it is finished" .

  • moralight 15w


    Walk in the lines of your truth,stay steady,don't fall, you've got this. Don't let your clouded mind blind your sight.
    Listen, see me,look deeper,get the picture,get my story. There's something more to what you see. Take up your crown, put on your robe of confidence, your golden slipper of readiness, in your hands should remain your mantle of authority, bare the truth of your identity in your heart. The truth you'd never find but in the sacrifice of one.
    The worlds are fallen dusts in pretense to deceive but the truth I'm sure you've heard, lingering in the mouth of the "saved" and now they've become loud whispers. Join your truth not the world.

  • ntombekhaya_oz 17w


    Writing saved me, I indirectly told the whole world of the pain I was going through and that healed me.

  • snehajacob 23w


    He wore a mask
    To Flatter, mislead
    Thought he was invincible,
    No, not anymore.

    God knows what he's hiding
    Girls, everyone tricked
    Used innocence to his benefit,
    No, not anymore.

    Tricked people didn't know
    His days are counted
    Shattered, innocence
    No, not anymore.

    Faith once gone
    It's restored
    She stood strong, fought,
    Yes, yes Evermore.

  • bclark2681 24w

    Saved Soul

    Rock music saved my
    Broken soul when I was
    Young, dumb, and lost,
    When everything else
    Failed to speak to me,
    The music screamed

  • jpwriter 26w

    Forever Saved

    Time taken
    Mind Awaken
    Time Lost
    Find Replacement
    Time Found
    Solid Ground
    Through my Faith
    I am Found
    Through His Grace
    I am Now
    Forever Saved


  • 26112000sandy 29w

    #save water #saved nature

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    होली के रंगों में,
    ऐसे मत खो जाना ,
    कि इसे निकालने में,
    पानी कम पड़ जाय l

  • chaotic_silence17 29w


    I laid there, looking up at the ceiling wondering where did it go wrong. I laid there thinking what did I do wrong. Wasn't I good enough? Was I too uptight? Was I too hard? Was I too harsh? I believed in his lies of how we would have a happy future. I believed in his lies when he told that he would offer me the world. I always put him first. Even when I was sick, I did all his work. Was it my fault that I trusted him with my all? Was I too naive to not see the red flags around? He left me telling that I deserved better. I told him that I wanted him and no one else. And I didn't receive any answer I return. And then, I see him with another girl. He was happy and looking at her the same way he used to look at me. My heart shattered into a million pieces and there was no one to pick them up. I asked him later that why did he lie to me. And I got something that I never expected I would get. At least not from him. It was hate and humiliation. He degraded me. He told me that I didn't have a character. He spat out the words that I was cheap. That I didn't have any self-worth. I looked at him with teary eyes and silently begged him to stop. Yet, he continued with his hurtful words. The words that felt like knives were being embedded in my body,in my soul.

    I returned to my safe haven where I knew no one was going to know about my pain. I was completely unaware of the angel who was looking after me. I took the silver blade and for the first time, I admired it's beauty. The wavy sharp edges looked a lot more friendlier than the world ever was to me. That was my thought at that moment. My insecurities started to suffocate me. It would have been better if I wasn't born. My parents would have gotten a better child than me. My so called friends would have gotten a better friend than me. And HE would have been able to stay with her from the beginning.

    Just as the blade touched my skin, a bright light filled my safe haven. An angel appeared in the form of a chubby girl who had a worried look on her beautiful face. She started to remind me the good things in my life, the happy moments I shared with everyone and the important role I play in this world. At the end of her loving speech, my heartache lessened. I started to see the world around me with a new view. She left with a kind smile. I went and laid down on my bed and started to think through all the things that had happened.

    And in that moment, I realised my true worth and my purpose. I realised the importance of my existence. I realised the mistake I committed. And I realised that it would carve me into a better person. I realised how it is important to love yourself. I realised that how much it's important to have self-respect. I promised myself some things.I would come out as a strong and determined person. I would come out as someone who would be admired by everyone.

    Because in the end I was SAVED for a greater cause.

  • just_jotruth 35w

    JoTruth Writes

    Salvation Can Be Found In The Darkest Place

  • taytay_nicole424 35w

    This poem is about the moment I had my precious little girl last year on September 7th♥️Finding out I was pregnant started to change my life, but it didn't truly change for the better until the day that I finally got to meet her��Being a mom is truly the best accomplishment of my life��

    #poemofamomma #blessed #momma #love #baby #babygirl #godisgood #heavensgifts #saved #light #love #poem #poet #poetry #writer

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    Poem of a Momma

    Cries ring out
    A joyful, harmonious chime
    For the news that a baby
    Is soon to arrive
    This little blessing bundled in pink and blue butterflies
    Sent from heaven above to save me from the darkness that was my mind
    Everything changes
    When a baby comes into your life
    Your whole outlook begins to change like someone just turned on the lights
    God saved me from the evil clutches of the devil
    The moment he sent me you my precious sunlight

  • hiral_here_14 36w


    Even when the world will fall apart,
    I'll never let our love fade away,
    I'll save you within, If I had to die away.
    The chorus of our love strings will sing
    Our melodies of love,
    And even if I wasn't there to listen,
    I'll feel like our love I felt,
    In the heaven's door,
    I'll watch you, from the glittery eyes of my love,
    And these eyes, will protect our love,
    Even if you stopped loving me.

  • mrspectacular 40w


    It was not done in the manner of bribe.
    No, that was not the manner he used to have us conscribed.
    If we are to, the manner of conscription, describe
    He bought us with the ultimate price to join his tribe
    And with the pen of his righteousness, on our forehead, he did his name, inscribe.
    Praise to Almighty scribe
    By whose Almighty hand we have now the authority to, with glory and power, vibe.

    Were it not for this one,
    Who knows what more horrible deeds, the serpent would have done?
    We would have had in place of meat, bone
    Or worse still, stone,
    For as it is said the masses weep when the wicked sit on the throne.
    Praise God for he did not leave us alone!
    Praise God for the victory he has, for us, won!!


  • bclark2681 45w

    She Saved Me From....

    In the past,
    I felt as though I created my own
    Noose and I was standing upon
    My deceiving chair, waiting for
    It's fallout beneath my feet, yet I
    Always thought of her beautiful
    Soul and instantly, I was saved

  • dil_se_dilshath 46w

    It feels like,
    cupid have saved my heart
    for a man like him ❤️

  • ibthinking 48w

    Come in, so smooth As you do, and you know I'll Be behind you .Because you are my north star. I "peek at you" like I'm ashe with the flu.
    Let me look at you queen to be is all i see.
    I know you know my worth put in work make it hurt. I'll bleed receive all my demons in the hearse

  • niklassonlena 49w

    Come to me
    Rest here in my arms
    Come and rest,
    Lie safely here against
    My chest.
    The storms wanders around
    You can see it every place
    But it is not over
    It has just begun,
    Come to me, Come into my grace.

    The world will Get darker
    The scripture is being fulfilled
    And more it is to Come ,
    In me is life and i have peace
    It is me it is coming from.
    I give peace and life
    The true light is me
    I am hope in this dark world
    I can set you free.

    I am the light of the world
    Whoever follows me will not walk
    In darkness, but have the light of life
    I am the way and the door,
    I have so much more.
    Come , i am Jesus
    I heal and i can save your Soul
    Come , and you will feel my peace
    I make you whole.