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  • sarahrachelea 16w

    I've got too many cities that I'm in love with. And the funny thing is ... I've never been there ... Most of them.

    ~ the nostalgic wanderer soul

  • anugraha_99 20w


    Tuesday, 5 o clock,
    Announcement buzzing,
    The door about to lock.
    In the vast sea of people,
    I watch you ebb like waves,
    Our cherished moments,
    In my mind, all walk.
    The laughs, the pain,
    The dancing in the rain,
    Striving through ups and downs,
    Cruising through days mundane,
    Oh! How I wish we could relive,
    Our treasured times again.
    As the door shuts tight,
    I see you wave goodbye,
    Missing you, until we meet again,
    With our memories I'll live by.


  • berries_54 23w

    Sometimes there are those times where you reminisce. It's nice to look back at the old times but its also important to look forward to a brighter future. Filled with more love and joy

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    From Time To Time

    Back then I loved
    the sound of your name
    My heart echoed to the rhythm of your footsteps
    Your touch, as you wrapped your arms around me

    Your voice could never
    have been mistaken for another
    Joy was the only face I wore when we were together
    In bliss

    Time passed
    Hearts changed
    I hope you're well
    Maybe, from time to time,
    You find yourself saudade
    over me

  • tuiethetweety 23w


    let there be a full moon night,
    trillion flakes of diamond studded
    all over the dark bluish velvet cloth
    which we all know as sky.
    let there be breeze of love blow,
    kissing our body,touching our souls.
    let there be spellbinding nostalgic
    scent of unknown orchids every place.
    let just there be only two persons to
    exist in the whole planet for the time
    being,for tonight the magical night only!
    let me become your newly wed bride
    and celebrate our nuptial tonight.
    pour the immensely sweet cologne
    over me,let me bathe in this fragrance.
    just be mine,only for tonight.
    As little do you have any idea that,
    this very single night spent with you
    is enough for me to live the rest of
    my life ahead,these magical moments
    are going to keep me feel like living
    to the fullest,let there be you & me tonight.
    Let us make this night's memory as the
    saudade i shall always come across in
    the future

  • arindam_das 23w

    Hostel Days

    Friday night.. we knew we had freedom, sneaking into another room where we all can laugh our hearts out while having chips and biscuits. Tears welling our eyes not because we were sad because we
    Were laughing so hard.. Refusing and pleading the security guard uncle to not send us back to our dorms... And ignoring his constant reiterations ... We knew we had each other's back and company. Those fathomless saudade moments I miss them so much.

  • sumana_chakraborty 23w

    Those gullies and lanes
    That Mohua , Arjun
    and fathomless saudade moments
    Still basking so bright
    I'm there always as a little girl
    Amidst dust and mirth
    With friends and fight
    Hopping , playing hide and seek
    Kicking cankers of anxiety
    in boldest feet
    Unaware that Sun's slanting shine
    Slowly , stealthily but definitely
    One day
    Beyond horizon's deepest depth
    Will bring everything to standstill.

  • sush_s_anand 23w

    I miss my school days when we were all small and cute
    When anything that could keep me up all night was the assignment I couldn't finish or the lesson I forgot to learn.

    And even if things didn't turn in my favour
    It just, never mattered, as long as I had company of my friends who happened to have had the same fate
    It was just 'bitter and sweet' for the part, 'together we stand'.

    Now, it's hot and spicy
    So hot, that my heart would race suddenly
    at any point of the day,
    So spicy, that tears would flow no matter
    How many litres of water I drank
    It just couldn't soothe the heart.

    I'm sick of my brain that is smart enough
    To put forth me a series of questions
    That, it hurts, If I come up with an answer and it hurts even more when I don't know the answers.

    Unlike the company that eased my worries back in school
    I just don't have any now that could calm me in a similar way
    And the uneasiness won't go unlike before, within an hour or a few days or weeks.

    It feels like I have to wait for a seemingly endless time
    to get used to with the heavy head that aches in the morning and
    Irritated eyes that can't face the light, gloomy days and a monotonously beating heart.

    'This or That' if anyone were to ask,
    pursuing every hope or possibility, clearly,
    even if the likelihood of it working is negligible,
    I hope
    and I fall into a saudade for the 'bitter and sweet'.

  • bloody_eyes 23w

    I was so down today lmao- i started writing this ������ but turned out to b a complete shit </3 #saudade @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Late asf :") my app glitching

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    Two Ghosts & Absolute Remembrance

    //Elevate the palm wine to thy lips and savour it//

    After all, why can’t we engage ourselves
    in a night of wine and mozzarella?

    This is not an art exhibition,
    this was a home that had been turned into a mausoleum;
    with your arrival- I could just cling onto
    my aching Saudade;
    processes, you quote on the planter,
    on the porch outside,
    asking for the name of the store,
    so you can purchase one too,
    and you're told it was built by my two hands,
    the same ones that made you crave touch,
    made your food and tea offerings.

    you came here to purge off
    your ghosts from the past;
    but tell me?

    how effective it really was?

    You avoided eye contact,
    you fixated your gaze on the painting,
    that had hung unchanged-
    for seventeen years.

    You break the quietude,
    strengthening the façade,
    and i see past it-
    there’s still something,
    genuinely uncomfortable lurking behind,
    it’s born of coerced intimacy.

    You and I are strangers now,
    don’t you remember?

    – ☕︎ //you know me more than myself, how can i forget?//


  • diary_of_wimpy_winds 23w


    See the kiss of his diseases came closer in the dear dream fragrance!
    In the shadow of a mad mood, she collided with my hearing.

    After broufiing , with myself in the aspect of madness!
    You are the hurt's divine justice brought on wrinkles to my chest!

    While trying hard, he raised the veil-of-acquistus of nameless households ,
    On the door frame of his door!

    Remove the burqa. A moon woman made the headlines of her sign in a crowd of memories!
    Hoarseness of Cry After hovered on the way in the form of kalam on the side of squads!
    To his surprise, he was called the gulzar of the neighborhood of Shaitabo!

  • fromwitchpen 24w

    Konpal means a leaflet .
    Parizaad means born of the fairies .

    This I wrote after watching a serial 'Parizaad'. Totally inspired from it . The poetry in its episodes hit me so hard.
    Crediting that particular show for the theme.


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    Stale Poems

    see the rain, see the topic
    see those innocent memories
    in the end
    see that picture again, sink thy fears
    the oar of saudade will take your boat
    to the wilderness
    where wanderers like you
    surrender to love

    knives and forks' can't be same–as you and him
    how many times will you erase the shades
    the crimsons from those blues?

    that lipgloss, kajal and bangles
    are now far beneath the seabeds
    hard as hoof of those horses which once clopped on the desert of thy heart
    delicate as the konpal of your voice
    those pieces of our story
    now the combers vomit out as conches

    I love nights, I love those empty coffee mugs,
    I love waiting for you, I love the grey and white keys of piano,
    I love the vacant seats in the back of cinema halls, I love the stale poems which I wrote for you,
    I love to hate the reason you left me,
    I love the graveyard of my unsaid confessions, I love that rooftop of betrayals,

    Today when we met again

    you saw that thunder hidden in rains, the fire in those innocent memories,
    the picture as in person, the oar of saudade in form of a quill

    my poems are not stale now
    they changed their topic– its not you now
    it is me and that inferno in me
    my identification

    I mayhap not born of the fairies
    but I'm happy I'm not the station
    of your train where you stop for
    few minutes to play with the lost
    passenger (heart) and then after
    stitching a pocket of hope on his
    shirt you leave to stop on another

    • from parizaad (born of the fairies) who now is proud of his burnt color and stale poems. who don't sell his art in markets but sails his words till they find the perfect and fresh dough of poetry.

  • kanikachugh 24w

    My pruners and knitting needles wage a war and it’s like choosing one between the two eyes

    You won’t believe but after five springs I went and sat on the same log that once was an accomplished tree on our favourite beach. At 8:15 PM moon showcased its wild grandeur and tides revolted to not be a part of the ocean anymore but then receded so politely like there is no other place they could ever belong to.

    “There is so much rush leaving behind the home. A little far you go, you realize how much those cubic walls protected you” I had said sitting on the same place sharing a secret space with you. I went all philosophical looking at the sequin water feeling your smile without even looking at you and your fingertips brushing with mine, painting a life that, I was certain, would last the ages.

    I sit back and knit our sweet memories carefully leaving out the tangy sighs. “If you are going to remember someone, remember the good parts”, was the only thing I was taught. Even if I didn’t like closing the door for us, I was supposed to peek in only for the aesthetic interior and ignore the teary webs and the (pixie) dust of our dead love sitting leisurely on the furniture we made love on.

    Love! It has been tricky for me. Never made sense. Perhaps, that’s what love is. It isn’t supposed to make sense. Perhaps, the reason it penetrates our brain and body is because we are made to understand logics and the tip of a cupid’s arrow is dipped in an irrational ecstasy that even the wise fall for them.

    Realities hit and we realize how a house, job, bills or even headstones require chronicled results of logical decisions. That’s where my pruners entered, to cut off the weak part to help save a plant. Guess, you were a weak growth of me or was it me, altogether? I had to stop knitting scenarios for us.

    I opened that door again today and I scanned the room, no the hall. Such big hallway and so much space. I fill this space with horrified drawings, endless number of cycling hours, several glasses of rum and sometimes, with your hankerchief lying at my traitor bed that expects you more than it does me.

    There is so much of you left in me. I go and stand in front of a mirror witnessing a gush of saudade that at times I cease to exist in myself. It's you and all you. And when I am back, you are no where around. Nevertheless, we aren’t together at that same time, and I understand it’s time to prune away the diseased weeds in me and the dead branches of my expectations.


  • juanogando 24w


    It hits me suddenly, when the clouds
    Burn in hues of passion reds
    Silently, elegantly so very soft
    Drifting towards the sun which
    Allows me to stare at its heart.
    I see you. Saudade, like the
    The saturated clouds yet we are silent,
    Until we embrace again.


  • sherly_lilian 24w


    I used to have so much to offer within me, but now a wave of saudade sweeps over me as I realize am grasping at straws but life must move on


  • wtf_ankrit 24w

    Yes you both were just strangers as before you didn't attach. You talk, you met, you fall, you love, ( you promise- she promise ), Now you both were thinking to end up! Why? When you have started by beautiful moments like when you were suffering from problems of life and they suddenly came and did just vanishing your problems and making you fall in love to stay forever.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #love #saudade @writersbay #December #wtf_ankrit

    Yaa we all know people left exactly at that time when you consider them as forever. But those who are real ones will always gonna stay, will get hurt by situations , by family problems, but they will stay as longer as you try to keep going .

    Keep going - conquer your dreams with love ✨��

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    Confused mind

    Have you ever met someone like why they started behaving like this, telling you to end up and forget everything.


  • sameen_ 24w

    Forgotten Memories

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Dwelling in your happiest subconscious
    Pushed behind by naivety of priority
    Of transient episodes of euphoria
    Deluded by idiosyncrasies of life

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Defining the opportune moment of your existence
    Where impediment made the impending animation
    A celebratory composition of rhythms
    Otherwise known as breaths

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Carefully devising your shenanigans
    To sculpt a mannequin of saudade
    Where you hide your arcane thoughts
    Of intimacy for permanent exulansis

  • pawani_t 24w


    It felt as though the hands of clock,
    Sunk through the nub of time,
    To take me back to the place,
    Where it all started.

    The place where I found the stream of saudade,
    Engulfing my consciousness.

    The place where remained a dilute version of myself,
    Who believed in the probity of kindness,
    Who believed in the element of happiness,
    By pouring my heart out.

    Walking down these memory lanes,
    Discovered a frail version of myself,
    Buried deep within the fossil of time,
    Which no longer will see the light of present.

  • niks141 24w


    Walking by your street, this cold December night,
    Reliving the memories and bereaved with saudade,
    Wondering if I could only catch just one sight,
    Of my beloved, through all the wordly facade!

  • themoonandthesun 24w

    Had a bad day. So why shouldn't I joke about it?

    #saudade #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Casually Anxious

    What is it about talking pain with humor?
    Why do we mask screams with laughter?

    And why does the world go about as if mine never shattered? Why do I smile without feeling? Why did chocolate stopped making me giggle? Why do my insides no longer feel funny or anything for that matter? Why does it makes me mad when I feel nothing? Isn't being anxious a feeling too? Why does my questions starts with insanity to end at depression?

    Why do most of them recoil at my admission?
    What is it with those who relate yet negate with humor?

    A wave of saudade swept over me as I realised
    my world was intact once.

    ~I ask too many questions
    And Sanity is just another norm
    Overtaken by casually anxious


  • _broken_mirror_ 24w

    I let the SAUDADE swept over me as I gazed the students of my alma mater.

  • prem79 24w

    The Childhood

    A young life in cradle mewling
    Watches the new world around
    Strangers with cuddly eyes and eager hands
    Pulls and feels the plump cheeks
    Love and affection ladened upon
    Happy mother constantly nursing
    The rose that bloomed in her womb
    Caring and protecting like the mother tiger
    The young life turns toddler
    Gamboling gaily with no culpability
    No life responsibility or liability
    All innocence and freedom
    The golden life; the childhood I had
    I live with the saudade.