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    I feel like "Satisfaction" is dieing in me.

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    Quotes Every12

    Peace and satisfaction are the most treasured things of life.
    Unfortunately, they are hidden within
    While we go around hunting.

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    Life seems Satisfying
    only when
    you learn to get satisfied
    Satisfaction is something that doesn't come from somewhere else we have to generate within ourselves. Alas! we humans are so insane to always look at what we lack off rather focusing on what we have.
    yeah I agree, looking up for better things is good but at what cost my friend?
    I guess,definitely not at the cost of pleasure of what you have right at the moment

    Even after having 90% + the student isn't satisfied,
    Even after having the world's luxuries at feet buddha wasn't satisfied with his life and tried other lifestyles,
    Even by having abundance of love and tender in your life you are not satisfied and look for that one person,
    kids don't gets satisfied with no.of toys they have once they look at some other kids new toy.
    As a considered fact from our lives, there will always be a moment when we say - I am still not satisfied even after attaining that we needed before.
    Our desires keep on extending once your reach your boundary, it will move ahead and then you look for something greater,something more.

    Do you think will this satisfaction ever settle down,


    Someone once said "growth is the only constant"
    In the same sense as human, we don't walk for a destination,we run on endless stairs that ends only with us.
    10rs look for 100rs, 100rs look for 1000rs for crores and even the crores look for something else.
    Indeed! Satisfaction never settle down, whatever point we reach in our lives, it never calms.
    Satisfying in our own doesn't mean sitting at the same place and not trying to go up, keep trying if happens then okay, if not don't mess your head for that.
    It's good to keep growing but what we are actually doing is overlooking the growth in the concern of end outcome. In a way analysing the effect we forget to count in the effort
    In both the cases we end up at nonsense.So, more likely what we can do is to learn to grow and live healthy from what we have instead crying for what we lack off.
    Hold on! Change the direction, look.....
    In other dimension, there's something to notice too,
    what highlights the satisfaction?
    Yeas! yes! a big yes,
    without dissatisfaction, satisfaction is meaningless,
    this is the point to be noted,
    Dissatisfaction is the one that bring satisfaction into notice. So, sometimes even dissatisfied is also a need,
    Therefore don't take this word "dissatisfied or less satisfied" otherwise,
    because in other ways this is the word that inspires you to do more.
    At the end, funda is 'pray n try for what you need and value what you have'.

    .......Upload and save this in your head........

    >>>Whatever the word is either "dissatisfaction or Satisfaction " give it authority only to flavor your life, not ruin.

    (Coming to reality that which only exits, even these para above isn'tt satisfying.. )

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    Learn to be satisfied
    Life turns out satisfying

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    You can be my priority,
    Preferably first choice,
    Well not an option,
    But it doesn't mean if you say NO with attitude,
    I will not find something different.

    Well, I repeat, I didn't say you are an option.

    Just my one is requirement and that's needed.


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    Success and failure

    Definition of success and failure varies,
    From person to person like according to their perception and needs.

    For the one who don't get three time meal a day ;
    Success for them is getting as much money as needed for that three times' meal.

    For the one who can afford food but not education, luxuries or other assets,
    Success is getting all their needs and dreams done, that can make them get all that they want and long for.

    Can this ever end ?

    Is there any full stop in our craving, needs and desires that can get renewed nonstop at every life's step.

    As won't the person, mentioned above, would crave for some new desire ahead ?
    And won't he measure his/her success according to what he/she successfly accomplish ?

    What if he/she donot accomplish ?
    Won't he/she measure it as his/her failure and get disappointment.

    That's how success and failure are counted by us.
    We misinterprete success and failure with our own thoughts and aches.

    It's all in our mind, in our need and in the perceptions.
    Success is actually sugar coated form of satisfaction.

    While, failure is bitter coated form of disappointment and illusions.
    Who reaches the highest level of contentment, are termed successful creatures.

    But i think who are fittest for survival are surely successful.
    Like, if you dropped your plan to suicide, you successfully saved your gift of life and your loved ones.
    If you were broken apart but you stood up again to shine,
    You successfully shaped your growth to mould yourself.
    If you helped someone in need or even wiped someone's tear being their aide,
    You successfully gained goodness- seed in you karma's garden.
    If you live a life of good and right deeds,
    You successfully became a real human.

    Success is all such things that make you better than what you were earlier.
    Success lies in even the smallest things we don't even take for granted.

    Failure is when we don't act as a gentle, humble, focused and good human.
    All the greatness and goodness can be tough itself, to earn or follow often.
    But if you try doing so,
    Ofcourse you successfully obtained wisdom to enlightenment.

    Success and failure has a very thin line because in middle there's satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

    Can anyone have self satisfaction?
    The answer would be a straight 'no' according to our realisation.

    Because everytime with a rising snow, A little warm is expected,
    With a rising warm,
    A little cold is expected.

    With success, a little more appreciation & fame is expected,
    With every failures,
    Chances and opportunities are expected.

    With those things which you already have, a little more things better than them are expected,
    Satisfaction is said to have within ourself,
    But can we have all of it really or always attain them ?

    Because with every steps crossed,
    a new step to be crossed is awaited.
    And in that new step,
    New expectations & desires arise which is okay and obvious.

    Satisfaction hence is uncatchable,
    And so there goes our life.. unsatiable..!!

    So here's a simple thing which one needs to understand,
    That expectations, desires, goals, needs, necessities and dissatisfaction are the seed of having a dream or ambition.
    We all dream or plan such things,
    But we fail to often remind ourselves, that our fate or life cannot always work as we want it.
    It can not go hand in hand as and how we always want it.
    And that's how life gets complicated as we grow,
    By telling us we failed when something donot go as we wanted.

    Sugar coating satisfaction with success we crave and get tempted towards success and destinations.
    As long as there's expectations & desires,
    self satisfaction is uncatchable.
    But hey cheer up, it's ok,..!!
    Dream, Desire,...Be free minded.
    Have a peaceful mind.
    Because its dissatisfaction and failure that are indirectly best friends of happiness and success.
    If there will be fall then only importance and strength to rise more strongly will be understood.
    Failures if taken as token of moving ahead, standing again and trying again,
    With more perfection, more efforts and more strength will definitely polish us.
    So why hate or take failure as a negative word...!!

    Unsatiable life leads us to have desires and...
    .... hard work to have that desire get fullfilled, gives inner peace and feeling of accomplishing success.

    So, Keep going
    You may fall but it's because you are moving,
    If you will not move you may never fall.
    But then what's the goal to live if you stay constant thinking failure as your mate and not success' kin.

    Falling, rising, succeeding and failing,
    Don't stop to desire if u fail or don't get something as u expected.
    Rise, awake stand again and just keep going with your full energy to win your race you began for yourself.

    Brave can be those who keep going and don't sit thinking about what could have life been or about time gone.

    Often success is not a cup of tea that will be served, without any effort, patience, wisdom, awakening lesson as well as wear and tear, which is so called failures or disappointments by all.

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    Non judgeable satisfaction is better than judgeable success.


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    Be your type perfect

    In this life, you may come across with many types of people: people of good temperament, people of bad temperament; soft spoken people, hard spoken people; abusive people, admiring people; neutral people, overjudgemental people; smiling people, and shouting people etc. Now, if I say each and every type of people have certain different basic features, it won't be wrong. Every person comes with different and unique characteristics. Some people try to influence you, some try to dominate you, some people judge you a lot, some laugh at you and so on. Then, what is the role of such people in our lives? Such people, however, play very important roles in our lives. For example, if your class teacher didn't judge you so much, you might not be able to take it as a challenge to become a great mathematician today. I won't say this always has a positive impact on the recipient. It may have negative impact too, at times.
    Well, let's talk about another dimension of the same issue. These people tend to dominate you, they may keep saying that you have to be like Albert Einstein a day or another Abdul Kalam and for that they keep applying all persuasive techniques known to them. The whole society has been like that. Back at home, parents are sitting ready to persuade you to choose between doctor or engineer because they believe that such professionals can make good money. What a joke! We have been compromising with our identity like this for years. Moreover, there are even such parents who emotionally blackmail their children. What rubbish! When will they understand that all these are techniques for depriving them from their wishes, their dreams and desires? Doesn't matter to anyone!
    However, I must suggest that one should do what one likes to do, not what others tell him/her to do because he/she has a single life and it cannot be wasted being a guinea pig for the sake of others' happiness.

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    Patience is priceless

    Patience is really priceless. There are many who are taught an unnecessary and unnatural sense of rivalry since their childhood by their own parents and relatives. If we look at this without any reservations or prejudices, we shall feel like there's no need of such unnecessary rivalry. After all, rivalry against whom? Who are they supposed to fight against? These are all unnecessary, according to me. This unnecessary rivalry is the reason which makes them feel proud of their existence, proud of their upbringing, proud of their money, bank balance, and even race, colour and creed. Instead of teaching them rivalry, they can be taught how to work in collaboration with others, how to successfully complete a task as a team, how to share happiness with others etc. There's no loss if they share what they have with others, rather they will find a different sense of satisfaction .

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    ⭐ Satisfaction ⭐

    Some say, "never stop dreaming" , while some say, "learn to be contented", what is satisfaction then ??

    Satisfaction is feeling complete in your own eyes ; dreaming is the plan to explore and utilize the myriad of capabilities you've inside.


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    I have been walking down these roads for a time long enough now waiting morbidly for someone or something to accompany me in the pinpricks of this world. I feel lonely enough while sitting by the roads again doing nothing but indulging in the game of hope for somebody to show up across me magically carrying me to my destination. The afternoon sun pricking like thorns of the desert and the night so chilly that gives you frost bites of Alaska. Here I'm in this time trying my luck but nothing comes off it. I just keep sitting wandering if I made the right choices. What could become of me if I had been on a different journey with people that tried earlier to stop me. But I don't regret this opportunity traveling down south when the winds offered me to carry in its motherly lap to up north. I refused humbly walked past luxuries denying myself the privilege of enjoying glory. I walked and walked tirelessly like some sage in search of the doors to heaven. Becoming somewhat close to one city haggard myself. No I don't need the sympathies for I'm no destitute but another wanderer unsatisfied looking for love over pleasures. At the end I've traveled far to lands I've never seen before but found very little of what I'd hoped for. But would I stop? No no shrill cries came within me and I set off again on the fiery tracks bound southside. 

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    If you have something on your heart
    Try to pull it out
    This world won't care about you for long
    If you will be the same everyday
    They take you like that only
    No one is bothered here
    No one cares
    Why do you hold your eyes open
    Waiting for them to react
    Real victory is satisfaction over yourself

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    Head down, eyes sad
    Where are you going you don't know
    Noises around but mind full of thoughts
    How the days are changing you don't know
    There remains a million other swords to fight
    What if one cut you down
    If you breathing
    You are still fighting
    This life is a battlefield of its own
    Different traps and sweet prisons everyday
    Poisoning others is their happiness
    Winning over them is not victory
    But a path to the next level

    Is it hell?
    No sitting idle at one level is hell
    Only praying and doing nothing is hell
    Waiting for others to bring happiness is hell
    Take control and
    Don't let your life become a living hell
    Life is a battlefield
    Keep your heads up and eyes proud


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    I inhale positivity,inner peace and satisfaction
    And exhale negativity, anxiety, pain , fears and regrets
    Challenging and learning from my self
    Because success has a adventurous way of attracting success.
    It will go drive from depression to happiness and disappointment to satisfaction.


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    One day all answers will find our way.
    They will search us by themselves, when time will fall in right place.
    Time is waiting to answer our all questions as time wants us to explore different ways to reach the destination.
    Path of destination is full of experiences and nature wants us to explore and experience every important thing so that we can get little piece of satisfaction.

    Rekha Khanna

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    Satisfaction originates from HEART.
    Not from the things you "Think" you "Like".

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    If you have stories to tell...
    you are worth living...


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    Never lose hope. The strength of any idea or construct depends on belief. If hope is lost, belief follows. Then a construct is nothing more than words recorded.

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