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  • ouch_theseoneliners 4d


    That day of the week where the feeling of Monday blues starts to kick in.


  • ouch_theseoneliners 1w


    Nope, not good at this version of Rant either.

    PS. Valorant is a pc game.


  • ouch_theseoneliners 1w

    Social Media

    Damn! The only place I don't get as many likes as I get in Miraquill.


  • ouch_theseoneliners 2w


    The only word I hate to hear when I'm doing the US shift.


  • bharathkoli 7w


    I was her resort
    When her loved ones are offline!

  • paint_a_poem 8w

    Dos and Don'ts?

    Partly satirical, partly true
    What I write holds good for you
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it
    You will only end up with broken sticks

    With youthful enthusiasm and energy
    You try to change the Old Order
    The Old cliques and hegemony
    Old Boys' Clubs and Old Wives' Tales

    But pause before you are too proactive
    Not everyone fancies a change maker or maverick
    Old school thoughts and bearaucracy
    May trample new thoughts and idealogies

    If something seems fine to many, let it live
    The world may not be ready for your new trick
    Don't rock the boat when all is good
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it

    Nov 29 2021

  • unsung_seagull 9w

    A satire on opportunism. Politicians make others quiet.. they can't stay quiet.

    "Swine" reference from Animal Farm by George Orwell

    #quiet #satire #pod #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    A strand of hope
    Is lost to the ruins
    Of last evening and

    The swine smells the
    Dead to mock
    Life that's left.

    Gods watch the fun
    While eagles dive
    Down unchecked.

    Some out of hunger,
    Some out of thirst.
    Some out of ignorance.

    Some didn't care
    What was the need
    And died out of greed.

    A blade of grass then
    Glistened with greens
    And the devil..

    And the devil did
    What it's good at.
    Ran for elections.


  • ovais43 10w

    Do you know how much are we civilized?

    We make jokes on Sardars, Pathans, and other Humans believing ourselves Caucasians and Desi Caucasians...


  • ovais43 10w

    If thou praise third class mentality
    If thou praise vulgar kind of comedy
    I don't see good days for humanity


  • ovais43 10w

    Saddened to see these so-called writers possess no sanity and prioritizing vulgarity and burlesque.


  • a_franteen_writer 22w

    #activity #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill #ceesreposts #satire #pod
    Well please don't be too harsh on me as this is something that I don't write usually-- actually I've never written something like this ever in my life. And honestly I got the idea too write while I was in a classroom. Just like that. So pleasee forgive me for all my faults... And best guide me ....��

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    "A satire that is satirical no more"

    The daisies stared like oopsie Daisy!
    Yawned and walked on.
    So I wrote that morning
    About the tacky and cranky Daisy
    Who hooked me up
    With the sun in the day light,
    And moon in the darkness
    Without consent.
    A planned revenge
    Unfolds itself as
    I sat on the benches
    Only to witness the Daisy
    Flying away from it's haunches
    In the wind sailing and waiting
    For me to pull it back on the ground
    And I did. Again.
    Pulling it back
    The lines of my face grew dense
    The lips curled themselves
    Eyes lowered too
    The teeth trembled and hid behind
    And slept inside the toungue
    But the mind commanded them all
    To answer the bickering
    That the daisy kept on wailing
    "Oh dear you so tender
    For a world to be in
    Where you go nuts
    In a ground full of ground nuts
    In a nutshell of nuts you are the nuttiest
    Walnut and pines all so nice
    Hurled and curled like babies
    Under the night time sky
    Only to forget their worries
    The next morning.

    Oh my dear get married to the sun!
    Where all your worries will subside
    When the sun will rise.

    The last stanza of her rant
    Got me in a pant
    As to how can I marry the sun
    A little too sweet and a bit more bitter?

    I put it back on its haunches
    To get back on the branches
    Of my diaries full of satires
    Like the one you witnessed
    On the paper with a little sense
    Of some nonsense
    As I am too young to write
    A satire that is satirical no more.

    As I am too young to write a satire you know.

    As I am too young to witness the sun after the post mortems of my emotions.

  • shivuuu 25w

    मेरा बेटा

    दर्द तो दोनों ने एक सा सहा होगा,
    प्यार भी दोनों ने खूब किया होगा,
    दुआओं में असर तो दोनों की होगा।
    फिर क्यों मेरे बेटे का दर्द मेरी बेटी से बड़ा हो गया,
    दोनों मांओं का हक कम ज्यादा कैसे हो गया।

  • abhayrao 30w

    Dangerous fool

    The most dangerous fool is one with a title
    Unfortunately for the rest, it's often vital
    Born to the throne or ascension by will
    Something so cold can unflinchingly kill
    Pretend to feel for a public moment or two
    Dancing to the bank when out of view
    Moral compass that points due South
    Wicked minds and silver tongues
    Blatantly lying without a doubt
    Breathing mistrust through their lungs
    Sacred leaders appeasing something base
    The gutter within, the followers that chase
    If this sounds familiar, too close to home
    Purely coincidence, nationalists here roam
    My country is my people, not just a map
    This is for those voices you have trapped
    Those institutes that are, now just your tool
    We gave him a title, our dangerous fool...

  • shaabie 31w

    Inspired by events - old and fresh.
    On the new drafts and notifications which flood us, one by one, so very often.
    बहुत शुक्रिया @hindiwriters ❤️

    #jungle #hindi #government #forest #rights #notification #law #resistance #people #pod #justice #satire

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    कागज़ नया आया है

    मौसम वही पुराना है, आज कागज़ करारा आया है,
    हुकमी तहज़ीब वही पुरानी है, बस कागज़ नया आया है।

    सफेद कुर्ता खाकी जैकेट और एक तरफ को चिपड़े बाल,
    कागज़ी महकमों का कागज़ी फरमान लिए नौकर नया आया हैं।

    "अरे! बाबू दफ्तरी,  कुछ ही जंगल बाकी हमारे, थोड़ा ही पानी बकाया है",
    "अरे! बिकाऊ है ये सब जो भी बकाया है, तभी तो कागज़ नया आया है।"

    "सोचो ज़रा, जंगल चीर रास्ते होंगे, सफर तुम्हारे सस्ते होंगे,
    नैया तुम्हारी छोटी भैया, काम बड़े करने का वक़्त अब आया  है।"

    "दरख्तों पर दर-ब-दर खुदे आ रहे किस्से, हर शाख का पंछी वाकिफ़ हैं,
    जंगल टूट बनती बस कुर्सियां हैं, और वही से ये कागज़ भी आया है।

    नैया छोटी सही हमारी, बड़े वायदे बस जालसाज़ी हैं,
    जेबें तुम्हारी भर के भारी, हिसाब टिकाने को कागज़ ये आया है।"

    "हाय! इतनी तल्खियां, इस आग-बगावत को ज़रा रखो संभाल,
    ये चंद एकड़ नुमाइश बस, अभी पहचान आज़माइश का भी कागज़ आया है।"


  • agyaanee 34w

    प्रकृती का पर्व

    करोड़ों गोष्ठियाँ करते हैं और,
    सैकड़ों चित्र बनाते हैं,

    आओ फिर मिल कर हम सारे,
    प्रकृती का पर्व मनाते हैं।

    प्रकृती चिंतन करना हमको,
    नीरस, वह वन हटाते हैं,
    फिर, सुंदर-व्यवस्थित वहाँ कोई,
    पर्यावरण भवन बनाते हैं।

    आओ फिर मिल कर हम सारे,
    प्रकृती का पर्व मनाते हैं।

    उस एयर-कंडिशन्ड भवन में मिल,
    थोथे कुछ लेख पढ़ाते है,
    अपनी चिंतन-शीलता की,
    आपस ही में कथा सुनाते हैं।

    आओ फिर मिल कर हम सारे,
    प्रकृती का पर्व मनाते हैं।

    जीवन में रोपे इक पौधे को,
    सोशल-मीडिया पर चिपकाते हैं,
    और हायराईज़ के शीर्ष बैठ,
    खुद अपनी पीठ थपथपाते हैं।

    आओ फिर मिल कर हम सारे,
    प्रकृती का पर्व मनाते हैं।

    पर्यावरण शत्रु कोई और नहीं,
    यदि यह खुद को समझाते हैं,
    प्रकृती स्वयं सब सुलट लेगी,
    यदि मध्य से हम हट जाते हैं।

    आओ फिर मिल कर हम सारे,
    प्रकृती का पर्व मनाते हैं।


  • philocalistabella 36w

    If 9/11 deserves a moment of silence then Palestine,Kashmir and Syria deserve us to never speak

  • realnotreel 36w

    ���������� ����������

    A little girl made of sugar and spice and everything nice was eaten by someone with a sweet tooth the size of an elephant’s tusk.
    Ah, he said, this darn tooth, it’s driving me nuts.

    Then another voice is heard. It’s the little girl’s father who says, have you seen a little girl made of sugar and spice and everything nice?–Incidentally, what’s that thing sticking out of your mouth like an elephant’s tusk?
    My sweet tooth, and it’s really driving me nuts.
    You ought to see a dentist.
    But he might want to pull it, and I don’t like people pulling at me. If they want to pull they should pull at their own pullables.
    So true, said the little girl’s father, people should pull at their own pullables and let other people’s pullables alone. But still, he asked again, I wonder if you’ve seen a little girl made of sugar and spice and everything nice?

    By Russell Edson.

    P.C. - Pinterest



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  • mkp_08 38w

    Zamaane ki reet yehi hai!

    Bade khushnaseeb hai woh log jo asaani se, saralta se, apna, ya kisi aur ka gussa, kisi teesre par hi nikal liya karte hai! Kumsekum unke mann ka boj halka ho jata hai; kyunki yeh bhalai karne ka, gam khake baithna ka daur to ab raha nahi, haina; nikal jaaye kisi tarah bas - dusro ka, dusre ke jazbaato ka, dusre ke sukun ka chahe jo ho! Pehle apna ullu sidha kar lena hi iss zamaane ke reet hai!

  • bluespoetry 39w

    #lessons #wod #ceesreposts
    #nature #sky #satire #bluespoetry
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    A Yet many j months crawled by,
    A The man I’d known long i stood by,
    B The cloudy sea the onetime sober.

    A I count on his pee with day!
    A We neglect him drunk with hey!
    B The cloudy sea the onetime sober:

    A It took his high ‘nd his stay,
    A Since the kind saw it out of way;
    B And rehabed it thence smogglier!

    C The cloudy sea the altimes odd.
    D It took his half ‘nd his leaf, aloof!!

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    Maenêtte II


  • unsung_seagull 39w

    Jack and Jill,
    Did a Netflix
    And chill.
    Came close
    At will.
    Forgot to take
    A pill.

    Born was Bill.
    Big expectations
    To fulfill.
    Sleepless nights,
    Was a usual drill.
    Entire drama was
    An emotional grill.

    Life turned
    Of that night,
    Both are
    Horrified still.
    They've a lesson
    To instill.

    If you have time
    To Kill-

    Of all fancy frills,
    Never a
    Netflix and Chill.

    #lessons #wod #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork #sarcasm #satire #netflix #pregnancy #lol #jackandjill

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    Netflix and Chill