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  • poetaefelix 7w


    Words snuck up
    Went their ways
    Smiles bloomed,
    Thoughts froze.
    Warm, it felt.
    Sky painted
    Faraway dusk
    A star twinkled,
    Eye smiles replied.
    His gaze so loving,
    Etched in my heart.

  • princessfuzzy 9w

    Armys here?���� Comment below if you are one���� Read this piece of poetry to find out if the male protagonist is your bias����

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    ❤️.❣️ ❤️.❤️ ❣️.❤️
    ❤️. ���� .❤️. ����. .❤️
    ❤️������ ❤️ ������.❤️
    ❤️. �������������� .❤️
    ❤️.�������������� .❤️
    ❤️.������������ .❤️
    ❤️. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ .❤️
    ❤️. ��������.❤️

    A purple heart �� represents sensitive, compassionate love.
    A blue heart �� represents supporting, deep love.
    A green heart �� represents close bonds, admiration and love.
    A yellow heart �� represents liking and friendship.
    An orange heart �� represents warm and caring love.
    A red heart ♥️ represents flirty, hopeful love.

    But �� is the one I love 'cause it means love will last for a long time✨

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    She stared long at the distance,
    The way he went,
    Yeontan lagging behind,
    In her hand grasped tightly,
    A fresh, red rose,
    Gifted to her by him.
    The only korean word she knew,
    The word he uttered while kneeling down,
    Offering the rose to her.
    The permed fringes that veiled his forehead,
    Assymetrical, yet entrancing twilight browns
    he had for eyes,
    His infectious boxy smile that made her day,
    All seemed so bizarre,
    Too good to be true,
    The only thought that occupied her mind
    Was to hug him tight,
    Her cute oppa,
    Her own bias.

    He had left only after asking her out on a date,
    Somewhere fun,
    Somewhere prodigious,
    Unlike the casual dinner date she always resented.
    She was satisfied that he was weird like her,
    Uncanny like her,
    To assure her that she was not alone in
    Wearing oversized clothes
    Or having a disdain for spicy food.

    He had left only after ruffling her hair,
    Towering over her short stature,
    A wide smile itched on his face
    When she had screamed a yes.
    She was happy to have him,
    And wished passionately that she could have him forever,
    The word she never understood
    for she was not a korean,
    Yet understood its concept
    The moment he proposed to her.
    All days of dreaming him,
    Bearing a wonderful fruit...

  • __sunshine 9w


    At a random Cafe at a random time , he saw her dazzled by the summer twilight. For a cup of coffee he travels miles afar just to see those lavender in her eyes.
    Knew she was from a foreign land but like waves he came back to her no matter the odds it caused.
    After 100s of coffee he finally asked her out for a date , little by little he managed to find a way to that innocent heart with a little hope and full of fate.
    Like a poem written with all the love in his heart wrote this for his lil sweetheart
    All there was " Dear you ... saranghaeyo ❤️ " she smiled at his poem and replied "Pabo , Nado Saranghaeyo".

  • bibliophile3 9w


    He is my every sip of coffee,
    He makes me feel so high and energetic,
    Where he makes me addictive towards him.

    When he came near to me,
    I felt like I was slapped with a bunch of lavender,
    Where I am his gardener,
    Harvesting his attention.

    His sweat smelt like a fragrance of the deep blue ocean,
    Where I wait at his shore,
    Getting by his waves of love.

    His touches were like the bees flapping it’s wings around pink roses,
    Where his eyes are shine like he is another synonym of twilight..

    I’m craving for his love
    Like a word block to a poet
    Inking a beautiful poem.

  • mia_yham_ 9w


    Rushing to meet the sea and watch the sun to set,
    Down the shore I feel the cold breeze of the wind,
    The sea waves and the twilight with you is perfect.

    Looking up above the wonderful color of the sky,
    A mixed of blue, orange, lavander and pink clouds,
    It's as beautiful as you, believe me it is never a lie.

    My heart is melting as I am staring at your smile,
    Your coffee-brown eyes that sparkle with delight,
    And your fragrance that you can emit even in a mile.

    I really love the scenery, seeing you in white dress,
    Holding a white rose in your hand under the moonlight,
    As I kneel on the ground with a ring and wishing for your sweet "YES".

    I can make you a thousand poems and a hundreds of songs because I love you,
    Just say you love me too and I'm more than willing to do everything for you.
    "Uri nameun salmeul hamkke bonaeyo. Saranghaeyo."

  • skitext__ 9w

    Your love became a scar in between the time you left and the moment we never had;
    Did you remember when kisses were stolen from the cracks we both left on the wall?
    Our past would've been a happy ending; if only time waited for us.
    Was it love?
    Or we were just somewhere closer to it?

  • chocolate_coated 9w


    Every girl is a unique flower
    Was attracted within an hour
    By it's lavender-fresh scent & pink petals
    Precious to me like gold over other metals
    I set my eyes on it and fell in a trance
    Worse when I smelt its lovely fragrance
    It's neither a daisy nor a red rose
    But in the twilight, it brightly glows
    It's the cream in my coffee, sugar in my tea
    My necessity, I'll transplant it in my heart's sea
    Where waves of love, flow to the shore
    It's garden is my heart, rooted in my core.

  • nocturnal_enigma 9w

    * 13.8.2021; 2.52 A.M (Malaysia)

    * 573rd post

    * 105 more posts until 678th

    * For: My crush: AbHaBiAl @ #AHBA

    * My 2nd post using Korean word Saranghae. 1st one was: #NuEmStayWithMe (Inspired by Goblin's Ost)

    * #Saranghae A #challenge by @Miraquill

    * Saranghae. A Korean word meaning I Love You

    * Must titled as Saranghae & use any of the words:

    Twilight, Rose, Coffee, Poem, Fragrance, Eyes, Pink, Lavender, Waves, Shore

    * Pink Pen-ther is my crush, AHBA's pseudonym. He & me both like Pink Panther cartoon character. He 's NOT on Miraquill, though. Huhu..

    Saranghae Saranghae in Korean songs:

    1. K-pop
    "Saranghae Saranghae" part in Fiction by Beast

    2. Ost
    "Saranghae Saranghae" part in Stranger by Bobby Kim (Ost of Doctor Stranger)


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    Saranghae ~

    I dreamt that we went to the beach.
    The waves were splashing at the shore.
    What time was it? Maybe, twilight.
    I want to meet you, Mr. Pink Pen-ther.
    Let me buy you a can of iced coffee.
    Let me be a desert rose for you.
    Let me smell your fragrance of lavender.
    Let me look at your face with my eyes.
    Let me write another poem about you.
    Let me love you with my whole heart.
    I love you. Saranghae. You matter.
    What time is it now? It's midnight.
    The waves of my emotions that I show.
    I just feel hurt. It doesn't make me a b*tch.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • _sarang94_ 9w


    Love... That is something everybody wants,needs... The mere existence of that four lettered emotion is what keeps the universe going... You and me going... I hate this that I can't write anything when it comes to you, love... When it comes to the most beautiful feeling in the world... When it comes to the world whispering te amo, I love you or a sweet saranghae...

  • prose_nexus 9w

    'Saranghae' is more than a Korean word to describe one's feelings for BTS. It's strong enough in its own regard and I got to understand that right here on this platform.
    #saranghae #love #wod #writing #creative #writing #poem #poetrypoetic #thoughts #poeticallyordinaryspilled #thoughtsspilled #inkspilled #sorrows #semantics #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #poetry #quotequotes #inspiration #positivity #poetsontumblrtumblr #poetrytumble #poets #societypoetry #postoftheday

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    A soft touch, and an even softer glow,

    In the morning, you open your eyes and clasp your hands in mine.
    Your lips utter a 'Good Morning' and your kiss introduces the new day.

    I used to dream of true love in folklores
    And what it would look like in real life.

    The texture of your hair makes it easy to run my fingers through like mixed batter.
    And your neck holds upon itself the channel of brilliance encased in bone.

    When we've left for work, my thoughts are with you and my hopes remain fostered to expect our gentle return back to solitude, amusing each other with the lost stories of the day.

  • lalitha_l2 9w

    A sip of #coffee with #fragrance of #pink #roses,
    The #twilighted #eyes, with moving #waves of #shores,
    The #lines of #poems, with #lavender of #love❤️
    Never be #forgotten, and #desired to be #experienced.
    #love #wod #saranghae @miraquill

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    A sip of coffee with fragrance of pink roses,
    The twilighted eyes, with moving waves of shores,
    The lines of poems, with lavender of love❤️
    Never be forgotten, and desired to be experienced.

  • kruthika_jasa 9w


    As the TWILIGHT , are our souls
    I know love hurts
    But I'm already into the ashes
    The ocean of roses in your eyes
    Screaming SARANGHAE to the shore of thorns
    And the faded memories of us
    As royal as lavender
    As cute as pink
    But now as bitter as karelaaaa*
    The fragrance of my love for you
    Never fades as waves..

  • princess_diary 9w


    those walks in levender fields
    sharing the hot coffee in raining nights
    i cant help but stop and look at those eyes
    like ray of sun your lights is warm
    lips that rushes to meet yours
    as we slip beneath the the twilight
    darkness Settles on roofs and walls
    the day returns and nevermore
    he left without a word
    a million candles have burned out
    i still write and read it all
    the love Stories that always beings with hate
    i will be here waiting its love that will find the way
    until these hand can hold you and my heart can feel you again...

  • primarimas 9w

    The sky is also loved by birds that cannot reach it
    The ocean is loved by palms that can't live in it
    The wind is also loved by boulders that cannot sway with it
    So is my love for you
    yet I'll keep my hopes up in case by sheer luck Morpheus let's me reach you and sway with you
    #saranghae #love

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    Our impossible love

  • piu_writes 9w

    Remembring your dark raven eyes at the time of pink twilight sipping coffee watching the roses my mind's eyes reaching the shores of passion I can smell your fragnance and the waves of memories create a lavender hue in my mind and I want to read out my saranghae poem to you

  • darkmoon696 9w

    Now for I, remain a loner..

    Words used: eyes, shore, rose, fragrance, pink, twilight, lavender

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

    Thanks for the ❤️ @writersnetwork

    #love #saranghae #heartbroken #sad #loner #relation #pod #wod

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    I still recall the day I asked you out,
    For a pleasant evening along the shore.
    It was you and you only I was thinking about,
    And my eyes locked onto the dress that you wore.

    Gifted you a bouquet full of roses,
    Had you indulged in the fragrance,
    Of a thousand aromatic pink posies.

    Now, I gaze at you as we go,
    On this melancholic trip,
    And As I caress your face, which once was full of glow,
    The twilight died into the dark.

    Insisted on cleaning you myself,
    With a soap scented with lavender.
    Stayed there until you were buried,
    And loved you the whole way as a mere passer-by.


  • preporna 9w


    Whenever you were there, I find myself...
    An another life present at that moment.
    Receiving you....
    Nothing else seems to happen
    Together our lives takes a new meaning, but
    The way is long and the journey left alone
    Situation changed with a mind gloom...
    Left alone under the moon
    But on the lonely nights
    I always try to safe the memorable sights
    That wakes me again
    with a shining life✨

  • pallavi4 9w


    The twilight brings to my insipid existence
    Your fragrance - of roses and lavender
    Akin to the whiffs from freshly brewed coffee
    To your will my poems and I willingly surrender
    Drenched in the showers of our love
    Suffused with golden streaks is the pink sky
    I hold on to you like waves hug the shore
    Till I see a similar desire in your eyes
    Entangled lies my heart till I am with you
    Filled with apprehension and anxiety
    You are the light in my gloomy life
    The shinning star that forever guides me


    Words used:
    Twilight, rose, coffee, poem, fragrance, eyes, pink, lavender, waves, shore

    12th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #love #saranghae #love_poems #ode #lover #korean #korean_words @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • poetrycity 16w

    Late night,
    I borrowed a handful of dark from my beloved night sky añd put down each pious verse of poetry.
    And made it to speak more than the silence around it.

    And I not only removed ugly scars of moon but also decorated it with
    kindled cheering flame of whiteness of peace
    and made it to shower sheer sovereignty
    over my burning wounds.

    I plucked all sad stars,
    poured raised greetings of earth
    and the sound of heartstrings into them
    and made them to occupy their same space and twinkle.

    I held cold wind for a while
    wrote a warm letter to my love,
    leaving a piece of heart with those same flaws, some droplets of solemn cuts (reflecting that same face)
    and made it to blow.

    I sowed a seed of love,
    with thick water of sorrows,
    in the hope of eternity in love as a fruit,
    forever promises as flowers.

    I took some tiny ice bergs of tears (frozen with passing age of standstill state of love)
    I wept for a lil long to break its bonds
    and thankfully it started melting to fill the dry ocean of thirst and hunger.

    I assembled everyone,
    eyes gazing at the sky,
    ignored soul losing its existence in someone's memories,
    pair of bare foot walking in the search of someone,
    To write a poetry,
    without any pause,without creating any noise
    Just in peace under the slow accumulation of dark.

    ~Shivani Chhonkar


  • nocturnal_enigma 150w

    #koreandramaost #koreandrama #korean #goblin #punch #chanyeol #stay #oppa #gongyoo #leedongwook @smita_v4jrs_0308 #NuEmOst #StayWithMe #Saranghae #NuEmStayWithMe

    *115th post, 5.40 am, Malaysia

    *Inspired by one of my favourite Korean drama Goblin's ost - 'Stay with me' -By Chanyeol & Punch

    *This is not a rewrite, just song inspired I dont know how to write in Korean, so only Korean words & the meanings are copy paste, while the remaining ,is my real writing

    *I got these characters cards from Korean Tourism Organisation booth at Matta Fair event
    (actually theres one more card But cant show it because it might be inappropriate for some Plus I need just 4 cards to arrange it, for the post's background)

    *(Updated: 5/5/2019- I also wrote a blog based on this & posted it on K-drama Amino) ~

    ©Nuruliffa Emirah

    Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 ,
    I said , 'hello' to you 

    Choahaeyo 좋아해요 , 
    I admit, that I 'like' you 

    Saranghaeyo 사랑해요 , 
    It seems that I 'love' you 

    Bogoshipo 보고 싶어 , 
    I really 'miss' you.

    Oh, my love ~


    Ottoke 어떻게 ; how should I react? 
    Wae 왜 ; why does it happened?

    Oh, no I can't think clearly 

    Gwenchanayo 괜찮아요? ; 
    I'm ok , don't need to worry 
    Mianhaeyo 미안해요 ; 
    It's ok ,don't have to be sorry


    Mianhaeyo 미안해요 ; 
    I said, 'sorry' , to you
    Gwenchanayo 괜찮아요 ;
    I asked, 'Are you okay?' 

    Jebal nal tteonajima , 제발 날 떠나지마.
    Please , don't leave me 
    Maeum-i apayo, 마음이 아파요.
    I (feel) heart-broken 

    Farewell ~ 

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    Stay with me ~ (song inspired)

    *Read caption* ⬆️

    ©Nuruliffa Emirah