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    She bleeds from the life she lived in her past..
    She bleeds from what is happening at the moment and she bleeds to the wrong people...
    She's hurt and she's bleeding

  • ntombekhaya_oz 42w

    Lost Soul

    She wishes so bad to stay in your life, but she realizes that she’s too much and not enough at the same time...

  • penning_lama 144w

    Stereotyping undermines the true nature of diversity.


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  • purplenight 163w

    Let's love from the first

    If we can go back to where we started, let's love from the first...
    If we can't end our fight, let's love from the first...
    If we decide to leave each other, let's love from the first...
    If we can't handle, then let's forget and let's love from the first...
    If we can't forget, then let's forgive and let's love from the first...
    If we want to love each other deeply again, let's love from the first...
    If we want the same love as it was before, let's love from the first...
    Let's leave the past and let's love from the first.

  • theemopoet 169w

    Take pride in who you are
    It doesn't matter if you're different from the rest
    Pay no ear to those who try to get in your way
    Only you know how to live your life best


  • prithviraj28 171w

    Same Old Love?

    Soft kisses and warm hugs;
    Coffee cups and borrowed books;
    All nighters and morning afters;
    Lunch dates and rooftop dinners;
    One person and then another.

  • the_moonflower_girl 173w

    My violet love,
    There is infinity confined in your lips
    I lose myself everytime I meet them in deserted alleys

    My violet love,
    There is a magnetic force under your fingertips
    I am drawn involuntarily to your ethereal touch

    My violet love,
    I remember the words you said and the well hidden truth
    Behind every lie you spoke about what you've felt all these years

    My violet love,
    I know you were afraid to embrace a foreign colour that didn't resemble
    The monochromatic shade of love, I know you were afraid to embrace us

    My violet love,
    I was never red, and you, never blue
    But we were violet, and that was beautiful too


  • the_moonflower_girl 174w

    Hold me close this day
    I have a confession to make
    A secret to unveil,
    A truth to display
    And I'm trembling, shaking
    Under its weight
    Why so weak now, am I?
    When I've spent my days
    Keeping it locked in chains
    It's not a beast
    The truth inside me
    But I'm afraid
    They'll see it that way
    But your love somehow,
    Has melted the chains

  • the_moonflower_girl 176w

    "The gentle touch of her lips on my skin
    Sounded like poetry, felt like prayer
    And looked like sin"

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    The gentle touch of her lips on my skin
    sounded like poetry, felt like prayer
    and looked like sin


  • __melachonywords__ 177w

    13th months

    Tick tock tick tock
    Time went on
    13 months has been completed today
    12 months with love care trust and loyalty
    And 1 months with all the above but with a fear to show it
    No worry it should be happening after the things happened
    Yet the best part about this love is above all there he is holding my hand yet
    Giving me a chance to change things
    Believing on me that I can make things better
    But still fear to show he love me trust me the same way back he used to do
    But I will make him show me the same and in same way.

  • vikkkuuu 178w

    Same Love

    Everyone here has two things common
    One heart broken and
    Good taste of music

  • rickwrites 181w

    It's over. I don't feel the love anymore
    Yes, I do care about her
    but the same emotion and attachment is reducing
    the thoughts and voices still lingers
    though am still here-there with the last touch, last word.
    Now it's finished, it's just another innocent way of denial
    I imagine am bold enough to take the next step
    as fresh as the morning after the rain

    As my fingers caressed every feel
    I wont lie, am not going to stop
    This sense has a different vibe to the mundane
    That constant prick in my head is gone
    I slowly move to this new world of dilemma and curiosity
    Lifted her from the bed
    in balcony now with another cup of tea ,
    I have started again
    I have started reading my new book.


  • the_moonflower_girl 182w


    The colour of the love
    You showered upon me with trembling hands
    The love meant for us to feel
    In secrecy, much like our kisses
    And the touches, they label as 'sin'

  • thawing_heart 182w

    #spark #samelove Just sharing my feelings people I mean nothing but love. If you don't agree just kindly scroll ��‍❤️‍��‍����‍❤️‍���� ❤

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    I've been In love with a man
    I've have been In love with a woman
    It has not become more common
    It has stopped being hidden
    I respect others view
    And respect your opinion
    But what experience has taught
    Is that love is a matter of the heart
    Not something you can change with a thought
    You cannot control who makes it spark
    Just cause you don't understand
    Does not mean others can't
    Keep the hate away from others love
    We need more of it in this world no matter who it comes from

  • _tashi_ 185w

    How I want my woman.

    She would walk with her head held high,
    And a sweet smile on her lips,
    She would held me close,
    And look at me with her light brown eyes.

    She would be my best friend and a wife,
    As she kisses me, she would taste sweet,
    She would be there for the rest of my life,
    She would be my knight in armour sweeping me off my feet.

    My woman would do her best in whatever she can,
    She would be there in my high and lows,
    My woman would be more stronger than any man,
    breaking every rules of gender roles.

    She would kiss me every night and every morning,
    She would look me in the eyes like any lover would do,
    and I would feel thunder and lightning,
    as she whispers into my ears, "I love you."

    She would be better than any man,
    A woman perfect in her own imperfect way,
    She would be my only choosen woman,
    "Darlin' I would do anything for you." She would say.


    I know this is cheesy af, but I had to upload it.
    This is called breaking the stereotypes, and hello!!!!! F*CK GENDER ROLES!!!!!!!

    #mywoman #lgbt #lgbtq #lesbian #queer #pride #samelove #loveislove #breakingstereotypes #genderroles

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    My woman.

  • _tashi_ 186w

    Fag!" A guy with a ring around his lower lip sneered at me. I kept on walking ignoring his comments while he continued to follow me.

    It was 10 and it was dark. I cursed myself for choosing the short cut from the convenience store.
    I fastened my pace, and kept praying for the guy to loose his interest and walk away.
    I was caught. He pulled the sleeves of my hood.

    "Were you trying to run away from me? Fag." He laughed at me.
    I was dragged to the darkest part of the alley, I couldn't hear anything but my ragged breathing and his evil chuckle.

    "Let me go. You won't get anything from doing this." I said as I tried to free from his grips but was pulled down. I fell down, but he laughed.

    "How did it feel? Kissing my ex girlfriend? How was it? Tell me." The guy demanded.

    I was confused and enraged at the same time. I tried to fight back but I was overwhelmed by his strength. He was huge, and successfully tackled me down.

    "You made out with her, didn't you? Answer me." He thundered as he punched in my stomach. It hurt like hell, I cried painfully.

    "You had thing for her since the very beginning, didn't you?" He again kicked me on my left leg. I fell down, and I was attacked with more punches, this time it was my face.
    I could taste iron inside my mouth. My vision was getting blurred, and my head was spinning.

    "Stay away from her, you faggot! You don't have right to live. People like you should die." I could hear his sound of his heavy boots disappearing, till I could no longer hear it.

    I laid there, the cemented floor felt cold underneath me. The pain was spreading all over my body like a poison, tears were damped on my face. I didn't know for whom I was crying for, was it for myself or for Koi.
    It had been four months since that New Year's kiss, and I haven't seen her since then. Her mom said that she moved out again, this time it was with her new friend called Chelsea who lived in another town, eight hours away from here.

    I missed Koi.
    I missed how her lips felt and her warmth, and how it soothed my soul. I missed how my heart ached in her presence.


    #koifish #bully #lgbtq #lgbt #her #queer #pride #samelove #loveislove

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    The assault in the alley.

  • _tashi_ 186w

    "Koi dropped out of the school." A blonde girl whispered to her friend. I was walking behind them. Even though they were whispering to each other, I could clearly hear them.

    "I heard that she was thrown out of the school."
    The other girl said.

    "She was caught smoking pots at school's compound with her delinquent friends."

    "Well, I heard that she was caught making out with her college boyfriend in our classroom at midnight, and school guard caught them." They all giggled.

    I walked in daze, Koi has been doing weird things since with she started going out with his friends who look like members of some death metal band with their tattoes and all black outfits.

    Koi had changed from a shy girl to a delinquent.
    Her parents divorced when she was in elementary school, her father left her mom and Koi for a girl twenty years younger than him.
    Koi started changing since then, at first she started hanging with bad kids of the neighborhood, and next thing was that she started smoking, first it was cigarettes and then she moved to another level.

    I caught her smoking at her backyard when we were 15 years old, she told me to keep quiet with her finger. I nodded.
    "Would like some?" She offered.
    I nodded no, even though it looked so tempting. I always had planned to taste nicotine once but I was too scared to take the step.
    Getting out of addiction was hard, I have heard someone say it.

    "So innocent." She said as she smoked her worries away.
    I coughed.

    "Fuck you, mom!"

    "Koi! Watch your mouth."

    "I hate you. I am outta here." There was a sound of banging of doors, and breaking of glasses.

    My window was the gateway to Koi's home, and I could hear them everyday. Their never ending arguments, Koi swearing to her mother, her mother crying, banging of doors and things breaking.
    Koi would always leave the home after their arguments, after she had left I could always hear her mother sobbing.

    In my room, I had my own world and my own worries. The untouched books, and posters talking about living life and God. At the corner of my room was a poster of 'Linkin Park' , the only band who seems to understand my pain and sufferings.

    'In the End' played on my phone, I laid on my bed and stared at the colourless ceiling.

    There was a loud knock on my window, outside stood a familiar figure.

    "Let me in." It said in a familiar voice.

    I opened the window and let her in, she took off her shoes and sat down on the floor.
    She hugged her legs and her body started to shake, it took me minutes to realise that she was crying.
    I didn't know what to do, I had never confronted a crying person in my life.

    I decided to let her have a good cry, she didn't make a noise. Her body kept on trembling and her tears were wet on my red carpet, making it dark which reminded me of blood.
    After an hour, she stood up and walked towards me.

    "I am sorry for barging in just like that and crying." Her nose and eyes were red. She looked beautiful even she was crying. Her dark hair were all messy, her watery hazel eyes glistened in the dim lights of my room, she was wearing her infamous stripped jeans and grey shirt which now had dark patches of her tears.

    "It's okay." I said and gave her my assuring smile.

    "Can I stay here tonight? I have nowhere to go. Brad seems to be unavailable at this time."
    Brad must be her boyfriend, I thought. The guy with lip rings and tattoes.

    She slept in my bed that night, next to me.

    In the morning, there was no trace of her. She was gone like she had never been in this room. The blanket which she had used was neatly folded like she had never slept in it.

    From then, I always kept my window open but she never came.
    I guess that was the first and last time she asked for my help.


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    I left my windows open for her.

  • _tashi_ 186w

    The wind was chilly, and it was New Year's Eve. We were five minutes from the countdown.
    I was sitting on my porch with my beer, Koi joined me.

    "Happy New Year!" I looked at her, she was grinning at me. Her face was shining from the fairy lights my sister had put on this weekend.

    "It's not New Year yet." I gulped down my beer, it has lost it's taste.

    "Well, it soon will be."

    "What about your boyfriend? Shouldn't you be with him sharing your new year's first kiss?" I asked.

    She just laughed and grabbed my bottle gulping down its contents.
    "What the fuck? It doesn't taste good."
    Now, it was my turn to laugh. She playfully punched at me.

    "We broke up." She said, her eyes staring at the starless sky.

    I didn't know what to say.

    "He was cheating with some bitch called Jackie. I heard that she worked in some strip club, he met there and they made out. They have been doing it, in my absence, in our apartment. I left him and moved out from his place. My mom is now used to it. Moving in, moving out. I am home now. He really was a jerk and it took me six months to realise it. Damn, my life!"

    She emptied the bottle.

    "Sorry about that." She said as she shook the empty bottle infront of me.

    It's okay was all I could say.


    "Oh, the countdown has started." She exclaimed.


    I looked at her, she stared at me back.


    "Ask for wish." She said.


    "For that you need to close your eyes, stupid."


    I watched close her eyes.


    I wondered what she will wish for.


    I closed my eyes.


    What should I wish for?


    I didn't know.


    I felt something on my lips, something soft and wet. I opened my eyes, she was close to me and her lips were on mine. Her eyes were closed, I closed mine too.
    I kissed her back.
    She tasted like beer, but as compared to one I had before she tasted great, bitter and sweet.
    Our ears were deafened with firecrackers exploding in the sky, I could feel my own in my chest.

    "Happy New Year, Koi." I whispered as we pulled apart.

    "Happy New Year." She smiled, as she stood up and walked away.
    I knew what to wish for this year.

    My New Year's first kiss was with Koi, the girl whom I loved from the very beginning.


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    New year's kiss.

  • _tashi_ 187w

    Her name was Koi.
    As compared to the fish koi, she was different. She didn't have scales nor orange or black patch on her pale skin, but what they shared in common was that they were a decoration piece to the spectators.
    Koi was a fine sight. A wild girl with black mane, black stripped jeans, hazel eyes, and her perfect little mouth which was meant for profanities to flow.

    Even though her name sounded fishy she liked it and it had Japanese ring to it, she once said to me as we were smoking in the cemetery in the middle of the night, our legs touching each other.

    "I envy them." She said, the dead silence of the cemetery provoking her voice.

    I didn't say anything, but filled my lungs with the nicotine. It was my fifth one, and we both were surrounded by the smoke we created. From far, people would surely mistake it for fog.

    The sky was clear, the stars were shining in moon's absence.

    "They are asleep, and are free from what we, living people have to suffer. I can't wait for the day when I will be buried among them." I looked at her, she was smoking her worries away, and had already finished all her packs.

    "I used to think the same." I replied.

    "Used to?" She laughed. It was my not my first time seeing her laugh and I was not disappointed, as always. I loved how she threw her head back and let her voice echoed throughout the empty cemetery.

    "Well, not anymore. I have reasons now."

    "What reasons?" She asked as she stared at me with her dark eyes.

    "You." I gave her my goofy smile, I was telling her the truth.
    She widened her eyes, and again filled the cemetery with her laughter and the next thing I remember is that we were kissing on some dead man's tomb named Daniel.

    She tasted like nicotine and nicotine, and something sweet.

    I don't remember our first meeting, I have seen her since childhood. We went to the same church at Sundays.
    Everytime I saw Koi with a woman with brown coat, her mom. The woman and Koi shared nothing in common, Koi had hazel eyes, while the woman owned green like marbles. Koi's dark hair were always tied in small pony, whereas the woman was a blondie. It was hard to believe that they were related with each other.

    Koi was a shy child, her Sunday clothes were blue dress with white bow on her back.
    She was always hiding behind her big brown coat of her mom, she rarely spoke and never made an eye contact with anyone. She never played hide and seek with us after the church, maybe she didn't want to get her blue dress dirty. Mine always did.

    In the first year of highschool, Koi dyed her hair red. It remided me of blazing campfire of the summer camp I attended that year. Her black t-shirt and the ripped jeans, her sense of style were those of rebel. Her companies consists of students who were rarely seen in classes. They breathed nicotine instead of oxygen and their heads were always on the clouds.
    Their exposed skins were painted in dark ink swirling around their necks, arms and shoulders. For me they were the lines that should never be crossed and names that should never be called.

    Koi had a small star on her left wrist, mine had constellations, and she was the first one to notice it.

    "I wonder if it hurts." She said, as she stared at my wrists while I tried to hide it pulling my sleeves.

    "Not much as compared to living." I replied.


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