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    Isn't it strange to write a letter to strangers! You don't know name, locality nothing.
    But sometimes it's better to write such letters as someone may seek love, hope, & solicitude in its solitude.

    My #LetterToStranger, To Whoever Finds This.
    Drop a ❤ if you can relate and convey your suggestions without any hesitation. #Stranger
    Dear Stranger,

    Everyone covets for the gift of serene sunshine & rapturous rain
    But ever wonder, Will these be awarded without any pain !

    Neither dark night passes away peacefully nor breeze sings lullaby always
    Dauntless soldier fights against any adversities coming across its voyage.

    Steer ship of your life towards land of dreams, not to halt through storm & scream
    Leaving the darkest nights of terror, rise & sail until it became a half-remembered dream.

    None can shatter your zesty spirit into pieces
    Ride waves of joy instead being buried under the sea of sadness.

    I'm a stranger to you like a lighthouse to sailor
    Guiding with light of love, hope and solicitude even in solitude, when the sky is paler.

    You're the sailor of your life.
    Your journey & story are important.

    Hope to see you on the other end of Universe.
    Mr. Stranger

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Covet - Strongly desire, Serene - Calm & Peaceful, Rapturous - Joyous or Blissful, Wonder - Feeling of amazement, Breeze - Gentle wind, Lullaby - Gentle song, Dauntless - Fearless, Adversity - Hardship or Unpleasant situation, Voyage - Journey, Halt - Stop, Scream - Make a loud cry, Shatter - Break, Zesty - Pleasing, Bury - To cover something, Solicitude - Care & Concern, Pale - Less colour *
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    Background Image credit to the rightful owner

    Heartiest thanks for the kind visit @writersnetwork. I'm on cloud nine ����

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  • brahmleen_ 50w

    O sailor

    O sailor
    Catch the jars of dusk and dawn
    Wave them off
    To the lonely mausoleum

    O sailor
    Collect the sea gulls of life
    Put them in the
    Dark pouches of my verse

    O sailor
    Let the fiery curves of water
    Shake running flights
    Peeping brown shades

    O sailor
    Let the rich valley
    Sail the harsh
    Gramophones of universe


  • writer_namz 50w

    The poem is about a sailor, sailing during a high tide. He is exasperated and wants to give up. The poet wants to motivate him by telling him that he has his wife and daughters waiting at home for his return and he just can't give up so easily. He also has an ailing father for whom he has to earn and take care of. He requests him to be patient for a little while and says that he will surely reach the other shore.

    This poem also symbolically describes each one of us as we set on our journey of life, or any other profession. We get tired in the midway and just want to give up. But the poem is an inspiration to keep going, perhaps, not for ourselves alone but also for our parents ( wife and daughters). They are the 'hope'.
    The poet says that even the waves would calm down if they see you striving and never giving up.
    You 'promised' them to return victorious. Don't break it!!

    @writersbay. #sea

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    The Sailor

    The shore is not so near as it seems,
    But my sailor, would you leave the ship in the seas?
    Just be patient for yet a while,
    The storm will calm down,
    And you will reach safely to the other side.

    You left your home a long time back,
    "Goodbye darling, I'll just be back!"
    You promised your wife as you left,
    Then why do you lose hope in the midway?

    Don't you see your wife and kids at home,
    How ardently are they waiting for your return?
    The pain of your father in bed,
    And I'll bet you, you would never give up.

    Steer faster now and get going,
    Don't be despaired when you see the high,
    Waves are just for a little while,
    Even they will calm down if they see you strive.

    You are not just a mere sailor, my boy,
    You are a brave warrior against the tide,
    Just hold on to that hope of yours,
    Yes, it's your daughters and your wife.

  • 300roses 50w


    On a cheery day,
    My boat was sailing on the sea,
    The sky was clear,
    The sun was beaming,
    The water was calm,
    The wind blew in my favor,
    My journey seemed smooth,
    I was pleased.

    All of a sudden,
    my boat was tossing on the sea,
    the sky turned dreary,
    the sun hid behind dark clouds,
    the water became choppy,
    the wind raged at my boat,
    my journey looked bleak,
    I was distressed.

    The storm brewed,
    Lightning flashed,
    Thunder clapped,
    Rain poured,
    I gripped the sides of my boat
    as it started shaking violently,
    In no time, my boat overturned
    & threw me into the frigid water.

    I struggled to keep afloat
    in the angry sea,
    A wooden plank floated past,
    I caught hold of it & hung on to it
    desperately for my life.
    The ordeal felt endless,
    I didnt know how long I was adrift,
    My body was sore with fatigue,
    I wasn't sure if I could
    survive my crisis,
    but I refused to give up.
    My family was at home, awaiting me,
    their faces lingering in my mind.

    Just then,
    Golden rays warmed my face.
    The sun had risen over the horizon,
    my eyes squinting in its radiance.
    Ahead of me lies the shore
    beckoning me,
    I was awash with relief.
    Pushing away the wooden plank,
    I swam with renewed vigour
    towards the shore.
    I said a silent prayer of gratitude,
    I'm thankful just to be alive
    to return home.


  • btslove 50w

    #sailorc #sea

    Ť H € $ Ã Î Ĺ Ò Ŕ

    Unbeknownst to me, he left the shore
    Holding his angst try to adjust the sail
    In a hurricane, my gleaming triste eyes ,
    the waves of blue sea and lucent stars

    'Waiting for his destination' .


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  • pj_animation 50w

    To the open horizon
    Beyond our imagination
    To unforseen tidings
    A reflection of the sky
    Off the sunset to sunrise
    Waves by their timings
    As water covers its land
    Shading it from scorching sun
    Form its start to the end
    A journey so farmiliar, yet...
    Full of surprises
    As we feel its breeze
    Dancing to the dune
    At bay land kissing the sea
    The Sailor is off
    To brave the unseen

    #sailorc #writersnetwork #mirakee #sea

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    Into the distace, the horizon is free and nature to its wild.

  • carrie09 50w

    Sea waves dancing,swaying in a waltz
    on silent night, bathe on silver moonlight
    sailor heart beats ,longing for her pearls
    siren is calling,for a pearl in a fight

  • emptypen 50w

    Less the people, deeper the relations..

  • sighsandskies 50w

    The clear dew from thy eyes,
    Rippled in the water sands,
    All drown in the giant water,
    Swallowed whole of thy cries.
    #sea #wod #sailorc

    WN you made my day, I am so thankful ❤
    (5th) #annwn

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  • sproutedseeds 50w


    Be a SAILOR sailing through
    open sea of thoughts
    adjusting the sail
    to the emotions of the mind
    blowing in favour or against,
    hugging the storms hindering
    the path with the focus on
    the lighthouse guiding with
    light of hope in midst of
    darkness to reach the shore
    safely contended with the
    journey to achieve success.

  • preetkanwal 50w

    #sailorc #writersbay #mirakee
    Image credit goes to my daughter

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    Bon voyage o’ sailor
    Under the expanse of sky
    beyond the reach of eye
    you touch distant shores
    facing storms
    measuring the seawater
    Bon voyage o’ sailor
    My tear rimmed eyes
    has haze around
    racy heart heave aloud
    when waves bid adieu
    ferrying you to greener pastures
    Bon voyage o’ sailor

    ©preetkanwal 06.02.2021

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  • wordsofsh 50w

    Soldier sailor

    He packed his bags
    And ready to embark
    For a journey long
    And memories throng
    He can't stay more
    As the anchors are up
    The sail all set
    The food stuffed
    It shall be a longer one
    This time, the journey on
    The sea's untamed tides
    The enemy who can strike anytime
    The sailor who has a picture
    Of his 2 year old on one side
    Of his wallet, telling him,
    Asking him,
    "The sail is your job to do
    But my job is to wait for you
    Come back soon..
    Come back soon.."

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  • pallavi4 50w

    A Sailor’s Life

    A new dawn opens its eyes
    Calling out fervently to me
    It has been long since I was out
    Bearing winds and storms of the sea

    My heart knows no comfort at home
    It is tied forever to the foamy waters
    I can’t sleep on my feather bed
    I long for the tiny one in my quarters

    When the salty air touches my face
    I feel alive , feel life in my bones
    The upheavals and downfalls of a ship
    Are part of the only life I really know

    I find it difficult to adjust to the randomness
    To the mundanities of my home
    I like the vastness of the untamed sea
    Where I am unattached and all alone

    I reminisce the overhead sun shining bright
    And the moonlit waters that gleam
    The engines of a powerful ship
    That seem to glide over the stormy seas

    I like knowing that I’m part of the unknown
    The untamed, unruly parts of the world
    There is so much more to a sailor’s life
    Than just sailing with a flag unfurled

    Deep seated is my love for a sailor’s life
    I think as I feel the wind whisper my name
    It is time for me to be one with the waters
    And rediscover what was lost once again


    6th of February, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Boat wallpaper by Dathys

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  • anjaliverma__ 50w

    Did u find that the sailor reached the sea? if you read it sincerely u would have found the answer.
    ������U are the sailor reading my poem and if you reached till the last line the sailor reached the sea and has received the lovely gift❤️
    Just gave a try by writing each line with letter A to S ����

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #wod #sea #sailorc #pod #mirakee #writersbay

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    Abiding by the rules of life
    Branching roads divert me twice
    Catching those hundreds of thoughts
    Dissented I stand with what the life had brought
    Elated world was in my dreams
    Floating away with the waves my soul screams
    Giant waves engulfed my sorrows
    Hesitating I stood , happiness should I borrow
    Inside deep from the sea a sound came
    Justifying your emotions of love I frame
    Knocking you came to my shore
    Lonely I saw you seeing my infinite beauty and adore
    Making a return I will gift you a Boat of life
    Notions of serenity are filled in it
    Obviously by the gems of love it is prepared with
    Pirates of Avarice would never dare to hack
    Quilted with satisfaction and the strong deck
    Radiating sun will lit up the fuel each time
    Sailing the boat you may live happily and shine.

    "Saline sea sails swiftly sorrows somewhere, slowly satisfied sailor sails to shore"

  • ecstaticangel 50w

    Sailor's Orison

    o Hail ! my Father,
    summons thou thy child.
    The ocean is prevailing my diurnal;
    I summon You my Lord,
    Near the vast ocean lies my little house,
    there stays my wife and children two.

    I go to sea, I pray to sea God
    thank him thousand times,
    we survive here, because he gives us Food.
    There is everlasting faith that bid me to go ahead.
    And your love that ushers me for further living flourishes.
    o Hail! my Father,
    summons thou thy child.

    There is love and fear, consuming my fate.
    i fear though if I never come back,
    could not see my ménage.
    My children are little, they know not the world that lies behind.
    Be my strong attire if I loose myself.
    thunder storm come what may,
    that is but nature's touch.
    The mankind still assures your humble and kindness,
    and my prayers upon your Feet.

    I fear my wife, who is a fatal little being,
    offers You flower garland made by thyself.
    Her faith on You is resistant,
    do not break her trust,
    do not break my small family.
    My little children,my wife
    and me.

    Hither I go, in this fresh dawn.
    existence of me lies within you the large ocean.
    My small vessel floats to the north,
    comes back to South until dusk.
    Thither you see, protect my ship,
    amidst the storm and the rain,
    may I come back to the shore again.
    O Hail! my father.
    summons thou thy child.

    Shower Your blessings on us,
    give us Food shelter and your love,
    all that we want.
    Retort to thy child,
    when in pain and in joy,
    O Hail! my Father
    summons thou thy child.

  • we_elude 50w

    #sea #wod @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #moon #ceesreposts @fromwitchpen #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #writersbay #sailorc

    Image of Aurelia( moon jelly ) ,a cnidarians, .........
    Image Credits to the rightful artist

    Hello human
    Like the stages of Aurelia (O' sailor)
    (Polyp and medusa ) the transformation continues ......in human life too
    In the endless sea of right and wrong ....our transformation lies within us ......searching for our own truth .

    For truth, it is better to live your own journey than to choose to get lost in invalid opinions .

    Nestled by primal creation
    Reflecting the impetus of life
    Swirling in the trenches of darkness
    Morphed for its own survival
    In endless sea of preachers

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    Moon of the Sea

    Nestled by primal creation
    Reflecting the impetus of life
    Swirling in the trenches of darkness
    Morphed for its own survival
    In endless sea of preachers

  • kanakkedia 50w


    A sailor off to the sea,
    We miss u badly do you
    know it?
    Sailing in the sea,seeing
    the beautiful sunset,
    Do you ever feel a little flutter
    in your heart beat ?
    The cool breeze of the sea,
    does ever sing the song of
    love in your ear,
    Tell me my beloved that song
    of air fill your eyes
    with tear.
    O sailor off to the sea,
    come back soon ,
    In night sleep doesn't come
    to me.

  • antheia_ 50w