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  • thewake 190w

    Take me to the glory days
    A time of Pirates
    Sea monsters and endless treasures
    Freedom is a breeze away
    Skull and crossbones fly high overhead
    Weigh anchor and make ready the sails
    The time is nigh
    Adventure awaits

  • thewake 194w


    I leave the safety of my ship
    Just to taste your lips
    Sing me a song
    Dragging me along
    Skin tight this watery grave
    I drown in your words
    It is too late to be saved
    Your milk white skin
    Shimmers in the moon light
    No second thought
    I hop right in
    Take my hand and pull me close
    I breathe in your haunting voice
    Music to my ears
    Feeling the urge to let the water fill my lungs
    Your hand tight on mine
    Deeper and deeper we dive
    I won't leave here alive
    Forever I'll stay your slave
    Pull me deeper in to this watery grave

  • thewake 206w

    On nature

    By nature I'm clingy
    I cling to nature
    I cling to you
    By nature I am strong
    I find peace
    And it puts my soul at ease
    When I'm with you it is only natural
    That I have found peace
    And my soul is at ease
    My eyes behold nature
    And behold you
    I never see dead leaves
    Only evergreen
    As I age
    My face and hands will wrinkle like a weathered oak
    My body will not look the same
    And in those wrinkled hands I'll feel no shame
    The light in your eyes that my heart sees
    Shines to me like a beacon through the trees
    A guiding light to weather every storm
    And a spark like ember that keeps me forever warm
    And though the sunlight fades
    I'll follow your light until the end of my days
    Standing strong like the oak
    To weather every storm
    I may bend but never break
    By nature I am strong
    In love
    In life

  • thewake 210w

    Lost at Sea

    My heart is deep like the ocean
    Raging storms and calm waters
    Not many can navigate it's storms
    Some come just for a swim
    Quickly leaving for the safety of dry land
    Others parish amidst the crashing of waves
    Claiming they were good swimmers and there to stay
    None yet have been able to sail my seas
    The storms guard my heart
    With the most powerful of locks
    Claims of love end up watching from the docks
    I fear sharing my love
    Keeping it buried safe inside
    Able to push away at a moments notice
    Preferring deep loneliness
    Over empty words
    She sails her ship head long into my storms
    Out running the most swift of birds
    Crashing through the waves meant to keep her out
    Can she stay
    Or will she returned to dry land
    Perseverance is not something many possess
    To make her way safely to the depths of my heart
    To the one place no one can hurt her

  • thewake 210w

    Sun kissed sand
    The ocean waves whisper the moon a love song
    Push and pull
    Give and take
    A feeling nothing could fake
    The waves reach up toward their star crossed lover
    Thousands of miles separate
    One reaches while the other pulls
    At night the ocean longs for the moon
    Mist blowing in the wind with each crash
    Desperate to kiss it's soft glow
    The moon calls out trying to pull the waves to the heavens
    Within sight but always out of reach
    Love knows no end
    They stare longingly
    Until one day they will meet again