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  • ruhaniyatwrites_ 2h

    I can NEVER UNLOVE you.

    If you hear my words,
    even if I am not around,
    know that I am not over you.


  • little_sad 9h



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    Maybe he regret after he kisses her
    Or maybe he was just playing with fire.
    But damn when he hold her,
    she sunk into a deep sea and dream about him.
    And maybe some story don't need a happy ending,
    maybe that is why they never were meant to be,
    But they walts under the sky every night.


  • scribblednotes520 9h


    Where should I pocket the sadness?
    How should I bury this grief?
    What should I do to hide the tears,
    And maybe, finally, breathe?

    Who can understand my cries?
    Who can resonate with this melancholy?
    Is there anyone, anywhere, there for me,
    When all I feel now is "I'm lonely"?

    Why is this so unexplainable?
    What do you do with this pain?
    How is that it feels infinitely worse,
    When your friend says she feels the same?


  • ladywillow 1d


    I'm at the pace of this turmoil
    It seems like I'm going to clutter
    In this waves of commotions and alterations
    Slowly drowning on this hurricane of thoughts
    Saving myself from myself
    Focusing to be on that shore
    Those winds whispering "you can"
    But I breath "how sure?"

  • vinaykumarteejwal 2d

    Use kya pata
    Ke jitna dekhta Hun usko uski chahat aur badh jati hai
    AUR usse Jo ye duri hai mujhe bahut tadpati hai

  • _disha_jn_ 2d

    To read the next chapter of your life, you need to turn over the page, and leave the previous chapter behind.

  • writeweird 2d

    I've been finally able to write something down after such a long time, and what better than the absolute sadness that haunts every corner of my fragile existence.

    I hope you enjoy it, as I did, as I was awakening.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork #sad #hurt #night #alone
    #dying #here #pain #sadness #love
    #depression #dark #feelings #jammu

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    a certain paralysis

    I've been standing here
    staring at the walls

    it's been an hour and I'm
    still thinking, the world's
    sinking further away;

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.

    i feel so small and
    the room is shrinking

    somewhere in the distance
    i can hear the phone ringing

    maybe someone someplace
    knows of what i'm thinking,

    for how long can one
    live with a lie ?

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.

    the man in the mirror
    knows i've been drinking

    i hold myself together but
    the world won't stop spinning

    i've been spiralling where
    i stand, and i am sinking further

    falling deeper into the abyss
    and i've stopped blinking,

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.


  • katherina_minola 3d

    At least you can still cry.
    #haiku #joycechow #poem #poetry #sadness #tears

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    A haiku about sadness

    Eyes do not form rain
    Without the scorching sunlight.
    It once helped it form.

    ©Joyce Chow

  • charithaburri 3d


    Khushiyon ka kya hai vo tho vaise bhi kamal ke hothe hai par kya tum dard ko khubsurat bana sakthe ho????

  • dr_amyne 4d

    ( OH MAMA AFRICA ! )

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Where lie the problems and the solutions?

    The educated and the enlightened who keep quiet while silently watching the predicaments like frightened Owls?

    Or the hungry leaders who keep prowling and looting the resources meant for the proles ?

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    On mental health issues and mental toughness

    All they care about are the mortal human bodies

    That will one day decay and get lost in the cosmos

    Neglecting the most important, the immortal human souls

    No one care about your mental health, they just feed you carbohydrates

    Not knowing there is big fire burning inside the minds of the big guys and girls

    You fought all the internal demons that are trying to bring you to your knees

    If one day you let your tears out, and cry ones, twice, or thrice before you continue the unending internal battles

    They say " Come on big guy/girl ! Don't embarrass yourself and the big guys/girls, only the weak minded cries

    They don't know : “People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long", not sometimes but all the times

    So you suppresses your emotions away from them, because those emotions have no values in their eyes

    They have no idea that your emotions and your tears came from strength and from the warrior mentality that you posseses

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Had we known any better

    We would have been greater

    And take care of our brothers and sisters more smarter

    But Mama Africa when I want to move out of town to explore greatness, your sons and daughters say " So you are neglecting your family? Otherwise, stay closer"

    "It's too dangerous outside, better safe in your own little town in that shelter"

    But in the shelter it's size is smaller , and it's raining and leaking, I am catching fever

    And no growth in comfort zone whatsoever

    " Don't go to those gardens,
    we were told by our ancestors their fruits taste bitter "

    Some rules are meant to be broken, so I explore the gardens, I became an explorer

    My God! I found out those bitter fruits taste better

    And other many fruits taste more sweeter

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    I wanted to marry, they said "Yeah but only in our little Town, no any place safer"

    I grew up in that little town, not knowing the greatness of people like Alexander

    The way of life, traditions and mentality of my town were all I ever knew, nothing newer

    Until He came to my rescue, and sent me further

    He say " Travel and see for yourself the nations and civilizations that were former "

    Because traveling widens your horizons and makes you a good observer

    Nothing much can you see if all your life you are an insider

    Get out and tell me what it's like to look at your town from perspective of an outsider

    "Is your judgment the same?", No my judgement is more objective, because now I am more of an observer

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    Would you forgive me for not knowing any better?

    I have this autistic sister

    Spending every penny of our earnings out of love for her to get better

    Taken to gazillion of times to traditional healer and Islamic Center

    Bombarding her with herbal remedies lacking medical trials and license whatsoever

    She has been said to be possessed by the evil spirit, Jin, so said the insider

    I began to believe what they said, until when I saw similar situation approached in different accurate ways by outsider

    The outsider said to me " all her activities, symptoms and signs are busy telling you ' Look I am not possessed but Autistic female, so I am your Autistic Sister"

    " That's why you are missing the prevention, diagnosis,and management of such cases, now what you gonna do that you know better?"

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Yes my son, now what would you do about your sister's situation? , Answer the damn question"

    I would study the case, and refer her to right medical institution

    And pay more attention in the society for early diagnosis, management of similar or entirely different cases with their prevention

    " Son, Is that all you learnt from the outsider, after all the given information?"

    Mama, the outsider built special schools for people struggling with mental disorders for special intervention

    They built homes for them, and say " Look beautiful come over here it's more safer in this accommodation"

    Protecting them from the society that always attack them due to it's ignorance of clear picture of their condition

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Ok now tell me what about your other brother who couldn't talk fluently like you, didn't you get inpatient waiting, thinking he was taking centuries, for him to express himself and his situation?"

    " Wanting him to think, act and speak like he has no limitation"

    " Tell me what the outsider said about his condition"

    Oh the outsider said " Your brother has what we call 'Apaxia' for decades" , everything has level, stop calling anything you don't understand 'evil spirit'. Mama, you see Apaxia and Autism I never heard about them where I grew up. What a tribulation

    The outsider further said : "Look, these beautiful humans, one has Autism, one has Apaxia, this is how to better their condition to avoid any further complication"

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " Glad to hear that, but what about woman, her freedom and liberty in this society ?"

    " So many troubles she carries on her shoulders, what a tragedy"

    " For years she has been married, but no sons, and daughters of her own, she is not lucky"

    " The society put the blame on her saying she is infitile, that the husband should marry more women more fertile, that she shouldn't be shown any mercy"

    But the outsider found out that the problem of infertility is not only arising from the woman, man's sperm count in many of the cases is the one faulty

    Mama, I couldn't imagine the sadness and weight on your shoulder, hold on little more we are working to fix the predicament even though slowly. It's so bulky

    ( Oh Mama Africa! )

    " My beloved Amin, my faith is being restored, I am proud of you, now I can rest in peace knowing freedom, justice, liberty, mercy and equality would be served in this society"

  • saffronboy_jeevan 4d


    हम ठहरे तो रास्ते खो गए,
    ख़्वाब हमारे धुआं हो गए,
    माना थोड़ा वक़्त ख़राब हैं,
    तो राह में कुछ कांटे बो गए।

    दबी मुस्कान से लोग अब,
    यूं हमारा नाम लेने लगे हैं,
    जो कभी हमसे सीखे थे,
    वही हमें ज्ञान देने लगे हैं।


  • lovely_rachana 4d

    As day faded into night

    Are we living up to society
    Is what people say so mighty
    The smile we gathered over the years
    Is getting attacked by dripping tears
    Fading away with life is happiness
    Somewhat due to others willingness
    We stop living for ourselves
    Looking at the fear box is into shells
    The world around matters a lot
    We forget about the laughter we got
    With growing up we are reaching the height
    Where our day faded into night

  • devilfish 5d

    The First Breath

    Milky pools of dewey darkness swirling

    In the morning cup of an emerging sun

    A starkness that seems to have spun me

    It urged me to draw closer to the morning

    I always have felt a shift of the day and how

    The most terrifying all started out just this way

    All the same

    In violent sirens of gradients of washed out grey

    And step back into the concealed cloak

    Of night where my body can heal itself

    From the demands of daylight where hunger


    And longing ache

    Wrapping misery around my throat

  • vijaywrites 5d

    सादगी से अंजाने हैं, झिलमिल में फँसने वाले,
    दुनिया देखना चाहते हैं, दिल में बसने वाले,
    कई राज़ लिए फिरती हैं आँखें अपने परायों के,
    आँसू छुपा के बैठे रहते हैं महफ़िल में हँसने वाले।


  • sahil_verma 5d

    उदास रहता हूँ क्योंकि
    ख़ुश रहने के सारे बहाने
    वक़्त की आँधी में
    उड़ कर कहीं दूर चले गए
    जैसे आँधी में गरीब का
    छप्पर उड़ कर चला गया हो
    अब दुबारा मुझमें
    ख़ुशी का छप्पर डालने की
    औक़ात नहीं रही है।


  • vandanavandy 1w

    I want to run away and never come back
    Sometimes I feel its the only way


  • ethereal_soul 1w

    I have written about sadness as I believe that it is the direct or indirect reason of all other negative emotions.

    Sadness who was born after the end of childhood, was found dead near a teenage boy. It is reported that sadness fought bravely against the competitor happiness. It was believed that sadness will surly win but whole scenario changed when boy was hugged and greeted by his family members and friends on his birthday.

    Many other emotions such as anger, hate and jealousy were spotted on his funeral. Everyone was extremely unhappy and regarded sadness as a true friend and negative emotion who never missed a chance to take any other negative emotion with him.

    Sadness's family member depression will address the gathering tonight.

    @mirkaee @writersnetwork #wod #sadness #mirakee #obituary
    @writersnetwork thank you for the like. ��

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  • devilfish 1w

    It Was Like a Movie

    Everything was moving
    Life was interacting
    I was gaining traction
    But that was just an illusion
    Because now I feel I'm losing
    Out of touch while my clutch is loosening
    Can't remember much of what
    I've been doing or what it's like to be innocent
    I'm clueless and I feel so stupid
    I'm not left with any choice but to be
    In all of it's indifference
    But not because I'm sad
    It's because everything keeps shifting
    Shadows switching positions
    And it never goes back
    Time never stops keeping track
    As you go in one direction only then can
    You feel my collection of words
    And they'll mean more to you
    Than cheap thrills and always second
    All your blessings
    I think you changed me
    I think I myself have lessened
    Don't want to admit it
    But I'm fading fast
    And losing effervescence
    But you did
    I did
    I'm peeling
    I isolated myself on my island
    While I try to compute
    Why I exterminated
    The art of love
    Left behind my home
    My heart tells me it's urgent
    I must do the deed and put on my gloves
    Where you're sounds of crying
    Will no longer violate or touch me
    Because here it does

  • ritu_26 1w

    सुना है तूने मोहब्बत छोड़ दी
    एक बात बोलूं!!!!
    खुश रहने की ओर पहला कदम बढ़ा लिया है
    और अपने लक्ष्य की ओर भी।।।

  • vijaywrites 1w

    तुम कह दो ग़र दिल की बातें,
    मैं तुम्हारी मर्ज़ियों का मोहताज हो जाऊँ,
    इश्क़ तुम्हारा कैद कर ले मुझको,
    सारी बन्दिशों से रिहा मैं आज हो जाऊँ।