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  • mino_3370 2w

    Yes, I am silent...

    How are your friends?
    I hope you remember our memories
    A place where you can collect it
    or forget me,

    Have you ever taught me what you can do
    Without me, only my ex-friends
    and strange friends
    I meet desperate people every day,
    It makes me melancholy,

    I hope you can connect
    with me by phone
    Or email or phone,
    And keep in touch,
    I just can't touch all of you!

    Thinking walks around with a purpose
    And I can't go deep with a calm heart,
    And die of sadness in happiness,
    Everything was loved but sacrificed
    Make others happy,

    Only that reminds me of it
    I'm silently forgotten by them,
    They lived and disappeared,

    Yes I am silent
    Yes, sign off,
    Just the charm of the crowd
    We are every day

    Yes you gave up your emotions
    Yes I am the stupidest ever
    You saw, I just
    Everyone's anxiety!

    Yes, am silent,
    sign off.


  • fly_little_more 3w

    I am never alone because
    I have my pimples with me


  • parimit 3w

    क्या आज भी तुम मेरी हो,
    मैं भी खुद को तुम्हारा बताऊ क्या?

    क्या आज भी तुमको इश्क है मुझसे,
    ये सोचकर फिर से इश्क जताऊ क्या?

    क्यों पहले सी हसी दिखती नहीं चहरे पर तेरे,
    बोल फिर वही पहले सा हसाऊं क्या?

    अगर मेरी मौजूदगी भाँति नहीं तुम्हें,
    मैं दूर तुझसे चल जाऊँ क्या?

    या मेरा मैं होना भी गुनाह नहीं तुझे,
    कह दे मैं मर जाऊँ क्या?
    कह दे मैं मर जाऊँ क्या?


  • feeling_story 5w

    ये मेरी खामोशी, यू शोर मचा रही है मुजमे,
    जैसे मरता हुआ इंसान, अधूरे लफ्ज़ कहने को तड़पता है।

  • monosijsen 5w

    The Incendiary

    As I was going up the stairs
    I met a man who wasn't there.
    He wasn't there again today
    I wish I wish he'd go away.
    He tells me all my beliefs are lies
    He startles me often then he dies.
    Then he comes back as a ghost
    Makes me serve as an unwilling host.
    He crawls in shadows when I sleep
    Tries to shove his fingers deep.
    In utmost fear when I scream
    He tells me it's all a dream.
    This world is just a fluke
    Uglier than it actually looks.
    Our father would never greet us
    We are his mistress's aborted fetus.
    Disposed of on a rainy night
    Even our mother would despise our sight.
    He tells me to kill you all
    He reminds me how you made me feel small.
    Though terrified... I think about that
    You guys really made me sad.
    But as a good boy I suppress that thought
    Killing you all will take a lot.
    So I play with cute fluppy toys
    And I let you people live and enjoy.
    I tell him I don't like his voice
    But I'll consider his advice as a choice.
    But for now please get out
    Or I'll curse and I'll shout.
    That man really showed me a way
    I wish I wish he'd go away.

    - Monosij Sen

  • bawra_chora 5w

    Ye jo tu mere nazdeek nhi hai
    Kasam se kuch bhi theek nhi hai


  • mino_3370 9w

    Tie This World

    Nature has the power to ruin your entire day
    Man has the power to ruin each other for a lifetime,

    Money has the power to keep you like a puppet
    Does hunger teach you how isolated you are?

    Poverty has the power to bring humanity back in a
    It's time to go back to get up,

    Every time, every day, it's not all the same
    Until you and I learn to survive as human beings,

    People must leave racism and come back
    Like a good human being.

    “Even in your Suffering,
    I am there to comfort you and give you hope that, We are here'.'


  • imgarima 9w

    किसी दिन ऐसे गुजर जाना है मुझे,
    फिर कभी किसी को नज़र नहीं आना है,
    पुकारेगे सब नाम मेरा,
    फिर भी लौट कर नहीं आना है मुझे,
    खोजने से भी न मिलूंगी फिर,
    तेरे शहर में ऐसे गुम हो जाना है मुझे...!

    ~गरिमा प्रसाद

  • smili_smile 9w

    When you like or respect someone, you take care of them, you can't see them hurt. Not only that but also when you know how it feels to be hurt, you make sure that nobody goes through that pain...
    ✒: @smili_smile
    19-07-2021 : 10:20 p.m
    #quote #mirakee #sadlife

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    You Are An Exceptional One
    If They, After Being Broken, Are Still Taking Care Of You

  • subhitcha 10w

    What did freshers miss - part one

    Class bunk and attendance lags
    Small breaks and canteen snacks
    Class funs and exam fears
    University celebrations and modelling themselves

  • lovvfailure 11w

    it is an illusion of happiness that disappears ...in fact..life does not have happiness !

    love failure

  • praachii 12w

    Remember them who remember you in dark

    Remember them who remember you in dark,
    Don't forget how they helped you with their positive remark.
    The moment when you were drowning they pulled you out,
    They were the only one who motivated you throughout.
    Although not too much they did,
    But pulled out from amid,,
    to brighter side of life,
    Where we found ourselves again forgetting all the strife..
    Thankful we are for all those people we have,
    Who are attached with us like wine and carafe.
    Remember them who remember you in dark,
    Because they helped you sail through the storm in the same Barque.
    - Prachi Bera

  • mino_3370 15w

    Mino writes

    Official poem:- Dear Ocean


    Dear ocean what should I do without you
    Where can I move my silence away,
    It makes me lazy, so I am with you,

    The dear, dear ocean
    will you take me back to the end
    Look at your graceful love wave
    I take you with every tear
    I ran into the blue,
    And crazy for her sights,

    Dear ocean, Dear Blue
    I leave my ashes by your side
    See my flashing memory again
    They barely fall in love with you
    And I am the ghost following her,

    Dear ocean, take me to your coast
    Dear ocean, don't make me cry
    Dear ocean, please be with me,
    I never knew anyone like you
    And this is just the fate of love.

    I'm free looking at you darling,
    I'm pretty sure love stares at your soul
    Dear ocean, dear blue, dear intense.


    #life #poetry #love #poetry #darkpoetry #sadlife

    @jayshreesharama @poem2heart @angelicface @njram6 @the_cheerful_sorrower
    @writerstolli @jeniayn @paulwrites
    @jarraley @shobhnakanwar

    #poem2heart #writerstolli #jeniayn #mino_3370

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    Dear Ocean
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  • mrkhamosh 15w

    ᗪIᒪ ᗪᗴ ᑭᗩᖇIᑎᗪᗴ

    Mahhobat ke parindye kabhi ked nhi hote, ek din ud hi jaate he dil ke oinjre me se.....


  • itmohitk 16w


    तुमसे कुछ भी जरूरत नही है फिर भी तू जरूरी हैं ??

  • mino_3370 16w

    Mino writes

    Collaboration write up - Thanks to Rythm Arora my brother

    Official poem: Pains Of The Last Smile


    I was deeply buried in your thoughts
    Where your heart is still alive
    I have a strawberry heart
    And look at me

    My grave will never make you cry
    Turning into the mud,
    And she is just walking in the moonlight
    Where his madness is seen.

    Go to the bed of the woods
    Look and see that life
    What does it mean,
    body to body
    she can't forget him,

    'Young Man looks at me,
    I'm here waiting for you
    Heartbeat too long
    For you,

    I can wait for you
    At every moment of this infinite time
    Becos I am yours's and you are mine

    Embedded deep into your love,
    my death happened to come but death never came.
    Time passed and I realized I am not alive,
    but I never died, I am stuck in the lifeless loops of memories

    Memories where I endorse you,
    I endorse our love,
    I endorse everything in the very nothing.


    #life #poetry #love #poetry #darkpoetry #sadlife #mino_3370

    @jayshreesharama @poem2heart @angelicface @njram6 @the_cheerful_sorrower
    @writerstolli @jeniayn @paulwrites
    @jarraley @shobhnakanwar

    #poem2heart #writerstolli #jeniayn #mino_3370

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    Pains Of The Last Smile
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  • bbmarak 16w

    You broke my heart into piece's

  • mino_3370 17w

    The Trouble

    Hanging with a jungle of problems
    It's not who we are
    And we are not born for it
    Where the situation ups and downs you
    Even though you are deeper than the deepest sea
    And get out of it.

    Try to be sophisticated
    And do not want to be buried in the forest,
    You can't get out of it without help,
    Can you hear the problems
    Can you help people like me
    Where you can't show kindness to trust me,
    The evil is that you cannot accept light.

    Evil is done by a true story,
    That story is going on
    Everyone lives as myths,
    What did you do before
    Done with it.

    Helping people like me are bad,
    But you can help me without lumps,
    We take great care of food,
    Shelter, and more,
    Again all the harm and hurt
    Tied to the dirt of the circles.

    And the trouble is not in the middle
    Of The name of our spine,
    It just causes us to rectify ourselves.


  • raghav86 19w

    same third division...

    In 2007 his right leg got affected started limping while walking and in 2009 his neck got affected it turned to right side and always shake with lot of difficulties he turned to left. This was the last nail in the coffin after this he stopped going out very often, because he choose commerce in college he didn't attended any lectures as it wasn't necessary, so he just went to give exam that's all no fond memories of even being in college. Finished college in 2012 in six years after failing once again in M. Com first year.
    In 2015 he shifted to another town but left some part of him in his hometown. It's 2020 now he is still out work and people don't consider him as human not yet. But he has a lovely family who loves him and this makes him sad sometimes because he feels that he is just a parasite who is feeding on his family members blood. His mother recently said, " You had such a good voice when you were a kid if only we knew it will become so worse we would have recorded it" Sadly now he don't even remember what his childhood voice sounded like. His parents motivate him but deep down they also know it's game over him and so does he. He fell in 1994 by 2009 everything went bad to worse, now he just sit at a corner in his house and play games occasion go outside sometimes don't even go out his house gate for weeks. Sleep in the afternoon like an old man. But only good is that he can still do his own work.
    I recently came to know that to he trying to open up a little bit and is little bit happier than before since he started writing on an app, he had made some new friends with whom he chat very often he had met a brother, two sweet little sisters and two very special friend who always motivate him with their kind words one of them is queen of romance and other one is lioness of sarcasm and really like them both but he one little more just because she promised him a date, which he knows will never happen but he was telling me that will eat their brain for this whole life because she is his cutest and sweetest friend and other friend he love her also because she is verbose and told him few things about her personal life even when she could easily say, " No personal question".
    I hope people who he love don't unfriend him after knowing he is such a bad person, tobacco addict and his life is a mess and he is not that intelligent like others in studies just passed with thrid division, failed three time in school and a complete looser in his personal life. If they ever decides not be friends with such a bad person anymore alteast inform him before leaving I know it will hurt him but it's worst than hurting when his friends leave unceremoniously and wait for their reply, most of his childhood friend's left this way, he deserves this much respect.
    I sometimes still think if he hadn't fallen that day what would be life right now I still sometimes think....
    The End

    Apologies for any writing mistake...


    #storytime. #sadlife. #mirakee #truestory

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    Part four.

  • raghav86 19w

    what's wrong.

    And later they also came know when he couldn't hide it anymore, his hands had started trembling first right hand few months later left also that's why his writing was getting bad. Class 9 first day of class teacher who was new at school after seeing him he said, " This is my last year in this school". And that year he failed miserably and left school or rather say kicked out of school with little bit of politics by his class teacher.
    Class 10th he joined new school with same old problem new class mate also teased him but now he became experience so he didn't give a fuck about them because because between class 9 and 10 he got addicted to tobacco not the chewing one other one. ( ���� ���������� �������������� ���� ������������������ ������ ������������ �������� �������������� ���� ������ �������� ������ ������������ �������� �������� �������� ���� ������ ������������ ������ ������ �������� ���� ��������������������. ���� ���� ���������� ������������ ���� ����, ������ �������������� ���������� �������� �������� ������ �������� ����'�� ������ ������ ������������ ������ ���� ������'�� ������������.)
    He manages to pass board exam with thrid division. Somebody suggested his father you should take him to AIMS for treatment so in 2003 they went there, he was admitted to 10 days for all the tests. Results came doctor told his father he has Parkinson's disease and wrote medicines and gave him botox injection on his right hand and throat, his voice was little better for a few weeks but became as usual afterwards but they become a little hopeful that maybe he could get alright so he was given four five more botox injection on his hand and throat every four months time. Botox didn't help a bit on the contrary messed up his right hand even more now his right hand shake and keep his hand palm up on its own he has to hold it with his other hand which also shake a little bit. Class 12th board exam he failed but this time it was his fault he didn't study, next year he passed with same third division.


    #storytime. #sadlife. #mirakee

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    Part. Three