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  • namrata454 2w

    Just bcoz..unable to hold it further!

    Never thought, I can be happy ever again
    Never imagined, life would be better again!

    But to my surprise, it happened!
    In ways I havent imagined!

    When He stepped in to enter...
    I realised..what a fool I was!

    Neither He asked, nor I denied
    I dont know how and when all the miseries had gone!
    To my surprise life has changed so smoothly!

  • amiravana 46w

    कीमत खुद की

    थोड़ी कीमत खुद की भी
    लगानी पड़ रही है जनाब

    बाजारों मैं नई नई दुकानें जो खुल गई हैं
    एक भटकता इंसान

  • peacef_pya 56w


    by Peacef Pya

  • peacef_pya 56w


    Red as a burning fire on top of a mountain at night.
    Red as a single poppy in a vast green pasture.
    Red in the heart, a burning passion.
    Red as a red rose, a whirling child of Adam.

  • shravan7 65w


    Don’t simply believe what you are reading. The only way to find out whether something is true or untrue is to
    experiment with it. Stop the internal debate and simply put it to the test. The yogic path is not a path of inherited belief;
    it is the path of experiment.
    Here’s a practical way to begin.
    When you have your next meal, do not talk to anyone around you for the first fifteen minutes. Just be in active
    conscious response to the food that you eat, the air that you breathe, the water that you drink.
    As I have said earlier, your entire system is responding anyway. Just become conscious of it. This apple, this carrot,
    this piece of bread—don’t take them lightly. If you do not eat for a couple of days, you won’t think about God. You will
    only think about food. This is what is nourishing you and making your life right now. This is the very substance of your
    body. Respond to food absolutely, with total attention.
    This fruit, this egg, this bread, this vegetable—they are all a part of life themselves, but they are willing to become
    you. Would you be willing to do this for anyone? You are not willing to lose your identity and merge into anyone. You
    are not even willing to surrender your little finger for someone else. Momentarily, you surrender just a little, usually
    when you need something. Your love affairs are the product of very calculated surrender. But food, which is a life unto
    itself, gives itself up completely to become a part of you.
    Later, without even uttering the sentence aloud, take the simple idea—“My responsibility is limitless; if I am willing, I
    can respond to everything”—into the entire day. Be conscious of it until the last moment before you fall asleep and
    remind yourself of it the first thing when you wake up.
    If you sustain this awareness of your limitless nature for just one full minute, you will achieve a tremendous
    transformation. A minute may seem very simple, but you will see it will take a certain level of application to arrive at
    this. Just one minute can elevate you to a different dimension of experience and function. Right now, your awareness is
    erratic: this moment you are aware and the next moment, you are gone. It is okay. Every hour, remind yourself.
    Experiment with this awareness, allow it to deepen and see what happens.
    Conscious response brings you to a profound and enduring state of connectedness with life—not as an idea or an
    emotion, but life as life is. In this willing, active involvement with life, you are embraced by it and that embrace takes
    you to the very source of creation.
    That is all it takes to touch the Creator—just willingness, nothing else.

    Ref; #book #Sadhguru #Inner_Engineering #spirituality

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    Ref: book #Inner Engineering #Sadhguru

  • kr_santosh 72w

    If tears of joy, tears of love, tears of ecstasy have not washed your cheeks, you are yet to experience life.


  • td123456 75w

    If you are bored of yourself, can you imagine the plight of all the people who have to live with you? What you are bored of is not life nor the world around you. Your own thoughts and emotions are making you very bored. It needs some extra input on a daily basis, otherwise you feel bored. This input was happening through social interactions, by titillating yourself with social media and people. But after ten days of social media, you are repeating the same things. This is happening because whatever you might have gathered in your mind is minuscule compared to the nature of existence. When the whole existence is available to you, why are you trying to live with the miniscule?

    - Sadhguru

  • klassy_kunal 79w


    Life is a game because ultimately it gets over....

  • prashansa_ 81w

    Let us create an absolutely
    selfish world.
    That means what I want
    for myself,
    I want for everyone in
    the world.

  • ruanshi_k 87w


    Unconditional is your love for me
    Adamant is my faith on you

  • ikhalsa 89w

    Do What You Love
    or Love What You Do

    If you are an intelligent person, you will try to do what you love most but if you are a genius, you will do just what is needed. See, idiots do things that they don’t like to do, suffer for their whole life because they think it’s needed or they think it’s their duty. Intelligent people do what they love to do. They enjoy their life to some extent. But a genius learns to do what is needed joyfully. That’s when your genius flowers, because it’s no more about you. Now there’s a limitless way of looking at life.

  • pacificpious 91w


    ©pacificpious ✍️

  • rithu_saji 96w

    Sadhguru jaggi vasudev

    I was very skeptical of sadhguru at first ..
    I thought he was one of those usual godmen types who projected themselves as Gods..
    But once i started listening to him I realized that I was completely wrong. His never ending witty retorts and hearty laughs always awe his audience. How he never seems to get angry even at times of insults is just absolutely amazing..

    I have always believed that no ancient Greek philosopher or guru who lived centuries ago will ever be able to guide us in this age..
    Because there has been a tremendous shift in our lifestyle, technology and the overall ambient surroundings..
    But sadhguru has been able to do just that.. He is the one that can guide this generation for he is aware about this generation and the lifestyle of this generation often referred to as generation z...


  • archii 103w

    Every problem you see is a new possibility.

  • udit94 103w

    Ambiguity of thoughts may have catastrophic consequences leading to prioritizing some iffy thing in life which is eventually unfruitful.

    Lethargic framework may not support the weight of the massive brain that constantly impart radiation of radioactive musings with half-life of these thoughts being eternity.

    Unfulfilled desires may lead many of you to the path that has always been considered as an outcasted one.

    Broken heart may result in abandoning the gift that you have been given and the traits that you've acquired over all these years.


    The ambiguous thoughts,
    The unsupportive body,
    All unfulfilled desires
    The broken heart aren't actually YOU.

    You're the one who surpasses this ambiguity,
    The one with an unswerving will to fight against all odds.
    The will to live.
    The will to fight death.
    The one who strives for more every day and don't blame the destiny for not providing him the amenities.
    The one who loves himself first.
    Who doesn't need anyone to induce this feeling from an external source.
    The one who dares to fall in love again even with a broken heart.
    Not to extract anything from someone but to share what's blooming inside you.


    Last few lines are inspired by Sadhguru.
    Must listen to him once...
    He's an ocean of wisdom....

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • nazneen_kachwala 109w

    Book Review - Inner Engineering - A Yogi's Guide to Joy

    Book title: Inner Engineering – A Yogi’s Guide to Joy | Author: Sadhguru | Publisher: Penguin Publication

    Most of the time yoga is associated with twisted asana and postures. I always understood yoga as a way of life until Sadhguru went several miles ahead in explaining how to pursue this way of life to heal and rejuvenate the inner self. He rightly calls this the art of Inner Engineering. Sadhguru is a celebrated spiritual master who spreads yogic wisdom across the world employing discourses, debates, and discussions. He is the founder of the Isha Foundation NGO that runs several programs on meditation, yogic asanas. kriyas and mudras. Inner Engineering, which later took the form of a book, is one such guiding program run by Sadhguru’s foundation.

    As the name suggests, the book right in the beginning directs the readers to look within, and understand self by focussing on three important aspects – mind, body and life energies. Sadhuguru then goes on to explain the importance of each of these in great detail, enlightening the readers to follow a lifestyle in terms of quality food, good thoughts and unleashing the power of meditation. Every yogic approach highlighted in the book in backed by scientific evidence which leaves little room for arguments in any context and shall drive the readers in the world of mysticism.

    Sadhuguru’s style of writing is unique and captivating. He uses the right concoction of stories not only from the Vedas but writes down hilarious Akbar-Birbal episodes as well to put his idea across the readers who get to know the humorous side of the author too. The book is divided into two parts – the first part emphasizes on why one should adopt yoga to engineer the inner self and the second part answers how to do it. After each chapter, it is suggested to follow a ‘Sadhana’ that would enable the readers to contemplate the subject in depth. It also gives an insight into Adiyogi, Shiva as the pioneer of yoga and elaborates numerous facets of his character. Besides, you shall come across some rich philosophies of koshas, body chakras, Ayurveda, Nadi Shodhan and much more.

    All in all, the book is not limited to preaching but it is more likely related to practicing the craft. The book is a great source of motivation and you can seek its guidance at any point in life. It’ll not just help in clearing your mental clutter, but also grant you a new perception towards life.

    By: Nazneen Kachwala

  • yogaandyou 118w


    Life is not about correctness it's in appropriateness !

  • yogaandyou 125w


    I am not the body , I am not even the mind

  • aqua_taurean 126w

    It is that simple. You want to be joyful. So do what you want to do. You will be happy. And others will do what they want to do. Now the problem arises. You won't like everything they do which they want to do.

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    If you want to do what you want to do,
    You must also be okay with everybody doing what they want to do.

  • fucking_truth 130w


    Knowledge is hijacking by hormones. We can't even see anything beautiful in this world, other than love.