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  • questioning_life 23m

    I told a lie to save my self,
    And watch the crown as it fell.
    Murky trust left in its wake,
    Their reassurances that were fake.

    I never saw wondering eyes,
    Get berated and demised
    All the people did was say,
    I should carry pepper spray,
    That I was in wrong time wrong place,

    They really have to educate.
    Their sons about the right way,
    I'm tired of getting the blame.

    And now look at what we've achieved,
    No longer 97, but 99%.

    99% who have a story to tell,
    Of horrific ordeals and dignity that fell,
    Of the failure of the people and law,
    Of the failure of the ones that saw.
    Stop blaming me what they did,
    When did I ever ask for it?

    I saw their eyes look into mine they say I'm fine but know they lie
    I felt the pain all the same and that day I felt it rain
    Now at night I feel the fright I try to fight, but now I write.
    Why do they get away with their game and still they say:

    That the victims were the ones in the wrong.

    Because she was asking for it,
    Because she never said no,
    Because she had a skimpy fit,
    Because she didn't know.

    I told a lie to save my self,
    And watch the crown as it fell.
    Murky trust left in its wake,
    Their reassurances that were fake.


    #problems #sadness #sad #consentiscool #consent #97 #99 #mirakee #writersnetwork #lies #blame #victims #society

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    What was only 3%
    Is now only 1%...

    What happened?

  • khwahishaan 1h

    खड़ा हूं आज भी रोटी के चार हर्फ़ लिए
    सवाल ये है किताबों ने क्या दिया मुझको
    ©नज़ीर बाक़री

    #colour #brotherhood #peace #khwahishaan #sad #time #shayari #gazal #dawry #rape #murder #love #regret #time #poems #hindi #urdu #urdupoetry #shayari #ghazal #writersofinstagram #rekhta #mirakee #yourquote #mushaira #khwahishaan #khwahishaanfoundation

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  • desaadanakili 4h

    The journey of a heart ...❤️

    A kind of numbness ... nothing to speak of ... nothing to scream about ... I stood in a daze witnessing the deep pain ... I just stared at a particular point .... the cold wind that accompanied ... the night .. the trees .. The wild cat sitting on the top of the barn also looked at me ... in a daze ... without taking a deep breath ... I sat on the steps in front of me .. I slowly spread my dead lips and tried to take a deep breath .. The mobile phone in my hand was still calling. ... It was in the form of a message notification ... As the water in my throat dried up, I put my hand in the nearby water tank and poured some water on my face ... I put it in my palm and cooled my gut ... I went back to the boat and sat down ... I picked up my mobile ... I Who do you want to call? Without it ... I saw things from the beginning to that moment in front of me like a movie..and my death..with the thought of dying or living..when I thought of living, I picked up my mobile again and looked at the message that half of my soul had sent me. .. "Etta ... Here is the scene .... I do not think it will go well .. sorry ... a lot .. sorry ... I'm here to say no .... I'm not responsible for anyone you. sorry my love ... but still i love you ... "...

  • desaadanakili 5h

    ഒരു ഹൃദയത്തിന്റെ യാത്ര...❤️

    ഒരുതരം മരവിപ്പ്... ഒന്നും മിണ്ടാൻ പറ്റാതെ... അലറി ഒന്ന് കരയാൻ ആകാതെ... ആഴ്ന്നിറങ്ങിയ നോവിന്റെ സാക്ഷിയായി മൂകാതയോടെ ഞാൻ നിന്നു... ഒരു പ്രത്യേക ബിന്ദുവിലേക്ക് മാത്രം ഞാൻ നോക്കി നിന്നു....ഒപ്പമുള്ള തണുത്ത കാറ്റും... രാത്രിയും.. മരങ്ങളും.. വിറക് പുരയ്ക്കു മുകളിൽ ഇരിക്കുന്ന കാടൻ പൂച്ചയും എന്നെ നോക്കി ...മൂകതയിൽ ആഴ്ന്നു... ഒന്ന് ദീർഘ ശ്വാസം എടുക്കാൻ ആവാതെ ...ഞാൻ മുന്നിലുള്ള പടവിൽ കയ്യൂന്നി ഇരുന്നു..മരവിച്ച ചുണ്ടുകൾ പതിയെ വിടർത്തി ഒരു ഇത്തിരി ശ്വാസം എടുക്കാൻ ഞാൻ ശ്രമിച്ചു.. കയ്യിലിരിക്കുന്ന മൊബൈൽ ഫോൺ അപ്പോഴും എന്നേ വിളിക്കുന്നുണ്ടർന്നു.... അതൊരു message നോട്ടിഫിക്കേഷൻ ന്റെ രൂപത്തിൽ ആയിരുന്നു... തൊണ്ടയിലെ വെള്ളം വറ്റിപോയതിനാൽ അടുത്തിരിക്കുന്ന water ടാങ്കിൽ കയ്യ് ഇട്ട് കൊറച്ച് വെള്ളം മുഖത്തേക് ഒഴിച്ച്... കൈക്കുമ്പിളിൽ ആക്കി എന്റെ ഉള്ളു ഞാൻ തണുപ്പിച്ചു... വീണ്ടും പടവിൽ പോയി ഇരുന്ന് ഞാൻ ...മൊബൈൽ എടുത്ത് ...ഞാൻ ആരെ ആണോ വിളിക്കേണ്ടത് ..ആ no ലെക് ഞാൻ വിളിച്ചു... call എടുത്ത് പെട്ടന്ന്.. ini enne വിളിക്കണ്ട... ഇവിടെ ആർക്കും ഈ ബന്ധത്തിൽ താല്പര്യമില്ല..call cut ആയി... ആ ഒന്നര വർഷക്കാലത്തെ സന്ദോഷം പെട്ടന്ന് ഇല്ലാതെ ആയി... തുടക്കം മുതൽ ആ നിമിഷം വരെയുളള കാര്യങ്ങൾ ഒരു സിനിമ പോലെ മുന്നിൽ ഞാൻ കണ്ടു..ഒപ്പം എന്റെ മരണവും.. മരിക്കണോ അതോ ജീവികണോ... എന്നൊരു ചിന്തായായി..ജീവിക്കാം എന്നൊരു ചിന്ത വന്നപ്പോൾ വീണ്ടും mobile എടുത്ത് എന്റെ പ്രാണന്റെ പാതി എനിക്കയച്ച സന്ദേശം ഞാൻ നോക്കി..."ഏട്ടാ ...ഇവടെ സീൻ ആണ്.... ഇത് നല്ലരീതിക്ക് നടക്കുമെന്ന് എനിക്ക് തോന്നണില്ല.. sorry ...ഒരുപാട്.. sorry...ഇത് വേണ്ടന്ന് വക്കാൻ പറയാണ് ഇവിടെ.... ഞാൻ ആർക്കും ഒരു ബാധ്യത ആവില്ല ഏട്ടാ.. sorry tto ഏട്ടാ...but still i love you..."...

  • rafiqwrites 14h


    Bharosa koi ek todta h,
    Nafrat sbse hone lgti h..


  • theguywhosortawrites 16h

    It gets better

    We are surrounded by tons of bad news. Life is just testing you at every turn. It feels like the world around is falling apart and in the middle of this dystopian wasteland we find ourselves. Alone, aloof and without even the slightest idea whether it will get better. Here's the thing my love hope is all we have. That's what we have always had. You are bound to feel lost, you are bound to feel afraid but you can't give up on yourself or your loved ones. It is a fight that we must live through. It's a battle that we must survive. Everyday you will be tested physically, mentally, emotionally and I know hon just because you are strong doesn't mean you have to bear this consequences but this is how it is now. What I can tell you is we have to do everything in our power to save ourselves and those around us. Channelize what we are the best at and use it to aid in this ongoing war. War of survival. You too have a role to play in this play of destiny by the strong forces of nature. You are no ordinary human. The universe literally went through ages and millenniums to put you in the position that you stand now and we can't disappoint the universe. Make sure you save lives. Even if it is your own. If you feel you want to isolate and detach yourself do it. Do whatever makes you feel better. If you want to spend time with your loved ones, give them a tight hug, do it don't hold back. If you want to aid in the war then do whatever comes naturally to you.
    We can't stop here. There is a rainbow at the end of this dreadful night and we'll do everything in our power to make sure most of us make it there. Whatever is happening around us we need to stay strong, we need to think on our feet. Don't hesitate to reach out, don't hesitate to talk to people about your problems. Don't bottle it all up. We will fight to make things better. Once all this is over we will all have our share of happiness. Just don't stop. Keep moving.


  • lobo505 17h


    I've fallen again and I need help but please don't bother cause I did this to myself, internally I scream and I cry but on the outside I'll laugh in your face and say that I'm fine, cause I am, I'm so deep in my lies that when I finally cry and beg to die, for some reason I just cant go through with suicide, and everyone says it's cause I really want to live but I promise you it's not, suicide is the only way it'll stop, the doctors say medication, my brother says workout and pray but I've tried it all and I still don't wanna stay. I can't seem to kill myself and I don't know why, but I pray everyday that I'll miraculously die, I'm pushing people away when really I need them to stay but if I'm alone it's easier to to finally let go, just I can't seem to do it no matter how much it hurts, how much I cry, or how much I beg. Instead I sleep till my minds numb and I work till my fake smile becomes the truth. But don't worry I wont do anything is what i always say, because I cant even though I really don't want to stay.

  • anantay_12 17h

    It's really hard to forget someone who once mean world to us..
    #HEARTBROKEN #SAD #writersnetwork

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    When a promise turns into a sorry and sorry turn into a goodbye. Then goodbye leads you to become a stranger.. "Stranger with memories" and memories turn out to be the most painful you wanted to forget.....

  • aidanpoems 18h

    When the going gets tough,
    You promised you'd stay,
    But when the things got rough,
    You went the other way.


  • tauhidalam 21h

    Sad shayari

    Ban kar lens mai uski aankhon me samana chahta hun,
    Uski andheri zindagi me khud ko diya bana kar jalana chahta hun....

  • subhu_shayar 21h


    हौसला रख मेरे दोस्त
    जो तेरा बिगडा है वो संभल जाएगा और अभी तो कई उड़ाने भरनी हैं ये वक़्त भी गुजर जाएगा।।

  • little_sad 22h



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    A laughing face
    With a burning heart
    From the ashes a new one will be create they say
    But all I see are laughing face
    Puppets of the society
    They drag us into mud and laugh at us as we fall
    Why must we be created
    Just to be controlled by this wireless strings
    called judgemental words.


  • khwahishaan 1d

    खूब ज़ुल्म हुए, पर अज़ान की सदा होती रही
    गोलियाँ चलती रही, नमाज़ें अदा होती रही

    मासूमों पर सितम का, बदला कुछ यूँ हुआ
    चीख निकलती रही, और वबा होती रही

    हमारे हाथ में पत्थर दिखे, उनके पर बम नहीं
    कुछ चुप्पी से, पूरी इंसानियत को सज़ा होती रही

    मोमिन की शहादत में, जो जश्न ढूंढ रहे
    सुनो, ज़ुल्म की भी उम्र सदा होती नहीं

    कुछ ना हो पास उनके, ईमान की ताकत है बहुत
    छीना जो भी, बरकत उसी की ज़्यादा होती रही

    तोड़ने को हौसला जब बच्चों को कत्ल किया
    वहीं मासूमो की बहादुरी फिर गवाह होती रही

    झुकेंगे नहीं वो सर बेशक सजदों में कट जाएंगे
    फिक्र तुम्हारी, नफ़रत की क्योंकि दवा होती नहीं

    वो जो हाकिम बनें रहनुमाई का जिन्हें इल्म नहीं
    बेकसूर क़त्ल होते रहे, कुर्सियां रुसवा होती रही

    ©मार्टिन फैसल

    #colour #brotherhood #peace #khwahishaan #sad #time #shayari #gazal #dawry #rape #murder #love #regret #time #poems #hindi #urdu #urdupoetry #shayari #ghazal #writersofinstagram #rekhta #mirakee #yourquote #mushaira #khwahishaan #khwahishaanfoundation

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  • madinah_writes 1d

    Without You

    Without you,
    The sky looks like a black flaming smoke.
    Without you,
    The moon looks like it's melting.
    Without you,
    The stars looks like scattered pebbles.
    Without you,
    I look like a zombie back to life.

  • shawn_troy 1d


    Enter the realm of darkness...
    To protect your heart's desire..
    Swim in the sea of black and empty abyss..
    To hold onto whatever is in jeopardy..

    Shut of your reason and sense regardless...
    Tear everything wishing to extinguish your fire...
    Nothing black or blue plotting against your bliss...
    Doing anything to hold on to your memory....


  • foreverwriting 1d

    I’m growing tired
    Of waiting
    Of hurting
    For others
    And I just can’t seem
    To care enough for myself
    Or know
    How to hold it together

    I’m growing tired
    Oh love
    Of putting my heart
    On the line
    For those who don’t really want it
    And leave me feeling alone
    I’m growing tired.

  • neighbour_667 1d

    आखिरी सांसो में भी उसका नाम लबों पे आया,
    हम पहले पहुंच गए, वो शमशान बाद में आया ।

  • carlizah 1d


    Even when he says no
    He is yet God.
    He is because he is.
    And there's nothing you can do about it.
    No one made him
    So he answers to no one
    Because he is the only one
    And no one can do anything about it.

  • shayari_kee_diary 1d

    छू ले आसमान ज़मीन की तलाश ना कर,
    जी ले ज़िंदगी खुशी की तलाश ना कर,

    तकदीर बदल जाएगी खुद ही मेरे दोस्त,
    मुस्कुराना सीख ले वजह की तलाश ना कर,

  • bas__yu_hi 1d

    खेलने को कितनी खेलें है दुनियां में,
    जाने क्यों लोग फिर भी जज्बातों से खेल लेते हैं...
    मैं एक बहाना तलाश कर मुस्कुराती हूं,
    लोग दिल दुखाने के सौ बहाने ढूंढ लेते हैं...