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    That royal essence in your character doesn't come from money

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    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song that moves the soul to frenzy bend.
    A song of truth and tune of blues.
    Let me dance my best steps in the land of hues.
    The land against my feet,
    Play me a melodious beat.

    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song of our rich history, we could never lend.
    Sing a song to me, my dear.
    Let others join this dance without fear.
    Use the talking drums and rocky xylophones.
    Let me dance to the tunes in my new agbada, in the beats of our own.
    Let chiefsmen sit and listen to the drumsmen's beats.
    Let the Kings and Queens,
    Elders and citizens,
    Sit to withness our rich culture.
    Let is remind them of what history truly means.

    © Madinah_Writes

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    Sing a song for me, my friend.
    A song that moves the soul to frenzy bend.
    A song of truth and tune of blues.
    Let me dance my best steps in the land of hues.
    The land against my feet,
    Play me a melodious beat.

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    Prayer of Healing

    I turn my head to the west and call upon the Masters of Time
    To open my soul and clear my mind

    I call to the sky, trees, and ground to ensure my faith

    Is deep and sound

    I call upon the lost souls, trapped and confused

    To make sure my offering won't be refused

    I call upon the Goddess of Varna and Lope

    To give me faith, power

    And hope

    Ensure my power is focused and true I owe a debt

    And show gratitude to you


    Guide these hands as straight as an arrow so that my aim may be true

    Bless these hands with temperance so that I may look up to you

    With greatness

    Stand by my side for need is dire

    and help me see the wisdom I so require

    - Anastasia 'Royal ' Dumont ,

    'Truly Royal'

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    This is just my OCs (original characters) Jared and Maxwell. Comment if you would like to see more content with/about them.
    #royalty #king #prince #gay_love_story #mlm #love_story #love #pride #character #characters

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    King vs. Prince

    "Bu-but you're a prince-" Jared stands, and adjusts his box on his head..
    Maxwell chuckles, "And you're a King."
    "Not technically, it's j-just a small community of people who look to me for guidance."
    "Exactly," He smiles softly at the other and gives a slight bow. "Your majesty."
    Under Jared's box his face is bright, "Pl-please you don't have too-"
    Maxwell looks at the other, "I know, but I want to."
    Jared's eyes dart to the ground, "I-I should get going."
    Maxwell sighs and nods, he hopefully asks, "Alright.. will I see you around?"
    Jared nods slightly and races away without saying anything.
    The Prince stands there hugging himself, with a stupid lovestruck smile on plastered across his face.


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    Crown of Royalty

    Wear your own crown of royalty by enhancing your personality.

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    This World

    I was brought into this world,
    By an Angel I called mother.
    She died immediately I was born,
    And placed my in the hands of a god I called father.
    He gave me this world,
    And I was a queen.
    After my fifth birthday,
    Covid came and swept him away.
    Making me a slave in this lonely world,
    A queen to an empty kingdom.

  • rose_quill 21w

    Writing Excercise #23

    I'm known roundabout as the Insane Prince. To some that might be considered an insult, but to me it's a compliment. In my opinion, the most brilliant solutions are often at least a little bit insane. And I have to be a little bit of both in order to survive my fratricidal family.

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    #lilacc, #confidence, #purity, #innocence, #mauve, #beauty, #pink, #spring, #passion, #royalty, #pod, #wod, #nature, @writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writersbay
    The blooms of confidence,
    Symbol of purity and innocence.
    Beautiful mauve petals with little hues of dusky pink,
    With spring peeping through the chink.
    Passion of lilac with its splendid beauty,
    Mesmerizing all with its royalty.

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    The blooms of confidence,
    Symbol of purity and innocence.
    Beautiful mauve petals with little hues of dusky pink,
    With spring peeping through the chink.
    Passion of lilac with its splendid beauty,
    Mesmerizing all with its royalty.

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    Purple the color of royalty
    Wondering in levender field's
    Its show passion and romance
    Spiritually strong
    Sensitive at heart
    Made from red and blue
    Perfect combination of
    Love and serenity....

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    Just another writing

    To me you're a king who have forgotten he was one. Life attacks and tears your crown from your head. Unfair things lead you to make choices you find yourself not proud of. Yet you carry on. Battling for your kingdom that you don't even realize exist. Giving and taking from yourself to mend others. You try your best to provide for the ones that matter most. Yet no kindness is present to yourself. You question your worth. You hate your image. You suppress your feelings. For you was taught a king doesnt show emotion. You find yourself mixed in pleasures of the flesh just to get by. One day the time will come when you see a shiny crown upon your head. Then you will realize your kingdom of self.

    © lovesmessenger
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #selfworth #royalty #men #King

    ��To any guy that might read this. Pick up thy crown and brandish it with strength. No matter what you been told. You are worth it. You are not defined by the degrees or job title you occupy nor by the family status. You are you. Stand for your principles and dreams. You are allowed to feel. You are allowed to care. Dont let anyone diminish your worth upon this land. Your physical stature dont defy you nor your materialistic possessions. Your heart,mind,and soul are the treasures. Lift your head and don the title of king��

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    Underground King

    Born with a crown from birth. The world stops at nothing to try to take it.

  • miss_royal 47w

    Here I am sitting; glued to my phone
    Here I am sitting; glued to my thoughts
    Here I am sitting; in sync with my words
    The words you cherish; when you're in the mood
    But rather despise; when I'm in the mood

    Here I am thinking; my phone in my hands
    Here I am thinking; explaining my thoughts
    Here I am thinking; yet again with my words

    My words that feel like home; to you
    My words that feel like the wind; to me
    My words that feel like the moon; to you
    My words that feel like the sun; to me

    Here I am again on my phone; you frown on my escape
    Here I am again; perhaps not fully there
    Here I am; as I am.


  • anyelia 66w

    They stood in a clearing in a forest. But it was no forest like Lyza had ever seen. The trees—evergreen-like in shape—appeared to be made of a frosted glass. Vines of black stone twisted up their trunks, their finish so polished they appeared to shine as if covered in a layer of water. Around their base, crystal of pale blue and soft pink poked through the powder snow that covered the ground. The crystals glowed, lighting the crystalline forest with an aethereal air.

    And far above her head, far above the tips of the glass trees, an inky black sky loomed. Stars adorned that expanse. They shone like jewels on display, far brighter than any star in the sky of the realm of humans.

    This was the realm of the Fae. Alien and beautiful. Eerie and cold.

    Lyza stole a glance at her sister, Aery. She stood half a step back and to her right, her shoulders hunched. Her chin was buried up to her downturned lower lip in her burgundy scarf. Her soft brown eyes flicked around the clearing. At her sides, her hands twisted at her brown skirt.

    Lyza caught one of those hands and gave it a gentle squeeze, willing strength through it. It was as much for herself as for her sister. Just as much something to inspire her own confidence as it was to comfort her sister.

    Their guide, a tall man with raven hair laced with silver, had not stopped while the sisters took in their strange surroundings. He, without looking back, continued forward into the glowing forest.

    Lyza took one last look over her shoulder, to the empty Gate behind them. Two pillars of white stone marked the boundaries of where the tear in reality had stood, where the Gate opened. But it was closed now, and there was no sign of the snow filled cave from which they had come. Just more of the glass forest as far as the eye could see.

    There was no going back.

    Whether she wanted to or not, their only option now was to continue and meet the Fairy Queen.

    So, she hurried after the Fae man who had first extended his queen’s invitation. Followed him to a palace of white stone and black glass. It stood on the edge of a cliff, shrouded in dense mist. Towers rose into the star filled sky, surrounding a central dome of glass. White light poured out of that dome, like a beacon in the night, cold and clear. It diffused through the fog and glistened off the black cone roofs of its crowning towers.

    Enormous gates opened for them as they approached. Opened without verbal orders and without any visible hands. Wordlessly, they entered the Palace of Winter.

    They came before a pair of obsidian doors. Only then did their guide stop. The doors were twice his height and each individually were wide enough for three people to walk abreast. Into the stone a great serpent was carved. It snaked its way across both doors, its head adorned in branch-like horns, its maw dressed in flowing whiskers.

    The Fae man hesitated a moment before those doors. For the first time since entering this world he looked back at the sisters behind him, his unnatural silver eyes meeting Lyza’s brown.

    “If you have any wish to leave this realm again,” he said, “Eat nothing from my lady’s hand. Served yourself from her table is fine. But take anything from her hand, her plate, or her glass and you shall never leave.”

    “What?” Lyza asked, but the man had returned his attention to the door before him.

    He put a hand to the black stone, and they glided open before him. He strode out into the chamber, a black wind swirling around him with each step.

    The chamber was a grand reception hall. A throne stood tall upon a raised dais on the other end of the room. A crowd of humanoid figures stood around the edges, their forms slippery like those of flickering flames or sliding shadows. Above them, a glass dome arced into the heavens. The mist curled around the glass panes outside, allowing for a shifting view of the stars far above.

    Their guide bowed low to the figure on the throne, one hand pressed to his chest, the other extended wide to his side.

    “Your Majesty,” he said, “I return with your eagerly awaited guests.”

    Her Majesty, the Winter Queen, stared down from her throne at her subject and her guests. Her eyes—black where a human’s would be white and silver where a human’s might hold color—swept across the sisters.

    She was gorgeous. It wasn’t a subjective beauty. Not a beauty that was dependent on culture or preference. She followed no rules of traditional feminine beauty. No rules of human fashion. But she was gorgeous.

    Gorgeous the way a sunset over the ocean is gorgeous. Beautiful the way glaciers under the aura borealis is beautiful. Like the night sky untarnished by city lights or smoke. Like the silhouette of trees through mist. Like untouched snow under the full moon.

    She wore robes of shimmering silk. The grey fabric caressed her dark skin, the wide sleeves falling over the arms of her throne. Upon her head, a black crown rested upon her flowing white hair, hair that rolled over her shoulders in waves. From either temple, just before the crown, twin horns swept back from her head, like black branches of some ancient tree.

    Their guide rose from his bow, the wind around him settling again. His features had shifted in his bow. As he turned to beckon the sisters forward, his hands had become like a bird’s talons. His hair had transmuted into a plume of bird’s feathers.

    His eyes, however, remained the steadfast silver. Lyza found them strangely encouraging as he waved them forward, even as his face held an expressionless mask.

    Lyza followed their guide into the room, Aery at her heels. She bowed low as their guide had, Aery curtsied at her side.

    “My name is Lyza Fartrell, your Majesty,” Lyza said. She looked up from her bow to her sister, adding, “This is my younger sister, Aery Fartrell.” Lyza kept her eyes respectfully on the floor at the Fairy Queen’s feet even as she rose from her bow. “We thank you for the invitation into your home.”

    The queen rose from her throne. She moved with a grace like water yet as fast as the wind. In a moment she stood before the sisters.

    She was tall, towering over them. Lyza couldn’t help looking up at the Fae who’d so suddenly stepped so close. But the Fairy Queen wasn’t looking at Lyza. No, she was looking directly into Aery’s eyes.

    Her dark hand ran a finger under Aery’s chin. Her dusky lips curled upward in a smile.

    Aery’s body stiffened, her eyes wide. But she seemed unable to move. Lyza wanted to help. Even if it would be disrespectful, she wanted to pull her dear sister away from the Fae monarch. But her body ignored the impulse.

    The sisters, perhaps the whole court, found themselves frozen in place as the Queen of Winter regarded the gentle face in her hand.

    “What do you say,” the queen said, her voice simultaneously as commanding as thunder and as soft as fresh snow, “To being mine?”

    #fantasy #fiction #magic #shortstory #story #short #magic #fairy #winter #love #family #snow #royalty #night #WintersGate

    Art credit: https://unsplash.com/@aaronburden

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    Winter's Palace

    This was the realm of the Fae.
    Alien and beautiful.
    Eerie and cold.
    There was no going back.
    Whether she wanted to or not, their only option now was to continue and meet the Fairy Queen.

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    He said "Give me a kiss. Princess, I'll maybe, give you a ring."
    Thanks darling but that really ain't my thing.
    I'm looking to be college educated.
    These boys are overrated.
    I see through his game so he tells the world I'm jaded.
    If he don't like your confidence then girl that boy ain't worth two cents.
    Call me a Thot cause all you do is think of me.
    Hear my prophecy I'm always more than what you'll see.
    So pucker up to kiss my ring.
    I'm already a Queen.

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    Take Notes!
    Be careful what you wish for!!

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    If I ruled the world...

    I'd walk through the corridors of power seeing myself in the shoes of others.
    I'd understand there's no power but that which is bestowed from these corners.

    If I ruled the world, I'd know...
    ...that I won't defraud my people, reaping where I did not sow.

    If I ruled the world, you'd know...
    ...that I'm accessible and there's no need to hide my show.

    This one thing I ask...
    ...that you won't judge me since I now put on a mask.

    It doesn't mean I'm less powerful.
    I only seek to know what it feels to be vulnerable.

    It's not just about nobility dressed in humility.
    It's about allowing more empathy in our democracy.

    So don't judge me...
    My skin may be brown but I'm not unworthy...
    ...To wield such power through all seasons...
    ...To be on a throne where I won't play games but fight treasons.


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    If there's anything I've learnt in the first quarter of the year, it's that I'd rather think less and produce more than think more and produce less.

  • princejames 77w


    Being a novice should not be disdained but cherished. It's a vital stage in our life's journey.

    Don't wait for perfection before you get excited. Enjoy the process already.

    While you have eyes on the big picture, be willing to take baby steps.

  • princejames 77w

    Keep Pushing...

    ...Because of the view from up there, perspective may be deceiving.

    You may never really know how many people look UP to you until you let yourself DOWN.


  • princejames 77w


    It was a feeling of excitement running through my veins in bewilderment.

    I asked myself, "could this be the one whose love for me is second to none"?

    Ten lines are not enough to tell you how thrilled I am in your embrace.

    You can rest assured that no one would ever take your place.

    I'm yours, now and always!

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    Royalty and Loyalty

    Not all seek royalty from you.
    Some find loyalty, for life. ❤️
    You aren't a toss
    To flip and wait for the result
    Thee is the feeling
    That I ought to find, with you in My heart ♥