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  • geethunandhuzzzz 2d

    In my room

    I found the answers for every questions in my room

    Roof said- Aim high
    Fan said - Be cool
    Clock said- Every minute is precious
    Mirror said -Reflect before act
    Window said- See the world
    Calander said- Be up to date
    Door said - Push hard to achieve your goals


  • yoyowrites_ 5d

    Room talk

    In all my change of seasons-
    The pink blush, the bloody red
    and wheaty change
    My room stands as my witness
    And bear the brunt of my many shades
    No truer words can make me shake
    For I sometimes appear nonchalant
    When I should be awfully worried,
    I'd steal a melancholic scene
    And make it mine before I sleep,
    In my pensive mood,
    I'd replace the word 'happy' from my dictionary
    Unapologetically play apocryphal scenarios
    To make me sick and insane.
    When, by dawn, sunlight starts to shine
    I'd get amazed by my confidence soaring
    After the night I had spent crying,
    Having escaped from the moments
    I soak my pillow in tears
    Of broken dreams.

    No one else but my room
    Has seen the light and darkness
    Emitting from my body
    My room records my life
    The things I dare not share
    But I glow sometimes
    If you must know :)
    I have a huge ego too
    That would never drop
    From my rosy tinted lips
    I also abide by certain standards
    I ruled out for myself,
    Some may call it class
    But that isn't everything
    About me, you know..
    I can bury my ego
    Six feet under,
    Live like a monk
    Admiring nothing but peace.
    It is just a room talk
    Between me and my other self
    The life we have imagined
    Beyond these walls that keep us in
    As much as my world felt alive
    With new dreams taking shape inside,
    The things we have most often
    Talked about 'Us' has always
    Been in the form of either
    Pleasure or pain!


  • shubham_20 3w


  • shubham_20 3w

    Maa main ghar chhod raha hui
    Chup chap aapne kamare jaao varna do thappar milega


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  • the_lesser_known 6w

    The Hospital Room

    I have seen countless people staring the changing colours of the sky through my small window all day, all night.
    I have seen their courage to battle and the lost hope building inside.

    Heard them laughing out loud and screaming with tears in the eyes.

    Their faces longing for someone or something makes me want to take all their pain away.

    But, I know it's impossible for me. Because I'm the room, I have to be hollow inside.

  • sevendrading 7w


    I see lines that divide my skin
    the dark from the less dark.
    Today was never today, no charcoal
    for the lips to touch, no earth to kiss
    no smoke to soak my bones
    no bed to rest my soul, just another flag
    and no pole to hoist my colours;
    they are proud but worn (wrinkled).
    It has rained gray since dawn
    the air is wet paper, torn
    jagged, with every car, man, dog,
    every step upon the blacktop.
    I am the sludge upon the side walk
    the crunch of dirt, gravel, leaf,
    under unforgiving heel,
    the grate of cranium against stone
    I am every moment you are alone
    in a room made of colour and loss.
    Today was never today
    it rained long, before I was born
    And long after, I am put to sleep
    like a broken horse.


  • im_the_star_of_my_life 8w

    A room with some of my basic things,
    A single bed and blue piano inside it.
    A purple blanket and not teddy bear but BT21 on my bed.

    An aquarium with colourful fishes, and
    A bookshelf with lots of books and my diary inside it.

    A blue vase with some blooming flowers ,
    A radio on my table and cute fluffy pillows on my bed.

    An army bomb on my table and photocards of our 7 angels with it.
    A big BTS logo painted on my wall, and some inspiration lyrics written on it.

    A room with big window from where I can take apracity in winters,
    Window from where I can glimpse that twinkling stars at dark night,
    A room that can give me ataraxia...
    A room that whoops An ARMY ROOM Inside it.

    #Army #Bts #BTS #ARMY #Armyroom #ARMY_ROOM ... #btsforever #newchingus ��...#newchatroom #borahae #room #anarmyroom
    I don't know it's that good or not..., but I tried my best... To write it..., (jaldi jaldi.. Likha hai... Koi mistake..ho to ., comment mai btao.. Bina jhijhak..) ��....
    A big bunny thanks to - @arya_abhipsa ,
    And to all the armies...here (I can't tag to all)
    Thank u for giving me lots of love....
    Borahae... Armies n BTS �� ✨��������

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  • kjumai 11w

    Shut in a room,
    Shaped as a cuboid.

  • writeweird 12w

    have you ever been a prisoner of your own thoughts that have been birthed into existence by your rotting brain trying to figure out which day it is so you can go back to sleep counting the days left for the cycle to start all over again, the grief and the dread that leaks into the sub concious making its way from the depth of abyss, swollen storms, and the uncanny valley's that swim in your mind now that you're awake and more susceptible to the noise outside your prison that reminds you you're still alive and not where you want to be. I'm sorry if my thoughts aren't cohesive enough to tell you what you're looking for, I'm searching too.

    #poetry #poems #dark #pain #low
    #melancholia #dread #time #hurt
    #room #silence #days #people #mirakee

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    now that the morning isn't here

    don't look on the left
    of you

    there's somebody peering
    through the window

    staring at your sorrow
    as you wither away in winter

    in the hollow of your
    silent room

    where the gloom has made
    air sour and

    so hard to swallow

    but you must breathe
    as you drown

    screaming in empty air
    in this sleepy town,

    wide awake.


  • deepflowsoul 14w

    Cycle monster

    Everyday I release more of you,
    Sometimes the glue releases old fumes.
    I'm left once again with gouged wounds,
    The acid squelching into my emptied rooms.
    Suffocating, I flail for lone holes dripping light,
    I catch a whiff, and breathe in center by night.
    Again and I again encounter this monster,
    Until we become friends in my downstairs.

  • suddenlyme 18w


    If I could create a candle with your scent I would light up the whole world of them.

  • beautylightworker 20w


    Just Allow
    Keep Space
    Prepare Room
    to Receive


  • vini_mundra 20w


    A hollowed out dark room,
    Expediting an aura of a dull gloom.
    Mesmerizing sounds oozing out of thin air,
    She scarily turned gaze flipping her hair.

    Standing before her, in a lowered gaze,
    Her guy, emanating flames of blaze.
    Scooching down to his knees,
    He cried his heart out in wheeze.

    She stared down in his eyes questioningly,
    Shrugging his shoulders, he took her hand lovingly,
    Seeking for a new beginning, a new life.
    She silenced the air, for she was going to be his wife!


  • thelostgirl_ 24w

    One day we just were siting in a room and thought of having karaoke party just the two of us. So, we started to choose a song and the lyrics of the song will appear on the T.V. which was near the door. We put on the disco light and till then he choose a song and started to sing and I have to mention that he is really a bad singer. He also tried to put some accent which was really cute. But I was pretty turned on by his soft pink lips which is constantly moving and which was enough to distract me from his song. I so wanted to kiss him and no one in the universe can stop me at that time. So, I went close till the breath space. I was slightly heat up by the blush on his face then with his finger he put my hair behind my ears and that was the moment when I started to blush too. He move his hand towards my waist and hold me there and that was the moment we kissed for the fist time.

    #kiss #firstkiss #love #karaoke #room #song #music #lips #moment #blush #relation #light #party #mirakee #writersworld #thelostgirl

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    My first "Kiss".


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  • arya_ballal 26w

    It was written in the stars that darkness will disappear,
    You will see light you were searching for and brightness will appear,
    Things may not turn out to be the way you desire,
    But your passion will shine over your readymade paths like a fire,
    Breaking the chains that you once created,
    To be transported to a place completely deserted,
    Yet the deserted place seems more calm and quieter,
    Than that famous room in the middle of the city which everybody aspire,
    You may not have any planned route to your destiny,
    But it is more peaceful to search slowly than to blindly follow hastily....


  • dikte_a 27w


    The beings took me back to the four-walled void,
    A chamber where darkness devours the light.
    Locked away, the outside can hear no noise;
    The sun shines but an endless night inside;
    There is no stopping the creatures that haunt -
    Relentless, at my sanity they gnawed.
    From every corner, I hear them whisper;
    With every drop of sweat, they get louder.

    I hope and pray that they cease to exist,
    Or at the very least - death's sweet release.
    For I am now weary beyond saving,
    Might this be the last piece I can give, Please
    Do bury me as far down as can be.
    Away from them is where I want to be.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 27w

    खाली कमरा मेरा मुझे अपना सा लगता है,
    इस कमरे में सांसों समेत मेरी आवाज़ भी कैद है।
    खाली कमरा मेरा ,मेरे घर का हसीन हिस्सा है,
    इस कमरे की दीवारों ने दबा रखी मेरी सिसकियां हैं।
    इस कमरे में मेरे दिल की धड़कन मुझे साफ सुनाई देती हैं,
    इस कमरे में मेरी रूह रू बा रू होती दिखाई देती है।
    बेशक मुझे दफना देना कब्र में मरने के बाद मगर मेरा कमरा अनछुआ रखना,
    सुना है पसंदीदा जगह पर रूह लौटकर वापस आती है।#mirakeeworld

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    खाली कमरा

    खाली कमरा मेरा मुझे अपना सा लगता है,
    इस कमरे में सांसों समेत मेरी आवाज़ भी कैद है।
    खाली कमरा मेरा, मेरे घर का हसीन हिस्सा है,
    इस कमरे की दीवारों ने दबा रखी मेरी सिसकियां हैं।
    इस कमरे में मेरे दिल की धड़कन मुझे साफ सुनाई देती हैं,
    इस कमरे में मेरी रूह रू बा रू होती दिखाई देती है।
    बेशक मुझे दफना देना कब्र में मरने के बाद मगर मेरा कमरा अनछुआ रखना,
    सुना है पसंदीदा जगह पर रूह लौटकर वापस आती है।

  • ashamurali 27w

    Empty rooms are perfect for meditation. I have been able to face life's many challenges only because of my daily dose of meditation.
    Just like how muddy water clears after it sits still, meditation clears mind of unwanted thoughts.
    We live in a noisy world, both internal and external. Being in a empty room without all the gadgets to entertain and distract us will be deemed as a punishment. But that need not be the case. It can be really enjoyable to be at peace with oneself.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #daadigotyourback #room #emberc #alone #readthisj
    #meditation @writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork

    @writersnetwork thank you for the read and like

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    Empty Room

    Empty rooms are therapeutic,
    Life has meaning esoteric,
    Sometimes filled with magic,
    Sometimes with no logic.

    Empty rooms are not punishment,
    It will lead to enlightenment,
    It's an effective anti-depressant,
    A cure when mind plays truant.

    Empty room with no distraction,
    Perfect time for introspection,
    Scope for course correction,
    Time to pay close attention.

    Listening to sounds of silence,
    Provides one a great experience,
    Can help in active acceptance,
    And achieving life's fine balance

    Mind is filled with thoughts,
    Than can make one distraught,
    Mind plays games brilliant,
    Stories past future and present.

    Constant chatter of internal noise,
    that of guilt, regret and remorse,
    To live with peace and poise,
    Learn to quieten mind 's voice.

    Make peace with solitude,
    Many benefits gets accrued
    Learn to love your own company,
    That can save you from agony.

    When ember of anger totally consumes,
    watching the breath in an empty room,
    calms, soothes and drives away gloom,
    Cannot say enough about the empty room.