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  • ciara1 71w

    Great America

    I miss all the summer days going to Six Flags Great America. 

    I miss going to Six Flags as a child with my family, friends, teachers, and my YMCA counselors. 

    My mother used to always tell me every time I went to Six Flags is to not get on high rides.

    I miss going on the high roller coasters.  

    I miss the Batman ride, the Superman ride, the demon ride, the Ferris wheel, and the drop-down ride.

    What I do not miss about Six Flags is the boat ride, water ride, and the Merry Go Round ride. My mother always informed me that I should just go on those types of rides. All of those rides were not exciting like the roller coasters.

    I miss Six Flags's food. I miss the cotton candy, bread pretzels, restaurants, and drinks.

    I miss everything about Six Flags Great America.

    My last time going to Six Flags was in my senior year in high school in 2012. Now, I am 25 years old and my boyfriend and I were planning on going to Six Flags Great America this summer, but all the park sites are closed now.

    I am really praying that this pandemic virus and the looting rioting is going to be over soon so I can go to Six Flags and game arcades every summer again.

  • mani_varnik 148w

    Smile For A While

    Forget your sorrow for a while
    Let me make your face glow with a smile
    Life is like a roller coaster
    A ride on it is not easy and never
    This life ride has ups and downs
    You need to handle both the ones
    Then why don't you smile
    To rise up for a while

  • bootsie 168w

    Roller coasters of life

    Feminine Wilds
    Eternal Beauty
    Hippie Style
    Such A cutie
    Roller coaster of emotions
    Ups and downs
    Taking life’s ride
    I’ll stick around
    Start from the bottom
    All the way to the stop
    How exhilarating
    I hope it won’t stop

  • felicity4 195w

    Vuelo ♥️

    rodar entre nubes
    cada vez mas lejos

  • felicity4 195w

    #roller band ������

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    Insensibles , inporsibles
    un illusion

    Unsichtbar , sensibel
    Eine illusion

  • biswassudipta05 251w

    Today it was given by my friends.
    #Great #Fun #NiccoPark #Roller-coaster #Smile #Laugh #Friends

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    When you just can't stop smiling and laughing you know you are with right people.