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  • nessa_writess 43w


    A sorry tear can't compensate the broken,
    Few drops of tear can't tell the story,
    If only you could put on my shoes and take a walk,
    Then you will know where its itching,
    Hard to heal, not easy to endure.

    Should I take the easy way?
    Taking this shoes off and walking bare footed,
    But the stones won't spare my feet nor the sun that heats up the path.

    At first I get to walk smoothly, along the way it becomes rough,
    I'd rather put on this shoes and bear it all,
    Even though the journey with it is filled with pain and hardship,Happiness and rejoicing comes after which the shoe bug is gone.

  • sunset_in_autumn 65w

    Tenses always worried me right from childhood. I always mixed tenses in my primary schools. Even today, i havent learnt the rules of tenses as i keep ruminating to past and future. Time slips away and drags the past into my present and i find myself in a completely different time zone.

    I wish i could learn the rules of tenses!!
    #time #tenses #robbery #present #life #illusions #pod
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    Deserting on wilderness,
    apprehended by
    different time zone.
    Rumination - a cruel mistress
    descends on the forlorn.

    Troubling tantrums of tense
    with every thought,
    getting intense.
    Wind wails with distraught.

    Suspended by
    threads of today.
    Perplexed by
    vastness and highness
    of the the wistful sky.
    As he oscilates to and fro
    from past to future.
    An autonomous elusive flow.
    Trapped in woeful webs
    of ifs and buts.

    Sun withdraws its light
    and exit soon
    pitying his plight.
    For he robs himself
    of the mindfulness-
    the ultimate boon.
    For he robs himself
    of the peace,
    of the eternal breathe.
    Squandering precious seconds
    of life in piece.

    Bleak night awakes with sigh.
    Ruddy moon with high
    moaned star
    contemplates the war.

    As he is hypnotized
    by sluttish illusions,
    mirage of past and future.
    Slumbering to experiences
    of blissful and real NOW.
    The robbery shall stop.
    As evanescent life
    unfolds itself
    in the present.


  • james_taumas 75w

    Blue lights

    Blue lights approaching
    Analogue caterwaul
    Instincts call to run
    Head down
    Freeze and pray
    Please not for me
    Guilt in my bag
    Adrenaline primed
    Urban soldiers roll on
    Getaway almost sealed
    Blue lights returning.


  • james_taumas 87w

    Robbery blue

    Put the gun down
    Uniform officers shout
    Money grip tighter
    I don't regret
    Feed my family
    I've come this far
    They see my resolve
    Set to action
    Pop, pop
    Legs buckle
    Staring up into blue.


  • fresh_from_the_artistic_asylum 97w

    Black skies scream & shout,
    As they are enraged by our man-made streetlights,
    For disturbing their slumber.
    In a tiny corner of the modern world,
    A rusted old warhorse of a car resuscitates,
    As its master & friend fills it to the brim with fuel like food
    The master boasts about his car possessing the ability to feel,
    Perhaps it would be far more useful if it could
    Instead see the robber & his knife from a distance,
    Blink its head & taillights like a teenager at a rave
    Before the sharp edge was pointed towards the naive owner.
    It is now a matter of choice for the victim.
    He could fight; stand his ground for being right
    Or fall to his knees
    Ask for God's mercy.
    And keep his sights closed till it's all over.
    Little does he realise that he's never going to stand a chance.
    That heart of his has never been more alive
    And it has seen it all.
    Yet his body has already died multiple deaths,
    A fear of the unknown is to be blamed for this soul killing crime.

    We're way past the scene of the crime by now.
    The victim is officially just one of those poor sods.
    After all the knife had been pulled
    And it would be downright rude of the robber to let him get away
    Without charging him for his hardwork.
    The owner of our rusted car
    Sits behind his steering wheel
    Thinking about how he could have fought to get a better deal.
    Or maybe just shove the robber aside
    And drive into the sunrise with his trusted automobile.
    Keep dreaming, poor lad.
    Your wishes are now just regret,
    Manifesting as a hypothetical thought.
    You gave in to the coward in you
    And you'll forever be the kid
    Who got mauled by a walkin' & talkin' street dog.

    #robbery #midnight

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    Robbery At The Gas Station


  • rajeshreejunghare 98w


    Now-a-days robbing the bank is easy
    Just wear a mask
    Enter in
    Threat them by blackmailing
    Give money or else take free corona virus


  • lakshmanan91 104w

    அன்று.... இன்று....(6)


    வழியில் நம்மை மறித்து, "டேய், பையில் உள்ளதை எடு....!" என்றான்.
    வழியில் நம்மை மறித்து, "சிங்கிள் 100 டபிள் 160 சார்....!" என்கிறான்.

  • anthonyhanible 111w

    My Bad Days Pt2
    My Old Days

    Wow they don't think I change
    Coming from stealing cars
    Doing drugs
    Always in trouble
    I have been called a cheater
    A bad son
    A bad brother
    A bad husband
    My paat keep haunting me
    I'm trying my best to stay on the right path
    I can change
    I just wish someone believes me

  • jithinshaju 215w

    On the land of brutality

    On the borders of terrorism, their stays some doctors for victims of the cruelties. One new girl, a new neurosurgeon got appointed to that hospital. Due to her caste difference and cultural difference the authority hates her and send her to this hospital as a punishment.
    She is not able to adjust with the poor treatment and nursing quality of that hospital. Minds of the people of the land also tranformed badly due to their situation and the life they are going through. Those hostility are now upon to the alien doctor. She decides to quit many times but her certificates are in hold with the authorities, they didn't allow her to change place or quit. The only good she feels was she could realize the depth of love, her boyfriend had on her.
    On every worse situations, evenif the people attacks her physically or destroyed her office room or even brutally robbed her house and make her poorer enough for survival, he is with her giving strength and support.

    Are you waiting for something positive to happen like the people recognize her goodness and she saved many people and was called an angel?

    Unfortunately nothing of that sort happened, She's not a movie heroine. She is an angel only for her boyfriend. When she couldn't survive the torture eventhough her boyfriend support her well. The world didn't conspire to achieve her or his dream. With a note she left the only one who miss her. And everybody else knows of it when his parcel of new clothes for her reached her doorstep which didn't answered for days.


  • mkandres 217w


    Rubbing at her knuckles
    As she sat upon her chair
    She removed the lavender scarf
    Tied within her hair.

    Turning on the television
    To watch the noon day news
    She sighed rather deeply
    What else could she lose?

    She hadn't been in touch
    With the big, wide world
    It'd been two months and one day
    Since her sadness had unfurled.

    The children had gone on
    To resume their busy lives
    The girls had their children
    And the boys had their wives.

    Commercials droned on endlessly
    Hocking their useless wares
    Why had God taken him?
    It was more than she could bear.

    Then she heard the signal
    An awful, pounding sound
    There was Breaking News
    Lord, now what had they found?

    There was the news reporter
    Filling the t.v. screen
    Dressed in a suit and tie
    Staring with eyes of green.

    "Nothing to report today
    No wrecks or plane crashes
    Nary a robbery or murder
    Or fires ending in ashes.

    No wars in foreign lands
    No kids that were molested
    Absolutely nothing bad
    Not anyone arrested."

    A grin fell upon her wrinkled face
    She realized she'd drifted off
    Sitting up a little straighter
    Her throat cleared with a cough.

    "I'm so glad that you've arrived"
    She heard his tender voice
    "I've been building us a mansion
    And now we can rejoice!"

    She touched her husband's cheek
    Looked into deep green eyes
    They'd be together for eternity
    Where The Good News was alive!

    --Melissa Andres