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  • marynschmaryn 72w

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    There's a saying that if you love something, you should set it free. If it comes back, it's yours; but if it doesn't, it never was. So what do you think happens to a heart that never comes back? Would you always feel that absence? Could you even mourn for something that was never yours?

    Today feels a lot like flight turbulence with me tightly holding onto my seat and getting assaulted in all senses. Like the sky swallowed me whole and brought me back to ages past when my heart was still there. And I'm not sure what all this foreshadows. But maybe sometimes it's better to remain unsure. Unsure if something is meant to come back to you. Unsure if you're supposed to end up on this path all along and then wonder what's the point.

    Sometimes I look up at the night sky and all of its dainty, bright stars and remember that I'm really just a speck in the universe. That all of us have that in common at least. And it gives me the slightest hope that maybe somewhere, at the exact same time, someone is feeling lost too. That someone is feeling an absence in their chest and wondering which direction to head in next. Maybe somewhere, somehow, someone can return whatever is lost.