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  • julie__ 13w

    A single rose blooms in the spring shine
    Radiant red radial petal ring
    Entices every child
    Entices every bee
    Until those petals shrivel so dry
    Until those petals wither and die
    Bleeding pigment of crimson tide
    Into dawn of polluted skies
    Decaying green leaves
    Decaying tonight.

    Arid wastelands and bloody seas
    Grit and dust chaotic in the breeze
    Bones crushed to ash with marvelous might
    Veins of leaves are parched rock streams
    Are desolate valleys
    Unslakened flies
    Feast on decomposing peat
    Feast on decomposing life.

    Radiant pink radial petal ring
    Loses luster gleam
    The leaves cry yet the dew droplets dry
    Draining away in the light
    The spring shine so bright
    Bleeding hues of swine skinned sheen
    Into dirt and nutrient drink
    Decaying gold leaves
    Decaying of height
    Falling downside
    And petals wilting
    Lower the brown head and raise white
    Until those petals quiver so shy
    Until those petals curl up beneath the darkening sky.

    - julie.

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    Like crunchy cornflakes
    Rosy leaves rustle underfoot
    Beauty in decay.