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  • scaredycat 1w

    Farthest apart

    Couldn't have been farther
    from the purpose
    that you to set for us
    with humongous waves in motion heading straight for dry land
    where we lived peacefully,
    without fear of being tormented
    and Fear of being ripped apart.
    Dying while trying to find higher ground when the highest of ground is unreachable to both you and me yet its unreasonably close
    to the table we sit each night and
    bow our heads to say grace
    before pushing shiny Metal spikes
    people like us use to pierce the nourishment we so desperately seek
    into dark
    ever moving
    None stop Needing something
    holes in the center of our faces.
    Emaciated egos and anorexic hearts
    will our souls to keep on trucking
    but we never do
    cause we weren't exactly sure where to start
    Apart from the sun scorched tips of barefoot feet we waltz untill we can waltz no more then tiptoe through the broken bones we once called feet.

  • ananias 1w

    [Stepping Stones]


    Poetry like stepping stones. Each word where I condone. A leap away with no connection. A sudden break earns my affection. Together they make the path. Each island step its own first and last. Tied together in conclusion. Their isolation a mere illusion.


  • jpwriter 2w

    California Girl

    She was a California girl
    With autumn hair without a care
    Her body was Goddess, erotic & honest
    An hourglass as the hours pass
    Red wine to dine over showered laughs
    The softest touch but not too much
    The thought of us was obvious
    She mentioned us as it left a hush
    She was an artist of energy
    With a gentle brush
    There's no end to us
    Was the message sent to us
    In the night we ever so lightly
    Touch the lips of one another
    While our hands so tightly
    Felt love from the other
    Together we felt the hover
    As we laid under the cover
    Forever cherishing that feeling brought
    Always remembering the pedals
    Of the Forget Me Nots


  • devilfish 2w

    Dark Stormy Blues

    Something is conspiring with Satan
    Trauma resonates
    reverberations that could collapse
    All seven nations

    If only power kneeled before pain
    We'd have everything to lose
    And nothing to gain
    White shoes to protect from stains
    Soft skin to be careful as to not rip against the violent grain
    One's we could guard against all that is vain

    If only power could be the drain
    That would swallow the rising water and
    Even out a safe plane
    For our children to touch the Earth
    And peacefully relate to one another

    Human nature is innate
    And it's not going to isolate from it's
    Roots where it's a conduit for summer rain

  • devilfish 3w


    Is a door
    Where behind it
    Are the only ones who have power
    Inside it ears to floor
    Because there's more to movement

    Silence the vibration
    Pulsed through the ether
    Made me into a believer
    And I pushed my way here
    Without any leader

    Not indifferent to others
    Illusion is illusory
    Like a mother
    That seems to make a gesture from love
    But then grabs a pillow and chokes
    The child
    As it lay smothered
    We become weary of another but
    To lay in blame and call it by a different name
    Claim it's essence to your love
    Won't reclaim your pride you thought
    You had
    What you had
    Was shame
    Before you attempt to integrate false concepts
    That don't relate
    If you want to deflate
    Start with being brave
    And yes,
    People will try to get you to explain
    But their intentions
    Demonstrate the significance that
    Are screaming louder than their name

    What motivates me
    Doesn't indicate my innate human
    Because I want to reach your mind
    And bring you water

    Plunge into silky red sheets
    Feel the same way my heart beats
    I write and I find
    Myself wanting to relate to you
    As for me I wish to peer into your eyes
    Peering into mine
    A leafy brown of autumn
    And the shine of summer
    Cross-pollinate like a Clementine tree
    But just as savory as a Monreal Clementine
    We are able to contemplate is a line
    That divides our ability to indentify
    Between you and I
    Is through our empathetic grace
    A weakness that takes beauty
    And strength
    It must emerge in your veins
    It's waters must rain
    Let them not run dirty polluted
    By hate
    And suicidal bribe
    Or pay the price must you rage
    Like the water trickling down the side
    Of a street
    Under your feet
    A wet carpet but underneath your feet
    Pulses stories that birth into the breath
    That we breathe

    If you are
    Then you
    You must be
    Yourself is what you are
    Myself is referring to me
    The difference is that
    The difference is irrelevant
    Emotion blotched as Logic is looming
    Much too self assuming as its prevelant
    And our assumption are self-evident
    But that evidence is not relevant

    Planting seeds of sentiment
    In the garden of articulated elegance
    Strewn about in the wet sediment
    Blooming with love
    I can't feel love with my intelligence
    But I don't want to pretty
    I want you to know I'm not above you

    But what we feel when we are alive
    Is that love and I don't know who you are
    And I don't need to tell you why
    But my heart aches when I think of you
    I want your tired eyes to never tired of
    Being kind
    We're going to be alright
    You and I

    I try to get to you and the wind pushes me further
    The moon is a nuturer
    It's shining with our secrets
    When we sleep
    But some of us didn't get the warmth we need
    Our mouths questioned our safety
    I'm sorry you had to know war
    Where you are afraid and there's no one
    To tend to the wounds of a soldier
    Of great bravery
    Sensitivity in your expression
    Your creativity
    Your will of a thousand determined trees
    That won't be bothered by the strongest of gales
    The branches of your courage
    Will not be burdened by their hubris

    I'm not going to be an artist without recognizing pain
    It's in my nature to relate

    I know the light is shining during day
    But don't be frightened by the night
    We are enlightened through our ability
    To understand in the way we relate
    The way that we do and don't
    The unexamined
    The unexplained
    The inconceivable
    Let your worries fall with the rain
    And illustrate your rainbow of purity
    And your expression in your irrepressible
    Inspection into the skies of starry nights
    And the dark milky Moody cosmic starlight
    Like vertebrae
    Like our spines


    There's hope

    Your eyes reflect your love

    Your love is not seasoned

    Let our picture albums unfold

    Right now will never fold

    It's your destiny card

    You hold

    To evolve

    We must seek to solve

    The facade of smoke

    Reinvent the meaning

    Of a "God"


  • jpwriter 4w

    What came first...

    Mother earth gave us birth
    A lesson for the question
    Of what came first
    The seed or the Tree
    The hex or the curse
    Adam or Eve
    For Better or worst
    Hand or the knee
    Be Fetter or Free
    Same or Reversed
    Let it just be
    Pain that's disbursed
    Set to be we
    Restrained from the urge
    Let us just see
    Our names are not dirt
    Attaining this key
    Our gain & our worth
    Aiming our need
    To tame all our Nerves
    Of Fame & the Greed
    I say all these words
    So blame will just leave
    Regain all your worth
    & Be thankful to breathe
    Your Power is Yours


  • wolfbrown 4w


    My darkest truest thoughts today i will describe
    Every single word and syllable comes from my soul
    I will inscribe them in your heart like wood carved with knife
    Back stabbed by the people who were suppose to love and console
    I have no belief or confidence not in others or in myself
    All the negative thoughts come raining on my head
    Just like numerous books falling from a shelf
    There's no room for doubt demons do exist in different varieties
    It starts with anxiety, self doubt then guilt, regret and grief
    They gang upon me and eat every shred of confidence, hope, trust and self belief
    Some say to take it step by step but i can't figure out my priorities
    I become powerless and incapable of thinking clearly
    Then i confront the foulest most wicked demon to ever exist
    It lures me on the pretext of freeing from the rest
    It tries to manipulate me into believing a sick theory
    It gives me a sensation impossible to resist
    If death is the only escape then it's futile to protest
    Pick up anything sharp and slash your wrist
    Nobody cares about you it's not like you would be missed
    The backwash of this event fills me with shame
    Suicidal thoughts is the last demon's name

  • voices_of_souls 5w


    Love to last,
    not for lust,
    as sweet as it might feel
    it's not how it should be,
    true love is the real deal,
    to fully live,
    and relive....

  • devilfish 5w

    Welcome To The Show

    Welcome to the show
    What I'm about to show you
    Will blow your mind
    You didn't know to melt into
    Night without becoming froze
    Cold street
    Cold pavement
    Old sayings
    New application
    To paint stars into the sky
    Make pain a butterfly
    A lullaby
    You're only boundary
    Stay in your head
    Don't give them a bed
    Then they will no longer wish to reside
    And you don't have to hide those beautiful
    Curious eyes

  • pallavi4 6w


    Dear diary,

    Far beyond what the eye can see
    Near the dense fog covered horizon
    Are mountains clad with thickets of trees
    And cold that seeps into bones like poison

    Bald eagles glide regally in the grey skies
    Their sharp claws even in the weak sun glisten
    I watch it slowly and gradually rise
    To the mockingbird I peer and listen

    Outside the snow has drenched the countryside
    Readied it like a picture to be framed
    The warmth from the fireplace inside
    Leaves ideas and suspicions maimed

    By the fireplace I sit all alone and weary
    While the raven taps lightly at the door
    The day is icy, long drawn and dreary
    Till the cold stiffens the heart some more

    Frozen roses and their unyielding manner
    Nerves rigid and punishingly stringent steel
    In the eye of the snowstorm lies the manor
    Even the arduous chill it has a strange appeal


    5th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Snow in London” by Ruby and B

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork ! I’m so happy you liked the poem ☺️

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  • scaredycat 6w


    Destruction is on the horizon
    Devestation won't be ignored
    You'll be disappointed trying to avoid it
    All you can do is keep moving forward

    You can't keep your job forever
    One day your friends will turn their backs
    Family will go off on their own endeavors
    And your love will leave you for what you lack

    Hopes and prayers won't stop what's coming
    Neither will wishing those days away
    Best enjoy the peace so long as you have it
    Tomorrow will be a kinda different day.

  • sillythoughts 6w

    ❤Lub Dub❤

    Rhythm of life
    Ringtone, defines to survive
    Every second, every minute you are listening
    That's the way baby,  your body is glistening
    Melodious lyrics lies between us
    It's a boon , it's a curse, give it a big buss.

                                                   ~Srijita Banerjee

  • ananias 7w

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It stretches tall, it stretches wide, it expands to reach yonder. Your heart's loose thread, tied to your loved ones, pulled from you and thinned till your bleeding heart could bleed none. All is touched by your love, it has been dripped, wringed and dragged out there just might as well be none. So fond have you become, but not an inch nearer; to the warm touch of closeness that you long to feel clearer.


  • jpwriter 8w

    Think too Much

    Maybe I think too much,
    Maybe I don't think enough,
    It's constant, it's a cycle,
    Forever in motion, Forever Motionless
    Introducing its Introduction
    Comprehension of Understandings
    Exceed to Overstanding
    Situations sit Standing Still,
    Demanding Deal
    Confronted Confrontations,
    Constantly Conscious,
    Contemplating Consequences,
    Collectively Collaborating,
    Constellations Evaporating
    Rhythms Repercussions
    Vibrating Vibrations,
    Enters Energy, from the
    Darkest Darkness, brings the
    Lightest Brightness,
    Formed through Formations
    Questions Unanswered,
    Answered The Questions,
    Taught Teachings, lead to
    Learned Lessons, make me
    Aware of my Awareness,
    Blessed with Blessings, but
    Tested with Testings, so I
    Confess my Confessions,
    Resting with Restlessness,
    Presents my Presence, by
    Judging my Judgement, instead of
    Accepting Acceptance
    Unintentional Intentions,
    Eventually puts me at
    Mediocre Mediocrity, so I must,
    Intend better Intentions, making
    Progress on my Progression,
    Finalizing the Finale, to
    Exit Existence


  • ananias 9w

    Well I wrote this whole thing before realizing I could not take part in the writing contest. So here it is in all its un-submittable glory.

    #creativearena #inspirational #selfimprovement #rhymes #rhyming #human #condtion #writing #contest #writingcontest @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    " Condition "

    " How was your day? "

    " My days are lying in a corner. Stoned, crippled and rusted; this is official from the coroner. Nights stretch too long, the sky expands before me. I walk a mile and these waves pull me back two, I can feel the sea absorb me. But I just don't stop breathing and hoping for life. "

    " So why do you fight? "

    " Why does the canary sing or the hummingbird fly? Why do fish swim or at the moon do wolves cry? Ask yourself why tall trees grow taller, and know my answer why. It is in my nature, our nature, to not give up without a fight. To sacrifice our peacefulness to maintain improvement in our lives; to labour intensively, to create without a guide. As humans we have powers to multiply and to divide; were it not for struggles in our days then we would hardly be inspired. We would never grow tired, hardly provoke ire or bother kicking the tires on old things we loved. From no push would come a shove, no heartbreak leaking love, or a cage for pretty doves. So to reiterate, fighting back is not only something I could never hate, it is what made us who we are. The human condition, fundamentally struggling and the will to create, it is who we are. "


  • versatilevishnu 9w


    Breeze is flowing at Ease

  • devilfish 10w

    The First Breath

    Milky pools of dewey darkness swirling

    In the morning cup of an emerging sun

    A starkness that seems to have spun me

    It urged me to draw closer to the morning

    I always have felt a shift of the day and how

    The most terrifying all started out just this way

    All the same

    In violent sirens of gradients of washed out grey

    And step back into the concealed cloak

    Of night where my body can heal itself

    From the demands of daylight where hunger


    And longing ache

    Wrapping misery around my throat

  • devilfish 11w

    My Black Shirt Skin With Black Cologne

    I look without a scope
    I don't judge or cast judgements
    Hasty generalizations are for most
    All I know is I cast my vote
    On a patriotic note
    I love my home
    This place doesn't need a throne
    To reign in it's swirl of nightmares and dream
    A cyclone
    Of change
    Viciously bleeding hate
    False claims
    Glass plates
    That break when things change
    But it's heart will remain
    When I walk through that place
    Nostalgia and pride pulsate through my veins
    I'm coming back to my heart
    I'm emptying myself of hate
    When I walk with this gain
    As I'd made ways
    In different times
    I adapt with my change
    Although pain has been known to
    The former
    Without destroying it's unique state
    Of being
    Our thoughts are something
    Look me in the eyes when you see me walking
    Feel the energy talking to your mind
    In a way my aura plays it's rays of lunar crazed
    In the sunlight's rays
    My milky brown eyes
    Leak misty eyed beams of what I love
    The things I hate
    Even the concept itself
    But two even ends of the same thing
    I compartmentalize in trays on a shelf
    Where they make amends and I part ways
    But things haunt me to this days
    The things you can smell with enough experience
    If you don't see a thing
    And you just drink the water
    Without anyone leading you to it
    You already knew it
    Just do it
    Then walk in a fluid manner
    Congruent in your movement
    Will do it
    If you don't apply to much pressure
    Do it gradual
    With ease
    Tease the folds and crease with emotive
    Dreams and agony unfolding into
    A masterpiece of bettered tradgedies
    Even in formality
    The human race
    Is not lost in all totality
    It's tattered with falsifying fallacies
    That have seem to metamorphosis
    Of misinterpreted analogies
    Biased in philosophies
    But time is picking up it's velocity
    Let's increase generosity for the people
    I'm fed up with the formalities
    And ignorant informalities being
    Strung about by blasphemy
    And racist bags of meat
    But we must not bow to defeat
    As if we we're falling to their mercy
    On living feat with voices that can shift tides
    With it's power like the sea
    Let me go free freedom
    We have our speech
    We must not lift our noses in
    We need to be strong
    We are
    Because we had to be
    We have to be
    We are
    I could be you
    You could be me
    It's a mirror
    If you look closely
    It's clearer as you get nearer
    To the truth
    The unfamiliar interior

  • hoorbanu98 12w

    Topic of your's♥

    Just hoping more, And don't Trust anymore...

  • mahtobpensdown 14w


    Why feel upset for someone else's progress?
    Fighting long battles; it is a result
    of hardwork and bless!
    Instead of lamenting displeasure; believe, you have the power to impress!
    Life is just a real game of chess!!
    You are an influential king/ queen,
    who doesn't surrender even if the obstacles are umpteen!