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  • faceless90 1w

    Devilish Dread

    Losing my head like I usually am, I excuse any senses refusing to cleanse any truly extensive inexcusable dread that my temple may brew when I puke out the threats given to me by some mutual friends I have with the devil, leave him fueding with death while I loosen the noose that's been used on my neck for 30 plus years; my future is blessed.

  • faceless90 1w

    Child Abuse

    To the children whom hurt and feel neglected. Remember to never conceal your message. Whether parent or teacher reveal the red slits or bruises left on you by people who've wept when adults have assaulted them rightly with weapons, ending the lives of molesters with vengeance. 

  • hovah_ 1w

    Write too much
    Bleed too much
    To want to have
    To be too much
    To chase a dream
    Would cost too much
    At night it feels a bit too much

  • poetrani 1w

    I can, Eventually

    Life befalls all at once,
    If I could pause all for once... I'm jaded.
    It's always gonna be complicated...
    Dark days love me—hard relations.
    As if programmed, I'm reliving the same days.
    My conscience rams my thoughts: "Change ways!"
    I promised that, but never did I follow.
    My conscious lags: "Later, or tomorrow."
    Why don't I do it now? Whatever it is...
    Am I that pooled with doubts?
    Can't I pressure limits?
    I think too much, but I never do much;
    Life gives too much, but I don't use none
    Of the chances given.
    My shots, I blew some, misused some;
    My brain lose trust in me who just
    Keeps killing minutes.
    I have to pick my pen every other day,
    And stick to it to the end,
    Till I can bring nice sense in better ways.
    A good mix of words sends
    A mix of feelings to mend—
    If not to mend, then to get—a reader's pain.
    I can eventually write good,
    If I write good enough every other day.
    I can eventually fly—I could—
    If I flap my wings enough every other day.
    I can... Eventually.

  • badnugget55 1w


    Mondays to others are played out and dreary. The day seems to drag on, making them appear sunken and leary. To me it's a fresh start and the chance at a clean slate. A hope to renew and fix my previous mistakes. But the day zooms by and with nothing I've completed. I'm left to lay in bed and feel nothing but defeated. But the week will go on and time will pass by and by. Mondays are my favorite, I can't exactly explain why.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 2w


    Orphan wrapped in dust,
    Raped mother died, newborn cried,
    Stranger adopted.

  • jpwriter 2w

    What am I Waiting for.....

    It was so hard to find, this heart of mine
    Distinctively I need to draw to start the line
    When I think of me she falls behind, like a ball
    sometimes inclined on a slope
    Asking father time to find me some hope,
    The father of mine was always on dope
    I was crying sometimes but it dried like a moat 
    I need to stay alive inside, not hide or worst mope 
    I'm not going to lie & decide that I'm not worth most
    There's a light that guides that shines on the floor
    I'll swallow my pride and open that door 
    I know it's new life, don't say anymore ,
    I keep taking my time, what am I waiting for....


  • petrichorune 2w

    एक सूखे से दामन में,
    धधक रहा एक झील का दिल है,
    रक्स करता अंधेरे-उजाले में,
    अपनी ही धुन में,
    किसी मचलती बरसात का इंतजार करते,
    एक राह की खोज में,
    गेहरी किसी खायी को.... आफरीन अबशार बनाने को अंगडा़इयां भरता है....
    एक बाघ की दहाड़ में उमड़ने का दिल करता है।


  • ananias 4w

    #bees #buzzing #rhymes #pointless #tinnitus

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    Zip, zap, pop. I'm buzzing and can't stop this feeling inside that I'm sure is so pure it can't be bought at a shop. I don't feel it a lot, so I'm not sure when I'll drop my anticipation of what this buzzing might prompt. What has it wrought? I could not really say, except it's better on good days and worse when I'm malaised. Buzzing, busy buzzing, like a bee with flowers to graze; I am biding my time as long as my precious, special buzzing remains.


  • faceless90 4w

    Maniacal Mindset

    This maniacal mindset will not quiet my mind yet.

    Aside from a psyche den where will I reside when I find myself mindless crying silently quite sick???

  • badnugget55 5w

    The Ending

    One day if everything stops, it's not an if but a when. The music, the words, their company will shrivel to an end. So like a game of tug of war, we pull and tug and beg, it won't make a difference, yet we still listen to what they said. You have one time to exist but it'll evaporate just like the start. Now ignore it, wish the inevitable away, we've been trained to play the part.

  • jpbaldwin 5w

    Life is a Miracle

    Life is a miracle whether your spiritual
    I thank the Maker when writing my lyrical 
    On my feet I repeat this habitual
    While staying and praying in the physical
    Sometimes the mind becomes unbearable
    So I just have to laugh & find it hysterical
    If I get too cynical from people being too critical
    It could lead to me to be a patient in a clinical
    Staying adjacent will make life pitiful
    So just lay straight & try to keep life minimal
    As if I lived in times of the biblical
    Good rituals strive me to be alive till my pinnacle
    Then my eyes will realize the actual visual
    Counting everyday like mathematical principles
    I do things that you think are sinful though 
    As send a message to learn the lesson subliminal
    God I know it's odd but release every piece 
    Of this umbilical, making two, me and you
     Undivided and indivisible


  • petrichorune 5w

    Theirs' a wish for you,
    Travelling in the ripples of love I have for you,
    May it remains for forever and travel with you,
    These hearts are meant to connect,
    Let them be miles apart,
    There's a wish for you,
    In a nut shell of time it's wrapped,
    But will always be with you.


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 5w


    Whatsoever my inky feathers may endeavour to articulate,
    On the virgin leaflets shall not be suffice, to define even half of her,
    Still the autumn leaves of my emotions along the tranquil zephyr of her love that pendulate,
    Yearns to become the soul of my verses, so that I can lay the petals of my love forth her.

    Hurricanes of infinite oceans merge beneath her lashes, charismatic,
    Makes my heart plunge and dive deep, stay afloat on the waves of her love,
    Like the kaleidoscopic moonbow in the night sky, spreads on my darkened soul, her charm, prismatic,
    When she smiles deepening the whirlpool of her cheeks, stardust of glory showers from above.

    The crimson tints of her mellow lips, she steals from the canvas of evening horizon,
    My dusky beauty when wraps herself in white seems like mountains with the veil of snowflakes, covered,
    When she warbles the melodies of love, nightingales stand astonished and frozen,
    If the universe holds millions of hues within it's arms, she is the shade yet to be discovered,

    She seems to be a fragment of heavens, that had inadvertently drifted,
    Her presence enlivens the very essence of this Earth, laps of nature seems to be gifted.


    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta handle: sword_of_word_86*

    *Email Id:Reshma.kausar86@gmail.com*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86*

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  • ananias 6w

    I still remember, so how can I move on?
    Every time I think of it my heart plays that same song.
    I refuse to sing along but it does not stop the tune
    Of a small violin, quiet now and then, to remind me of the things I rue.


  • ananias 6w

    These silent, private walls with plenty of secrets to keep bottled up inside lest it leak and cause flowers, birds and trees to weep; and sickly, swollen tears to seep deep, near ten feet, and treat the earth as a wet pillow. At night the walls wallow in pity, in the country they are more shallow than the city, I swear they do what they can to drive me up them.

  • liepa_malijauskaite 7w

    Song type rhyme, the power of lies.
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    All of your lies

    Don't start your words,
    I know there not right,
    Don't say your words,
    I know you will lie,
    Cause you do it so fine.

    With all your lies,
    I feel like I belong,
    With all your lies,
    I feel so immature,
    So make it rain.

    Don't speak so slow,
    Your just making it hard,
    For me to show,
    Any pity or revolt,
    Against you.

    With all your lies,
    I feel like I belong,
    With all your lies,
    I feel so immature,
    So make it rain.

    I see your face,
    But I always fall down,
    So come make some noise,
    Cause my eyes are blind,
    From all that you are.

    With all your lies,
    I feel like I belong,
    With all your lies,
    I feel so immature,
    So make it rain.

    My heart will lie,
    If you only command,
    Cause your words,
    Always leads me upright,
    To the hell that you disguise.

    With all your lies,
    I feel like I belong,
    With all your lies,
    I feel so immature,
    So make it rain.

    Don't say any words,
    They make you sound,
    So reassuring and nice,
    But don't leave my side,
    I still believe,
    That you belong with me.


  • unnatural 7w

    ಮನದಲ್ಲಿ ಯಾವಾಗಲೂ ನಿನ್ನದೇ ಮನನ,
    ಬರೆಯಬೇಕೆನಿಸುತಿದೆ ನಿನಗೊಂದು ಕವನ,
    ಮಾಡಬೇಡ ನನ್ನ ಬುಧ್ಧಿಯ ಮಥನ,
    ನಿನ್ನ ಸಿಗುವಿಕೆಗೆ ಮಾಡುವೆ ಹೋಮ-ಹವನ,
    ಅದಕ್ಕಿಂತ ಜಾಸ್ತಿ ಪಡುವೆ ನಾ ಪ್ರಯತ್ನ.

  • badnugget55 7w

    The Road To Sun

    Two Roads diverged in the yellow woods, stand back to examine and maybe they both could make sense of the last five years and the next decade to come. Because both paths looked bleak, foggy and desolate of sun. The roads seemed to intertwine somehow, leading them back to the start. Both paths seemed indistinguishable, so here they'll depart.

  • writtenright 7w

    Poem: Blues

    The paint's loose,
    Pain in the knee,
    My only med is plain booze,
    No pound for the food,
    No friends, what a strange truth,
    No penny for the thought,
    I am stuck in my brain's booth,
    I bathe in the fountain of pain,
    rinsing my sane youth,
    Again in the name of love,
    I have been played, fooled,
    Why can't the life's game
    have the same rules?
    I am drowning deep
    In this never ending insane blues

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    No penny for the thought,
    I am stuck in my brain's booth,
    I bathe in the fountain of pain,
    rinsing my sane youth,