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  • faceless90 1d

    Hades New Consul

    Whether psychotic or sane demons pommel my brain. Teeth gnawing till pangs are intolerable strains of subconscious decay; my thoughts are enslaved by the pontiff of flames, Hades God whom ordained me as consul in place of Abaddon drape me in scarlet remains until targets of rape are not harmed, but escape Hades marshes unscathed.

  • jpwriter 5d


    Survival of my Rival
    Survival of the fittest
    I put that on the bible
    I'm the last survivor & Witness
    I checked all my vital
    At the heighten of my fitness
    Get into primal
    I so may get to the finish
    Traveling in this world unknown
    One thing I know
    Is there is there is no place like home
    Through the lakes of Fire
    & The caves of vicious
    As I tightrope the wire
    To handle my business
    Fan or critics
    I'm gonna come with it
    Whether it's the alphabet
    Or I'm rhyming with digits
    What is this...You ask
    It's unfinished business
    Finishing tasks, uncompleted
    Defeating my demons
    With Red pointed Tails
    I'm in the season of heated
    With poisonous smells
    The devil is conceited
    As his royalty hails
    I've come to just beat him
    And Loyalist males
    There's no retreating
    Why the rest soil themselves
    I am still breathing
    Off the Survivalist Will
    He will not keep me
    As I will Prevail


  • supasesh 1w

    #Rhyme#whats a pattern? Lol

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    In the cold they froze; lost in that snow
    Like a racoon and something shiny; refusing to let go
    When the lights go out is when we start the real show
    When you drape yourself in pity it's hard to see your glow
    Asking me if im stupid, baby Ive never met anyone as slow

  • jpwriter 1w

    She was the Poesy for my Poetry

    She was the girl I always wanted to write about
    The poesy to my poetry
    The difference was she a mystic brush 
    Who actually could be holding me
    I was only lonely when I thought of her
    Moaning, groaning if got with her
    I was zoning solely just to walk with her
    Or maybe talk with her like a Stenographer
    I could picture it now like a photographer
    Someone pinch me now, I'm so hot for her
    Get me down and thermometer
    Might have the love bug Mister doctor sir
    She can leave me handcuffed like an officer
    If I have the chance with the proper words
    I'll have her thinking about me like a philosopher
    Even if I'm not drinking, She has the softest curves
    And the nicest smile
    God if I got to her, I'll pray on the bible
    Maybe her number sir, so I can dial
    She seems so organized like a File
    Do I have chance or is it all denial
    Just give me one dance, I'll wait awhile.....


  • jpwriter 1w

    I am him

    I do not pretend my agenda is what it's not,
    I suppose I could pose and be him that I am not
    In the wind I can sin and ploy with the plot
    Then again I am him and him I am not
    If I'm missing in the mission, know I love you a lot
    And if I'm him then I am and love is what I've got
    If it's immediate my Impediments will go ahead & stop
    And if I'm him then I am and stopped is how I blocked
    If they're blasting me for a blasphemy 
    Then God is all I got
    And if Im him then I am but God I am not


  • supasesh 1w

    Its a trade-off; your heart for mine
    I dream of lavish living and fancy wine

    Vivid flashbacks to a still frame of that night
    Still a waging battle but cleaned teeth I won that fight

    A few cards up my sleeve and 45 in the bag
    Hubba Bubba burst my brain emotions implode like rubble from a frag

    Id rather die on my feet than crawl on my knees
    My honor guest in my head of horrors sit where you please


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    1 heart, 2 heart, my heart, your heart
    Easy eyes,my demise,spider and fly, your a prize

  • jpwriter 1w

    Show her that you Care

    Better love your girl and treat her well
    Do your best to invest making life a fairy tale
    There's no telling when she could leave ya
    You have One chance at making a first impression
    Unless they get amnesia, you see a, gentleman
    Opens the door for a lady, 
    & Splits responsibilities if they have a baby, 
    Maybe, she is tired and in a mood,
    Clean up after yourself and cook the family food,
    I understand that your the man, 
    But it's like relationships go hand in hand, 
    Not hand in fist, Now listen man, 
    Control your Anger to show what a real man is,
    Kill her kindness and be a business man, 
    Kids will stand, & observe it all
    Be careful how you act and share the ball
    It won't all, be cakes and pies 
    I know sometimes there's a snake that lies
    But make them eyes, an honest pair
    Be sincere & show you care


  • jpwriter 1w

    Depths of Hell

    Crawled myself out of the depths of hell
    Brimstone, fire, death as well
    Flintstone tired, depth to tell
    Sin retired, left the cell,
    Brick-stone writer, can't ya tell
    Skinned some liars & broke their spell
    They pinched the pliers & hoped farewell
    Spin the tires, all smoke they smelled
    Im in desire but time won't help
    Wet and drier I half way felt
    Get providers and insure my health
    Witness this survivor that already dealt
    With hideous viruses and a bitch of stealth
    They ain't getting my iris, I can see that now
    I'm feeling the highness observe burns & pelts
    I'm in till I die cause that's how I'm built
    Until they just fry I'll regain my belt
    I will get by no matter the will


  • 84prasen 1w


    Four footed reptile you
    Sticking on wall,
    Looking for small prey
    Without fear to fall.

    From my book "Musing"
    ©️Prasenjit Chanda

  • preetm 1w

    Ok fine
    You are not mine
    I am in line...

    Give me some time
    Until I rhyme

    Last breath is not mine
    You feel like divine

    Come close to me
    Lean on me

    Feel me until I feel you in me....


  • porcupine 2w


    The ducks are in a row
    The mother and four babies
    Together they are a family
    And they walk in a series

    The hockey cards are alike
    The group contains thirty cards
    Together they will complete
    A series which finding was very hard

    The TV show has five parts
    Telling an interesting story
    Each program during the week
    All of them making a miniseries

    This poem has four verses
    Each verse with four lines
    I guess it could be one too
    A series of words and rhymes

    A random word from the dictionary

  • wifey_suicide 2w

    I got a gun pointed at my head, it's not full
    The trigger, I pull
    Empty thoughts make my head explode

  • jpwriter 2w

    As an Adolescent

    As an adolescent I had some questions,
    Who was God & Where was heaven,
    What is Love & How do we make it in our presence,
    Why are we here & others I will not mention,
    Extension of thoughts brought me closer
    To the lessons taught not older
    I was guessing a lot not sober
    My attention was caught hot fought colder
    The intentions intended eventually endless
    Suspending my mind & anything pretentious
    Now I'm letting time find it's other dimensions
    So that I might live life in the light of redemptions


  • jpwriter 2w

    A Talk with God

    They say you work in mysterious ways 
    So Creator I am just curious hey
    Why did you make humans in such a delirious way
    I have my own theories, will you hear me if I pray
    What about today will you hear me if I say
    Why do you giveth and then taketh away
    I lay in a bed of red roses, yet roses have thorns
    But you already know this
    Can I part the red sea like Moses
    Like hair that you part a comb with
    Or should I be in this comatosis
    Old Testament you're so ferocious
    The new one is you, son, and the holy ghostness
    I'm not trying to atrocious,  
    I just want to act on the facts for those I go with
    I don't need magic hats or hocus pocus
    I'm just needing back on track with my focus
    I guess God that's the real reason I wrote this


  • supasesh 3w

    i need a hand to hold
    i need a mill in the bank
    no cards but i refuse to fold
    a shark in this goldfish tank

    i need something money doesnt buy
    i need some money just to get by
    flawless in everything that you try
    flawed everytime that i try

    i need a heart plus mine
    i need a all gold diamond grill
    Patience is key until its time
    days lost in this tiny blue pill

    i need love thats not myself
    i need to learn to love myself
    when you're tired put me back on the shelf
    im actually starting to worry about my health

    #rhyme#no structure #makeitrhyme ;)

    I wanna die rich and happy, so far I'm only on track for 1/3 of those things

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    I locked the door then asked why the door is locked

  • porcupine 3w

    Dream of rhymes and poetry

    When you lay your head down
    To say hello to the sandman
    May your dreams be of poems
    And rhymes of faraway lands

    Intricate weaving of words
    And thoughts inside your head
    When you drift to another state
    A verse is born as you're asleep in bed

    Lines narrating like R.E.M.
    The rhythm as it flows smoothly
    The heart beats much faster
    As you jump awake to write suddenly

    A random memory as you're resting
    Remembered like it was earlier that day
    A phrase containing a handful of words
    Vivid and clear that your mind has displayed

    As you nap , or sleep deeply think of
    A rhyme , thought , a word it could be
    It may inspire and produce a new idea
    When rested you can write some poetry

  • devilfish 3w


    I remember the floral scent you emit
    So articulate and delicate
    Moonlight dewdrop kiss
    As if a dream could last forever
    Pure bliss

    Time is so cold and intricate
    I'll always be bold and honest
    Forever our love too big
    Not modest enough to fit on a screen


  • badnugget55 4w

    Nothing to say

    I have nothing to say, so I'll babble for a while. I have nothing to say like a tongue tied child. I have nothing to say except I'm sorry for wasting your time. I have nothing to say, so I'll waste some more of mine. I have nothing to say, so I'll cram my nose in a book. I have nothing to say, except I'm sorry for how long this took.

  • devilfish 4w

    The Moonlight

    I want my skin to synthesize
    All of fhese concepts I can't analyze
    Words cannot conceptualize
    These embryonic thoughts
    Internalized incubating in my mind
    Into questions only answered by moonlight mysterious collection of memories seen through your eyes
    Unsung until tonight


  • jpbaldwin 4w


    To get a like or two, it helps to be relatable
    But what's that really do, so I guess that's debatable
    If you're looking for an ego boost....
    Well that's easily inflatable
    One day life is glorious 
    & the next day we just hate though
    I've walked this road a thousand times,
    Yet still I feel its not mine, 
    It's no doubt, it's hard to find peace of mind 
    & people that stick it out
    It just seems to me, that people be, all so picky now
    Even family can't stand to be  all uplifting now
    It's rare to me, I barely leave to get done what I want
    Is it fair to me, that barely see the son I love a Lot
    If love is blind it's tough find the 1 who thinks it's not
    When she loves him & he loves her 
    That's how they get caught
    I hold it true that life makes you 
    That's something we're not taught
    If you quickly settle you risk your fettle
    Maybe give this a little thought
    Life will take it's toll before it takes your soul
    So give it all you got