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    24 June 2021 1.55 pm

    600 ��

    Pictorial Poetry ~
    /with end rhyme/

    The Dried A
    rose shades symbol
    petals of of
    in brown sorrow
    my autumn so
    journal eternal sempiternal

    Your Yearning Fog
    photographs taste enshrouded
    in of dewdrops
    my air for of
    drawers years tears

    Your Threads Memories
    sweaters of stuffed
    slumbering fate into
    in broke an
    my demure empty
    closet floweret casket

    Rivulets Stormy Strange
    of tides sense
    reminiscence of of
    cascading deja vu jamais vu
    down tormenting in blind
    valley galley alley

    Dizzy Fantasies Arresting
    daydreams falling ache
    is frozen often
    drowning and blooming
    in failing agonizing
    despair unfair affair


    Sometimes Chaotic Crushing
    comforting, wars hope,
    this in dreading
    love past bonds
    Iike afflicting in
    silence violence defiance

    Solitude Pain Luck
    slicing so play
    the soothing hide-n-seek
    void a love and
    in this fate
    mind kind remind

    Flames Distance Withering
    of love between blossoms
    and dissolves of hope
    ashes chance, wilting
    of dissecting at
    past fast last

    Isn't That And
    losing restricts then
    in the welcoming
    love self the
    twice in misery
    a chasing that
    shame fame came


    I In Unbeknownst
    grew hopes to
    daisies of me
    and blooming the
    sunflowers a seasons
    in love grew
    your like us
    heart art apart

    I Only That
    watered to I
    the lose somehow
    blooms them managed
    all to to
    winter heartache survive
    meticulously ridiculously miraculously

    Still And An artist,
    I bloom sunflowers a poet
    daisies to to that
    lost forlorn heartbreak
    love hope awoke


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    Still And An artist,
    I bloom sunflowers a poet
    daisies to to that
    lost forlorn heartbreak
    love hope awoke


  • supasesh 9h

    She's beauty and I fuck like a beast ����

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    Ur a 10 I'm a 2

    I don't know how you could ever love me
    I'm prone to disaster, insecure and kinda ugly,
    Still, you find a million little reasons to Love me,
    There's billions on this earth, still you put no above me,
    Baby come over here, climb on top and fuck me.

  • saumyatiwari17 1d

    I am trying to find my true self in between all these chaotic life affairs but " Am I happy"?

    These desires of living are milk and honey but so fussy,

    The crazy thoughts under the veil are hustling,

    Let's get prepared to rise and soar in this world of plenty .


  • ahundredcrownz 2d

    I borrow time
    To make thee mine
    To keep thee close to me

    I borrow time
    And it seemed fine
    From what mine eyes could see

    I borrow time
    From where demons cry
    And angels flee

    And all lame men fully agree
    It's time to pay
    For what should never be


  • retroecho 3d


    Taste the biscuit
    We're bored again
    Tell me ill doings are gone my friend
    Smart ass remarks
    Let's char
    Not pretend.


  • retroecho 3d

    Inside out

    Aside from your views
    You talk as if I knew
    We laugh it off
    We eat
    We say I love you
    But did we question
    We obviously didn't need to.


  • retroecho 4d


    Sat on the edge
    So green
    The canvas
    And chit chat
    A wedge
    This and that
    We are happy
    Our small world
    That ol' cheeky chappy
    It's easy round the curl.


  • retroecho 4d


    Pearl glass
    That sheet with us
    Oval task at hand
    What is all the fuss
    Reached for nooks
    Searched in crannies
    In demand the crooks are lost
    Screw you baddies.


  • scribbled_paradox 1w

    Au revoir? Monsieur Mozart.

    Love–forsaken by eternal miseries
    Beneath the canopies of this theatre
    Along with thy deafening symphonies
    Was a lovelorn's beamed behind the foyer.

    The playhouse was filled with thy concerto
    Note kisses the dusk as you play the keys
    Thou shall make an angel's hymn and echo
    So I could dance with this lunatic bliss.

    This might be another poem of adieu,
    To thy symphony, memories, and glee
    A forlorn sheet with rhymes and ashen hue
    That scribbled my ethereal hymn to thee.

    Til' my quill cross with thy music and heart,
    Au revoir, my beloved Monsieur Mozart

    #sonnet #classical #rhyme #filipinowriter

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    Til' my quill cross with thy music and heart,
    Au revoir, my beloved Monsieur Mozart


  • devilfish 1w

    Lady With The Pink Umbrella

    Lady with the pink umbrella
    You look so lost
    On this dark day

    Lady with the pink umbrella
    The skies are painted grey
    I saw the face of sullen countenance
    she conveyed

    Lady with the pink umbrella
    Could it be we feel the same?

  • devilfish 1w

    Circles Of Ash

    A ring of love
    Burned to circles of ash
    As if a dove could stand
    The cigarettes and all the

    A ring of love
    I no longer respond to
    A touch without thinking of abuse
    I try to interpret and it's been fused

    I try to undo what I can
    But, I can only carry myself
    If I can come to my feet and stand
    Without any help then I will be able
    I envy the constant state of stable that even a blind man can see he's veered off the path
    B L A C K

    A sweeping band of rain
    Torrential as it's pouring in vain
    Clutch has shook me
    And rattled me
    An onyx seductive black

  • tmdisarro 1w


    At ocean's edge you left me
    Swimming out to meet the midnight
    Under the reflection of uncounted stars
    Dancing to a dirge upon troubled waters
    Washed by the foaming words
    Stinging sentences
    Salted solutions
    Jellyfish Syllables
    Secret sounds you alone dicern
    Lessons learned not
    Memories burned yes
    Waterfires of pure desire
    A life of loss what cost acquired?
    Sinking slowly into fathoms
    You were assured were blue
    Blankets of sorrows
    Of your own creation
    Comforted by suffocation
    You slept like an angel
    In currents of calm
    Leaving the surface behind
    A friend you kept at a distance
    Like a sun you never felt
    A warmth you longed for
    From a counterfeit youth
    Or glass of moonlight never tasted
    Eternally wasted you see
    There are no mermaids
    Waiting for you
    No gods to carry you
    Into Elysium
    Atlantis is a myth after all
    Seashells adorn the dancefloor
    Treasures have all been plundered
    Gardens of seaweeds sway
    Inside a fractured imagination
    Pressure crushes all expectations
    Of an escape you craved
    As stories saved
    All that remains
    Are bottom feeders
    Shipwrecks and fish scales
    Cold dreams
    Dark reality
    In stillness you lay
    Looking up
    Through cascading
    Or not so blessed
    Diamond delusions
    Trickle down
    From a sky
    Abandoned long ago
    The lights above
    A billion eyes close
    As you realize
    The deep blue sea
    Is a lie
    For all is black
    As death runs

    TM DiSarro
    ©2021 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing
    New Book Available:

    a collection of 200 poems

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    Colloge by TMD

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    Beauty fills the senses
    just as kite strings cling to paper
    flying through the ice blue heavens
    turning poets into vapor

    As the blackbirds fly in silence
    shape shift clouds of cotton white
    on the wings of summer mischief
    in the notebook where I write

    ©2021 TM DiSarro

  • ahundredcrownz 1w

    I met your son some years ago
    Armor piercing arrows from cupid's bow
    He built a castle of trust in me
    Your son crushed my fragility

    All the while I fought my fears
    Tried to break away, though love endures

    A great gift he'd given to us
    A promised life of a daughter's love
    A special girl, she favors him
    Some much Greene in every limb

    So here I sit, happiness filled to the brim
    Memory fades of days once grim
    I thank you for your loving son
    A grateful life, I've truly won


  • ahundredcrownz 1w

    Oh villain time, you delirious fool
    To force to rest my working tool

    My pen in hand gives strength and power
    To write such tales of death and flower

    Ink to page my heart will mend
    Should surely never find its end

    Time will slip, hour to hour
    Could I truly lose my power?

    A soul poured page to page
    A life born of love and rage

    When my life should reach its jaded end
    My life's work, my pen defends


  • supasesh 1w

    Imma flip the script,
    all eyes on me.
    Bad vibes Imma Dip,
    decided to fly instead of flee.

    Lions dont leave the jungle,
    so I'm not going anywhere.
    Straight back now don't mumble,
    stick around there's love to spare.

    Grip those thighs,
    kiss your chest.
    Hits harder when I see your eyes,
    baby got everyone else pressed.

    Slip, trip and fell in love,
    are you scared of ghouls.
    Cut ties and it's flight for the dove,
    Fix my habits my brain harbours the tools

    #grow#love#rhyme#original# to many fucking hashtags

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  • devilfish 2w


    I'm rhymic
    Like a bomb of volatile ticks
    That contort my body like ropes my tendons
    As they rip

    In the manner that my body dances
    Before it breaks
    I could even out each bone
    And assemble a new face

    I'm rhymic
    Grinding against metal shards
    To breathe through a narrow straw
    I don't think I can
    But I move forward because my will
    Will never break
    There's not an ache that could chip my Determined state

    Trying like a newborn baby to supply
    To take to learn to go and get it
    I'm not ashamed of my own face
    I'm ashamed of what it becomes if I poison myself with shame blame
    And a name that is not kind
    I had to learn the hard way
    And I won't complain but time haunts it's empty space
    And if you don't value your worth
    It will snatch away your name
    And your face
    You think it hurts, until you can't scream
    You can't embrace love with a tongue
    Locked in it's place

    Intake the Dewey drops of morning mist
    Let the water wash away the troubles of the day

    As daylight breaks and the leaves uncomfortably shake
    Just remember that the wind will break
    And love will tenderly float like a feather
    Into your heart
    Let my words be the food to your brain
    As a plate and if I may
    Say that I cannot take away your pain
    But I offer you my thoughts
    My love
    And I encourage you
    You're well deserving
    So find what you need
    And please, do fill that space

    -Anthony Aaron Musto

  • supasesh 2w

    To be honest, I'm loosing the that fire that gave me strength,
    To be honest, prone to disaster always going far past the length

    And if I'm staying truthful, now a'days I feel I'm made more of anxiety than man,
    And if I'm staying truthful, i know I'm not alone but I'll drag you down if I take that hand

    How the hell does everyone seem to function
    How the hell am I the only one without a role in this production

    No fool, play cool I rather be sad the stupid
    Puddles pool, feelings duel reality becoming to lucid

    #mirkee#original#rhyme# no fucking structure just like my life

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    There's always two feelings that I struggle with internally; everything was easier when I was fucked up.I had no responsibility because who would trust an addict,
    And knowing how far I've come and what a waste it would be to return but it's so hard to keep going and trying to maintain that level of happiness everyone else seems to do so flawlessly.

  • supasesh 2w

    Skin with pressure, lemme feel that heart
    Decaying with elegance, baby loves a demon dark

    High strung ease, wanna see a man breakdown while bearing a smile,
    Deep disire love, I don't think anyone has done grim with so much style

    Early but you know me, my demons only sleep when I do to,
    Scattered in style, drench me in red and I still manage to stay blue

    Product no purchase, play devil with didactic instructions,
    A noose kina look, re- up I come with brand new functions

    Inudate with love, cognitive behaviour but my insecurities are prone,
    Am I still cute, I hate that my mind wanders when you're lost in your phone

    Emotionless remonstrate towards life, the world still exists even through a blind gaze
    Seperhpic despair, tip toe over the sadness this is a brand new faze

    #poetry #life #rhyme #original #hope #rebuilding #mirkee

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    Shut the fuck up pls


  • ahundredcrownz 2w

    Some days, a hefty love i bear
    Other days, clothed in blind despair
    I give all when it suits me most
    Lovers eyes fully engrossed

    But for a time in twilight hour
    My heart turns bitter, cold and sour

    Do you dream about your dear old friend?
    Could our venomous tongues fully amend?
    Our violent souls i do commend

    But through it all, our fight be holy
    I have hopes to see you rise in glory
    Even if our loves demise flows swift but slowly

    So yes, I give it all sometimes

    For you, my shiny golden prize


  • devilfish 2w

    I Will Already Know Before It Happens

    The same snacking of the nightmare
    On it's same prey snapping bones
    From where?

    The question hangs silently swinging like a pendulum in the air

    I cannot tell where I have not been answer
    The defensive dancer

    This is how I act in the manner a Cancer
    The prancer never plants foot on a tightrope
    Of prayers prayers
    I make layers
    I make my own choices and I'm nothing
    Without the moon and ocean
    How their voices answer the question of my motion moving me further up the sustaining devotion
    now then and later

    I see through intentions like piercing arrow

    All I know is I feel violated
    I shake so uncomfortably
    I'm uncomfortably aware
    My rib cage flares like flames
    My name falls like ashes from the air
    From my body falling in the air
    I exhale
    I'm aware
    My third eye is not blinded by smug glares
    And sticking your nosup in the air
    As if you decided what was fair?
    Hate doesn't care
    You seen my pain
    You didn't care
    You hate me...there?
    The truth could be your angel
    But you took the thought and you played it
    To yourself in box
    I inhale
    I balance scales
    I can make change
    Make the copper penny a scapegoat
    When is drains away my drench
    "Why is the Make America Great Again"
    Printed on his dad's scope
    And his trenchcoat
    Hello here is the footprint
    The infants they cannot say the words to tell you that they need us
    We were them
    Don't just love them
    Learn them
    Teach all of your wisdom to them
    And demonstrate
    Illustrate gardens of passion
    And your mind
    How to purge it
    With patriotic resistance
    Melody kept a key for a gram of
    La flaquita
    La niña
    In the bathroom
    Crying in the mirror
    Why do pictures make her love forget her worth
    As if one girl was to feel inferior
    As if you could use a human being as a cathedral to purge your perverse sins
    Diamonds and Violence seated
    Their dressed fitted thin
    Just like their skin
    Their never going to win
    Why do you hate yourself
    "Please karma..."
    "Kill him"
    I can breathe still
    I can hear scream
    Heave wheeze and a shriek so shrill
    Blood curling that the leaves grew still
    She hates her skin she loathes her looks
    She'd kill to look anything like a bottle full of pills
    Blood spilled
    I guess 'The World Elite"
    Are okay when the sleep while we dry heaves
    Wheeze on the sidewalk where you left us on the street
    Feel them bleed
    They die by your dirty green monster teeth
    Greed because they believe that poverty
    Will not be the hand that took their mother
    And brother
    Just like you and me
    Friends of family
    I'm tired of the wire taps
    I rip shreds of wires
    I did the deathbeds of the evil that doesn't need to make flesh bleed to ensure their survival evolved if it's not vital
    Then go ahead and go with the denial
    These "X-files" of records compiled
    Is serious but I'm delirious
    I can feel the wind before it blows
    There it goes a current of a torrent of waves of the water
    I feel it
    I peel it
    Instill it
    Paint words on the canvas
    I will it to be this
    I put hurt
    Work until it hurts so hard because I try so hard
    It hurt when it doesn't work
    Should've listen
    But you didn't wanna listen
    Want to glisten tell the truth
    When it comes to love don't rush
    Hope can't be crushed if we use our legs
    As stilts or our threads into flowers that don't
    Let our properties that bloom
    Paint the room when we make it move
    Make your conviction shake the hate out of a room
    With your symphonic hydroponic gardens
    Of iridescent hues
    You got confused
    And let the wrong people through
    But that's nothing that a needle can stitch
    You're equally
    Your life is beats the same tune
    Do not let then snuff your voice box
    Consume your spot
    Just shed a light
    If it is not what you wouldn't want if you were a mother to a child
    You have to fight the aisle
    Where demons are working with quick hands
    If you must transform by the moonlight
    Then fight for your life with the mother's knife
    She emits life but defends it with all of the rage that could ignite it churns the knife
    Feral and wild
    Simmering like slithering thick smoke
    Daring the appearance of the next arrival
    So her rage can make her baby's torment
    Her moonbeams are mad with maternal wrath
    In urgent fervency she cut off the scalp with her nails coffin shaped with a lipstick that her nails match
    Bring selfishness back
    You don't have to stand in line
    Fearing people online

    Instead of an emotional insect

    Because society has created an unacceptable
    In every loving godly wisdom
    Show the light emitting from the innocent
    It will cover red footprints
    n the trenchcoat of the white
    What is weak will grow weaker
    Before you know it the grim reaper will nearer
    They have wings and rotted out interiors
    Their violence feels familiar
    The thought makes me feel inferior
    In the way there's no reason
    Void of all the thought
    I feel my absence rip the cost
    As it never happened without the cause
    As well as the effect
    Let me signal the applause
    The dramatic effect
    Let me creep into your thoughts
    Let me see that they collect
    I want hear you demonstrate
    Want you to detect siren's
    Where the thought crossed with the
    Red gate
    I've seen caught as they ensnared themselves