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  • inspiring_soul 2d

    Dear writer,
    I hope you are doing well. I heard lately that you are suffering from a writer's block and I really wanted to help you with some of my advices based on my own experience. I too suffered from what I used to call a writer's block but now I am doing better with it. It's no longer a big issue.
    Here are some fruits of my old experiences:
    1_ �������� �������� ������������������ ��������������:
    Find the driven forces behind your writings. The reasons why you hold your pen and write.
    -Why you are writing in the first place?
    -For whom you are writing all of this?
    -And what do you expect from writing in return or in other words, think about the kind of impact you want to leave in the mind of your readers?
    Remember, if the reasons are not strong enough, the consequences will not be good. So, work on it.
    2_ �������� �������� ���������������������� ��������������:
    _Go to the most beloved places to your heart.
    If you like nature, go for a walk in the woods or in the fields of the countryside.
    Go for a walk on the beach and may be for a special place that holds special memories to your heart.
    _ find a friend or someone whom you can share your thoughts with and talk to.
    3_ �������� �������� ���������������������� ������������ ���� ������:
    You are a whole galaxy with unlimited number of thoughts and capacities and life is too short to ignore them. Find yourself. Find your hidden treasures and share them with the world.
    4_ ���������� ���������� ������������'�� ����������:
    Yes, you read it right.
    Asking a writer who is suffering from a writer's block to write about it looks like asking a dumb to talk about his dumbness.
    Just try..you are not expected to write something brilliant but just compose some statements about how do you feel or how  does it look like to be unable to write something. Imagine your self paralyzed or in a cage and can't escape it.
    Try to give us a clue about how does a writer's block looks like and most importantly, while you are drawing this maze you lost your self inside of it, try to find your exit.
    We can't overcome our obstacles unless we are able to identify them right ;-)
    5_ ������'�� �������������� ���� ������������'�� ���������� ������������������������:
    If you are a real writer with real motives, you know deep down inside that writing is your fate no matter what happens. Don't concentrate on the concept of "writer's block" too much because I believe that certain things in life don't exist except when you believe in their existence. And some superstitions are infectious if you know what I mean.
    6_ �������� �������� ������ ������ ���������������� �������� ������:
    Keep your writing materials close. They are the fishing hook waiting for your thoughts to appear in the ocean of your mind and imagination so, get ready for them.
    7_ ������'�� �������� ���������������� ������ ��������:
    Take care of yourself. If you are tired, take a rest. You deserve love and kindness^_^
    Don't push yourself too much and take your time.
    8_�������������� ����������:
    If you are finding yourself unable to write for too long and that you are losing your interest in the activities that used to be the greatest source of your pleasure then, why don't you seek a psychiatrist. Last time I stopped doing the things I love, I found out that I was depressed.
    Psychological health should be among your first priorities in life because our bodies have a bad habit of believing whatever our minds say.

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    ������ ������ �� ������������, ��������'�� ������ ;)

    #rhetoric #letter
    Picture credit to its rightful owner ☘️

    Sunday, 11April 2021

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  • siyahiii 3d

    Do you fall in love again?

    And I answered without any hesitation in my mind with a YES. Love is something that you don't have control over. Liking or loving someone is not like any logic of mathematics. It is the literature that just binds you with emotions and feelings. I don't choose to fall in love , my heart does that for me. It has got a thing for kindness, care, and most importantly mutual respect. And when I get all of that I fall for that person without asking my mind once, without asking my heart again ARE YOU READY TO FALL IN LOVE AGAIN?

  • passionbookworm 3d

    Oh Darling,
    Do I wish to lay upon the
    meadows of golden yellow daffodils,
    making a bed so soft and beautiful,
    and look at the vast sky, whilst
    thinking the goodness of life

    Or perhaps,
    I just wish to lay beneath the
    serene turquoise ocean,
    with a smile of contentment
    on my face, as I
    close my eyes for the one last time

  • jubilaria 3d


    Do I always have to tell you to take it slow and do it one at a time?
    It takes patience to get a desirable outcome and not haste. Slow down and enjoy every bit of your efforts

  • dexlr8 3d

    Why do heroes smile?

    Why do heroes smile?
    In the darkest day,
    In the saddest hour,
    Instead of tiring up,
    Walking hour and hour.
    Why don't just cry and give up?
    Isn't that serene to give up?
    Why to gamble peace of your dear ones?
    To strengthen others?
    To be forgotten someday
    Is that what you're after?
    Aware of that,
    Still you are going strong.
    Becoming flick of light
    And glimmer of hope.
    We want you to keep smiling.

  • brahmleen_ 3d

    Dust of pines

    When will the dust of your pines be cleaned ?
    Around the lost hooves along warm weather of shelters residing around the enigmatic flakes of life.

    When will you return from the dark caves?
    Entering new maze of fidelity blisses behind wounded monoliths written on the sharp edges of
    caged logs.

    When will you hold your cold palms?
    On the rough pages of lined skins shining to harvest a field which is barren.... barren and fertile amid the dark corners of your orbs.

    When will you listen to your dying heart?
    While wandering in a yard clinging with golden bells and whistles of ballads to lend an ear to the lonely terra ferma to conjoin the fingers of you on your own.


  • ink_trovert 3d

    We are humans gazing stars but do the stars gaze back? Do they gaze back at what the night plays? To the lone me writing about them, do they gaze back at me in mere aspiration and write poetries about me just like I do? Do they gaze back at Swipers breaking into the houses in the dark, swiping preciousries and filling it in their own caskets. Do they gaze back at lovers entwined in warm sheets? Do they gaze back at Selenophiles eloping with the moon towards solitude? Do they gaze back at hunger wandering for food merely clothed? Do they gaze back at murderers with blood stained knife sneaking out after lulling someone to sleep forever? Do they gaze back at insomniacs who can't get their glistening eyes shut, I think they accompany them twinkling their eyes in unison, don't they? They be there witnessing every single beautiful moment, every single crime committed, every single part of humanity getting ignored, admiring the loners as they read out their poetries. You ever watched a star falling? That's when a star couldn't keep itself off a hug.

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    Do the stars gaze back at us?

  • dhanak_meena 3d


    The day when I saw you first
    Your eyes were magical I felt
    Was that infatuation or love ?

    Gradually came closer to each other
    No more hesitations between us
    Was that affinity or magnetism ?

    No longer words were needed
    Heart beat followed the same rhythm
    Was that coincidence or connection ?

    Holding your hand walked far away
    Leaving behind whispers and fears
    Was that stillness or a journey ?


  • syedat 3d

    ☘️☘️tell me why?

    "" tell my why???
    i was left midway by....
    You..tell my why...
    i was framed so dire...

    Tell my why..
    You acted that way....
    You...tell me why..
    i was taken aback..."""

    She kept on asking..
    He kept Pretending...
    She kept on grieving...
    He kept ignoring...

    The hourglass turned upside down...
    Time started calming her down....
    He became a fade memory for her..
    which she still rejoice and recount...


  • childauthor_345 3d

    Warm breeze freeze in hall of your heaven .
    Trenches melt down and drop on the floor of seven .

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    Dressing the oceans into lustre of lakes
    Will you refill the water with rosewater ?
    Where the load of stones demonstrate
    Will you paint a canvas as finger holding daughter ?

    Blind are the poetries over knife on kneels
    Will you engrave gypsum over choking verse ?
    March is busy in countdowns of farewell of spring
    Will you blaze the heat and overlap the lap of rough reference ?

    In my paradise will you hail the thorne ?
    will reforest the barren of reign of mine ?
    Will you a make a heap of profound poetry ?
    Will you steal the aura of stars and make the galaxy shine ?

  • mohammad_mohsin 3d

    What will be the difference

    The people on earth weights you by your status, race and religion etc
    The creator of earth weights you by purity of your soul


  • shine_jey 3d

    Rhetoric may be your question,
    Finding answers to them I need patience,
    You would toss a question like a coin,
    For which I have to acquire much intelligence,
    You ask it to solve your confusion,
    Whereas I have to imagine myself as you once,
    Yet don't stop asking question,
    I would try to answer you with persistence!



  • geraldine_mary 3d

    Are poems rusted memories?
    Polished with poetic emotions memories breathe.

  • absynth 3d


    Does giving words to your turmoil bring you peace?
    Yes but the silence is no longer mine.

    Does the pain ever go away?
    Yes but it returns with a tighter cuddle everytime.

    Is writing a therapy for you?
    Yes but its side effects are stronger than the malaise.

    Does it give you a purpose in life?
    Yes as long as it's unattainable and keeps me dissatisfied.

    Do you love being a poet?
    Yes because I can always write to hide.

    Do you ever encounter a writer's block?
    Yes but it's not as stubborn as my turmoil.


  • _kalon 3d

    How much a bird can live freely in a cage , depends on the size of the cage .
    But at some extent , the freedom of that bird ends .
    There will be an end in the cage which she can't cross .

    ▪Same with the humans , can they live freely in a cage of bonds and relations ?

    Whenever a person forms a new relation , expectations , trust , loyalty and importance issues e.t.c. start growing by time .
    And a person can't live freely in a cage of such bonds and relations .

    #rhetoric #wod

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    Can a bird live freely in a cage ?

    ~ jan

  • anathreek_jey 3d

    #pod #love #pain @writersnetwork @dhivya_diyal @irreplaceable_10venni @shine_jey
    #rhetoric #wod #mirakee

    Why my questions are often Rhetorical?

    I'm an over thinker who ends up in stupid and messy questions that's hard to untangle. My friends and loved ones sometimes finds no words to answer. My unstable mind grabs every unnecessary thoughts which in turn becomes a question and It drags some pain unknown pain along. My perplexed mind will not be quite unless I question it to someone. Some really tries to knot the answers and make it a garland of understanding as I'm matured by age but child at heart. One needs to explain a fact or statement with one or two examples to me. I fail to see the perception through what other people sees. I perceive it differently and get hurt by myself though it's not their intentions. My mind travels beyond the galaxy that remains mysterious.
    Why I'm born as a human being in this vast world? Why couldn't I be a matured one? Why is that people judge people? Why does everyone has different lifestyles when God loves everyone equally? Why the good souls board the above heaven when they are already in a heavenly world? Why does finding a love is a sin? Why does pain is painful both physically and mentally? Why time decides fate? Why does rhetoric questions are unanswered?
    Some things are left unnoticed.
    Pen is the only voice to these dumb rhetoric questions, though it is left unanswered, it gets a recognition.
    My mind is like a Rhetoric question,
    Expects no answers,
    But a realization and understanding.


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    Why my questions are often Rhetorical?


  • mriduagrawal 4d


    A light coming from a distance
    Attracted me and my footsteps went on as if they were opposing Newton's first law
    That glowing energy enveloped in a blink of an eye.....
    In a short time , I was in a pit filled with mud in a lush green field .

    I found that I was in a spooky plane of existence , may be ancient times like I'm wandering the pages of history .

    So much crowded markets , that the idea of stepping inside makes one go to hell
    Big domes , as if eager to touch the sky
    Small streets as if they will just convert you into two dimensional piece
    Dusty thunderstorms , like breaking every effort to defeat you , are running away in countless direction
    The cold water of rivers, ponds , wells , such as every wire inside you is lost in its stream
    A bond between a lot of people forced me to curse my ugly world .
    Someone knocked on the door , broke my sleep
    And I once peeped into the light coming from the study lamp and got lost in physics book ....

  • go_win_the_hearts 4d

    #rhetoric #wod @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Image credit to the rightful owner.

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    Did you see Words
    burn last night?
    A poetry of pain is found
    this morning from the heap of ash.


  • laven_ 3d

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    Such a simple rhetorical question, yet can have the most profound impact when reflected on our own career aspirations. These can become even harder to define in the stir of a global pandemic.

    I wrote this poem to remind myself and others that the fog of disbelief will clear, whether its tomorrow or in half a year, so take every moment in stride with nothing to fear.

    #rhetoric #pod #career #advice @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The Caged Birdsong

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    A lawyer, a police officer or even a doctor?
    It should pay well, and look good on a resume,
    Like a surgeon or an exam proctor.
    Let’s be more realistic now, shall we?
    As for me, what do I want to be exactly?

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I just simply don’t know,
    The best part of me is my own originality
    Yet you assume that isn’t so?
    As though I must fulfill this need to be happy
    I was born different, most call what they see a disability.
    But being disabled, means you lack any ability.
    Clearly that is not the case,
    But society acts as though I’m a mark that should’ve been erased
    As a kid, growing up was rough,
    Sometimes the only answer is to grit your teeth when it gets tough
    As though you were the ugly duckling, society casts you out
    You could scream, you could yell, you could cry, but no one heard your shouts.

    As you got older, your innocence begins to fade away.
    They ask you again,
    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    As if you’ll suddenly know one day
    We are not the free birds, we live life in a cage
    Subjected to the whim of conformity, and all its rage
    Fight as you may
    But you only are just one say
    Silenced by the voices around you, to your own dismay
    Now, your truly on your own, every bird finds its way
    Even the caged bird opens the door someday
    You’ve found your own birdsong as you fly along
    But at the end of the day,
    What we really are searching for is somewhere to belong
    Adulthood was every kid’s dream, we all wanted to be grown
    Because that meant we could be on our own
    Life is harder then ever before,
    Worst of all, your past becomes a closed door

    The world will beat you down
    You were not the best of the bunch
    But in the end, everything will turn around
    Not because its cliché, but rather just a hunch
    You begin to wonder who the ugly ones truly were in life
    As you take flight and end this strife.

    So, I ask again, what should I be when I grow up?
    Well that’s for me to find out, and for the rest of the world to see.

  • dexlr8 100w

    #satire #aliens #scifi #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #rhetoric

    Can people as greedy and selfish like us exist in some other planet?? Ask yourself....

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    Do Aliens Exist?

    Living on an another earth
    Eating , laughing , crying with their own kind
    Like us....
    Do Aliens Exist?
    We don't know them
    They don't know us
    Fighting , Killing , Betraying their own kind
    Like us....
    Do Aliens Exist?
    If we meet them ,
    Would we kill them or they would kill us?
    Do Aliens Exist?
    Might have treating their planet like a bin
    Of the universe
    Do Aliens Exist??????