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  • spokenthrough 11w

    The rest of me is necessity
    To the recipe of what's left of us.

    There's a test in you to seek all that is true
    Of what's best to do...

    Now, what is to become of that?

    To live freely, In loving memory,
    Is a distant reminisce of what is meant to be.

    Finding heaven no better place than within the love and compassion
    We hold in our hearts.

    Under the wings of eternity guidance can be found.

    A true master of the elements knows,
    If not all elements are conquered at once, than each element has infinite potential.

    Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, and the Space they fill are the exact same things that you me and everyone else are made of.

    So you must first master yourself.
    Then you conquer the universe


    #revised #univers #heaven #love #conquer

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    The Hearts of Man

  • spokenthrough 11w

    Speak into me with but a soft whisper of life's purpose.

    Let my spirit lift so that it may fill the emptiness of another...

    We all are garden of mystery, waiting to be cultivated.

    So that that the seeds of greatness within may rise.

    Rise into the light with an open embrace.

    Plume and spread way in the glorious becoming of our own beauty.

    Yet hold ground against darkness.

    Keep still in motion and even stiller in mind.

    And yet know all that has wilted and fades holds page to the writings of tomorrow.


    #revised #purpose #compassion

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    Speak Into Me

  • _fznw_ 39w

    Likhne jaa rahi hu

    Iss toote hue kalam se
    Shuruwaat karne jaa rahi hu
    Apne sab se azeez dost se
    Ajj me kuch likhne jaa rahi hu

    Ajj tak jo kuch likha hai
    Uss me apna dard rakha hai
    Hai aur bhi jo dard kaye jo
    Ajj me likhne jaa rahi hu

    Ajj tak koi samjha na
    Na hi aage koi samjhe ga
    Ghafil-e-umeed hu iss se
    Ajj me likhne jaa rahi hu

    Laikhakh ko maloom hai
    Likha kya apne laikh me
    Jaane jo anjaane me anjaan
    Kaise kahu ki kya likhne jaa rahi hu

    Padhte rahege padhne wale
    Matlab apne nikaale jaye
    Kya khabar unko hai iski ki
    Kya me likhne jaa rahi hu

    Farzand hai farzaangi ka
    Farzaangi rakho farzana
    Aakhir farzana ho farzand hi
    Ye kya me likhne jaa rahi hu

  • shewriteslove 113w

    Dream of Water

    My mind has been agreeable engaged
    Happily situated
    There's been no one else who can break it
    These thoughts
    I can't take it
    I'm involved and elated
    What am I to do?
    I was dating and was unhappy
    I was hoping for a day
    To get out of love's way
    It's too dangerous
    And yet
    I want to be in view
    Of only you
    Why are you so far


  • soulsreflection 116w

    I was just a chapter in his life,
    read and torned....

    I am a book in myself,
    recycled and revised version
    of my own !!


  • magicalmystery 143w

    A (Kink) Game

    He said he had a game idea I might like, sitting there across from me as we had lunch. I said sure, because I was curious and ready to learn. I honestly thought he was going to describe a game of cards.

    He told me to remove my underwear and bra. I questioned him; I had to make sure I heard him correctly, and that I wasn't just hearing what I wanted to hear.

    He was serious, smiling that calm, playful smile. After I removed my garments underneath in the bathroom stall and came back, he told me he was going to go wash his hands, then we would go to his car.

    His boldness struck me, and I drank water in his absence to prepare my throat. Upon his return, I relaxed my grin to an innocent facade, and we walked causally to his tinted window, climbed in, and started our game.

    However, neither of us won.


  • juhi_7 189w

    Love Mirakee

    An app who gave me their canvas
    For my thoughts.
    A freedom to convey
    From somebody to a writer.
    My confidence builder
    A booster of motivation.
    Love Mirakee my favorite app
    They don't ask to revise the content
    They give a blank space to all
    And share creativity with all
    No boundaries just flow of talent
    Like it wants
    No headache just express
    Love Mirakee it the best amongst all.

  • mayankgupta1692 256w

    It was worth telling...

    The way she giggled,
    The way she rolled her eyes,
    The way the sun reflected from her skin,
    It was worth telling...

    The way she touched
    The way she smelled
    The way she loved
    It was worth telling...

    Her encapsulating aura
    Her sagacious mind
    Her delicate heart
    It was worth telling...

    The day he met
    The way it zinged and the connect
    The way the time was spent
    It was worth telling...

    Her dreams came into her sight
    Her prayers were answered without a plight
    As if she was going to live a long and joyous life
    So it was worth telling...

    But soon,
    The differences started to appear
    As the infatuation disappeared
    And their demons came nearer
    It was worth telling

    The nights went in a haze
    The Sparks started to daze
    They fought with the words set ablaze
    Yet it was worth telling...

    Their fights had consumed the nights,
    And the efforts to fiddle away the time
    With the precarious present and no future in sight,
    It was worth telling...

    She wondered if her love was strong enough to make him stay
    Answered by the taillights shinning on her window's pane
    He left her finally, with disdain.
    But it was worth telling...

    Castigated by him, she lay astray
    Crippled by the scars that stayed
    With a smile, the conundrums were portrayed
    It was worth telling...

    Wounds healed as the time went by,
    As the past fluttered before her eyes
    She sighed!
    And it was worth telling...

    The scars bled if any vivid memory came by,
    What went wrong and what went right?
    Still figuring the reason out, in hindsight
    It was worth telling...

    Alone she started spending the days,
    Deliberating upon her own ways
    Except the smile
    All had changed.
    Still it was worth telling.