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  • eishasarkar 6w

    HaikuJAM or Miraquill?

    Eisha started writing haiku a few years ago when she lived in Australia during poetry-jamming sessions with her friend from the US. When she bought her first Android phone, she downloaded the HaikuJAM app which was founded by Dhrupad Karwa and Andrew Leung. The poetic expression app allows for collaboration between three people to create haiku. She used it for a couple of years till motherhood put a break and she preferred binge-watching shows on Netflix instead of writing haikus. Then last year, when she got into a fight with a friend, they ping-ponged haikus at each other to de-stress themselves. Eisha started looking for other people to jam with and joined HaikuJAM again. This time, she was disappointed. There were too many haikus circulating with too many spelling mistakes. It put her off. She was looking for something else, when she stumbled upon Miraquill, which was earlier Mirakee, founded by Alankrita Sood. It's more serious, allows for longer poems as well and gives her copyright. Of the two, which one does she like more? 


  • iaintacritic 18w

    Sex Education - Maeve & Otis

    In between the boldest topic like sex education there is portrayal of humble & sweet old love story of two lead characters.

    Even when both are so open & bold to run a thing like sex clinic in college, still unable to accept & express about one thing their heart desperately craving for....
    Otis is a every other boy who thinks that he doesn't deserve a brave girl like Maeve.
    & Maeve is a girl who thinks that she doesn't deserve a modest & true boy like Otis.

    Love story of a couple who deserves each other more than anyone else & still they choose to stay away from each other due to paradox of self pity.

    A typical old school love which always thinks less about self & more about love.


  • uttkarsh_15 19w

    It's not a good horror, but it's definitely a good movie ,Explaining even the minor details of the moments and the story...
    #movie #recommendation #masterpiece #deep #review #horror

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    Movie Rec's

    The Power (By Corinna Faith)
    It's the most Slow And Bore Horror Movie I'd Ever seen , But I loved The Screenplay ..

  • uttkarsh_15 19w

    Really Funny Mirakee

    Maine Post notifications on ki thi aur Mujhe show hua That ____ has written a Post 8 mins ago , Jaake check kiya it was 1day ago
    Thodi Der baad ek Aur Notification show hua Ki Same writer Has Written a post 27 s Ago , Jaake dekha Woh Bhi Kal Ka Hi Tha
    Ye kya hai Mirakee , Kai baar Notifications Dete Nahi Ho ,Aur kai Baar Purane Notifications hi chaap dete ho
    .... I don't know why i cant stop laughing

  • uttkarsh_15 19w

    Movie Rec's

    It's such an intelligent Psychological horror that you can't miss it. It's not just a good horror movie , But also An Filmmaking masterpiece . The start of the Movie May Seem Slow but it's only to take you to a Good mind ride. When You'll reach the Half Movie You'll get a little idea what you're dealing with. As you'll progress You'll Doubt you're brain to a great extent. The film Gives a lot of hallucinations To the Viewers And that too Serious Ones. ....
    The best part about it is It's not a linear story movie (One like the Christopher Nolan ones)
    It travels In the Parallel Universe Feel, So Smoothly in the past and the Present that I can't stop Appreciating the director (Who's also the screenplay writer that's why ). Just saw this Amazing Movie Last night
    Lastly I wanna Say just Some Lines
    You'll not believe what you'll see, And what you're gonna see may not be true |

  • uttkarsh_15 21w

    It's not the first time ,I can ignore once but it happens a lot with me.
    Mirakee you really need to fix these bugs because it's making the mirakee really uncomfortable .
    - Just an honest review
    #mirakee #miraquill @miraquill @writersnework #update #problem #glitch #error #review

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    Really Glitchy

    I just noticed a post where i got replied about 6h ago , But I checked my notification feed and the things that happened at 6h ago ,
    And i can't find that comment on my notification...

  • writographer10 27w

    Night Changes

    Lost in the night of anxiety
    Bad dreams chasing
    Thoughts fading
    Breaking down often
    Insecurity revolving
    Stuck in the swamp of guilt
    But remember
    A beam of hope is all it takes
    For the tables to turn
    For the fear to burn
    To make a difference
    To warm a heart
    To rise again
    And fight back
    For the things that matter
    And conquer what was yours
    Remember that
    It doesn't take long for
    A gloomy night to change
    Into a sanguine morning


  • thakur_aditya_kashyap 27w

    The art of making of good images

    #Scam 1992

    couple of days ago I completed a web series with the name of scam 1992.if I concentrate about the acting, music, production, theme song, dialogue everything is massive and iconic in a good manner but my intention is not to explain and discuss these aspects of series.

    Basically this web series has touched almost every aspect of the life journey of Harshad Mehta. from the ground where he experienced the life of a broker of share market to the peak where he experienced the life of a big bull of share market and as an important player of money market of that time.
    During this journey me as a viewer came to know about a lot of things. How the lobby of bears and bulls influence the market. how Harshad came out from the bad times and reaches to the throne of market and capture the crown of Big Bull. He used the loopholes of slow banking system to grow his capital and influence. when RBI started the investigation about irregularities in the books of banks, a tons of numbers and name their came out. BUT before this investigation journalist where doing their study and publish articles on it in newspapers to be specific Times of India. both things created a kind of environment on the government to investigate properly then a huge cycle of incident started.

    according to my personal opinion and experience if you are that person who knows nothing about scam and Harshad Mehta. and watch the entire webseries then there will be a huge chances to happen that you will come with the idea of innocence. you might encounter with the concept of betrayal of politician who used the capital and influence of Harshad to reach their power but when Harshad was in problem they pushed him in a bigger problem to escape from him and his shadow. you might think about the foreign banks lobby of money markets, about opponent's of share market. They all created an net of conspiracy against him. But here my point arises these kind of content (movie,webseries and article etc.) created a cloud of good images of targeted persons in the public-mindset. I remember one scene when harshad was speaking something like, "everybody is using the loopholes to gain the profit but why every investigation institution is running behind me".
    again here is my concern there is a lot of chance that politician use him, everybody earned profit from him but we should never forget that Harshad did malpractice to manipulate the market create the bubbles of fake rise of shares.

    my motto is just to make you aware of how this kind of content works to produce a clear image of possible wrong personality.
    Let me know in the comment section what do you think about the entire scenario

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  • shaill 28w

    बहुत कुछ बयान करती है खमोशी ये,
    कभी इस खमोशी के समर से गुजर कर देखो,
    कई सवालों के जवाब खुद ही मिल जाएंगे,
    खमोश लम्हों में खुद से कुछ सवाल कर के देखो।

  • healer_007_ 37w

    My review of Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Well, with all the hype that's been building about this Superhero team up, I would say it's beyond anyone's expectation as it is actually a remake version. Having said that, it's an entirely new movie putting the Whedon-cut to shame. I mean after you get a treat of Snyder, Whedon-version became a joke (which of course i enjoyed 3 yrs back) (no offense).

    The best part I liked about the film is that it is 'coherent, sequential, explains every minute detail scientifically too'. As everyone knows, the Whedon version was too short and congested with lots of confusion, this version will be understood clearly by a non- superhero fan.

    To add to the plus points, as always, DC fight scenes are superb, even better this time. (I mean Super- fights are essence to Superhero movies)

    The only negative point (not for me, because for me it's 10/10) is that some part can be boring if you are not that much into the movie.

    But, for a super fan like me, I mean it's not every day you get to watch a Superhero team up lasting 4 hours!!

    All in all, this movie just brought DC back in the game. Hope!

  • _vishu702 47w

    अस्काम - fault
    तब्सिरा - review
    #mirakee #urdu #hindi #अस्काम #review #yourquote #instawriters

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    वो अस्काम ही देखते रहे गैरो मे जिंदगी भर
    आदतों का जिनसे खुद की तब्सिरा ना हुआ।
    ©Vishal Mahajan

  • crystac 48w

    The Review (final post)

    "It was an eye-opening experience for everyone. At least that's the one thing we had in common," sighed Suzanne and the entire crew agreed.

    It was the final day before the crew had decided to go for a break.
    It had been one interesting and insane year and we always did a review of the last three years. I mean after all, we were about to usher in a new decade so what better way than to do a review of everything? Other than partying of course.

    "Last time, it was Fiona. Now it's you Christine."


    The three final years of the decade had been hectic but eventually smoothed out and it turned out okay.

    "I'll make it as brief as possible." Of course I had to make it short and straight to the point. I just wanted to get away.

    From everything.

    "In chronological order please. Not necessary with the dates."

    "Okay. First year, I dealt with mental health. The fact that I wrote a book about going to the psychiatrist caused a scene. I received a lot of backlash from it and people called me insane. It was also the time I was in a relationship and it was hectic.

    Second year, it was more positive. I ventured into art and developed my writing skills and officially made art my life. It was fun as I adored art but still difficult since I had placed college on pause and I had gotten out of the relationship I was in. It was also the time when 'Heart Vs Mind' was born. I stayed solo a little bit and worked on myself and art. Sometime in August last year that's when I met him. It wasn't even a real relationship, at least on my end. I don't know for him because I ended up discovering that he had known me for a long time and we had been communicating using an anonymous name (him. Not me. Same with other people.) At the month of November, the tour and the incident came to an end after I discovered he had a gf and they were expecting a child. Second actually. It was accompanied with other series of incidents of him saying that I was stalking him (even though we both knew it was false! We lived in two separate countries at that time. He was in the USA and I was still in Africa and I was way too busy with my art project. Then came the whole stripping/copying incident before the final case described above. Mind you, he NEVER defended me in any of those cases because he thought I was beneath him.) I patched things up with him during Christmas because I was completely done with it and I was moving on."

    "Final year 2020. First couple of months, I went away to refreshen before coming back sometime in February then vanishing again and then coming back in April that's when the ghosting thing happened. It turned out the only reason he maintained contact with me is because he needed ideas (for him and his friends. We weren't dating for anyone that thought otherwise. And it honestly just proved how much... Nevermind.)
    First six months of 2020 are over which were pretty quiet and peaceful for me.

    Second phase, the whole 'dissing thing so that people got whatever they wanted' came up. And yes, I caught the perpetrator. Then the whole issue on YouTube came up. I also managed to clear my name on so many issues (thanks to beloved Antphrodite of course). Cut short, the second phase has been dramatic and lively. But rather relieving."


    Yeah. Wow. That is the only word to say. The only thing I could say was: I was glad 2020 was over.

  • book_buzz 63w

    Let it snow is charismatic romantic novel set up on Christmas eve.
    The book beautifully combines three tales of love and friendship.
    Moreover the search to find true love is beautifully portrayed by writers.
    For romance lovers this book is a treat which blends the feelings and emotions of both love and separation. The book revolves around life of teens who through the deepened snow navigate hard rocky relationship, warm friendships, their families and ofcourse true love. The major plot is set in a waffle house with cheerleaders strangers good food and lot of love

    The book is surely a delight!!

    #pod #book #review #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee @book_twister #letitsnow

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    Let it snow

    Once you think a thought, it is extremely difficult to unthink it

  • rivs_musings 68w


    As a person who reads a ton of manga every year finding manga that really captivates me has become a bit hard. But Alexandrite was one of the pleasant surprises of this rather horrendous year.
    A simple short slice of life story tied together with beautiful old school character design that carefully presents before you the fact that not everything is black and white and that there is a lot of shades of grey in between. Starring an androgynous guy who has a complex for being mistaken for a girl, a circle of friends each of whom are interesting and a strong female lead, Narita Minako presents a world that is not often seen in the world of manga.

  • rhymed_genre 70w

    Wait. Breathe. Think
    Pause for half a second
    Let nothing distract you in those fraction of seconds
    Let no force attract you
    Else than that of your silence
    Let the calm take over the storms residing inside you
    And just wait
    Close your eyes
    Cut yourself from the world, the people, the environment
    Bring your body at rest
    Let your muscles relax
    Make peace with all the restlessness you have been carrying along
    And just breathe
    Withdraw yourself from all the toxicity
    Be it the ideas, the memories or the thoughts
    Let yourself settle for a place
    Where the only thing that matters is you
    Your health, mental or physical
    Your ideas, strong or fragile
    Your dreams, real or hypothetical
    Your goals, for a life time or only an hour
    Your accomplishments, multiple or one
    Your thoughts, chained or scattered
    Just think
    With every inch of your body
    Synchronised flawlessly with your thoughts
    Once again just
    Think. Breathe. Wait
    #thoughts #think #breathe #wait #you #yourself #poem #poet #write #writer #read #books #smile #love #laugh #body #calm #peace #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #like #comment #day #night #bright #rhymedgenre #post #rhymes #genre #writes #grow #support #help #snippet #review #instagram #mirakeeworld #mirakee #poems #paragraphs #writeup #create #creative #art #pod

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  • every_tym_i_etirw 72w


    In Brooklyn nine nine, there is a remarkable scene where the Squad parties about Jake proposing Amy...!
    Though no one could ace the Halloween heist.
    (that's what Holt says!!! )
    Everyone in the room makes wild guesses about when did Jake actually realise he wanted Amy to be his life partner...!
    Terry claims it was his suggestion while Boyle was extremely confident about it being his idea.
    After recurrent negotiations... Jake finally admits that,
    his realisation about the proposal occurred as randomly as when he looked at Amy's face while she thought there was a mistake in working out a crossword!

    What we can infer from this epic scene is quite simple.
    There need not be a specific time, place or situation when we have certain realisations!

    Life decisions are not always taken with series of plannings or some conspiracy theories rather from random thoughts!

    Thats just what Rosa says at the end in response to Jake that:

  • rxywriter 73w

    "The journey of Happiness"

    This journey starts with your first cry and ends with the last tears of yours when you depart this life.
    Because Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
    For a long time, this journey has been the life that is about to begin. But there are always obstacles, some things have to go through first, unfinished business, or an overdue debt.

    We do carry the secret to our own happiness inside "ourselves".But what exactly is this ‘self’? And how can this self find its place in the world, so it can experience happiness?

    Happiness is a state of mind – positive and good emotions create it.

    Then life would begin. Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment that you live.

    And remember that time waits for no one. So stop waiting until you finish school until you go to college; until you get married until you get divorced; until you have kids; until you got retirement; until spring comes; until you will bear again to decide that there can not be a better time than right now to be happy…...

    Happiness is a journey, not a destination. So, work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt, dance like no one's watching, and live like this will be your last day.

    I'm happiest when I'm right where I want to be and I want to be right where I am. I'm not looking forwards, or backward, or sideways, or wishing my moments away.
    And that's the journey, after all, isn't it?
    Written by @praveen Chaudhary
    #NG #article #review

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    The journey of happiness

  • obsovert 75w


    An extraordinary tale set in 1942-43 of Pre-partition Punjab & Pre-independence India which employs the poignant narratives of Sardar Buta Singh and his family torn apart in conflicting loyalties between the declining imperialist British Raj and rising new wave nationalism in India supported by his only son Sher Singh. It employs master imagery and narration by revered Khushwant Singh and paints the idiosyncrasies and vagaries of human nature on a life size canvas with it's palpable characters & their own set of predicaments. It vividly differentiates between spiritual propensity of pious Sardarni Sabhrai in contrast with corporeal fornication desires of her daughter-in-law Champak. It also deals with ugly truths masked behind the veil of preeminence. Ultimately it deals with the death and concomitant bereavement which shall remain the undisputed gospel truth of human existence. In short, it makes a successful attempt to elucidate the phenomena called Life.

    (I shall not hear the nightingale)


  • obsovert 80w

    My take on "Paatal Lok"

    It's "strictly on need to know basis" that Amazon Prime has once again left the mark with it's newly floated series "Paatal Lok" and has further cemented it's position as prime online streaming platform particularly in terms of Indian content.

    Well, basically Pataal Lok is a gripping crime thriller with exceptionally strong language and occasional gory scenes in the greater schemes of human follies and concomitant polysemy of living and existence itself.

    Prima facie what begins as a foiled encounter attempt on the Yamuna Bridge with in station limits of the Outer Jamuna Paar Police Station turns out to be just the tip of iceberg and in turn leads the unsuspecting simpleton Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary right up to the doorstep of inferno beneath surface of the earth and further leading to the darker and murkier truths of the system itself.

    The protagonist of the series Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is believed to be a nincompoop cop who had never been close to the real investigation and is out of nowhere entrusted or rather framed into investigating the grandest and the most high profile case of his life which is apparently made to appear like an open and shut case but actually it isn't and determined Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who now has once a life time opportunity to take a break from his humdrum existence, decides to take the plunge to attempt his best shot and embarks upon a thrilling bone breaking rigmarole to the badlands of Uttar Pradesh in the temple town of Chitrakoot to unravel the unsaid and unknown flagitious past of the prime accused Hathoda Tyagi and in his bid to pursue the hidden truth of case, Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is finally able to stumble upon the uneasy truth and is able to manage and arrange a high profile truce between the warring sides. He forays deep into the case of his life by challenging the preconceived prognosis of events and emerge alive out of this mess contrary to the expectations of everyone barring his confidante and colleague Ansari who himself is struggling hard to keep the minority stereotypes at bay and make it large in his life.

    This series has got an eclectic outlook and an almost perfect ensemble cast and characters which represents a wide array of people coming from totally different backgrounds and with incomparable aspirations like someone wants to have absolute creative hold over his channel, someone likes to be loved and raise children, someone holds the canines dear, someone wants medals and promotions, someone wants a sex change operation to marry the love of her life, someone who is love lorn wants his love to be reciprocated, someone wants to keep his unwavering loyalty intact, someone wants to overcome anxiety, someone wants to rise above and touch the sky, someone wants to be still human and be righteously humane, someone wants to blend in as he is tired being a misfit, someone wants to be a social climber, someone wants to remain at the helm of power and then there is this one named Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary who is like a tired and an exhausted pigeon with ever haunting gloom and despondency written large all over his face and yet a family man and thus susceptible to errors and wishes like he wants to see respect in eyes of his son who is visibly embarassed of his jumbo name and his profession as a cop, above all he has to battle interdepartmental rivalry and fear of being left out and trampled by his subordinates.

    Indeed Paatal Lok narrates an immersive and powerfully riveting tale enacted by it's richly layered characters who represents a wide social and geo political spectrum ranging from Dalit social mobility and skewed up binary gender notions, from caste based atrocities to the women being mercilessly raped in the patriarchal set up of society, from dreaded dacoity to political bonhomie leading to the alleys of power, from new wave nationalism to ages old rigid social subjugation and domination, from rural ruckus to ugly urban myths, from idea of peace to the ideologies of terrorism, from Delhi Belly of Hazrat Nizamuddin to the dubious Delhi of Patiala House Court, from parched Bundelkhand to prosperous Punjab and prevalent notions of pride and prestige therein.

    Most importantly and fundamentally Paatal Lok attempts an explanation to the very conjecture of the three different realms and the thin line between Swarg Lok, Bhoo Lok and the infamous Paatal Lok.


  • mosaddiqbillx 84w


    You hold a universe inside
    Still you abide

    By the doubts of fright
    The fights which consists

    No worth inside
    You never observe

    But keep everything inside
    Which kills you everytime

    Due to no space
    To feed it with light

    Which only comes when
    You are ready

    Only to let go of the past
    What you name it "life"