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  • dimic007 13w


    To solve a riddle.
    You need to get in to the middle.

    No of paths will be on the way.
    You need to be wise.

    Avoiding chaos and dangers.
    Covering potholes.
    You need to play a role.
    Your goal will be visible.
    Avoiding the invisibles.

    You dont have to be divisible.
    Once you become responsible.

  • thinkinginkling 191w

    This poem takes on the completely opposite message when read from the bottom up. I took inspiration from Jonathan Reed’s “Lost Generation” for the idea! It’s my first reversible poem, and thus I’d appreciate any feedback and/or constructive criticism! ?
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    Mistakes Are Not Forever

    It’s what it all comes down to...
    In the end.
    “All will be fine”
    Is delusional, and
    “Mistakes are forever”.
    It’s what I’m told to believe.
    I know that
    It’s supposed to make me weak.
    I’m crushed by the system.
    Still, I refuse that
    This is the way of life.
    But so it is, unless we start from the bottom.