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  • ink_floyd 4w

    #heaven, #redemption #future #revelations #music #pinkfloyd
    This poem was inspired with one of my bipolar episodes and the spiritual growth what it caused

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    The Journey

    Once was an infinite darkness
    Dance with the spirits, madness
    Tiny spark in the purple void
    Owning the light, its Pink Floyd
    Getting comfortable slowly with it
    Growing numb but High in spirit
    Sounds are breaking the prism
    Trouble is coming, escaping prison
    Trouble is knowledge
    People are bridges, massive lesson
    Steps toward is the starway to heaven
    The bridge is a byte
    We are the software , infinite flight
    Its the game of life
    Leveling up, stairs are checkpoints
    With Friends surrounded, our tension grows
    Reaching the disney heights, is the real high hopes


  • heyoka_warrior 21w

    Regular dreams, prophetic dreams, visions...
    And then there are nightmares, delusions...

    Regular dreams are feelings, state of mind
    In the waking hours buried subconsciously;
    Prophetic dreams are divine revelations
    Just like visions foreseeing glimpses of the future.

    Nightmares usually are haunted dreams
    Visited by demons, ghosts, and death;
    Delusions they stir paranoia, madness—
    Avoid anxiety, fear, and confusion.


  • simranbawa 23w

    13th December 2019 - Day of Thousand Thoughts

    This was the day when I wrote a letter to my parents telling them that I don't want to pursue sciences anymore. Below is the letter, raw and authentic as it was presented before my parents almost two years ago.

    This is something that I've been dreading to tell both of you for a long time. I don't know how to talk it out to you guys so I'm simply writing it down. So the thing is that I know I'm not made for sciences. I know it's pretty late to say this and I also apologize for it. I'm not saying this because I'm scared of hardwork or anything, I have realized this after all kinds of analysis and profound thinking. Please don't keep this thing in your mind that I'm seeing this as an "alternative to hardwork" or that it's "just a distraction" because it is NOT. This is very serious for me and I want you guys to understand me at this time. In case you are guessing that any one of my friend has lured me in this direction then I would like you to know that both of you are the first ones to know about this. Now I realize that I've wasted a lot of my time and your money in a line I don't belong. This only makes things difficult to disclose to you and increase my guilt level super high . I chose to study medical on the very first hand because I had no ambitions of my own and I was bent upon to fulfilling yours. I knew becoming a doctor would be very tough and challenging but I still wanted it because I felt that I was useless and not good enough to do anything else. So I just dragged along for all this time. But in these past two years I've matured , explored and discovered all my potentials and interests. And after all of this what I've observed is reading new chapters or getting good grades have never given me that content and satisfaction I expect from my life. All of this stabs me all day but I relieve myself by writing down about some random stuff on a white sheet. I thought writing and expressing my thoughts was just a mere hobby until this one day when I was feeling really low and I wrote a small poem about it which gave me immense bliss. Over the time I realized that composing articles/poems/quotations/essays/stories makes me euphoric like nothing else. I never share my writings with anybody but once my friend Alisha accidentally found one of my article about melancholy in my physics register. She read it without my notice and came to me with tears in her eyes and said "Thank you" . Confused, as I was I asked her the reason and she told me how my article helped her reviewing all the troubles of her life which were making her melancholic. That was the first time in these two years that I actually felt proud of myself. It was not because I write good but because I can actually touch people's hearts with what I write and can help them to get through with their problems. This thing was taking over me in a serious manner when I saw I can flawlessly overcome toughest of the people and their viewpoints not only in the formal competitions but also in the informal arenas like class discussions and debates. This rekindled my self esteem which was almost strangled to lifelessness by the daily burden of academics, which now appear to me nothing but a drudge. Gradually I observed even nightlongs of work and effort would not give me such marvellous results as you expect in the academics. It became the reason for the hate and loathe I hold against myself. On the contrary I can write any compositional piece without putting any extra efforts into it. It became the reason to provide me enough love, satisfaction and self acceptance. This is how a mere hobby of mine turned into my passion and ambition . Now that I've realized what I truly want and what I'm capable of, it kills me everyday to be sowing the seeds of someone else's dream. I don't want to be successful doing what I don't want to do. Maybe I'm a bit selfish but I've tried very hard to live with this dream of yours but it's just that I'm not strong enough to give up mine. Moreover it's very disheartening to watch both of you being disappointed in me but it's even more disheartening to watch me being disappointed in myself. For now I'm planning to give my board exams with full heart and soul and put a glorious end to this journey.

    I don't want to continue my journey with sciences after that. I wish to do post graduation in English so that I can work upon my skills of creative writing. I am also looking forward to pursue a career in editorial aspects, writer, novelist, journalism and other such similar ventures where I can express my ideas on a legit platform and propound my views to the world. I know I am VERY late in communicating my intentions to you. It's because I was scared of facing both of you with this truth. Also since I wanted to be very sure of my decision. Because of these insecurities I always shoved this topic away and never talked about it. But as you see it can't linger off forever, it had to be dug out some day and it has to be today. Since I'm vexed with all of these dynamic thoughts exploding my head besides all the criticism that I'm going through each day. So I reached my saturation and when I couldn't hold it all anymore and let my thoughts cross all limits of penetration to reach out to you. I'm sorry for shattering your expectations. I'm sorry for having you to go through this financial drain on my studies. Trust me nobody in this world is feeling more guilty than me right now. I thank you with all my heart for everything that you've done for me. You deserve a better daughter than me , you really do. Maybe that daughter could have perfectly fulfilled all your dreams of having a doctor in the house but I'm sure she couldn't have loved both of you as perfectly as I do. I just want both of you to trust and support me just this one last time and I can assure you after that I can Make It Right.

  • phepho 32w

    The Slumbering of Innocence

    But what of the children?
    Their minds knashed with madness
    Their genitals mutilated and still, gripped by deep sadness
    Their hearts ablaze with righting the wrongs
    But seperate from experience of how things truly move along.
    Taken for puppets to agendas that run deep
    Who saves these childrens souls while they sleep?

  • phepho 32w

    Pierce the Sheath

    You aren't breaking apart, you are breaking through
    Know that fellow wombmen
    You are on track
    Revelations take time
    Be gentle
    and know this
    the beginning of
    just be gentle with yourself
    You aren't breaking apart
    You are breaking through.

  • thewritingbunny 33w


    The jar was all that was left after Jane's grandmother had disappeared 3 days ago; Taking with her Jane's whole world. All that was left was contents of the jar: The jute threads on the letter slowly falling apart. Roses with no fragrance and photographs thoroughly aged with time.

    Holding back a sob, she pulled out a photograph from her grandma's younger years. A group of three fine young ladies from the supernatural club. In search of the next big story. Some groundbreaking revelation. Slowly she ran her fingers over the photo. She couldn't hold back the tears no more.

    "Where are you grandma..?" Jane said to herself. A teardrop crashing on the photo. But then she smelt it, Roses! But where from? She looked out the window, there were no roses in her grandmother's yard. She never planted any. She then looked into the jar and gasped, the Rose had revived. The jute threads back to their former integrity and photos back in a stat where it looked like it was just taken yesterday. What was happening !?

    Jane hastily pulled out the letter and undid it's knot. She could smell the ink on it like it was written mere minutes ago. It read..

    ' If Matilda read it correctly; 31 years from now, the flowers will bloom again and revive everything around it.. and when that happens; I hope it'll awaken in you what it awoke in me the day we found it.. and when it does.. you'll know where to coming looking.. the winds will guide you.. Like it does for every Sylph

    ~To Jane ~Love Grandma '

    Overwhelmed, Jane shut the jar, the glass container sucking in all the unfamiliar winds with it. It felt like everything went back to it's former state. A wind then blew past her as if it had something to tell her. Was it all true? Is this why she always felt out of place? Different?

    Is Jane even human?


  • normancrane 55w

    Opening of the Fifth Seal

    Wronged figures encircle the world. Saturn's
    rings of martyrdom expectant beseech
    God, The pain we suffered in your Name, return
    it from beyond our graves. With vengeance teach
    our torment to those who made us suffer!
    Impale their bodies on bolts of thunder,
    Black bones and roasted flesh, they are but slurs
    against Holiness. Tear them asunder!
    And for us, the white robes of salvation,
    And words of eternal comfort: Patience
    and faith in the Lord of all creation,
    whose rewards in Heaven will be immense.
    All the hurt you have borne shall be lifted,
    Through Him, foreverness is gifted.

  • eden_with_eve 83w

    I have an ear for the written word.
    Everything you've read I've heard a thousand times over.
    Born to preach because it's in my blood.
    I know better than any other a roar can start from a bare trembled whisper.
    I hear it in the choir, the cracking sound as they whip her.
    Higher I must seek the revelation.
    The Book of Revelations, take note from these relations.
    God, he, she, they, alpha, omega, almighty.
    Shake for I am mighty.
    I know the lions den, I made my home with them, for they recognize a destined priestess.
    Preach this I speak only in strong words.

  • albings23342 84w


    Four men around a fire
    All with blood in hands
    Sixteen generations around a fire
    All with hate in minds.

  • piablessu 85w

    Sometimes, the best is to act like you are born deaf.

  • near_lane7 93w


    Thoughtful ideas
    disected through
    the prisms of truth
    yielded colorful revelations


  • xxchaelx 99w

    who knows

    seven billion people
    all are uniquely different
    the one you pass by right now
    might be your future friends
    future boyfriend
    future teacher
    future lover
    so respect them
    because you might never know
    that the person who's just passing by
    will give an impact to your life
    who knows


  • watcher_of_the_numen 106w

    Revelations of an outcast

    Break body, mind and spirit
    Free the bird from the cage
    Lights on! No darkness please
    Politeness dampening cold truth
    Breathe, breathe.

  • frederico 119w

    Dear sister,
    As I was praying this morning for you
    and for your husband,
    my brother,
    I felt that the Spirit of the Lord
    revealing to me
    your desire for His spiritual food.
    Your deepest,
    maybe hidden wish,
    is ready for you
    as He revealed a scaffold
    at an elevated level,
    ready to lift you up.

    As I prayed for my brother,
    the Holy Spirit kept turning me to you,
    for you have been given to him
    as a gift
    by our Heavenly Father.

    The question is:
    will you allow Him to co-op with you
    on your already solid foundation
    full of little stones,
    to let Him take over
    and do the impossible
    to grow plants on them
    and evolve in a place of peace,
    where His light
    will stir up the living water in You?

    Will you allow Him
    to place this transformed garden
    in your living room?

    Will you allow Him to break down old habits
    and fill you up with living water,
    so much that it will burst the walls
    of the dust-bin with holes
    and flow out with force
    and cleanse your innermost
    with the blood of the Son?

    Are your ready to turn your "home"
    in a place of worship and gathering,
    a place to enjoy
    the glory of thy Lord?

    Just remember;
    Jesus built the foundation of His church
    on Peter,
    whose name refers to a rock.
    He only asked you
    to have a belief
    as small as a mustard seed …

    So, do you believe?

    29 May 2019


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    Revelation; Some Words of Encouragement


  • _inky_jan 138w

    To the believers who believe In the revelation that was revealed to them or even before them.... Saying how indeed their believe shall lead them to success, and will insha Allah dwell in paradise if you have faith and believe in Allah and his revelations, always be a believer no matter what the situation is, it will all come to pass if you are patient! Comment if you really like this quote ❤

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    "And who believe in that which has been revealed to you and that which was revealed before you and they are sure of the hereafter " Qur'an 2:4

    "These are on a right course from their lord and these it is shall be success in the hereafter " Qur'an 2:5

    Indeed your imaan shall lead you to to success if you really believe and have faith in Allah ......


  • a_wannabe_poet 141w

    Rattling the cage I built myself in
    With agony and suffocation.
    Desperate to break free.
    To unravel my real self.
    But will I ever muster the courage?
    Bounded by the crippling fear,
    Of judgements and unacceptance
    How much longer do I go incognito?
    Pretend that I succumb to all social norms and protocols
    Pretend to unsee the mockery of being different,
    Or to be ridiculed by your very own people.
    When will the day rise, where I can break free
    From the years long rusty shackles
    That held me back, from being me,
    Comfortable in my own skin.
    Will I ever be free?
    Will I ever be me?

  • chabala_vii 143w

    Heaven warns us beforehand
    Of the destruction our world will succumb to
    Repent of your sins
    Before its too late


  • thegirlinwhitecoat 146w

    Sometimes, happiness comes in the guise of emptiness.


  • therightkindofmisfit 151w

    I saw an ambulance running past on one side of the road at a speed per hour more than the speed of heart beats per minute of the patient’s kith and kin.
    At the same time, on the other side of the road, I spotted a typical Indian Baaraat with people dancing like a helicopter and the groom brimming with happiness.
    I was perplexed at my situation as a spectator. Similar time but what bandwidth of emotions! At this time, somebody might be having a convocation, somebody might be attending a funeral, somebody might be clinging to their lover, somebody might be facing separation.
    // I think about this so much //


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 171w

    This is a poem I've written based on my interpretation of The Book of Revelation (specifically 6:1-8), from the New Testament. The title (which I wrote in Latin) means 'Lamb of God and The Four Horsemen.'

    Agnus Dei et Quod Quattuor Equitum
    by Carolyn Glackin
    Fear not, oh my brethren
    For the Lamb of God hath come
    The mighty Lion of Judah
    The Lord's begotten son

    The heavenly host await him
    One with a scroll in hand
    Enclosed with seven seals
    To be opened at his command

    And when the first seal opens
    Released at Christ's behest
    Upon a white steed riding
    The one named as 'Conquest'

    A crown upon his head
    A bow within his hand
    Off he rides to conquer
    All throughout the land

    The second seal opened
    Out came a red horse riding
    The rider then set forth
    Where mankind was residing

    With a giant sword in hand
    Peace would be no more
    As he rode throughout the earth
    Hellbent on starting war

    And when the third seal opened
    On a horse as black as night
    The rider known as famine
    Spread hunger to all in sight

    A day's work for wheat and barley
    A week's pay for fruit of vine
    But spared shall be the oil
    Untouched shall be the wine

    With the opening of the fourth seal
    The hour was growing late
    With chaos throughout the land
    Had mankind sealed its fate?

    Upon an ashen steed
    The final horseman rides
    They say he rides for death
    Hell's angel close behind

    A scythe held in his hand
    No promise of tomorrow
    The dead lay in his wake
    This harbinger of sorrow

    Ghastly, though it sounds
    Grim, though it may be
    Those who heed the warnings
    Shall at long last be free

    For upon a great white cloud
    A Savior, crowned in glory
    Redeemer, king of kings
    Joins us in the story

    For he whose heart is pure
    And innocent, like a child
    With pride and ego subdued
    Demeanor, meek and mild

    Who comes before the lamb
    All wrongdoings he doth mend
    Shall forever dwell with the Lord
    In the kingdom that has no end.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

    The image is credited to the rightful owner.

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    Poem by Carolyn Glackin