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  • lostthoughts73 3w


    Random costumes Dancing ballrooms
    All these memories made we forget
    Lace your arm you Palm to palm you
    Lock my fingers cuff me to the bed

    A kiss in the night I've found you
    Close off the blinds No one around you
    Wake me inside I'm chasing
    I've come up to breathe
    Your touch becomes my Greed

    Dwelling sighs Peace inside
    Empty rooms full of regret
    Was it a part A broken start
    What could I amend?

    A kiss in the night I've found you
    Close off the blinds No one around you
    Wake me inside I'm waiting
    I'm begging on my knees
    Your touch becomes my Greed


  • shivangissharma 104w

    Black n White

    Watching a black n white photograph
    I whispered, these beautiful shades of grey...
    They hold numerous colourful memories
    Memories of someone's wedding,
    Memories of childhood,
    Memories of first step,
    Priceless Retrospective memories,
    Who said black and white are not colors?
    They are the most beautiful colours I believe!!!!

  • seventrout 125w

    6:25 PM

    Inside the long moving hall,
    It always seems to reach the real end,
    But for how long will it stall
    Until I perceive the [real] dead end?

    Just look through the window and wend,
    Grasp velocity between memory and time,
    Why would one befriend
    Equal paced tears in the meantime?

    Watching people sat around Me,
    Relief could finally meet company,
    But how supposedly early and close were You
    To make relief yet so lonely?

    Guided by ingenious liar wheels
    When one thinks that it knows all,
    Then why your admiration so easily unseals
    Realizing that the long moving hall has never moved at all?

    When push comes to shove,
    Watery eyes here they come,
    And the glow in the distance hove,
    From blue to red overcome.

    “Is it the end?” we wonder,
    While the far red numbers dance,
    Eyes franticly seek the distance to plunder
    “6:25 PM” literally glance,

    Here we are on the same long moving hall,
    Not farther in time, but in distance,
    But if the red clock keeps moving after all,
    Oh hail the wonders of existence.

    Some call you trust,
    Some call you persistence,
    Some even call you friend,
    How can relativity be so true and cruel?

    And the long moving hall finally reached its destination.
    What will be your name after all?
    I’ll just call you 6:25PM as eternal affirmation,
    And enjoy the rest of the day!

  • amp1972 175w

    Sharky - "Some like it raw!"

    Sharky - "Some like it raw!"
    © Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

    I feared your dark rise from Leviathan's Deep -
    Your wild moves disturbed my humble sleep.
    In such dread I stared at your predatory form -
    As for me you simply crushed the ruling norm.

    My mind was drawn into the deep you prowl -
    Bestial Devourer, Significant of the own Soul.
    Once, long ago, hunting you became my test -
    Great savage onslaught which I had to wrest!

    Now that I look upon your fallen, lifeless form -
    bloody on asphalt, still a sacred, silent storm!
    Your cruel Death my failure, as by now I know -
    Without you this life has just Hell left to go to.

    Routine drains us all and by now it is so clear -
    I killed a true friend, blinded by my pain & fear.
    Hence I must be strong & now I must strike true -
    For: Now I must be me and the very best of you!

  • bluestevia 175w

    retrospective: (adj) directed to the past; contemplative of past situations, events, etc.


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    - bluestevia

  • daniel_jg 223w

    10:53 Sunday, July 9th
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    Late under moonlight
    And we talk until sunrise
    How did we get this far
    And will it be alright

    I dip my toes into history
    Let the waters run down my face
    When all of fate was a mystery
    Once again, ablaze

    -Daniel J.G.