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  • czarcasm 13w


    I don't know how it started

    This ember in me that promised a fire

    Such encouragement made me want to give it oxygen

    Wanting to bring it to life

    The heat from it I could handle

    For it warmed me more that the tattered shirt around me

    Winter was coming

    The snap of branches as I gathered fuel

    Set my mind at ease

    I knew I wouldn't have to go without one of the few thing that could keep me alive

    The one thing to keep the monsters at bay

    They were already watching me

    At the treeline

    Their hungry eyes made my skin crawl

    But it was the remaining hours of sun left

    That allowed me to move as I was

    Yet when it finally went down

    When the monsters could finally step out of the dark

    I would be in trouble

    You may be wondering why I'm out here

    In the cursed land outside the castle walls

    Why I would be sticking my neck out

    Taunting such monsters

    I had no choice

    Once highly praised by the king himself

    I was exiled

    Thrown outside the very walls that I protected

    And into the mouth of the monster

    An outbreak of Pox had scared everyone

    And they made the rash decision to throw away the only thing to keep them safe

    I looked quickly over my shoulder

    I hadn't much time before they broke the treeline

    And hopefully continued on to the castle

    Already destroyed by the slaughter the day before

    For once the wizard Alenoth heard I was gone

    He hadn't even hesitated to let the monsters in

    Their hissing even curdling my own blood

    But it was their cold eye that scared most

    Dead they stared blankly at you

    Somehow knowing where your every movement took you

    If I hadn't seen it before

    I would have ran away hours ago

    Saliva dropping from needle like teeth

    The characters branded into their skin stood out in a sickly yellow

    A language of the wizard

    It had taken me two days to destroy his lair

    And I had escaped without a mark



    Somehow I had survived his attack

    And now he once again hunted me in my own territory

    I grinned excited and put out the fire

    I would do it the old way

    I grinded out the remaining coal and bended down

    Covering my face in a mixture known for ages by the natives

    I untied my knife and cut my hand

    The smile on my face grew as the demons broke the treeline

    I wouldn't die here

    Not today

    For the wizard wasn't the only one

    With the magic of the ancients

    The smell of their saliva rancid in the air

    Would have made any other person gag

    It was as if they were already dead

    But when I got done with them

    Even the King would regret his disloyalty

  • journeyhale 28w


    This heart is a desert that once was a sea.

    As tears fall, the size of worlds,
    It becomes a sea once again.

    Everything good comes from the ocean,
    And so, as a siren, I will rise to sing thee to thy doom.

  • wiredweirdly 31w

    the country is burning
    everyone's screaming for help
    but no one can hear others
    just following the blind faith
    tossing their rationality into the gutter
    no one wants to listen
    all busy in the blame game
    shouting for desire of power and wealth
    where's the retribution?
    where's the salvation?
    we can only pray and fight
    to save our conscience
    from getting maligned
    see the goodness around
    do the kind work for others
    and keep the flame of humanity ablaze.

  • alphax23 56w


    I have been absent for a very long time and I think it’s time for my return
    Many more things have inspired my writings and my poetry and I want to share it i with you again I hope that you can connect with me and my pieces and mutually show support. Many things have occurred until the point I thought I had written my last word but it turned out that I had more left in me. I’ll see you soon😊

  • kenzzthepoet 95w


    It is okay if the one you love no longer loves you
    It is okay if they love another
    It is okay if they made you a poet through heartbreak
    Yet another made them turn to poetry because of love
    It is okay because now you can finally be free
    After 3 years you can finally find peace
    In the satisfaction that you can watch their world come crashing as the wallow in the illusion of love
    you can finally watch as someone do to them what they did to you
    You can finally watch as he helps you take your revenge

  • james_taumas 96w


    A street soldier
    Safety off
    9mm ready to sing
    Concrete fists drum
    Singular loyalty
    War-dog for the family
    Rival houses beware
    Make sure I perish
    My retribution will burn
    Your families become ash
    Don't mess with me.


  • bluecrane 116w

    "My son, do not despise the Lord's discipline,
    And do not resent His rebuke,
    Because the Father disciplines those He loves,
    As a father the son he delights in."
    - Proverbs 3:11-12

    A continuation of my posts starting with "Retribution".
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    Even though it pains us, God's discipline is still good for us. In our wrong choices and painful suffering of its consequences, God's grace will always be there, for He remains faithful still.

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    Mournful Words

    How painful it is
    To see her mother crushed in tears,
    Her brother has caused
    More than just a trouble this time;
    She can't get mad
    Or even let out a bitter scream,
    For she needed to be strong
    So her mother can lean on.

    Though with tears in her eyes
    She faced her brother with love,
    She can't still believe he lied
    And hid his greatest fault with mask;
    How torturous it is to see him
    Being locked up and torn apart,
    "I just did it once," he said,
    "But this guy framed it all on me."

    She wryly smiled in disbelief,
    'Why can't he admit he sinned?
    Pointing the blame on others name.'
    Straight from her heart these words came out,
    "You know how dearly we love you, bro,
    This time you're wrong, God's grace caught you;
    In this retribution, cry mournfully and repent,
    For only in this surrender, you will be redeemed."


  • bluecrane 116w

    "A wise son, brings joy to his father,
    But a foolish son, brings grief to his mother."
    - Proverbs 10:1

    This is a continuation of my post entitled "Retribution".
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    The consequences of what we choose don't only affect us, but also the people around us. Especially our mother, who tried so hard to raise us.

    Just random scribbling.

    #mother #pain #consequences #retribution
    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Grieving Heart

    She stood there
    With strength in her face,
    As she confidently spoke
    About freedom and hope;
    No one knew
    How broken she's within,
    She'd hidden all
    Of her pain and despair.

    But as the day ended
    She crumbled in tears,
    Asking herself,
    "Did I raise him wrong?"
    For she can't find a reason
    For him to choose to go wrong,
    A warm arms embraced her
    So comforting that she became vulnerable.

    "My son... he doesn't love me,
    For he caused my heart to grieve."
    How could a mother
    Feel this much despair?
    After all she did to raise him,
    The best possible way she could;
    "No, mom! You raised him well...
    But he chose to love his sins more."


  • bluecrane 116w

    Just random scribbling...

    From this universal paradox:
    "You are free to choose,
    but you are not free from
    the consequence of your choice."

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    #retribution #consequences #guilt
    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    The shame...
    It slaps you in the face
    The guilt...
    It tortures and tears you apart
    Now you wonder,
    When did it all began?
    That very moment
    When you started crumbling, drowning.

    "Just this once",
    It's what you convinced yourself
    But look now
    It turned out to be this big!
    You even dared
    To lie in front of your beloved's face
    "I'll never do it!"
    Making them believe you, to have faith.

    It's now consuming all of you
    Will it ever make amends?
    Bad choices...
    You blame it all to free will
    Now you are there,
    Wasting your lifetime in locked cell.


  • himayan_writes 132w


    Once there was a gloomy man beyond retribution or help.

    He wasn’t much into company or crowd. He’d rather be by himself.

    Dubious past and uncertain future were reasons for him to be lost.

    Sordid and morbid thoughts and fears always came at a cost.

    Delusions, dilemmas and destructive dreams haunted him for life,

    Until one night in the dark and quiet he made love to edge of a knife!


  • popeofwar 147w

    From dusk to dawn,
    My soul bleeds for retribution,
    I doubted my soul that lived within,
    Shattered, beaten! I only seek absolution.


  • ojeswi 161w


    Baby, I'm caught up in a landslide,
    Drowning in an ocean, seems nice,
    This torture you give would suffice,
    If I wasn't the one paying the price.

    You've got all my attention,
    You hurt me beyond comprehension,
    Let me go from this tension,
    Save me from retribution.

    The truth seems awfully simple,
    My mind can't let you go
    And forget the pain,
    I do this to myself,
    To keep me perfectly sane.


  • loftydreams101 166w

    For the Evils I've Sown

    I backslide through the smoke 
    As the free world howls 
    In demented refrains

    I'll find myself speeding 
    On a rugged decline,
    Stones clawing at my skin
    For the evils I’ve sown 

    I'll fall from the hills
    As a blood red mist,  
    Contorted and maimed 
    By the swift voyage down, 
    For the rottenness I gave

    © William Wright, Jr. 2018

  • alicejune 167w


    If anger is what you continue to choose to convey
    Know that I may not hesitate to repay...
    For retribution and spite
    Can be things of fright.
    Ya Ought to make things right
    Fore the end of the night.

  • eerielyrandom 174w


    Break ups are messy.
    When the earth started breaking up with the ocean under water
    The ocean was enraged and moved towards land in retribution

  • vivant 174w

    Midnight Reflection

    I dreamt
    of the final shuddering breath
    that passed from your lungs
    and the drool making its way
    between wrinkled folds
    from the corner of your mouth
    with each all-consuming huff
    like staccato
    that caused the walls to swell
    in the times from inhale
    to exhale
    like the popping of balloons
    over in seconds with quivering anxiety,
    but I could not tear my eyes
    from the outline of hunched shoulders;
    you clutched your chest,
    but I did not rush to your side
    as the man I had known
    became the nightmares of my mother
    until finally flesh collapsed
    against the cold stone of the floor;
    I felt no sorrow,
    no pain,
    despite the numerous memories
    imprinted with your face,
    now pale and still.
    I could not catch my breath when I awoke
    as if your end had been passed to me
    as retribution for my indifference.


  • orpheous 179w


    While storm clouds gathered and the wind it howled
    I held my candle close and tight.
    Whose light had helped guide me through
    In Days so bright and blackest nights
    Through snowy dusks and morning dew
    Even a raging flood or two,
    Its flame had fizzled but never died.

    But As lightning flashed and thunder roared
    A calm befell this boundless sea
    The tides had ebbed and rains did flow
    The meek sought refuge and bent the knee
    For what I'd felt was yet unknown
    What few dared speak, yet lay unveiled
    In every letter, in each detail
    What could no longer be curtailed.

    My grief subsided but the hate still growed
    Enough to fill the bottomless chasm
    Brimmed and flowed with endless woe
    The day will come of which I'm certain
    When the piper raises his final curtain
    And all who've wronged me will soon know
    Above all else of which I'm certain.
    Their doom it shall be bland and slow
    Like bird of fire from the ashes rising
    My flame defiant again shall glow.

  • midnight_wanderings 185w

    My silence
    is a a testament
    of my promise
    for retribution

  • george_v_joseph 192w

    Poem of pain from the excerpts of my past ..

    #random #repentance #retribution #lent

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    The New Chapter

    Sulking in the darkness,
    neck deep in agony.
    It seemed Lord never heard me
    amidst all this cacophony.
    The chaos got to my soul
    bringing in something deep;
    Forgive my words and my sins,
    I'm a hard man to keep!

    My rage is a weapon
    just like my poetic bars.
    Imprisoned in this jail,
    my words convert peace treaties into wars.
    Burning the ground and
    everyone around who breathes.
    Sorry, my brother
    'cause I was a hard man to keep!

    My past will forever haunt me
    but my art is all I have.
    I've survived before on my own
    although pain split me into half.
    and it's a bad path to follow
    in this tough road full of deceit!
    I guess, it's certainly true
    that I'm a hard man to keep!

    It's a wonder sometimes
    thinking how I made it this far.
    and although I broke minds and hearts,
    I wish my gems, the best wherever they are!
    tried, failed, scared off and hurt people,
    mind going steeper like an illegal feeble freak.
    If my destiny ain't kind, Forgive my actions, so bleak.
    tired but not weak, apologies.. I'm a hard man to keep...

    So at the event of my last breath,
    I hope my evil doesn't overwhelm my good.
    locked away my struggle 'cause
    I judged you and I misunderstood!
    infected this stained soul
    into something so pure and unique.
    A thousand chances were given
    But still I'm a hard man to keep!

    I've crushed more souls
    than I ever imagined or thought.
    seems more I tried to get free,
    more I got stuck in my own knots!
    wished to be a better version of myself
    look myself in the eye and say
    "someday you'll succeed,
    you can conquer on your own,
    you don't need any help,
    even then; I whisper to myself,
    "you are a hard man to keep".


  • diksha_goyal 202w


    The greatest Revenge.