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    Problems resurrect till the solution borns.

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    No matter how hard you try to demean me, I'll resurrect like a lotus flower.

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    You go, girl! (Suit your genders)

    #rage #rising #power #strength #redemption #belief #hope #conviction #resurrection

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    Reclaim your power back.

    Channel that rage.

    Show them, what you're made of!


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    'You there, have you seen the king's sceptre?', the chief of gaurds for the king cried as he went around with flyers of the king's sceptre in his hand. He looked very vexed like it were something very valuable to him that was stolen. Well, it was His Majesty's Sceptre, His Majesty's symbol of office that was missing. It was a kingdom problem and as a royal gaurd, it was definitely a deafening slap across his face.
    His majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren has a countenance so gloomy on the issue at hand that he would neither eat nor drink anything. He would not even speak to anyone but just stared up at the fine ceiling embellishments. He wondered how he would recover the stolen sceptre from whoever it was that had stolen it. The sceptre was quite a find, expensive and very precious. Without it, the town of Lugwid could not referred to as a people. All around the town, news filters about the occurrence and everyone is sent into panic mode wondering how they would live without a king. Sir Fidelis was not dead but he was not a king without his sceptre. Sure he had his regalia of a crown and a royal garment but all of that meant nothing without the sceptre. Without the sceptre, it was all just a cloth and crown that anyone could just walk into any supermarket in Lugwid or beyond and purchase cheaply but the sceptre was more precious than gold. This was a situation that had never occured in the history of the town of Lugwid but the palace had become more porous security-wise and flexible, privacy-wise that anyone could enter any part of the place without any special protocol since a number of people had brought petitions claiming that the king was far away from and very inaccessible to the people. Now this happened.
    His majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren could only imagine how stiff he would make the palace immediately he was able to recover his staff of office, there would be six gruelling stages one would need to go through before one could gain access again to him because he believed it is a matter of overfamiliarity that brought this shame upon the royal palace and the entire town of Lugwid.

    There was no reason for anyone within the town to steal the staff of office because he made sure he had implemented enough policies to make sure everyone lived comfortably and without as much as a single want so who could have done this act. Immediately, he commanded the arrest and detention of every foreigner in the town to ascertain which of them is behind the theft. Rounding them off and realizing they were so many, he narrows the list down to those who had accessed the palace which brought the list down to two person. Everyone followed closely the proceedings like their lives depended on it, eager to know who would be squashed by the winepress of the law and served as wine to the throats of its penitentiary for the lesson of his life which he would only be so lucky to live to relay.
    Jonah and Deval were the names of the two foreigners standing trial on the matter after the others had been cleared by the government on having nothing to do with the missing staff of office. If only they could know the truth by looking them in their eyes and recognizing the truly Innocent and the vilely guilty but that was impossible so investigations continued.
    A few of the citizens came up with an accusation against Jonah claiming to have seen him earlier with the staff of office and claimed to have questioned him on why he had committed such an abomination but he defiantly ignored their questions and told them the king was not suitable for kingship and that was the reason he had purposed by the theft of the staff of office to commandeer the town for himself but it was all balderdash. Deval was the real criminal and had planned with the accusers to pin the crime on Jonah for the fact that they had their own personal scores to settle.
    Jonah was innocent of all charges but what prompted Sir Fidelis' suspicion of his being perpetrator of the heinous crime against the state was his silence in the midst of Deval's heated defense being which Sir Fidelis and his committee of investigators took for admission to the crime. Deval's argument seemed to really sway the king and his investigators so much so that without any further investigation, Jonah was sentenced to death by hanging particularly because he would not show the king and his investigators to the place where he had hid the staff of office.

    Within seconds, a section of the king's sentry, in green military combat wears and solid shiny black boots take him up by his arms in theirs and drag him away to the prison to await execution the next day. They had some very hard hands, rugged and stony they would almost crush anyone they held in them. Jonah wept in the pains of their clutches but consoled himself that by his death, his pain would soon be over. He would have been all happy at the putting him out of the misery of the false accusations but the pains of torture filtered into his porous skin for the rest of the day and into the next morning.
    By the next morning, the day of his execution, he is woken up by the whiplash from a soldier gaurd at the prison where he is held. Jerking up his feet, he let out some tears. Looking very weak, he is beaten regardless to pick up the pace to the place of execution pulling behind him his element of execution- a board with nails-he would hoisted up in a parachute and thrown down onto it, killing him instantly or if he were lucky- a few minutes in gruelling pain before giving up the ghost.
    Reconsidering the idea of dropping him unto a board of nails after hoisting him 200 feet above the ground, His Majesty, Sir Fidelis Warren orders that he be pardoned for the crime positing that although the crime is abominable, it should be pardoned or judgement less stifer for something as insignificant as a staff but the people would not have it instead they agitated even more for his execution.
    Sir Fidelis unwilling to pursue any further the proceedings orders that he be kept out of whatever decision they decide to take on the matter seeing that they would not rest until Jonah's blood gushed out from him like a tap for their drinking pleasure.
    Quick to see to Jonah's death, the people rustle up an arena at a tree for his hanging. Each of them would later wonder why exactly they decided to support his death against all opposite indications. Dragging him to the tree, a rope is rung around his neck while mocking him for being so powerless against them at that moment whereas having the guts to have stolen the royal sceptre.
    Finally hung to die on the tree and certified dead, they all leave the venue in the surprising darkness as they could all swear that it was as bright as midday only a few minutes ago but here they were, staring at a darkness they could almost touch. Finding the occurrence very strange, they rush back to their homes to stay away from whatever danger may follow.
    ..Some hours later, he is brought down from the tree by his Majesty's soldiers, someone from amidst the crowd remarked 'Maybe this man was innocent and did not really steal the Sceptre. We probably murdered, in the name of justified execution, the wrong person'.
    Obtaining Jonah's body from the royal house, he was laid to final rest or so they thought. Deval thought to himself that in a little while when the heat of Jonah's death and missing sceptre dies down, he would overthrow the king and rule Lugwid permanently but he had no idea of what lay wait for him ahead.
    Three days after, news reaches Deval that Jonah had been spotted in three different locations at different times but he would not believing it maintaining that he had seen him and confirmed him dead and buried completely but hearing the stories continuously from different quarters of Lugwid, he knew it was something to panic about because he had barely started his tatkeover plan but this would put a spanner in his progress, he imagined.
    His Royal Majesty, Sir Warren would probably hand over the kingdom to Jonah seeing that he was unjustly punished even after telling the truth. The king as expected orders a manhunt for Deval. One Monday morning, Deval is taking a stroll around the town while devising a plan to forestall and foil the enthronement of Jonah as king when he is spotted by some members of the royal sentry. He is chased for a few minutes until he loses them in an alley. Realising the failure of his plan, Deval flees the town seeking asylum wherever he can find it believing that running now would be the best so that one day when the people of Ludwig least expect it, he will strike back and take the throne but as usual, he knows little.


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    The Mellifluous Melancholy

    When your breath has been sucked out of you,
    When your rhythm has been scrambled,
    And all you hear is the sound of silence,
    When you no longer feel the rush of your blood coursing through you,
    When your spark has been drowned by waves of despair,
    Let yourself get buried and hit rock-bottom,
    For only in that stillness can you remember why life was worth it,
    For only the flashback can set you ablaze once more,
    For only the right pieces of your past can make you whole again,
    Let yourself sink to find your anchors,
    'Cause only then can you unmoor your ship and set sail once more,
    Let yourself be shattered,
    For only then can your core resurrect you in the right way,
    Embrace the pile of earth above you and become one with it,
    For only then can you emerge as a new sapling,
    Give in and fall into the abyss,
    For only then can you climb towards the light above,
    Let the guilt and regret fracture your soul,
    'Cause only then can you discover love that fills the cracks,
    And meaning that binds the splinters of your soul,
    Life was your mirror but you chose to only see everything and everyone around you,
    The present was your music but you danced to the tunes of your past,
    While waiting to sync with the rhythm of an unknown future,
    Let the tears swallow you,
    Let the oblivion engulf you,
    Let your muted wail resonate within you,
    Lose yourself in the chaos and become evanescent,
    For only then can your form be distinct on your messy canvas,
    And your heartbeat reset by the mellifluous melancholy.


  • mrspectacular 45w


    It was not done in the manner of bribe.
    No, that was not the manner he used to have us conscribed.
    If we are to, the manner of conscription, describe
    He bought us with the ultimate price to join his tribe
    And with the pen of his righteousness, on our forehead, he did his name, inscribe.
    Praise to Almighty scribe
    By whose Almighty hand we have now the authority to, with glory and power, vibe.

    Were it not for this one,
    Who knows what more horrible deeds, the serpent would have done?
    We would have had in place of meat, bone
    Or worse still, stone,
    For as it is said the masses weep when the wicked sit on the throne.
    Praise God for he did not leave us alone!
    Praise God for the victory he has, for us, won!!


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    Toe in the water

    Continues to disturb the

    Pond that cannot calm


  • keithallencovell 51w

    My Mausoleum

    you are
    i am the grindstone
    flittering of dust
    and particles of rust
    blackening the soul
    to be wiped clean
    over time
    in shaping
    my mausoleum


  • maanvi_bhagat 52w

    First time I've tried free verse along with an odd number of lines.

    From the trees to the meadows
    From the birds to the animals
    From the light to the darkness
    From the happiness to the sadness
    Beauty lied everywhere she could see
    Though her eyes were blind all along
    Her tears hidden in her laughter
    Yet she couldn't ignore this beauty
    Which calmed her mind and her soul
    Which gave her a chance to breathe
    A new resurrection on the overall

    Picture credits to @writersnetwork I just loved this picture and it inspired me a bit to write this...

    #freeverse #resurrection #soul #mind #beauty #pod

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  • sarahrachelea 63w

    From her lips
    He will taste a revolution
    From her kiss, a redemption
    With her hips, the resurrection

    ~ his Aphrodite

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    लव! स्टोरी अच्छी! हो
    तो मुस्कुराना!
    ज़ायज है...!

    #Erutugul bey+halime sultan=❤

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    हर इश्क़! में, पहली! नज़र का खेल होता है
    बार बार देखने से हुई, मोहब्बत! को
    एक तरफ़ा प्यार कहते है

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    Didn't we all die in there sometime before? Didn't we all resurrect once again in there? How many times has it happened before? How many times is it going to happen hereafter? Does it make you happy about it? Or does it makes you sad? 

    - Akshay Vasu

  • heavenly_broadcast 85w

    From the Cross
    to the grave
    And from the grave
    to resurrection
    Our Lord Today,
    Is forever risen
    Haven Triumphed
    victoriously over death.
    Never to die
    Haven redeemed man
    Death is forever shamed
    The grave is empty
    And shamed to the open

    Through Christ
    Have we won
    Through His Cross
    Are we reborn
    Never again to taste
    The horrors of death
    Never to fear
    The woes of hell
    Never again to groan
    Beneath the weight of pain
    By reason of the Cross
    By reason of Christ's resurrection
    By the dominion power
    Of Christ's Blood
    Shed on the Cross
    In Full For us
    That we no more
    Should grope in confusion.

    Do you believe, then celebrate him This day, Do you believe, then lift up your Jubilee to Him in Praise. Romans 5:12-21 & Matthew 28:6. Rev.1:18.

    Are you yet doubting, or oblivious of these things, then search through scriptures, and find Him written in red. The very colour, of His precious Blood. And So when you're ready to receive Him in, simply say this prayer of Faith with me, saying "Heavenly father I come to you today, believing in the death and resurrection of your son Jesus Christ, for my sins and I receive you Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and saviour. I repent of my sins and past and every evil they stand for. I receive my cleansing from All unrighteousness. Thank you Lord for saving me, Amen. And just like that you have being translated from death to life. His Word the Bible is first the place you need to go, to learn of Christ's exceeding Grace to you. Link up with us right here on @heavenly_broadcast for more materials to help you with your Love walk in Christ Jesus, Amen.

    #JesusSavesLives, #JesusSavesLives, #life, #poetry, #poem, #mirakee, #JesusChrist, #writersnetwork, #write, #writers, #writer, #poet, #writings, #photography, #writerscommunity, #writing, #wise, #philosopihy, #truth, #writersunite, #postoftheday, #poemoftheday, #quotes, #quote, #quoteoftheday, #quotestoliveby, #word, #words, #wordoftheday, #today, #poetsofmirakee, #poetsociety, #poetrylovers, #poems, #writersofmirakee, #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #christian, #christianpoet, #christianpoets, #christianpoetry, #christianpoems, #truth, #grace, #grave, #cross, #death, #resurrection, #blood, #eastersunday, #easter, #easterweek, #soul, #salvation, #nature #love #life #inspiration #friendship #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    The Grave is empty,
    He has Risen with
    The Keys of Death
    and That also of hell.
    Just as He said,
    Together With Us
    In Victory And Triumph!

  • frederico 85w


    The guards were filled with fear
    as they saw God's angel
    announcing His resurrection
    to the women
    whom were also near.

    They became the first witnesses,
    as the angel shed the light,
    but there was more to come;
    Jesus appeared
    in their plain sight.
    He commended
    to spread the news,
    making them the first evangelists,
    forcing generations thereafter
    to make a big mindshift.

    Cleopas and Simon
    were the ones He visited next.
    Then His closest disciples followed,
    when He apeared in their midst.
    He let them touch His hands and feet,
    then He opened their eyes;
    that's when they came to know
    why He had to die.

    Today we commemmorate
    this special time,
    spreading this gift of love,
    which mankind got
    from our Father high above.

    We praise His name
    and forever will.
    To Him be the glory
    in Jesus name!


    12 Apr 2020 (Resurrection Sunday)


    Image credit to the rightful owner

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  • taiwodaniel 85w

    Christ, the Risen

    It was clear to our eyes and minds
    That our saviour couldn't save Himself.
    But Did He not promise to raise
    - the temple after three days of destruction?

    We never learned the life He promised to us.
    If only they had known,
    If only to them he did show
    The eternity effect of His death to humanity.

    My Christ was demoted to the hell
    And for three days he suffered the odd eternity
    I was ordained for,
    Even before my mother was conceived.

    Our hopes were dashed
    For we never knew he went down there
    To bind hell and shut down his gate eternally.
    Yea, eternally for us...

    We never knew
    Until we sought him to the grave.
    Alas! My saviour rose already
    And thus gave right to eternity.

    Today he justified the prophets
    And unveil our faces of blindness.
    Now by his tropes we were healed
    And because he lives, we must also live.

    The glory of the Father he has brought down
    To share with mortality
    That we might get transformed into immortality
    Just because he is risen...

    And for God so loved the world,
    He gave us his only son
    So whosoever believes should not be condemned to death
    But have eternity...

  • samuel_za_poet 85w

    He has risen!

    The pangs of death,
    Gnawing they are,
    They pinned him not,
    He fought the menace,
    With this great love,
    Physically he weakened,
    Spiritually he strengthened,
    Who on earth has achieved this feat?
    Great is he who has risen in grace.

    Amidst difficulty,
    He graces the world,
    To overcome death,
    Is a deed worth gratifying,
    Let the world praise him!
    Let the world gratify his works,
    Let the world emulate his resurrection.

    That in horrid times,
    Such as these,
    We as valiant soldiers of the Lord,
    Shall arise and resurrect in unition!
    From all diverse plagues,
    Of devilish enchantment,
    By the blood he shared on Calvary!

  • ketsheweuwetsah 85w

    Easter Sunday

    "Too good to be true
    That He died and rose again
    Now let us rejoice."


  • l_minlun_haokip 85w


    On whose feet she once poured her perfume, 
    Now she came to visit Him in the tomb. 

    She saw the stone taken away, 
    She ran back to the disciples on the way. 

    When He came to her, she didn't recognise, 
    She did not believe her eyes. 

    Jesus asked her, "Who are you seeking? "
    "If you take him away, please give me." She said weeping. 

    Jesus knew her heart and called, "Mary! "
    She then recognised Him and exclaimed, "Rabboni! "

    Have you, like Mary, encountered the Lord? 
    Have you ever been spoken to from His Word? 

  • spalymo1002 88w


    She opened her eyes and rubbed them. Yawning, she realized it was Easter morn. She jumped out of bed with all the excitement that her four year old self could muster up. Walking to the kitchen, there on the granite counter she saw her Easter basket. She shreaked with joy seeing the candy, bubbles, bible book, and stuffed bunny inside. "Grammy" she yelled! "Come see what the bunny brought me." Her grammy pushed up her bifocal frames, got up, and peeked into the kitchen. She was elated at the happiness on her sweet grandchilds face. "Lets show PawPaw" she said as she whipped back the curtains and motioned for him to come inside.
    Grammy was overjoyed at the precious memories this holiday brings. As they sat down to read some scriptures together about the resurrection of Christ, they all gave thanks for their Savior and for another precious memory.