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    They say rage is red in colour,
    but I say no one knows,
    for the first time I saw rage,
    I went so blind with it
    That I failed to see the drops of red
    Dripping from the crescents on my palm
    From a fist so white at the knuckles,
    Yet ever so feeble to aim.

    The first time I saw rage,
    my vision tunneled at the sight of
    The first tremors of quiver
    that went up her chin,
    And the way she waged a battle
    To keep those stubborn tears in check,
    All the while my mind went numb
    And my sinews shook in silent uproar.

    The first time I saw rage,
    My rationality failed to see light
    Amongst the swirling vortex of emotions
    That obscured all traces of affection
    Trapped inside a head space
    Threatening to explode,
    Thus betraying a faux poise
    Painted over the chaos underneath.

    The first time I saw rage,
    Loved ones looked like adversaries
    Staring into the blacks of my irises
    Trying to fish out ancient bitterness
    From the depths of memories
    Murky and untamed and roaring
    Akin to that undiscovered ocean of acid
    On a distant planet in a faraway galaxy.

    The first time I saw rage,
    I lost sight of my identity;
    No wait, more like
    The fake stranger that I grew in a glass case
    To woo the crowd watching
    Arguably flawless but unworthy still,
    And the glass case came crashing down
    So did the mannequin of a human.

    The first time I saw rage,
    All of my senses went cold
    Except for those lethal words unuttered
    Burning at the edge of my stare
    Threatening to break free of the shackles
    And corked decanters age-old and dusty,
    But restraint reigned supreme
    And I swallowed hard, the ache echoing in my ears.

    Rage in all its cosmic glory
    Is not flying porcelain or spewing obscenities, oh please.
    It is that one fervent tear down the cheek of the raged,
    Scared, helpless
    And desperate for an outlet to combust
    That moment altogether,
    So that no soul would dare to hurt her loved ones again.

    But the world somehow finds a way
    To turn even the gentlest of souls
    Into dancing blue flames of rage and absurdly calls it red?
    Oh you have no clue.


  • quarantinistani 39w

    Restraint in anger
    is preemptive damage control.



  • fahadalvi26 82w


    True strength is in restraint.

  • raindropsoncacti 88w

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    "Slow Burn"

    We all know what happens
    If you light both ends of a candle.
    It disappears far sooner than it should;
    Double-pace is too hard for to handle.

    But candles are nice to have, to watch, to light
    They naturally add warmth to any room.
    They're kind to our eyes, and to our heart.
    They some how remove our feelings of gloom.

    There's no need to rush a candle, though.
    With certain choices you can make it stronger.
    If candles left to chill, their bonds are hardened.
    The result is a slow-burn that will last longer.

    The same can be said for people, for situations.
    As lovely as they are, as much as they may glow.
    It's hard to resist wanting to ignite that spark,
    But borrow a lesson from the candles that know.

    A candle's longevity isn't determined
    By the vessel in which they're contained.
    It's the way it's crafted selectively to last
    That makes it able to be so restrained.

    There's merits they can find in keeping things cool,
    To adopt a pace that promotes one to relax.
    A "candle.waiting to be lit" is no less a candle,
    It'd rather wait 'til ready than become common wax.

    It takes a while longer to make preparations;
    To develop quality, to fortify a candle to its prime.
    People willing to take the path of a slow-burn, too,
    Will always find company worthy of the extra time.


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    Slow Burn

    A "candle waiting to be lit" is no less a candle...
    It'd rather wait 'til ready than become common wax...

    © Thatgeekgirl

  • loftydreams101 96w

    The Luxury We Can't Afford

    A monster waits for me
    At the edge of a road
    What will I become
    As we tumble ensnared?

    What will be my name
    On the crest of our hill;
    True friends turning sour
    At the bleak day’s death?

    I’ll be destined to stray
    As a heartbroken son
    Left orphaned by time
    When vengeance is mine

    ©2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • flaringflames 127w

    An excerpt of a story I am writing called "Desire me as I desire you" I woke up this morning and for the first time since I got the story idea I feel inspire to write
    #desires #restraint #stories #mirakee #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #confessions #relationship #lovetriangle

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    "do you think I'm under a curse?" She asked placing her forehead against his own for a second then quickly raised it up and cut him off before he replied "what if I kissed you now? Do you think that will break the curse and I can be free?" He said nothing and held himself back, ignoring his racing heart, 'she is drunk, dont take advantage of her and her situation' he said to himself over and over again, for the first time in his life his restraint amazed him to no end but it instantly all crumbled as did every single part of him, including his thoughts when he felt her soft lips press against his own and everything stopped. He was frozen, filled with unfamiliar desires, he vehemently fought against it. 'don't move an inche, she is not single' almost became a mantra in his head. She pulled away sadly as she noticed he didn't kiss her back "I'm terrible, aren't I?" She said smiling as the tears in her eyes ran down her face and laid her head on the table covering her face with her hands in shame, it was there and then it hit him, she'd become sober as she was talking about her relationship with Marvin. Unsure of what to do or what to say or how to react, he stood up and pretended not to notice she was no longer drunk and walked to her side of the table "You're drunk, c'mon, let's get you to bed" his words came out monotone as he spoke, she said nothing and let him help her up and walk her to her room. In her heart she knew that he knew and said nothing. The silence in the air hung heavily and neither said a word to each other for the rest of the night.

  • sanjivvmunjal 128w


    ज़रूरत उम्मीद को जन्म देती है।
    अगर ज़िन्दगी में ज़रूरत हो तो,
    कर्म करना बेहतर होता है।
    अगर रिश्ते में ज़रूरत हो तो,
    सोच के बोलना बेहतर होता है।
    अगर दोस्ती में ज़रूरत हो तो,
    संभल के चलना बेहतर होता है।
    ज़रूरत से निकली हुई उम्मीद,
    कमज़ोरी का कारण बनती है।

    ©संजीव मुंजाल

  • ketsueki_kara_inku 136w


    I look at him a few feet away, his back to me.
    He seems happy, I think to myself.
    I frown.
    If only I could scream at him the pain he caused. How much damage he's done to me and continues to cause.
    If only I could break down and cry for hours to show him how broken he made me.
    But I cant.
    Because he will not listen.
    So I bite my tongue and move on.


  • rootless 141w

    Slow death

    That restraint you show my love...

    Is that something you are proud of

    Or are you dying a little every day?


  • delicate_dreamer_forever 148w


    And that was when the last string that was holding me together snapped.

  • clximeneo 161w

    Sentinel and Sieve

    Ground bones melt like ash on my tongue,
    Sentinel lips a roseate seal of brushed cushion;
    Sieve of sickle and ferric bastille unnoted
    For silver garroter subdued by gray matter.

    -C.L. Ximeneo

  • gratefulsoul 168w


    The amount of effort it takes to not reach out to you , consumes all of me


  • silkheart 172w


    I can't help myself when I'm around you. I want to breathe you, feel you, kiss you, and so much more. Much more than I want to admit.

  • sweetybhadoria 182w

    Restraint life!

    My phone has scratches but not of my anger,
    My life has scars but not of my mistakes,
    My clothes has patches but not of my action,
    There is nothing on it's place, I have been stabbed by situations and conditions of my fate.

  • samakhsh 188w

    No Pun Intended

    No man is that powerful without disaster befalling.

  • spitfire_ 190w


    A Wisp of curled ropes
    are not capable to restraint me from
    Chasing that rising full moon
    -Niyanta S

  • raizahill 199w

    Painting pictures

    If only in the beginning i was not so innocent i could not see
    Ur rose coloured glasses reflect only who u hope i would be
    I listen to u describe me
    U paint such pretty pictures
    Slightly shallow and empty as they may be
    Was it the need to please u that suppressed something in me
    Found myself thinking ,through your eyes
    How simple ,how free, how untrifled i seem to be
    Maybe u are the one who truly knows me
    Perhaps if i change just a little your version is who i would really be

    Though as time goes by it becomes harder n harder to hide
    All former passions,hopes n dreams that birthed me
    Suppressed by false content,but have not yet died

    I found an old friend emerging,bewildered,a little lost,older but still wild eyed
    A sigh of relief escapes me for there still exists substance,a soul a spirit inside
    Restless,still fighting ,no more content to just subside

    The restrictions of my mind
    I leave behind
    Using my hearts ear
    For the first time i simply hear

    The person i am will always be a seeker
    Thus trifled with complications and conflictions
    Yet i cannot wait for you to meet her

    I feel a strength i thought was forever lost
    Slowly rising,willing me to dig deeper
    I unbind myself from the shackles tightened by fear
    My eyes are now wide open and its all of a sudden clear
    the only way for the real me to draw near
    From now i paint my own pictures and simply just hope you will still be here.


  • shagufta_shahwar 202w


    She was searching for ways to make him happy on Google when her phone pinged indicating a notification.

    "Enjoying with friends", his post showed
    His bright smile and the twinkle in his eyes said it all..

    Irony smirked at her.


  • xelshy_hope 221w


    She was there, smiling at me. I wanted to smile back. She tried to come closer, i cowered silently. Her eyes were gleaming with midnight stars. No one could resist her. I fidgeted and restrained my will to escape. Her hair were flowing in golden sunset and the breeze through them was caressing my neck. I could take it no longer. I escaped into my shell. She kept smiling until I was completely gone.


  • kpita_ 240w


    There is a hollow voice that keeps calling out to me in this darkness, 'one more step, one more' it says. I heed it's words as my legs bump into the shadows of the unknown.

    What if I get to the end of the tunnel and there is only more darkness? I quiz the voice but the only thing it repeatedly spouts like a broken record is 'one more step, one more'.

    In the far distance I see a dim fibrillating light; I run towards it without my legs touching the ground. Before fading into the dark the voice pleads with me to go as far as I can through the darkness.

    Time is absent here. I do not know how long I have been on this abyssed journey. As I feel my body sublimate into the dark, I set my soul on fire exploding into a joyful supernova. To others in the dark, let me be your light, let me be your voice in this darkness. I can be your light at the end of the tunnel. Follow my voice 'one more step, one more'.
    -'El Saviola