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  • candicehasley96 11w

    Dakota Trey

    I had to put my dog down
    The tears come rolling as I slowly drown
    It was a hard decision to make
    I hope he see's a new version of life
    My heart aches with pain
    I don't know how much more I can take
    I was thirteen when he was born
    Now I'm 25 and I feel so torn
    I'm broken and I have nothing left to say
    May you rest in peace, Dakota Trey
    I love you

  • kelvinesthy 17w

    I woke up to the regular shenanigans of the day
    Nothing exciting nor sad
    Just the everyday waking up, going to work, eating like every other brings in the universe

    This all changed when I saw that post
    You kicked the bucket
    In as much as u love football the bucket was a prohibited entity until the age 70
    So why leave now
    Dude u have so much to offer

    I'm not even sure if what am saying
    My body is all shakey
    My fingers too heavy
    But still the memories kept coming
    Of all the time we spent together, laughing arguing, playing and even giving Fada Dom headache.
    I can still hear u calling me via the usual phrase "Iyke my man"
    Then why, how can sickness overpowered u.
    This is so devastating.

    I know you will be saying "Nigga be strong"
    Even though it's gonna be hard but I will be strong
    I know you are at a better place.
    Do rest well until we see again
    My brother
    #KhavaliLivesOn #DeathIsJustAPassage #RIP #RestInPeace #MyBrother #MyFriend #MyPadi #TheKing

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    Till we meet again

    As you walk through that passge know that you aren't alone. Our love and friendship will guide you

  • aqua_taurean 19w

    Light & Dark

    Since you are not here
    I no longer know
    If today's new moon or full.

    I remember the times
    When you left us in worry
    Oh brother! May you be safe.

    A strange illness
    That caught you in distress
    Shredded you in your life.

    Let your loved ones
    To defy with the beauty
    Of the shimmering night lamp.

    3 months just passed
    I do not know
    If the night was young or dead.

    You do not worry
    For the life of your little ones
    In happiness it would be lead.

  • benhurbedford 20w

    Robert Frost

    Robert Frost, I freeze my mind.
    The poetry that you have left behind.
    It shivers down my weakened spine.
    This time I stay and try to die

    You are no longer here I see
    My poetry runs deeper than a mystery.
    I am collapsed under a tree
    Two roads diverged, I chose to flea .

  • berries_54 25w


    G - enerous
    R - espected
    A - dmired
    N - eat Freak
    D - og Lover
    M - emory Maker
    O - ne of a kind
    T - houghtful
    H - umorous
    E - ager
    R - emembered Always

  • yayshi 28w

    Dear late writer,
    Your life said it all. Rest in peace🙏🏻

    #peacehaikuc #writersbay #mirakee #restinpeace #mask #rip #haiku #haiku_yayshi

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    Waste are not your mourns
    His soul has discovered peace
    Through the grave of stones


  • cherubinwinter 37w

    Adieu My Lichi

    Gazing into the space of nothingness
    My eyes thirst for your loving stare
    Amidst all the chores of life
    My mind wanders into your last glare

    The steps of my retreat mourns
    The fingers of my hand feels stoned
    Heart cries within amongst the chaos

    I wonder if I can listen to the voice
    The voice of your call
    You walked away far off
    My Love you were so small

    The years of joy and love
    Hugs-kisses-sigh and your jump
    A void within the walls of love

    You are cherished_you were my blessing
    The love so pure
    Can't let you go yet I need you to go
    How will now I endure

    My Lichi my baby my peach
    I will wait for you here
    To fall in love with you once again


  • dead_brain 38w


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    I FELT IT ❤



  • trishaamaru 42w

    If they had known

    If they had known
    That in just a few hours
    Their lives would be ripped away from them
    In the most sinister and brutal way
    Maybe they would have stayed
    The poor farmer would have said to his son
    No don't go, do not fight
    For there is no right here
    Even the light do not shine
    So we got used to the night
    Gunned down, every single one
    Eye water mixed with red matter
    Secreted from them
    They clenched their fists, held the country's flag and chanted it's rhythm but it could not save them
    Have you forgotten them ?
    Their dying cries haunt me in my sleep films
    I see streams of lost dreams, hoped and it seems chances are slim my fire gone dim
    About to jump above the rim
    For they were taken away
    Never to see the light of day
    Their bravado exploits so heavy we could not pay
    We watched through screens as they were all murdered in cold blood
    And on the dirt they laid
    So i say
    If only they had known the outcome
    Maybe they would have stayed...

  • parinita_ 43w

    24.01.2021 The day which I will never forget. I miss my Grandpa soo much.#love #grandpa #purelove #miss #missyou #god #restinpeace.

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    A word full of emotion,
    A word full of joy,
    A word that brings smile in my face,
    A word that now makes me cry.

    Your love for me was so pure,
    Your advice for me was the best cure.
    I still remember our sweet happy days,
    But now nothing remains but the memory stay.

    Every word for you now brings a teardrop,
    I wish I could rewind the time and make everything stop.
    Now, I cannot express my heart,
    Oh Grandpa I miss you so much..

  • sarahrachelea 44w

    This is a story
    About a little fairy with her big heart
    Against the world, conquered her destiny

    She whispered in her singing
    She's screamed in her song
    With her shaking, angelic and mystical voice
    She's so fragile yet so strong

    She dances in her own subtle harmonies
    Composed so many magnificent art
    Creating with her six strings and broken wings
    What a magical nymph from the land of Irish

    Listen carefully to the melodies in her sigh
    Freedom is what she made of
    And liberty is what her soul is
    Another universe is where she belonged now

    Rest in love, Irish Queen
    Keep on dancing in serene


  • ndichuu 51w


    It all started with a hi.
    But he wanted something high.
    So he strengthened our bond as time went by.
    Sexy was my thigh.
    But just a minor of five years was what I,
    Was, in the big town of Mumbai.

    This is an outcry of molest.
    A surreal I call a nightmare.
    An ugly picture of abuse.
    A sculptor of hate, disdain, guilt and self hate.
    From a girl in the big town of Mumbai.

    I didn't know what it was.
    I didn't know what was it's cause.
    Painted with the colours of lust.
    Sang with the voices of mourns.
    Woke up with a sore body everyday.
    With my eyes red, writing off the night's history.
    A history that everyone ignored.

    This is an outcry of molest.
    A surreal I call a nightmare.
    An ugly picture of abuse.
    A sculptor of hate, disdain, guilt and self hate.
    From a girl in the big town of Mumbai.

    It was a home filled with people.
    But I was still lonely and feeble.
    The moon always lit the nights.
    But no one saw what happened behind the door.
    His smile symbolised pain.
    And was coupled with his deep set of eyes,
    That dug beyond my underwear.
    And for me, everyday all was too much to bear.

    This is an outcry of molest.
    A surreal I call a nightmare.
    An ugly picture of abuse.
    A sculptor of hate, disdain, guilt and self hate.
    From a girl in the big town of Mumbai.

    Sounds of fear.
    Voices of conundrum.
    Colours of hate.
    Paintings of death-wish.
    A place I was to call a home.
    Broke me to shreds, I had no home.
    Feel the words that are bleeding,
    From a heart crying for stitches.
    And a soul crying for a 'rest in peace'.

    This is an outcry of molest.
    A surreal I call a nightmare.
    An ugly picture of abuse.
    A sculptor of hate, disdain, guilt and self hate.
    From a girl in the big town of Mumbai.


    #mirakee #rape #molest #pain #suicidalthoughts #suicide #pain #fear #selfhate #abuse #death #deathwish #sorebody #hate #stitches #disdain #guilt #Mumbai #nightmare #outcry #lust #mourns #underwear #toomuchtobear #restinpeace #redeyes #ignorance

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    Sounds of fear.
    Voices of conundrum.
    Colours of hate.
    Paintings of death-wish.
    A place I was to call a home.
    Broke me to shreds, I had no home.
    Feel the words that are bleeding,
    From a heart crying for stitches.
    And a soul crying for a 'rest in peace'.

    This is an outcry of molest.
    A surreal I call a nightmare.
    An ugly picture of abuse.
    A sculptor of hate, disdain, guilt and self hate.
    From a girl in the big town of Mumbai.


  • faulty_puppet 51w

    Do-Hazaar Bees

    Main Baakiyon Se Khaas Hoon
    Baaki Saalon Se Alag
    Main Shuruat Se Anth Tak Ek Raaz Hoon

    Har Koi Har Saal Soochi Banaye
    Koi Kuch Naya Rachaye, Koi Purane Ko Haraye
    Sankalp Har Saal Banaye Magar Aadhe Mein Hi Bhool Jaye

    Kasrat Kar Do Mahine Mein Thak Jaate
    Khud Se Kiye Waadein Bhool Jaate
    Idhar Udhar Ki Bahano Mein Fir Se Bandh Kar Reh Jaate

    Har Saal Thoda Sada Thoda Sunhera Guzre
    Naukri, Shaadi, Pyaar, Parivaar Hai Bas Zindagi Ke Tukde
    Thali Bhar Gham Aur Katore Mein Khushiyaan Padose

    Mera Koi Irada Na Tha Aise Chalne Ka
    Taur-Tarika Soch Raaton-Raat Badalne Ka
    Aur Irada Bilkul Na Tha Aisi Jaanlewa Bimari Laane Ka

    Aandhi Sa Aya, Sardi Khaasi Se Chaya Woh
    Na Kiya Bhed Bhav Na Koi Tulana
    Achanak Dedh Karod Logon Ko Kahi Door Le Gaya Woh

    Bura To Hua Bohot, Shayad Achcha Bhi Thoda
    Laparwah Insaanon Ko Kaabu Mein Laya Thoda
    Ajeeb Hai Yeh Rog, Insaanon Ko Maar Jaanwaron Ko Choda

    Yeh Saal Tha Insaano Ka Pinjde Mein Jeena
    Ek Duje Se Kaha, Ghar Ke Bhitar Hi Rehna
    Raho Sabse Door, Surakshit, Warna Ho Jayega Corona

    Ummeed Hai Insaano Ne Samjha Hain
    Rachnakar Ki Kalpana Ka Woh Mamuli Hissa Hain
    Is Registaan Mein Tu Bas Dhool Ka Tinka Hain

    Shayad Teri Dimaag Ne Ilaaj Dhund Nikala Hain
    Shayad Tu Is Waqt Ko Badalne Ki Koshish Kar Raha Hain
    Ghumle Sara Brahmaand, Aakhir Kudrat Ka Hi To Chamcha Hai


  • sarahrachelea 54w

    Rest in peace every night is always much more better than rest in peace after your death


  • whispers_inside_the_closet 55w

    On my way to waking up

    I should go, get on the road to going home
    Before I plant my feet and my dream turns to stone
    We’ve done much growing, myself and this town
    But the lonely windy whispers, shakes my heart to the bone.

    I wish to be pampered, with a sung lullaby
    As my tears roll and my awakening suffers by
    Because despite being asleep, I’ve to close my eyes
    When I open my eyelids, you’ll have been swallowed by the lines.

    To see you again, would make me fall in a slump
    To hear you once more, would be a jump with a gulp
    But I’ll satisfy with just the tightest of hugs
    For this is just a dream, and I’m on my way to waking up.


  • victoriastokoe 55w


    Drink love in waves.
    Chase our passions
    before they get away.
    Smell the essence
    of the last night,
    the last day.
    We forget these
    We forget
    they leave us..
    The pages curl,
    grow dim, turn grey.
    Close in my arms
    you stay.
    Drink love in waves.
    Chase your dreams,
    before the light
    inside you fades.
    Lest we forget,
    they left us.
    Your photo curls
    grows dim, turns grey.
    Closer in my heart
    you'll stay.

  • wifey_suicide 57w

    The Crush You Will Never Date

    You like ever wanted to be with someone, but you know being with them is at a minimum?
    But yet you got your goddamn fingers wrapped around them in your fantasy, that you can’t see anyone else in reality.
    You’re stuck in this cycle of pushing away your feelings for them, but the second they do something dumb or just something they normally do.
    You just fall right back into that feeling,
    That you want to feel, but when you do it’s just blocked.
    You try and distance yourself.
    Because you’re not trying to seem like a creep.
    But they’re also a friend, a friend that you could actually brush feelings off.
    And things will just go back to normal
    But there’s also that urge of unconditional love that just springs out of you.
    Jumping off your chest as it grabs you by your hand and tells you, “let’s go!” “Come on!”
    But the only thing you can do is forcefully let go and tell that love that you can’t.
    Of course that love doesn’t understand, because all it is known to do is nurture and give things that others can’t.
    At least the brain understands, that risk is something you can’t take.
    One slip of feelings shown towards that person, is not only losing a person, but a friend.
    Something so small, that can just ruin the rest of just knowing that person.
    Instead of wanting to be together, you have to learn to love in a distance.
    Yeah you want them, but you don’t always get what you want in life.
    And sometimes chances of being in love with someone you truly deeply like, is the sacrifice in life.

  • kellsbells616 59w

    The Passing

    Light as a feather,
    Suspended in time.
    In wait for a breeze,
    A gift to ride.
    The journey; a path,
    One anew.
    Familiar faces,
    Will greet you.


  • sunconxious 59w

    Bree: Verse 2

    Pardon The Anger
    I thought maybe We could’ve came
    to terms, I was insane ta’
    But I refuse to tolerate you,
    Without Ramifications,
    Slaying Teenagers
    Puttin the Lives of
    Young Black Women In Danger
    The same occupation
    who’s first Goal and obligation
    Was to capture and hang Us
    That’s a Factual Statement
    I’m past complaining
    Too angry to cry
    I want Justice
    It’s Blatant: We Have To Take It
    We and These situations
    ain’t been strangers
    Racist Legislation
    Gets you exonerated
    Then you have the nerve
    to call us “gangsters?”
    I Got You, Bro:
    We’ll Show You Some
    See if you change your
    Heart or show Remorse
    With This Derringer
    Aimed at cha
    Blast You Like This Justice-Seeking Banger

    © 2020 Sonny J.I.

  • sunconxious 59w

    Bree: Verse: 3

    God, Please
    Spare Everyone
    From These Traumatic Experiences
    Please Bless All Who Experienced Them,
    To Help Them Have Already Succeeded
    And Overcome..


    We Was Discussin’
    The Public and the cussing
    Should We adjust it?
    To what extent
    should We Incite & Advocate for Justice
    But it’s troub’lin
    republicans been repugnant
    these muthafuckas are fuckin disgustin
    Got you plugged into The Matrix
    while haters subjugate and rape Us,
    Life Taken, We don’t make it to hospitalization
    to have the option to pull the plug
    Never Got To Put The Plug In

    Who are the real thugs then?
    Not the Crip or Blood Men
    the boys in blue
    to bustin
    without repercussions
    Plant some drugs and
    brush it under the rug, then
    make the “news” about The Russi@ns

    With that type of corruption
    How could We possibly Trust em?
    A shade of blue that’s dark
    this army of sharks
    Get fussin’
    Start The Discussion
    While Pendo Play Percussions
    Cuz Next Could Be Your Cousin

    Cuz Next Could Be Your Cousin.

    © 2020 Sonny J.I.