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    So I am a Chemical Sciences student and was really fascinated with the Schrödinger's Equation and it's associated theories. It's a complicated theroy but still if you can grow then anything is possible��
    Here's how I present the Schrödinger's Equation in a literary form

    #sciences #schrödingerequation #chemicals #research #emotions #literature #superpostion #paradoxical #hypothetical #multiplestates #grief #sadness #remorse #happiness #mind #everytime

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    Schrödinger's Cat

    This Cat's a paradox
    Can you be alive and dead
    At the Same time?
    It's Hypothetical they say
    Maybe yes

    But if you remove science
    And enter emotions
    Can you see the logic?
    Can you be happy and sad
    At the same time?
    Can your emotions be superimposed
    Like Schrödinger's Cat
    In multiple states
    At the same time?

    When grief envelopes
    And you share remorse
    Will you then not think
    Of Happy times
    And yesterday's beauty?
    We exist
    Happy and Sad
    Inside our mind
    In our emotions


  • smartsam 9w


    Angle is the Curve of Time!


  • smartsam 9w


    Light is Shadow of Energy!


  • shubham_20 36w

    Sir mere research kaise the

    Ek dam bakwaas aur maine use toilet pe flush kar deya


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    There must be research on scriptures with rational setup and professionally to find out the realities of religion. In this way, religion would no longer become the 'OPIUM OF MASSES' (sorry Marx uncle), rather it would rehab masses and odour people's life with 'the musk of peace' and elevate their mind and sound their SOUL.

    Always remember ''underread religion'' is the source of bigotry, hate and communalism but ''well-understood religion'' is the source of constructive mechanism which strengthen not only Peace but give you the purpose to find ''You'' and THE CREATOR.


  • 1almostfreenow 50w

    US (Peace / escape) OUR image.

    YESHUA Found in the storm
    In TEWAHEDO. RUACH does not remove the storms. YAH gives you omnipresent peace whilst it rages on. For a brief time before eternal Zion.

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    Reflective psychology alongside The Holy Spirit and the community .

    A historical , reflective and literary puzzle book

    of guidance ; guidance , deep thinking ,

    relationships and paradox .

    Looking to The Holy Spirit , the founder and

    perfecter of the faith given by Christ Jesus of

    whom endured the cross . The Father rebuked

    the shame that Christ Jesus endured and gifted

    him the direct privilege of being equal because

    he already was and is The Son of The Living God
    The 1st Adam was reborn as The Son of The

    Living God and was recognized as The Messiah

    and Christ . The Son of The Living God is the

    very 1st Adam being reborn and re appearing

    without Eve . The 2nd Adam arrived and

    endured The Cross so that the eternal court

    case would be completed . The Son of The

    Living God = God's offspring . The Living God

    was ensuring , finalizing and finishing the fact

    that satan ( already condemned within the lake

    of fire ) would be thrown into the lake of fire .

    1st Adam , 2nd Adam , The Son of The Living

    God , The Christ & Messiah as well God

    appearing in physical form ensured that (

    already condemned within the lake of fire )

    satan would be thrown into the lake of fire . The

    1st Adam appeared as The 2nd Adam so God

    would increase his wrath during the event of

    eternal judgment . After Christ's resurrection

    and Christ ' s ascension... The Holy Spirit and

    The Holy Ghost of whom are congruent gifted

    the miraculous gift of sobriety . Sobriety =

    evidence that God does exist . The Holy Spirit

    was altered and transformed due to Christ

    Jesus ' life , death , resurrection and ascension ?

    The Holy Spirit also experienced The Mount of

    Transformation and altered into The Holy Ghost

    after Christ returned to the throne . The Holy

    Ghost is written of after Christ Jesus ' ascension

    and was miraculously gifted during Pentecost .

    Pentecost ( The book of Acts, Acts 2 ) was after

    Christ Jesus' ascension . The Holy Ghost could

    have been and was an increased blessing , gift

    and portion of The Holy Spirit . A new and

    transformed version of The Holy Spirit gifted by

    God resembles the compliment ( John 2: 9 , 10 )

    that Christ Jesus was given at Cana . The Holy

    Spirit gave the miraculous gift of Sobriety

    during the apostolic event of Pentecost .

    ( John 2: 11 ) A firm reason to believe in The Holy

    Spirit ? The miraculous gift of sobriety .

    Sobriety = A true miracle .

    The Bible is a very deep well that rescues from

    hell and guides a person toward understanding

    the fact that God does exist ; God and eternal

    life do exist .

    The Holy Spirit rescues from depression and

    excessive depression .

    The Bible guides readers toward being mature

    and responsible .

    A creative story .

    Grandparents gift a bible to grand offspring .

    Grandparent : The Bible = a deep puzzle .

    Off spring starts flipping through pages and

    inspecting book .

    Grand offspring : That looks intricate .

    Grandparent : Yes . A deep , intricate and eternal

    puzzle .

    Grand offspring : An eternal puzzle ?

    Grandparent : Yes . An eternal puzzle that

    requires responsibility , maturity , discipline and

    The Holy Spirit ’ s guidance .

    Grandparent : Please study responsibly and

    please do not study too much because other

    activities do exist .

    Grandparent : Please consume your vegetables

    and vitamins .

    Grandparent : Also , please study the legal

    system because God is a Holy God of justice .

    Grand offspring : The legal system ?

    Grandparent : Yes . Please study the legal

    system because the two are 100% congruent .

    Grand offspring : Congruent ?

    Grandparent : Congruent and symmetrical . Just

    as the sun , day , night , moon , stars , oceans ,

    mountains , rain , clouds and forests .

    Grandparent : The Holy Spirit gifted the legal

    system and the bible so readers could

    understand that He does exist .

    Grand offspring : So , the day and night are

    congruent ?

    Grandparent : Yes .

    Grandparents speaking with each other : That

    book is too deep .

    Grandparent speaking with grandparent : Yes .

    A deep book and only a book . A book that

    requires a responsible teacher .

    Grandparent : We are going to be attending

    church once in a while .

    Grand offspring : To learn about God ?

    Grandparent : Yes . To learn about God .

    Grandparent : Also , a productive hobby so

    personal strain from reading the holy bible is

    reduced . A healthy and productive hobby

    increases the personal relationship with God .

    Grand offspring : We are going to go play !

    A number of the grand offspring run outside to

    play .

    The elder offspring within the group of grand

    offspring speaks with the grandparents : So , the

    legal system directs a person to God and God

    directs a person to the legal system ?

    Grand parents : Yes . That question was

    absolutely a one hundred percent and above ,

    because the question asked ; the question asked

    was already answered within the very same

    question . The answer was provided within the

    very same question .

    The elder offspring walks out to play alongside

    the group of grand offspring .

    Grand parent speaking with grandparent :

    Vegetables , vitamins , hydration , cleanliness ,

    nutritional foods , bible , and a number of

    productive activities . Sports , music , cooking ,

    art , decorating . The grand offspring

    are maturing and being responsibly guided

    toward an amazing future .

    Grandparent to grand offspring : The anatomy

    of a person is physical , spiritual , mental ,

    emotional , intellectual and psychological .

    A person has a body , a spirit , a mind , a heart , a

    personal or active thought process , a soul ,

    an inner and personality also known as behavior .

    Behavior is to be maintained within every

    second ; verbal and physical behavior are to be

    maintained within every second . The Holy

    Spirit completely provides a unified , congruent ,

    symmetrical and harmonious anatomy of

    self control over verbal and physical behavior .

    Grand offspring : Will The Holy Spirit always be

    my friend ?

    Grandparents speaking with grand offspring :

    The Holy Spirit shall and will always be your

    eternal friend ; please remember that The Holy

    Spirit is an eternal friend of many , many and

    many people of whom live around the world .

    Grand offspring : Does The Holy Spirit have a lot

    of friends ?

    Grandparents speaking with grand offspring :

    Yes . The Holy Spirit does have a lot of friends

    and great offspring ; The Holy Spirit is our very

    closest friend .

    End of story .

    After story : The offspring grows and lives

    alongside The Holy Spirit for an eternity and

    forever .

    End of after story .

    The Bible = a living book that The Holy Spirit

    resides within .

    The Holy Spirit = deeper than the matrix .

    Find and follow The Holy Spirit .

    The Holy Spirit can be found within The Holy

    Bible .

    The movie the matrix = an allegory .

    An eternal God over every religion and God can

    save from many religions within history ,

    Yet he does not have to .

    The Son of the living God rescues through

    history .

    The Holy Ghost was the reincarnated version of

    The Holy Spirit ?

    The Holy Spirit reincarnated = The Holy Ghost . ?

    The reincarnated version of The Holy Spirit =

    The Holy Ghost . ?

    God ’ s soul . God ’ s spirit . God ’ s body. God ’ s

    Ghost . God ’ s thought process . God ’ s

    conscience .

    The Holy Spirit was transformed and given by

    God ’ s son as The Holy Ghost ( during Pentecost ) .

    The Holy Spirit endured Calvary Cross within

    The Son of The Living God because The Son of

    The Living God is The Holy Spirit as a human or

    within physical form .

    The triune living God with the name Jehovah .

    ( God has many names ) .

    At the end of the rabbit hole is the judgment

    seat and The Holy Spirit within The Son of The

    Living God .

    The rabbit hole is a term that can be found within

    a number of television or movie series

    ( entertainment ) .

    The Holy Spirit created and gifted the Fibonacci

    sequence .

    The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical pattern

    that can be found within the environment and

    within or around the world .

    Too much biblical entertainment and intellectual

    entertainment ?

    Proverbs 27 : 17 .

    1 Corinthians 8 .

    A deep and historical paradox of teachers

    teaching others to not take advantage of ,

    manipulate or control others .

    The teachers also taught the fact that eternal life

    does exist , would provide guidance and

    comments of healthier living and that miracles

    have already been proven ; proven and

    documented .

    They would speak of their teacher , mentor ,

    rescuer and eternal savior of whom could

    perform miracles ; he did , would and could

    perform miracles . He was different because

    although he was physically separated from them ;

    he could alter the inner nature , outer nature

    and the whole behavior of a person .

    He could provide sobriety via his gift of The Holy Spirit ;

    He was or is not physically present and he could

    provide the gift of sobriety .

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    This body, these hands, these legs
    They have a story to tell
    These fingers, they glide
    In the air they ride
    That spine
    Can't be straight no more
    They know the taste of music now
    Bailar es amor!

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    #therichindia#thought #research
    The Varaha Temple- The boar who brought the planet Earth back..
    I don't know whether these are myths or realities but even if these are just stories then also these are not less then any achievement for India.
    The poem Ka- Ta-Pa decodes the value of Π to great accuracy.
    Research tells that several scientific theories were known in India since the vedic times... The rishis which we consider as some babas wearing yellow and orange cloth were more than what we percieve them.. They harboured intellect that far exceeds those of today's scientists.Without any Microscope, telescope or any technical advancement for that matter, they knew 64 dimensions, Atomic theory, the planetry system, algebra, calculus, surgery, aviation, etc. The list is endless.
    At least I am fascinated by the rich background that we had but feel sad at the same time that the credibility goes to someone else.
    Many Indians turn a blind eye to our rich heritage due to the influence of mere western culture and when asked about it they will talk about superstitious India, without even going to the depth of our creased pages of history.
    I don't think our country can grow by neglecting our past...
    Read and research if you think you know little about your nation...

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    The Rich India

  • whatjessithinks 81w

    People tend to overestimate the likelihood of a positive event happening to them and underestimate the likelihood of a negative event happening to them.

    If you were asked to estimate how likely you are to experience divorce, illness, job loss, or an accident, you are likely to underestimate the probability that such events will ever impact your life.

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    The Optimisms Bias

    Optimistic bias is commonly defined as the mistaken belief that one's chances of experiencing a negative event are lower (or a positive event higher) than that of one's peers.

  • whatjessithinks 81w

    Depression and the Self-Serving Bias

    Sometimes when people are depressed, their attribution style is flipped.

    They attribute positive events to chance or external help, and attribute negative events to their own character.

    Am I depressed?������

    #copied #notmywords #psychology #bias #cognitivebias #depression #selfesteem #research

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    The self-serving bias

    The self-serving bias is defined as people's tendency to attribute positive events to their own character but attribute negative events to external factors. It's a common type of cognitive bias that has been extensively studied in social psychology.

  • whatjessithinks 82w

    Think of it as a shortcut or heuristic our brain takes to speed up the decision-making process.

    I notice myself having this bias during multiple-choice examinations when I consider the first option that looks right, which might not be the correct answer while neglecting other options.

    The Brain does this to speed up decision making because, like it or not, nothing wears the brain off like making a decision or giving your judgment. There’s actually a bunch of psychology theories that even making small decisions, around what you wear or what you eat for breakfast or things like that, they kind of make you tired and consume your energy.

    I heard that Mark Zuckerberg wears the same kind of T-shirt every morning, here's what he said:
    “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community.”

    At least now, you won't be angry with your school for making you wear uniforms. That's one less decision you have to make for the day.

    #psychologyfacts #psychology #brain #research #decisionmaking #biases #anchorinngbias #whyyouthinkthewayyoudo #heuristic #facts #Markzuckerberg #mentalshortcuts

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    The Anchoring Bias

    The anchoring effect is a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too heavily on the first piece of information offered (the “anchor”) when making decisions.

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork #search #research #church

    I found Waldo drunk...
    I asked what was wrong?
    He said have you tried looking for love?

    I said i have, but i found you first...
    Now we both are looking for love.
    So I asked for a beer.

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    I found Waldo drunk...
    I asked what was wrong?
    He said have you tried looking for love?

    I said i have, but i found you first...
    And Now we both are looking for love.
    So i asked for a beer.


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    Iska mtlb kavi n �� karre
    Ladkiyon se behas na karein
    Specially jab wo -------

    - dukhi ho ��
    - pareshan ho ��
    - khush ho ��
    - emotional ho ��
    - gussa me ho or ��
    - sans le rahi ho ��
    #girl #girls #research #search #gussa #emotional #dukhi #thoughts

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    Ladkiyon se behas na karein
    Specially jab wo -------

    - dukhi ho
    - pareshan ho
    - khush ho
    - emotional ho
    - gussa me ho or
    - sans le rahi ho


  • mahamantri_writes 91w


    One thing I have learnt in my life "Before taking any decision research always requires.
    Because research can increase the chances of right decision.

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    Old Research Notes

    Truth seeker in a dark tunnel

    I'm finding light in it

    The military's tech is far advanced

    They're likely hiding it

    Sirius is trinary

    My ancestors had sight of it

    Found a mountain of sacred knowledge

    And I been climbing it

    - Dean Gary



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    #Badtime #SecretDoor #research #mondaymantras ��

    Time itself pierces, intention is weaving patterns, unbreakable prevalence.

    Time has its own magical incarnation; life its determination.

    There's no termination, but I believe in still liberation.

    Time is the connector for the redemption from temptation.

    Authoritarian journey endless, lawless back into the same fountain.

    Time never follows our rules, we're under its domination.

    #wakemeuplike #timein9words #pattern #revealed ��️ #secret #confidence #freshthoughts #happiness ����

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  • maad_dr 125w


    In the sands and stars, in the minds unknown
    Lie dormant a million thoughts, not heard or shown
    We cross across that tempest sea
    Past the deepest depths and the strongest breeze
    To seek what has not been and forever shall be.

    A way past crippling ailments and disease,
    Past the cruelties of nature and the anger of history.
    We shine over the darkness of entropy.
    Forever instill, moving past what was and shall be.
    In the shade of dusky labs, armoured in coats briskly clad.

    The day shall come when the blind shall see,
    The mute shall sing and the deaf shall hear,
    Of the symphonies of man, conquering illness and heal,
    The hearts and minds of all lost souls
    Whose fate lands them in that sanctum, before a doctor, a hope.

    Rejoice, for hear all, old or hopeless,
    The road to tomorrow holds an answer, I promise.
    The time is neigh, the line has been drawn,
    We stand against death United and strong.
    The cure is here, it's in you and me.

    The sick, tired, weak and frail,
    Come, gather, for together we shall prevail.
    Smiles will return once more,
    Born from scars left from patients no more.
    There is an answer, hope is here, the cure to tomorrow is here.

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    Sochne wali baat hai, kuch logo ko sad hote saat sadness bhare quotes mil jate post karne k liye.


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    Inner research soon exposes a unity of all human minds- the stalwart kinship of selfish motive.