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  • dnswords 5w


    अगर लडको के बराबरी का सबकुछ करना चाहते हो जैसे

    हवाई उडान , collector , कंडक्टर तो

    बाजूओ मे बल भी लाना वक्त पर,

    बहुत से बलात्कार बच जायेगे

    Request हे मेरी


  • porcupine 15w

    Your shadow

    Keep the lights off
    Stay in the dark
    Patiently I wait
    To make my mark

    Before you know
    I'm right behind
    Take another step
    And you I will find

    In the sunlight
    I will be there
    Right beside you
    Run if you dare

    From the sunrise
    Right at the dawn
    You can't lose me
    To me you're drawn

    There's only one way
    That could stop me
    That is darkness
    When you can't see

    Completely black
    Just so you know
    I would vanish
    And would not show

    If you would like
    To keep me at bay
    I suggest that you
    Avoid any light ray

    A friend asked me to write about a shadow. I wrote this

  • catvage_charlie 17w

    Through the elegant sunshine,
    I glance out of window,
    To greet the poignant beauty,
    Of the sky who's about to be a widow.
    Her love, the waters, are being killed,
    By humans' desires and greed,
    Now she weeps for her love,
    Who's dying for a sin he hadn't committed.

    I see her cry, shedding raindrops,
    But her beloved can't seem to be saved,
    His death is on the verge
    Of it being too late
    And our survival is at stake.


    Humble request to everyone, please don't pollute the water bodies,please don't waste water.
    No offense to anyone, just love and care for nature.
    #save_water #request #nature #mothersvalue

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  • wisdomirror 18w

    Believe In Quotes But Don't Let Them Spoil Your Conscious Wisdom

    Fogive But Never Forget
    And Cut That People Lose
    Even If You Fogave That People
    But Are Not Ready Forgetting It
    No Matter What
    You Will Automatically Treat Those People Ill And
    Basically You Steal a Chance From Those People To Actually Attone For Their Deeds
    If You Really Want To Fogive People
    Then Learn To Forget The Bad Things
    Remember The Good Time You Spent With Them Together

    (Pss - I Know Many Won't Agree But Its Just
    My Opinion So I Request You People To Treat It As An Opinion)


  • _astitva_ 25w

    !!Cheer Up!!

    I know the time is hard,
    World is changing slowly to graveyard,
    Relax a bit and don't take tension,
    Time is to help and take necessary precaution,
    This will also pass like the alone stormy nights,
    The world will be happy with joys and lights,
    If you are recovered donate your plasma,
    You are a magician just show your charisma,
    If you are feeling lonely talk to your friends,
    Just talk, laugh and discuss world's happiness trends,
    If you are going out for an important task,
    Never ever forget to put on your mask,
    If there is something you can't discuss someone,
    Here's is a person you can dm and mention,
    Help, cheer and laugh these are the remedies,
    Follow these thing please either lads or ladies.

  • aazadpanchhi 26w


    बूझो तो पहेली , न बूझो तो मौत है ।
    ये covid है जनाब , लाता खुशियों में भी खौफ़ है ।।


  • anas_husain 26w


    Dear feelings,
    Have patience, nothing goes out of way
    Unless you get excited.


  • sreyasipatra_ 27w

    Dear Priya,
    There was a time I appreciated you, so much so that you felt like the perfect love. They say, devotion to you saves us. No, but it didn't.

    In my case, I have been abused and beaten up and so. I didn't see you coming to stop that or at least comfort me after that.

    But still, like a shameless person, I have a request, again. Please save the innocents from torture.

    In return, you will get something not so worthy, just my soul.


  • aknow_ 28w

    Be wild.
    Be untamable.
    Charge into my world,
    And leave no traces of your brazen crimes.
    Tomorrow I shall wake up in an unrest
    Of your scent and unsure of your return.

  • ava_cel 29w

    Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing.Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude.Tell him every detail of your life,
    *Philippians 4:6 TPT*


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    Worrying would not get you anywhere, it will only make you stuck.


  • anusri19 31w


    Please don't expect me to treat you right
    When you made me go through hell lot of shit...


  • raman_writes 35w

    मोहब्बत के बाज़ार में मेरा दामन ख़ाली ही रहा ।

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    तेरी बात भी मान ली जाती है मेरी दरख़्वास्त भी नहीं सुनता ।

    देख कितना फ़र्क़ करता है ज़माना तेरे मेरे दरमियाँ ।।


  • anjuzzzz 39w

    Tumse na ek choti si request hai....
    Es badalne saal ki tarah kahi tum bhi mat badal jaana...
    Mujhe tho bas purani wali chahiye

  • porcupine 40w


    An hour alone
    To talk
    Get to know
    Each other

    To laugh
    And giggle
    Share stories
    Hope's and dreams

    Sixty minutes
    To exchange
    Our thoughts
    Become friends

    My request
    To bond
    To relate

    A friendly

  • confused_fly 42w

    God give us grace to accept with serenity
    The things that cannot be changed,
    Courage to change the things
    Which should be changed,
    And the wisdom to distinguish
    The one from the other.

  • greenpeace767 42w


    Samjha - bujhake thakgayi ,
    Mai unse hargayi ,
    Pyar me unka jeet huya .
    Unka pyar naseeb huya .

    Ha..G , Mai har gayi
    A , dil paraya hogayi
    Aapke pas chala gaya .
    Dil se dil jud gaya .

    Samjha - bujhake hargayi .
    Dur Jake v pas aayi .
    Aapke chahat rang laya
    Aapke pyar ka jeet huya .

  • shrihari_nandini 46w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #govinda #shri #vishnu #darkness #light #war #between #myself #and #mind #come #lord #plead #request #terminate #distress


    Come before the Dark falls
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Come my Lord of matchless charm
    Fill me in your embrace which is warm
    Let me be a magnet to your feet
    And worry further not for my heaps of sins
    Come Oh Murare, vanquisher of my sigh
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby
    Oh Lord who measured the skies and the earth
    Infinity times who took various births
    You are birthless, yet you come for the poor
    You are the helper of the helpless in despair
    Come for me too, much dark is this night
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby
    When Partha lost his way, in the battlefield
    Out of grief, he approached your lotus feet
    When Vibhishan came, grieved by his brother
    You caressed the forsaken like a loving Mother
    Your feet are approached always by the wise
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby
    You took Rukmini at once, when she called you
    Only you are fit to be approached by hearts which are true
    I am a fallen one, my heart is fraught with lies
    Oh Merciful, still kindly heed to my plight!
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby
    My Lord above all, the child of Dashratha
    You are well known as Apath Bandhava*
    Your glories are our treasure, your feet are our life
    Pray make me a servant, to those elixir sans pride
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    Aapath/Aapadh Bandhava means one who gets us out of our troubles and problems.

    If in this life, my darkness comes before he does to protect me, I will sleep surrounded in the darkness deprived of the light he is. If I am not able to see him before my eyes close in the darkness I have always been, my life, my each breath would be worthless, if he doesn't hear my plead to save me from this darkness, I don't know when next would I get a human birth to contemplate on him.

    This human birth is very very precious, use it wisely to sing his praise and come out of darkness for when it ends, you never know when you will be human again and be able to approach him for no other being can do devotion like a human until and unless he is graced by ShriBhagwan or ShriVaishnavas themselves.

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: ShriKrishna

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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  • lonebasit 47w

    """"Two peas in a pod"""""

    A pod with deuce of peas,
    Like, mob in Atlantics
    A notional home what they desire,
    Like a golden pod they admire
    Once united now peeled aside,
    Now the pod left shabby wide
    A dream pushing them to save,
    Thus napping inside a dark cave

    A hope to reunite,Though they don't sight
    A meeting they want as more love to sort
    It's good to awake,the pod has drifted it's track

  • sanskriti_shrivastava 50w

    Yes! We are afraid..

    It's not what every woman should watch..
    It's the thing that what men are actually watching learning and doing...
    I know not all men,, but there are some of you out there who are giving us threats each and every day actually.
    I won't request you to support women , or women support women..
    Just be home and let other women be safe outside.
    That's it.
    We are really afraid move out.
    Yeah! We are...

  • waitedtears 52w

    But don't except your loved ones to check on you��
    #request #quote #love

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    Check On Your Loved Ones
    Before It's Too Late,
    They Might Be Bleeding In Silence