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  • giridhar1529 9w

    When the cracks

    defined everything, why

    didn't you repair



  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 35w


    That night was a stormy one,she kept holding on to the branch looking helplessly at her tiny nest falling bit by bit to the ground.
    Next morning I saw her sitting on the balcony railing with a small twig held cautiously in her beak.I kept looking at her as she flew towards another tree in the garden .
    A few days later I heard the chirping of the little ones as the doting mom sat at the edge of her nest admiring her creations ...😊

  • srisaptoawaits22 40w


    Singing of those poems,
    Repaired with your kisses,
    In the midst of enigma,
    My dreams chase,
    Your sunflower,
    Lure me like your art,
    Of the canvas,
    Visualizing my eyes,
    Entirely mine!

  • deepflowsoul 64w

    The truth can really hurt, but accepting it brings about the most grounded and relieving peace.

    #path #light #dark #truth #right #wrong #discover #wounds #inevitable #family #blood #wakeup #repair

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    She woke up to the inevitable truth:
    Her path wouldn't line up with theirs.
    Even blood is temporary, and wounds need repair.
    She found the light in a thousand possibilities,
    Feeling there is no right way to discover a remedy.

  • shivammalhotra 68w


    Take me there
    Where my soul
    Wants to be repair

  • _alfaaz 77w

    You are the Shore
    to my Waves

  • _alfaaz 80w

    When two Broken people
    Fall in love, they either
    Heal each other.
    Or break themselves
    Beyond Repair.

  • maybeyourtale 87w

    #Maybeyourstory: mend

    Just like how the metals can
    weld on their own in the space,
    maybe you can also mend
    bring back all your broken pieces
    and maybe you will feel whole again
    become you again.
    This isn't probably the right time
    this isn't probably the right place
    But I promise you will be fixed
    and you will do it all by yourself

  • stupid_shayar 98w

    दिल की मरम्मत कोई करता हो तो बताना
    काम पर रखना है
    कसम से अमीर बना दूंगा


  • unsaid_feelings 120w


    If he is truly the one, you won't have to beg for attention. He will be there, even when he is not around you. You won't have to force it, because even when things are hectic, he will still find a way to be fit into your life. Even if trust is a foreign feeling to you, he will know your story and will be damned to become just another number. He will never tear you down, rather, he will come with tools, ready to help and repair your heart. If he is the one, you will know. Everything before him will be a forgettable nightmare, and he, the beautiful dream in which you will never have to wake.

  • nleroy8 129w

    Then like stars shot, I see them come down
    Flutter and cater me off of the pillar. ��

    #selflove #butterfly #sad #caterpillar #repair #stars #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I cater to all of the broken pillars
    I'm stuck in the darkness of them
    For as long as one could because
    I had wings once, I still do
    They just don't move like they used too.
    I grow butterflies in my cage and I'm
    Nervous about letting them go
    But I want them too, though I don't know
    Where they will end up.
    I'll then start mending myself, try to repair damage and
    I know I taught them well, cause I felt like
    Giving up, then like stars shot, I see them come down
    Flutter and cater me off of the pillar
    To become a butterfly too.


  • zephyr_of_fire 131w


    I'm not sick of feeling

    But i sure as hell

    Am tired of healing

    Over and over


    And then again


    Wide open to the bone

    Till i can see deep inside myself and see

    That this pain

    Is everything i own.


  • sparklingteja 132w

    'I'm broken,
    I realized-
    At the end
    It's the brain,
    Not the heart
    That is to be


  • ajikobiseun 136w


    My heart was broken
    Broken into pieces
    Then you came
    When my hope was lost
    You told me I could survive
    I said I'm broken without repairs
    And you gave me a cure
    Your whole heart
    I broke it many times
    Because I was broken
    I became possessive
    Because I was scared you will leave
    But you waited
    Until I was healed
    You taught me
    Patience is the best virtue

  • _kritika__ 137w

    So done with this..
    Permanent breaking
    Temporary healing


  • inaayat777 140w

    Time will repair the broken.

  • aaditya_uzumaki 141w

    I hope you never feel this
    #love #broken #art #repair

    The days are passing by I never felt this stuck in my entire life.
    I had to find a thing or two to do to go through my day.
    Lately I have been feeling low.
    I have made a few decisions regarding my career and it really seems that the passion has to be left for the Glory.
    My passion was science and though I deleveoped a few theories I never got any more acceptance in the society.
    I have had good people and I have had people who just come in your life for wee money.
    Noone stays and that creates a void in heart where it is reluctant to giver.
    Now it s not just me and then many more people would feel like me.
    We tire ourselves of the reluctance, forget we are here to share love and not build walls.
    The work I did I could never find or save enough to publish my own papers.
    Being a rebel as I was my teachers never approved of me.
    Just because I rebelled I was rejected and looked down.
    That made my my mind If you dont comply with the ones in Authority they will blurt out things about you that will tarnish your image forever.
    You cant be with anyone because anyone would look upto you as if you are good but yet to agressive r with drug addiction. I didnt had any of them until I realized that my very own roommate was a propogator of such good words about me,
    It hurted at first then I understood that the life was like this people will come into your life,make themselves comfortable. They dont care if you are comfortable or not, They should be because you gave them that space in your life.
    The money the profits Sex, Benefits not food because than its charity.
    Yoour wisdom will attract many people around you some just there to learn. Some there to leech you, some just to pour nice words into your ears so that you do it for them.
    then in College bribing wasnt an option so cheap liqour, was an option.
    At last when my own teachers thought that rather studying I wasted my time, They gave up on me although I was in a diffrent world trying to understand the working of he human brain,

    To understand it I only had myself a few friends whom I thought were so, and a flock of piegons and dogs who were readily available. at that point.
    Lying around in streets, Flying around streets.
    I could see the Ganesha Temple from my window.
    Everymorning I woke up I dont remember going to that temple but Looking Outside window I had only him to talk.
    The friends would leave for partying or lay around in diffrent rooms, some for drugs some for diffrent reasons.
    I had me and I was hundreds of miles away from my home. Dont know when I stopped going to college and started this study on a bigger scale,
    As I studied more and more of the complex bunch of students, I foundmyself going deeper in me I wanted to take myself out, I had some money coming in from my parents, Who trusted me that I will have a dgree i thought getting a degree was just about the studies, and not about licking teacher's bottom to ass I studied and everytime I tried to clear the exams I failed. Until then I was a bright student as per my schools refrence. but College made me what I am I doubted myself for the first time I wanted to die and this feeling has been so often since then, that I have stopped counting it.
    The praises turned fake and from the mouth who wont understand a single word hat i used to say. may be I was intelligen than the common flock.
    The cramming idiots who wont even know how to talk and teachers favourite made me feel as if I was in the wrong place. I picked up working than I had to prove myself that I was better. I got absorbed in multiple BPO's and worked some off resume jobs like, waitering, catering, arrranging a few goons, sorting matters between local and non local people,
    It was all fine until I was in my final year and I thought I should have a girlfriend. I had a friend who would ask me how to get girls more easily. It was just and demo, and I found myself hooked on the sweet poison I chose to drink.
    I had been with a couple of women before I met her. My actual dating type was the tall, intelligent, sober who can pull herself, through the bad day.
    i had never dated a tiny one I mean the short one, I was all caramel and sugar until I spoke with my normal pitch it was more like shouting to her, and if I'd move my hand I was scared that I might hit her.
    I had to break it up , I am an roadster and strong guy I cant care if i hurt or not, I changed myself just to be with her, We moved in and had a good relationship, nut inside I felt it wasn't me the study of human mind never stopped my inquiry with my telepathic powers never stopped, I am this one guy who can stir up equations, Tall handsome charismatic, and all that but I never thought I would feel so stuck since than even speaking to women became a drag,
    I was doing fine what changed, I could now just sit in the pub watch a girl being picked on by a looser yet she was still looking into my eyes, because she had an girly order to keep. that shes available on the dating market.
    I felt that sting, there was no pain.
    My heart was beating,
    I crushed my own self because that would be hurting.
    In those moments I realized.
    Some people are just cursed with the good looks,
    may be its not about looks we just take opinion of others and loose track of what we want. These second class humans would try to drive our social life, as though these were traders.
    If pair wanted to speak to each other, These low life middlemen had to come into the equation.
    So that they can manipulate both of these lives to them we are dolls.
    I never had first hand experience of these handlers, after college , It were them from whom I was runninbg away from reading a book and tryin to influence you that how better they were and how you knew nothing,
    It became a shame, my audacity.
    I have seen such handlers around models, people trying to control life of a poor girl who wont know what to do?
    In this indrustry, she cant be herself everytime decorated like a christmas tree.
    " If you would like we can arrange something in exchange of a payment of some kind."
    I asked one of these Model handlers once for a date, or the rythym of night?"
    He looked into my eyes and said I unhook her for the night you can do whatever you want, just dont go to rough.
    The fun she wasnt even their when her date was fixed,
    Another appearence to make.
    In name of indrustry. All she had to was act.
    Be it a boy or a girl.
    It was a sad history.
    I wanted to free these birds, but If you do so.
    You meet Jaggu, who would ruin you happiness just by the look on his face.
    I dont know what I am thinking right now It is not some auto biography of a trying scientist just some bits of my experiences I wanted to share.

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    Hating Handlers

    I felt that sting, there was no pain.
    My heart was beating,
    I crushed my own self because that would be hurting.
    In those moments I realized.
    Some people are just cursed with the good looks,

  • aaditya_uzumaki 141w

    I hope you never feel this
    #love #broken #art #repair

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    I need not that I want,
    Something I denied myself,
    Heart long forgotten!
    Cried my river,
    I thought my love was rotten.

  • zephyr_of_fire 142w

    Blind world, ignorant world, our home.

    We deny something that both life and death share,
    and what that is exactly,
    is that we know nothing of either or,
    do we still wage this same war,
    even though,
    we don't understand truly,
    just what, we've been fighting for.


  • sara_adnan 186w

    I'm breaking.
    Beyond Repair.
    Just a push from fate.
    And I fell to the ground.
    Scattering into countless pieces.
    Countless pieces of nothing.