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  • barbietocatwoman 4w

    You can't stop me
    from moving on
    as you tell the lies
    that rip body
    from lungs

    Amused; colourful
    and cunning
    not a trace of remorse
    to be seen, why I
    never sought you;
    you already made it
    into my dreams

    Kisses on the glass
    you'll never receive
    raise your eyes
    and take me in
    then watch as I walk away
    call me back, you won't
    you never cared

    I rewrote the story
    to make it seem
    like you were never there
    then wrote it again, for
    I didn't trust that you,
    the very worst of them
    would ever be honest


  • darkness_of_the_sky 5w

    18th September 2021

    I’ve been losing sleep
    Dreaming of my insecurities
    Dealing with my trauma
    Of what your love does to me


  • czarcasm 8w

    My friend asked me to write this for him because he loved history but I also wrote it for all the men and women across the world who serve their own nations... I salute you and thank your for your service

    #warrior #war #pain #death #hope #remorse #brave #history #poem #poetry

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    For all the broken places
    To all the saddened faces
    From all the meadows and glades
    To all of whom remains
    I thank you

    Wisdom learned throughout the ages
    Learnt in many little stages
    Freedom chained in cages
    Documented in pages

    Warriors fallen on the ground
    Won't come home to mama safe and sound
    Two dog tags is all they found
    Of Timmy Walker, 'The Blood Hound'

    Bullets whizzing past everyone's heads
    Explosions making them loose their stead
    Danger he wrote, and crying she read
    The widow of the warrior, dead

    Flags now marking white stone graves
    Showing sacrifices those men made
    But nothing can help the horror the remaining had seen
    Or of the brave soldiers who look on keen

  • czarcasm 12w

    What if

    Al the promises I promised you are going down the drain
    These memories I can't think of because they cause me pain
    You're gone and I feel as if I'm dying inside
    This life has been a hell of a bumpy ride

    I'm not saying that I need you
    But what if that was true
    Would you attest to the stars about what you would do
    Within my heart yes you rest as if inside my bed
    And yet you're gone and I still long with you inside my head

    I thought about what life without you is like
    And I've realized that is just an endless neverending hike
    Without your smile I don't have the light that I need within the dark
    No fireflies for me to chase when I visit our old park

    I see you every where I go
    I just wanted you to know
    With these two hands I gave you my heart
    And Im reaping what I sew

    But even gone you're still beside that tree
    No matter how blurry or if I can't see

    I always feel your arms around me


  • just_a_thought_by_muskan_singh 15w


    Lying beneath a huge blanket of stars,
    Moonlight sprinkling on my scars.
    Scars, from the battle I never fought.
    Anxious, about the things I never thought.
    The only sound piercing through the silence,
    Was the outcry of cicada mixed with my vengeance.
    Living along I kept myself sane,
    Reassured me that there will be peace after pain.
    While rummaging all my thoughts, I drifted towards an imaginary lane,
    The lane of nightmares and screams mixed with the intense pain.
    I fell into the abyss of life where I relive every thought.
    I came across all the battles I should have fought.
    While looking at my cowering self,
    I tried a little more to delve,
    So I could make her meet her stronger version.
    I wanted her to be a better person.
    Better than nobody but me.
    So that she could face danger rather than flee,
    I know this will remain a dream,
    But I don't want her to get haunted by those screams,
    The screams, I was chased by throughout my life.
    I want her to live peacefully and thrive.
    Still in this abysmal end,
    There are many sins I could never amend.
    I wish to glimpse on my happier self,
    One last time I wanted to be myself.

  • anonym_o 20w

    On those days where I felt misery and no hope
    The thought of only you would help me cope..
    You are the one I could always willingly trust
    Thought we always belonged in an sacred tryst..
    Guilt and remorse took over my nights
    My heart so dark, nothing ever excites..
    It heals nothing, but I want to let you know thyself
    I never stopped loving you, I stopped loving myself..

  • v_4_ved 24w

    #song #redemption #remorse#gloomy#let it be#fallen sand# irreversible#acceptance

    Wrote this for someone...who wanted to express ...but I also added essence of my own experiences and how I would have felt ....

    Appreciation and criticism are welcome ..
    I would be glad to know how I could improve

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    The rain and the thunder in the sky
    Splashes of water around shows reflection
    But I
    All I see is the flash back in the water
    The moment we shared together
    The moment I wanted to pause
    its gone yet still in my eyes

    But i guess I have let the sand drop out
    I can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

    It isn't same anymore.
    Will never be parted we swore
    But now all I have is memories I stored.
    The less i want to but everytime I miss you

    How I wish those summers to be back
    When we watched horrors despite getting insomniac
    There's no one after you who can compensate your lack
    I wish I could change the way things took the track

    But i guess I have let the sand drop out
    I can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here I give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

    From all I had. you were the best
    Like a moon amongst stars that overshadowed the rest
    There was no one who could endure my pain like you did,
    everytime I was torn
    And now I'm all alone without you, forlorn.

    Here you're standing in front of me
    Like a complete stranger
    the friends used to be
    I want to go back in the past
    And change what I allowed to ruin and
    I realise what I have lost..

    I should've realised it right across
    The tears whose reason I was
    I realise what I have lost
    I know how stupid I was

    But guess I have let the sand drop out
    can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here I give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

  • brianna_m_salmon 24w

    Sorry to Myself

    How do I forgive myself,
    For the things I did to hurt me,
    In the past,

    How do I hold that little girl in my arms,
    And tell her it's going to be ok,

    I want her to know the world isn't so scary,
    And that she's worthy of all the great things in the world,
    I want her to see her beauty before her pain,
    And her quality before her mistakes,

    I'm sorry,
    I really am,

    Please forgive me.


  • saintunicorn 25w

    Don't lose yourself...dont push away someone who was there for you in your toughest times...that would be the worst decision.
    #remorse #regret #love #loneliness #liar #relationship #depressed #heartbroken #grief #dark

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    Darling, don't you know?
    Don't you know how many times I lied to you?
    Dont you think that it was hard to be true?
    For a man to not conceal what beholds...
    The darkness lurking within his soul.
    He holds no fear, but the outcome out there;
    He knows what lies,
    Underneath all those lies,
    A world so dark that none could see.
    But the man stands there, & all I could see
    How you get blinded by these words that I speak.
    We aint toxic, another lie spoken by me;
    As i weaved those tales; no commitment in those words I say.
    Lust, greed, hatred is all I see; because these eyes failed to perceive;
    The beauty that ignites, which i failed to believe; you shan't need a liar like me who's delusions gets the best of him...

    Truly I hate you, though I just pretend to
    Yes I love you, though I pretend not to.
    Am just a coward; like thousand others, why the hell now i lust  for...
    Your love; your faith! Alas! Now that you're gone.
    This beauty that was engraved in my soul,
    Its bursting in flames; who would've thought?
    These scarlet flames, yeh the dawn  stands out.
    Then this silver bursts like that Moonlight lust.
    Who stands here?
    Yeah its just me, a petrified liar!
    Aint I called others fools?
    Yeah after all it was just me, the angry fool!
    Blinded by your looks.
    But now that I think, you deserved so much more;
    than these tales I weaved.....

    ~~~By Saint Unicorn

  • emotions_onpage 29w

    World shall shatter in front of me
    I shall be crushed to the bits
    And burned up to ashes
    I must be dead while living

    Now shall I rise up and stay silent
    And see others in their agony
    With wishful thinking and shattered dreams
    I shall hold to my promises and live on with the pain

  • hawking1107 32w


    While going through a quarter life crisis
    You would have taken decisions.
    Decisions that will change your life
    In a way you wouldn't have imagined.

    Decisions that you will look down
    With remorse and repentance.
    Decisions that would lead
    To your downfall for quite some time.

    Looking back you will be ashamed
    Of the decisions that you had made
    Which will fill your soul
    With remorse and repentance.

    But my friend believe me
    It's not the end of it.
    You will rise from the ashes of
    Your past and shine brighter.

    Learning from the decisions
    Decisions that you had made
    Which had filled both your life and you soul
    With remorse and repentance.

  • sunankit 34w


    And I stared into the darkness,
    Figuring out how light would feel,
    Will the tables turn my way?
    Will my wounds ever heal..?

    Walking the lonely road is hard,
    Have stopped counting my steps too,
    Eyes watching the world around me,
    Why do I hope someday it'll stumble too?

    Your memories, they hit like drugs..
    Your smile like a sunshine on a cold winter morning..
    The world would've been a better place with you in it,
    But that's god's way, death doesn't come with a warning..


  • miraarif 35w

    Think before speak

    What if I will Remorse before taking decisions....

  • iamtheashutosh 46w


    All these years of separation,
    Longing and hesitation,

    All those sleepless nights,
    Of remembrance and recapitulation,

    All the times of guilt,
    Remorse and remission,

    All this with minimal hopes,
    Of striking a conversation,

    I spent half a decade,
    Figuring out ways of excursion,

    Although undeserving and lost,
    I waited for my commutation,

    I don't know how else I shall put it into words,
    But I vied for my salvation.

  • __sheher 48w

    All her life is ambiguous,
    epitome of doubtful decisions,
    remorse and a lot more.

  • madhushree 52w

    That day will come
    When you will glance at me
    In the same passion and intense remorse
    But Alas! I would smile but not heed you
    Because i found my worth after you hurt me
    I will be with someone who brings out the best in me
    And that person is certainly not you and
    On that day; you would learn the reason why.

  • above_and_about 53w

    Too late

    he called one evening when i was boiling pasta
    and told me that he needed to talk to someone
    i was not his first choice but he could settle for that
    i was happy to be of help
    but the pasta needed to be put on the table and the fridge was far, the butter needed to be brought soon otherwise they wouldn’t have matched
    it is not a good time i said
    and the sadness of his silence stroke me
    i will throw away the pasta,
    let’s talk, tell me what bothers you,
    this life is a nonsense, i want to hear more

    instead, i thought he would be fine,
    that fat should join carbs to bring more energy into this world

    the energy without will was a bigger waste
    solitude cleared the path to void

  • juby2507 53w

    It takes a strong heart to forgive, unfortunately people don't understand that and never regret

    #forgiveness #life #sins #remorse #gratitude

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    Even god forgives a sin
    All it needs is a sincere repentance
    So how can I forgive
    When your mistakes are denied acceptance

  • thetalkingmind 54w

    Known cheat..
    Hurts the soul..
    Been its lonely victim..


  • annamika_a 55w


    You slay a man
    You break the heart
    You do the same

    Tell me, How many parts have you split your soul into?
    How many hearts have been shattered?

    You wish not to feel guilty
    You plead delinquency

    Tell me, to you, how do I even propose Remorse?